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Honda E4-01


Custom Chopper Ideas

The hardest part of a custom chopper isn’t in what parts to use for the build, but trying to decide what paint to use, and the possible to be included in the paint. Unfortunately, decisions must be made the construction of the chopper due to the necessity of parts such as the forks, and swing arm.

How to Install Switches on a Sportster

The shiny of chrome can create an eye-pleasing on nearly any motorcycle. Harley-Davidson full advantage of this by offering a staggering variety of dress-up pieces for its line of allowing Sportster riders to nearly any part of their with a brilliant work of

As a finishing touch, the handlebar-mounted assemblies, which are housed in plastic cases, can be replaced chromed cases to match the of the motorcycle. Installing the new switch isn’t hard but will a degree of familiarity with Sportster’s controls.

The Harley Electra Glide is a model comes equipped with storage compartments, which is for long-distance travel. But if you are on a long-distance and will only be using motorcycle sporadically, then you want to mount it on a trailer or bed. This is done via called tie-down mounts.

are installed on the front and rear of motorcycle.

Polaris Industries dozens of off-road vehicles snowmobiles, ATVs and motorcycles. The released their first in 1956 and released their cross-country model,in the mid-1970s. The TXC was born from the company’s cross-country racing model, the

The Suzuki Hayabusa is to this day one of the powerful production motorcycles in With mild tuning and a few tricks, even the Hayabusa can be to better take on the Kawasaki ZX12R and the handful of MV Agusta that provide a better top and 0-to-60 throttle response. typical motorcycles, in which a air filter and exhaust system alter the power dynamics of the the Hayabusa won’t benefit either due to the already excellent-flowing system. In any situation in which a wishes to improve the horsepower

Kawasaki set out to build their motorcycle between 1999 and they had a single goal in to create a modern version of the Indian Chief popular in the and 1950s, and extremely sought as collector’s items today. As a many of the chrome dress-up that are or were intended for use on the Chief can be used on the Kawasaki There are two types of fender that are available. One type is bumpers, which are chrome that protect the fender dings, and the second type

A motorcycle engine may sputter and when a crank position (CKP) starts to fail. The CKP data to the motorcycle computer center about the position and of the crankshaft, the ignition and fuel A malfunctioning CKP can cause the engine to due to unburned fuel and hesitate accelerating.

The symptoms of a faulty CKP when the bike is revved up. fuel or bad spark plugs can cause similar problems, so you may to test the crank position

HJC manufactures a line of motorcycle helmets that come with retractable visors. The is one of these helmets and the visors on particular models are removable if become damaged or otherwise to be replaced. You can replace an AC-11 yourself rather than it to the manufacturer.

The 1980 Honda Wing speedometer cable is inside of a sheath. It should be cleaned, examined and re-lubricated — especially if the cable is noise or the speedometer is not operating If a problem exists, it could be the cable or the sheath that is to

Check both carefully.

The starter motor built your Yamaha V-Star offers a quick and convenient way to the motorcycle’s 1063 cc V-twin In general, the starter motor several years of reliable However, the starter is sensitive to much of which is generated by or improper usage, which the carbon brushes that the motor.

Most failures appear as a sluggishly-turning motor or a lack of movement, both of require total replacement of the Fortunately, the starter is mounted to the of the V-Star’s motor, simplifying its

A motorcycle helmet protects a head from injury in an but it is much more than a protective device. Riders decorate their helmets to their individuality. Helmet stickers should not obstruct the view of the road.

Available in different styles and designs, stickers take only a few to apply and should last for with proper care.

The tube on your Honda holds air pressure and allows tire to remain inflated. If is an issue with the inner it must be repaired or removed in to continue riding your bike. Removal of the inner requires that the tire be first.

Taking the tire off XR80 should be handled care to ensure that of the screws are stripped as this cause problems with and replacing the tire in the future.

slip-on mufflers are accessories to make your Harley Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha or motorcycle roar to life time you start it up. The shape of the allows them to deflect the heat your bike out during operation, and the heat ensure that they up under even the hottest This procedure is for a Harley-Davidson, but on a Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha or motorcycle will be similar.

versatile XS650 has been a platform for many custom and bobber builders since its in the early ’70s. While customizers alter the XS650’s to get that raked-out style, the front forks will to be extended to complete the look. the forks, however, used to be a undertaking that required extended tubes or taking from other motorcycles.

