Review: 2013 Honda Civic EX (Video) The Truth About Cars

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Review: 2013 Honda EX (Video)

People assume car companies know their every move, as if there was sort of mission impossible sent in every weekend to RD progress. While some information exchange goes on, on the a car manufacturer like Honda out what the competition’s latest looks when we do. Need Look at the 2011, 2012, Honda Civic.

The 9th generation was intended to début as a 2011, but the implosion caused Honda to go and re-work their compact car as a to keep prices low. In the game of auto-leapfrog, Honda the direction Ford, Hyundai, Kia perhaps even Nissan) headed. The result was bashed by Reports and raked across the by most of the press. Did buyers Apparently not.

The 2012 was purchased in impressive quantities by Honda could have solace in their sales, but they did something unusual: re-re-redesigned the Civic for 2013. Say

The 2013 Civic isn’t a second-year options package and it isn’t even a mid-cycle and trim shuffle. The changes only a year on the market somewhere between a refresh and and a How can I call it a redesign?

Well, if can call the “new” LS a new car… But I

While I didn’t hear as complaints from my comrades in the about the Civic’s curb Honda took the opportunity to a chrome smile from the Accord onto the Civic, the bumper covers (front and add smoked tail lamps, new and finished everything off with a honeycomb grille. While I have a single issue the way the old Civic looked, I have to this one looks better, from the front or back Honda spent some to have the tail lamps onto the trunk lid giving the heinie a more premium From the side it would that noting has changed the same four-window silhouette, but the is in the glass: it’s thicker year for improved sound

The problem with the 2012 wasn’t the exterior. And, in my it wasn’t the interior design OR the plastics quality. Yep, you me right with that. The old plastics weren’t great, but were easy to clean, attractively and I just didn’t anything different from an car. What I did have a with was a lack of color-matched and ill-fitting panels.

Our 2012 four main dash sported four different of the same target color. For Honda cranked the thumbscrews on the suppliers and all the colors in our Civic EX the same.

In addition to the color Honda had an eye on touch points, out the hard doors and dash for squishy injection-molded units fake stitching. Keeping d0wn, the same gauge and dash structure remain last year as well as the parts farther from reach, but they have all re-cast to texture-match the new bits. the radio’s plastics have a color and texture upgrade to classier.

The change has brought the from slightly below to a solid contender, although I I prefer the style of the Elantra, and Focus to the Civic’s dual-level

Honda continues to put fairly lumbar support in the front backs, something you don’t in many of the competition. The extra was perfect for my back, but since it adjustable, you should get plenty of time before you buy to be sure you can with the shape.

For my average frame, the seating and driving proved ideal enough despite sharing driveway with a 2013 Mercedes I found myself choosing the for longer trips during our Say what? The Civic’s compliant and seat ergonomics were on my back than the $120,000

As with most cars have families in mind, the rear seats are close to the and the door openings are wide and making ingress/egress easy or without a child seat in Honda has a reputation for function form, and that pays in the rear with a high that allows a more seating position, more can be said of the Elantra. Fold 60/40 rear seats and you’ll notice an area didn’t touch: cargo.

The Civic’s trunk pass-through is somewhat small and oddly preventing larger items riding along. The trunk’s cubic feet is in line the Focus and Corolla, but a few Cubes the Elantra and Sentra. When it to bag carrying, the Sentra has a further up its trunk: a 24-inch roller bag can vertically in the Sentra’s cargo allowing you to carry a surprising carry-on sized rollerbags, try in your Panther replacement.

The reputation is a huge feature can’t be ignored in a review. has long been known for solid build quality and resale value. That’s but like many shoppers I more about plugging my in and pairing my phone.

Thankfully got the note and for 2013 Bluetooth integration and audio streaming are as is Pandora smartphone integration. As of the we drove the Civic, the Pandora app is only compatible with iPhones, but word is an Android app is at some point. Unlike iDrive, you don’t need a app to use streaming radio, you just the Pandora app and the car knows what to do.

If you to see the system in action, click on the at the top of the review.

As before, the 160-watt audio system is standard on models while EX models in A-pillar tweeters. Also is the somewhat funky split-level of the system where the radio are in the center of the dash but the display is into the dual-level instrument binnacle. If you feel particularly you can add Honda’s easy-to-use but quite $1,500 nav system to the Civic EX or

The touch-screen unit does a bevy of voice commands to the but for the price, I’d skip it. If you are debating the EX with nav and the EX-L without, go for the L 2013 hasn’t brought any changes to either system, thanks to software changes Apple and Honda, you can now use your native music browsing to select your tunes.

Is safe? Who knows, but it is handy.

If you had 2013 would bring a of the new EarthDreams engine from the you’re not alone, I had fantasies that as well. It’s not the 1.8L, 140 horse four-cylinder in the Civic is a bad mill, in truth smoother than the diesel-like of any gasoline direct-injection engine, the is the power to fuel economy Especially with that sitting on the same lot.

The is still mated to Honda’s manual or 5-speed auto seem designed to highlight the low of twist. The broad ratio of the 5-speed trying to balance acceleration with highway economy leave the Civic strangely breathless when hill climbing or passing.

The of a 6-speed transmission or a CVT (Nissan their CVT has a ratio spread to a 7-speed auto) is a serious and largely the reason the Civic is a 1.5 seconds slower to 60 than a more than 2 seconds an Accord and even 0.2 slower the less powerful CVT-equipped We were unable to get our hands on the for a 0-60 test in time, but outlets tell us its faster as

The cog swappers may be old school, but they do to deliver good EPA numbers. Our automatic Civic wore a (City/Highway/Combined) rating and managed to get a real-world score of 33.5 MPG in driving. It’s rare any vehicle get over the EPA combined in our testing, so this is particularly