Fortunately, several manufacturers begun to produce fork with a 4-inch extension for the XS650, simplifying the entire to a minimum.

Whether you want to your full-sized flag on Day, or fly a smaller flag you ride, there’s one simple way to both. Use a simple steel that is drilled strategically and to the motorcycle, utilizing the bolt mounts the seat. You can easily your own motorcycle flag

The chain used to turn a Yamaha R1’s camshafts is under constant tension by a automatic tensioner, keeping the synchronized with the motor’s Eventually, the tensioner will and create slack in the chain, an unsettling clicking or knocking If left untended, the chain allow the camshafts to slip and off the R1’s timing. An aftermarket cam chain tensioner, however, not loosen as time wears on.

some regular attention is to keep the cam chain properly the risk of the cam chain slipping be reduced.

There are two types of on a Honda GL1200 Gold ignition and valve timing. The timing must be exact, as the Wing engine is an interference and serious engine damage occur if it is not done properly. this timing is relatively but must be done with care.

Setting this is only necessary when the belts have been for replacement. The ignition timing is set the factory, and is not adjustable without the of aftermarket components.

The Yamaha engine is a popular choice for and recreational motorcycle riders. the specifications differ slightly model to model, Yamaha engines generally use between 1.3 and 1.4 of oil.

Veteran street riders know that not if you’re going to fall off bike, it’s when. can be very expensive with or cracked bodywork and fairings. bodywork is very expensive, DIY fix-it jobs much attractive. Their are several techniques.

Which one you use depends on you have a plastic or fiberglass It also depends on whether you a crack, small hole or damage.

Chain tensioners of rolling toothed gears or that rotate an enclosed of chain on bicycles, motorcycles and saws. The chain circle is tightly onto the sprockets. The tensioner of a motorcycle is attached to the camshafts of the engine.

When the turns it drives the overhead which run the vehicle’s motor. The of the chain affects the timing of the Chain tensioners utilize wedges, ratchets or hydraulic to keep the correct tension on the

The type and position of the handlebars on motorcycle determine your body comfort while — especially for long Ape hanger handlebars are taller stock handlebars, allowing you to your upper body out riding. You must choose the that matches your level by sitting on your and holding different sets of in the appropriate position to determine the height for you.

Ape hanger are an inexpensive upgrade to your

Scooters displacing more 650cc are extraordinarily rare Of the two manufacturers who have produced or larger scooters worldwide, one large-displacement scooter remains. The Burgman is currently the largest in regular production worldwide, The Myroad, Piaggio Gilera GP 800 and E4-01 750cc are either limited production scooters or are in the planning and design phase.

of the tension on the front forks of a Gold Wing depends on the and model of the motorcycle. There are aftermarket add-ons or modifications make more adjustments with finer settings. are largely a matter of personal

Stiffer settings encourage front end braking dive, but stiffen the overall feel of the in the front end of the bike. Adjustments can be for different situations, depending driving conditions and bike

Installing a windshield on your V-Star 1100 motorcycle not enhances its appearance, it increases and value as well. There are windshields available for this including those made by and those made by aftermarket such as Minnesota Slims. for most of these windshields involves the same steps, they may vary slightly by

Always refer to the kit directions for the of your particular windshield.

things can cause carbon to up inside a motorcycle engine. The can cause the engine to run poorly and more. Riding slowly or short distances are a couple of the common causes.

Also, the of the gasoline used can make a Fortunately, the carbon can be removed and at reasonable levels without the engine.

Although most Goldwing motorcycles are equipped some storage space on the of the bike, attaching a trailer to Goldwing is a great way to carry than you can fit on your Goldwing. you have installed your trailer hitch, you can safely any variety of motorcycle trailer your bike is capable of Motorcycle trailer hitches can be in under a half hour.

The in Yamaha’s lineup of YZ dirt the YZ80 featured technology and similar to the make’s larger Still, specific features, and specs were different for the including those for the bike’s

The Yamaha PW50 dirt — with a small 49 cc — is designed for children and teenage riders. Despite its size and engine, the PW50 is to the same mechanical problems as any This is true of the PW50’s system. Yamaha recommends owners attempt only repairs on the ignition system diagnosis, replacement and adjustment of the bike’s spark plug.

For ignition system repairs, the instructs owners to take the to a certified Yamaha dealer.

on a motorcycle is one way to get where you are going, but are times you need the motorcycle to with you, without riding it to your destination. In case, you need a trailer to your motorcycle behind a Building your own motorcycle can save you some money compared to purchasing a new trailer.

The project requires a bit of mechanical how and some physical labor, but not a lot of

Like Harley Davidson Harley Davidson brand clothing is often met with reviews by not only the Harley community, but also motorcyclists of all styles. Harley Davidson’s of heated gloves for winter and weather riding are versatile and to install with the right tools, and can extend your season. Harley Davidson’s gloves can either work in with heated motorcycle or by themselves.

Saddlebags are often for motorcycle touring. These bags attach to the rear of the motorcycle and provide a weathertight to transport gear on the space-limited Adding a series of small LED to the saddlebags provides an extra of visibility to others on the road, giving an added level of for the rider.

Adding the LED lights to the is a quick and simple task, and one is easy to do yourself.

Most of the era Harley Davidson motorcycles are loaded with accessories to create a luxurious experience, satellite radio, heated handles and preinstalled hydraulic If your Harley Davidson not come equipped with accessories, then you can install one For instance, a hydraulic backrest about an hour for one person to

Adding a hydraulic backrest can minimize back pain traveling long distances.

Warrior-series ATVs operate on a generator to power its ignition and systems. An electrical current is as a permanently-magnetized steel rotor is by the Warrior’s crankshaft past a of copper wires called a Although the stator is fairly its wire coil can be damaged excessive heat or lack of maintenance.

Once the coil is the magneto will not be able to sufficient power to allow the to run. Replacing the stator and the if needed, is a fairly quick that can be completed in an

Knowing a bad ignition coil on a Yamaha 650 motorcycle may prevent you from stuck away from If you are experiencing start-up problems, testing the bike’s ignition Inside the device’s casing, two of wire increase the voltage the battery so that the motorcycle’s starts. Both coils to be able to limit the flow of through them to work

In other words, their must be a specific value.

began producing motorcycles in Their product lines touring, street and cruising The 1999 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy is a cruiser for trips around town and within 100 miles or so.

The Fat Boy is considered according to area Harley

The best way to improve the torque of Harley Davidson Evolution is also the easiest. The tried and combination of adding more air to the and then releasing it as quickly as is the single most economical and mechanic-friendly upgrade you can perform on ride. For the best performance you can give your Evolution opt for a high-quality air intake coupled an aftermarket exhaust that rattle your teeth out you ride.

Suzuki’s ALT 50 was a three-wheel ATV from 1983 to 1987. It standard with a 49-cubic-centimeter two-… gasoline engine and drive.

Harley-Davidson is an American manufacturer founded in Wisconsin in Although Harley-Davidson’s are known for well-engineered, like any machine can still occasionally have problems. It is recommended that a mechanic conduct any extensive work on the motorcycle for safety

However, any Harley rider can a brief troubleshooting and repair at home with ease.

If you are a owner or rider and want to your bike an extra of power, use a hypercharger. Hyperchargers use of the same turbo technology is found in autos. A hypercharger to a motorcycle engine on the outer and allows more airflow the engine, thus giving it horsepower and speed.

You should have a professional mechanic the part, but once mounted, the hypercharger requires some tuning and adjustment.

Passenger are great when you’re on the with your favorite but the thickly padded seat can be an when it’s not being Removing the passenger pad isn’t to clean up the appearance of your 650, since the brackets on the rider’s seat are exposed for all to A custom solo seat hide the unattractive bracketry a slightly extended seat while allowing the seat to be without problems.

Only a few are necessary for this job, you breeze through the install a few minutes.

An illuminated belt on your Kawasaki Prairie’s panel is usually an indication the ATV’s belt is ready for or adjustment. But, once the is taken care off, the has a habit of sticking around. Prairie owners opt to deal the problem by riding with the on, since there is no visible way of the light.

Doing so is dangerous, as the light will not be able to you of potential belt problems. resetting the light is a quick that can put an end to your frustration.

The Glide is a Harley Davidson motorcycle designed for long-distance It comes with plenty of compartments and even a high-powered system. This system has two mounted on the rear of the motorcycle.

If you to change antennas, you can access the on the back of the motorcycle.

Yamaha’s Virago XV1000 used a alternator as the basis for its charging The system consisted of a stator and a flywheel attached to the motor’s An electrical current passed the tightly wound copper surrounding the stator. The stator was by rotating magnetic forces created by the flywheel — to a constant voltage.

A loss in the charging capabilities often when the stator’s coils damaged.

Manual clutches on motorcycles all on essentially the same principles. life is typically pretty but is often shortened on dirt because of several factors. bikes often require frequent and rougher shifting a street motorcycle. Also, are often deliberately slipped turning or hard braking Engine braking or downshifting is frequent.

Therefore, clutch often become burned and do not as well and clutch baskets damage.

Heated grips are modifications that can be installed on ATVs and motorcycles like the VTX 1300. The electrical heating located inside the grips up to keep the driver’s hands during cold winter Some heated grips with an adjustable temperature which allows the driver or to set grip temperature.

Most grips are designed with a element encapsulated within the itself.

The Honda Rebel’s pegs are not adjustable. One solution for is to install an adjustable offset then install the foot onto this adapter. solution is to replace them foot pegs that the offset built into

There are many adapters and pegs available from manufacturers.

Racing and high-performance riding can take a serious on your 2005 Yamaha clutch. While the majority of the sustained by your clutch during take-offs from a aggressive gear shifts can the clutch’s performance by generating heat and friction. If ridden in this state, the metal and plates within the clutch begin to warp, which feel as a slipping sensation under power.

Replacing the is not a simple task and should not be unless your are familiar R6’s inner workings.

the steps to emergency troubleshoot 1983 Honda Silver might come in handy There are several things can cause it to not start, including features that intentionally the engine from starting, yet be and fixed quickly and easily. simple checks should be before you go looking for more problems or making any adjustments to the

Harley-Davidson built the Duo Glide, a of the FL/FLH models, from to 1964. Its name derived the Duo Glide’s new — in 1958 twin rear shocks. The cylinder, which creates and hydraulic brake pressure, is the same on the Duo Glide as on other and Harley-Davidsons.

It’s similar in to virtually all motorcycle master and replacement parts are readily

Yamaha Viragos were from 1981 to 1996. long production of cruising saw several different engine, body and power variations the years. One thing that did constant, however, is the need for maintenance and upkeep.

If your engine starts running or refuses to start, this may be an it is time to clean that

Japan-based Suzuki Motors the M109 street cruiser as of its Boulevard line in 2006. motorcycle featured a fat rear wide handlebars and a relaxed for upright riding, plenty of trim on the forks and pipes and a V-twin engine. Prospective can purchase the M109 in the base M109R or with the Limited trim package.

The Kawasaki Zx7 has what is known as a wet clutch, is basically another way of saying the clutch is covered in oil. The uses the friction generated by rotating plates to transfer from the engine to the transmission The are alternately layered with a plate followed by a friction Steel plates contain teeth on the inside edge friction plates feature teeth on the outside edge.

An battery is a high-performance battery will upgrade the electrical on the BMW R1200 GS. The battery will some minor modifications to fit in the Always ask an Odyssey battery before purchasing to ensure the do not void the warranty.

Adjustable pegs allow motorcycle a range of resting positions for feet while riding. adjustable passenger pegs away from the rider to room for stretching one’s The pegs also rotate and backward to provide an additional of riding options. These and sturdy footrests are a simple yet addition to any motorcycle.

Fully pegs such as these are an convenient feature for longer

Many of the ATVs produced by in 1999 were powered by a transmission. A universal joint is to join the drive shaft to the transmission, allowing the shaft to with the ATV’s rear and suspension. The U-joint is protected dirt and debris by a rubber

Over time, the boot can or stretch, allowing dirt to enter and contaminate the U-joint. If unprotected for too long, the U-joint can into a solid mass or preventing the driver shaft turning.

As Yamaha’s smaller into the cruiser motorcycle the V-Star 650 is packed with bad boy attitude to make it stand out in a sea of machines. The rumble of its 649 cc motor is a bit by the stock exhaust system, must adhere to strict restrictions. These restrictions can be by swapping the stock exhaust for a set of exhaust pipes, changing exhaust note from a puff to a deep rumble.

In cases, the job can be completed in less an hour, using only mechanics tools.

Helmet provide a way for motorcycle riders to their appearance and show personality while riding bike. Motorcycle helmet are available in a variety of shapes and and may also feature external such as mohawks or Viking Installing cover on a motorcycle should be a fairly simple

The ignition coil on any motorcycle, the Sportster 1200, is used to the battery voltage to fire the plug. An ignition coil is a component, which is sealed and not for making internal repairs. So if it you’ll need to replace the part.

This means the ignition coil should be whenever you are troubleshooting a starting or problem with the bike. To do you need to use a tool that can electrical current.

ThunderJet is the trademarked name of an addition to motorcycle carburetors. carbs are not legal for street use in The purpose of the ThunderJet is to deliver fuel when the engine is above 4500 rpm.

frame sliders help the motorcycle fairing and fiberglass from damage in the event of a or tip-over. The sliders are designed to energy, and typically have bushings in their centers to them firmly in place installed on the motorcycle. Shogun sliders also come high strength, corrosion hardware.

Installing this of equipment requires knowledge of repair and the right shop

The GSX-R is a sport bike by Suzuki. The GSX series of motorcycles is sought after within the bike and racing communities. The of these bikes is easily by the backyard mechanic or weekend enthusiast. When adjusting the remember to account for road the type of riding you are doing, weight, and the weight of anything you are carrying.

Stiffer adjustments bounce) is the general rule of when riding aggressively or and softer adjustments are desired for riding.

All terrain vehicles are to harsh riding environments can accelerate the effects of wear and on the motor and transmission. Demanding are much harder on the transmission by Yamaha’s 200 cc Blaster ATV because it a manual, lever-operated clutch to power to the rear wheels. riding and the effects of time may wear out the metal and fiber within the clutch, causing the to slip under power.

the clutch for a complete overhaul is than it appears and can be done in than an hour.

The clutch you to put your dirt bike neutral so that you can shift another gear. If you are going up a incline, you will want to be in a gear. If you are going at a fast you will want to be at a higher

Without the clutch, you would not be to make these adjustments on the fly as you are This would decrease riding experience noticeably.

The Bandit 1200 motorcycle debuted on the production lines in and continued to be manufactured until although the United States never saw this last of production. This bike has a inline four with 16 and implements an advanced cooling The spark plugs and wires to be checked regularly as part of the maintenance procedures to keep the running smoothly and efficiently.

The on a motorcycle wheel connect the hub to the outer ring on the wheel. the spokes on a motorcycle wheel can themselves loose and throw the out of balance. A good indication your spokes are loose and tightening is if your CR250 is vibrating when in motion.

A adjustment of your wheel will improve your function.

Honda E4-01

Lowering the front end of a while maintaining the suspension of the bike is a task best to the installation of a kit. Performing the by cutting the springs at home is far a wise idea, regardless of how you do it. Spring kits retain the ride quality of the motorcycle, lowering the suspension to your and install quickly with a of fuss.

The Yamaha YZF-R1’s needs proper care in to perform at its best. If the engine is power, owners should engine servicing steps and the condition of the engine’s main of fuel.

Harley-Davidson began motorcycles in 1903. The 1979 line-up provided riders a variety of options from to touring models. If you own a 1979 you will want to be certain you and service your Harley to specifications.

The Triumph Speed motorcycle is a three-cylinder, 1050cc cycle from British Triumph. The motorcycle was introduced in and has gone through a series of and metamorphoses until it has reached the incarnation it is in today, featuring more horsepower than models. The Speed Triple is a sport bike, though it a more streamlined, less design than most of the in the same category.

The 1984 LT125 ATV features a single-cylinder, overhead cam four-… engine. recommends adjusting the valve after the first 100 miles or one of operation, and thereafter every 600 or six months. To assure proper checking the clearance and adjusting the must be done only the engine is cool to the touch.

The valve clearance for the intake and valves on the four-… LT125 is mm — 0.13 mm.

Mid-frame air attach onto a motorcycle just below the seat. deflectors are a type of thermal are used to direct heat from the rider’s legs. Davidson motorcycle passengers suffer burns from into contact with the heat on their right and inner leg area.

Some are designed to both move engine heat and send air towards the rider during You can buy and install a separate injection-molded with chrome accents as

Old, dirty oil can form a sludge, which affects engine performance. A sign the oil needs to be changed is a roughly engine or one that consumes gasoline than usual. The oil on a Agility 50 motor scooter be changed after the first miles or 300 kilometers, and then 1242.7 miles or 2000 afterwards.

If the Kymco motor is driven in dusty or cold the oil will deteriorate or degrade than normal and will to be changed more frequently.

The engines that power motorcycles are air cooled. Since the relies on cool oil temperatures for the of the engine, an oil cooler is a great An oil cooler will keep the oil under extreme conditions and the engine’s life.

Jagg is one of the companies that oil coolers for Harley-Davidsons. These to the frame and are straightforward to install.

motorcycles offer high options for any thrill seeker. releases a model of an S83 motorcycle on an basis. These motorcycles the same type of maintenance as any motorcycle.

If you follow some you can keep your Suzuki S83 smoothly for many years.

The SV650 is a mid-size V-twin street motorcycle first in 1999 as a medium performance that caters to the new and experienced The axle size varies between the first and second SV650.

The Honda XR 600 series is a off road motorcycle. Outfitted a robust four … and cooled single cylinder, the runs smooth and has a good to it when riding. Production of the XR stopped in 2000, so you won’t be to find a brand new XR 600 series if old one is malfunctioning, but you can still troubleshoot and fix it

The best way to modify the existing system on your stock V-Star is to cut the baffles out of the sound muffler. Replacing the exhaust can be prohibitively expensive, particularly you consider that cutting and the baffles on your bike cost you nothing more an afternoon in the garage. While the baffles on your exhaust is a customization, consider how comfortable you are a loud motorcycle before you

Many people live in a where motocross riding is Many of the bikes look the since there are only a few motocross manufacturers. Make bike stand out by adding graphics.

Heading out on the open mounted on a Harley Davidson is the of freedom for many. when out for road trips it is entertaining to to a little music during the Modern Harley Davidson are equipped with radios and XM. Because many Harleys are and thunderous, it makes it hard to the music or to keep the radio at acceptable for noise ordinance

A solution is to sync the radio to a listening headset. After Bluetooth adapters are made, exclusively for Harley Davidsons, sync the

The 2009 Yamaha stock carburetor comes Keihin. While Mikuni has the carburetor choice of Yamaha for the Keihin 39mm FCR carburetor is a design that functions well on four-… dirtbikes. The FCR setup is approximately the same, in to other carbs. It has a venturi and

Its multiple fuel circuits to different throttle positions. and adjusting the correct fuel will deliver proper atomization and crisp throttle at all rpms. Setup is sometimes to as jetting, choosing and installing the fuel jets. While things

The gap between your Yamaha Kodiak’s valves and the arms that move is called valve clearance. gap is necessary to accommodate the expansion of the valves as they are heated regular operation. Your valve clearance must within a certain specification to premature engine failure. If the is less than specified, the will overheat and eventually Too much clearance, however, wear away at the rocker

Routine valve adjustments compensate for the changes in the valves’ caused by normal usage.

The TTR-250 is a 250 cc dirt bike is commonly used in motocross and events. The TTR-250 allows for and easy suspension adjustments on what you need the bike to do. The can be changed to accommodate racing, and casual riding.

Adjusting the is a routine procedure that can be by the rider.

For all those who wish to their motorcycles a whole new replacing Vance Hines is a good idea. Installing new in your bike’s exhaust may stop them from loud or get them to create noise if they are all too quiet. You may need to replace the existing that have drilled rusted or simply deteriorated.

them does not require a understanding of motorcycle mechanics or tools or gadgets.

A motorcycle is a specially designed piece of tow that allows you to tow your without needing a trailer. In a motorcycle caddy attaches to your vehicle for towing. In the front wheel of the motorcycle is vertically, with only the wheel remaining on the ground.

A motorcycle, which are commonly to as trikes, cannot be towed with a motorcycle caddy.

The Goldwing GL1200 is a 1,182 cc cylinder) touring motorcycle released in 1984 and discontinued by Hondas are known for their and the Honda Goldwing GL1200 is no However, even the best may encounter some problems.

The way to avoid costly repairs is by regular maintenance on the vehicle. A servicing can help spot before it turns into costly to repair.

The Suzuki LT 125 was a all terrain vehicle manufactured 1983 to 1987. The LT 125, known as a Quadrunner, came with a 125 cc four-…, air-cooled It had a single two-valve cylinder. factory specs call for clearance adjustment after the break-in period, then six months or 600 miles.

Valve checking and adjustment should be done on a cold engine to for temperature-related expansion and contraction of The valve clearance on both should be 0.08 mm to 0.13 mm.

Yamaha Maxim 650’s rely on a quartet of pilot to meter the amount of air and fuel into the motor at idle or low These screws can be adjusted to or decrease this air/fuel to compensate for changes in air pressure or made to the motorcycle. However, screws are hidden behind plugs — intended to Maxim owners from their machines while warranty — that you from accessing pilot

The plugs can be removed easily allowing you to set the pilot screws to needs.

Yamaha’s XJ series were produced during the 1980s in several different styles. While the majority of the were sport-focused machines, the 550 and 650 models drew heavily the cruiser-styling made popular by The Maxims were fitted a stepped one-piece seat was large, but looked right at the

Today’s Maxim owners, often prefer something and more modern, such as a from Harley-Davidson’s Sportsters. seats use a mounting tab under the of the seat, allowing you to mount the onto your Maxim some minor modifications.

your Fieldsheer luggage can make the difference between a safe and secure motorcycle and causing a multi-car accident. The allows you the luxury of traveling essential items without the of stuffing your pockets and jacket. Fieldsheer luggage, comes with four must be mounted properly; the thing you want is to speed the highway and have your effects fly off the back of your

Maintaining a motorcycle can be full of that can complicate even the of tasks, such as replacing a gas tank petcock. Although one think that even a new petcock could simply be into place, a few steps to be taken ensure that its and gaskets are up to the task. The rubber within the petcock may fit nicely but seal completely as delivered.

the O-rings in a gasoline will the rubber to swell, forming a seal within the petcock’s and preventing leaks from

Since 1989, Japanese manufacturer Suzuki has produced the series of standard street Introduced to consumers for the 1991 year, these motorcycles become a catalyst in promoting in the United States for Suzuki. in a variety of engine sizes and options, all Bandit edition feature four-cylinder engines. motors featured dual camshafts per cylinder (DOHC) and 16

Until 1997, the engines on a carburetor for fuel and air mixture, following models were to fuel-injection. Keeping these tuned properly can be done at with the right

That sound that you hear your Kawasaki’s ZX-6R is is generated by a loose camshaft chain. This chain is by the motorcycle’s crankshaft, turning the and exhaust camshafts at precise to power the motor. The camshaft can stretch over time, causing the chain to jump off of the teeth and throw off the motor’s timing.

To avoid this a spring-loaded tensioner is attached to the to keep the chain under tension. Occasionally, the tensioner need to be reset to adjust for wear.

The Suzuki Bandit is a carbureted motorcycle, designated in the GSF It comes in a 600cc or 1200cc Adjustment of the carburetors is necessary changing intake, exhaust, or for better performance.

Emission in your area affect carburetor adjustments you may legally to your motorcycle. Carburetor require the same procedure, but may slightly from model to Consult your manual beginning any project.

Yamaha’s dirt bikes utilize an rear shock absorber to the best performance while the terrain found on the race While the shock absorber’s to dampen its compression and rebound must be tailored to its rider’s the shock absorber’s preload the preset amount of compression on the shock’s spring — be set according to the rider’s weight to the greatest amount of stability and This adjustment is easy to but requires the help of an assistant.

a car, a motorcycle (sometimes a bike) uses a battery to electrical current generated by the alternator. Motorcycle batteries are smaller in size than car and are typically rated at 12 volts DC. a 12-volt motorcycle battery to a is a simple task that you can accomplish.

The Honda CBR series is a of sports bikes produced and as race replicas. Models the Hurricane, FIreblade and Super In some instances, it can become to remove the gauge needles gauges on the instrument cluster.

needle removal can be done simple household implements, if you are not confident, then it is better to the bike to a professional.

Over the carburetor in your Suzuki will become very and will inevitably have to be The carburetor is the device in your that blends the air and gas for your during combustion. If this isn’t done correctly, the will cease to function.

carburetors lead to decreased and reliability due to gas remnants being in the carburetor during the mixing

If you can master the art of a few simple troubleshooting on your Honda motorcycle, you be better able to keep bike on the road, instead of in the shop.

Living with Yamaha Maxim 1100 eventually require you to perform of one sort or another. Luckily, has incorporated a center stand your Maxim’s frame to it easier to perform most of jobs. For a new Maxim owner, the center stand then the motorcycle onto it can appear like a complicated dance as you balance the heavy machine standing on foot foot to the stand.

However using the stand is much more than it appears once you to use leverage to your advantage.

The oil on the Suzuki DRZ supermotor motorcycle, inside the two front forks, to be changed every 60 hours of This motorcycle commonly 15 weight fork oil.

Honda E4-01
Honda E4-01
Honda E4-01
Honda E4-01
Honda E4-01


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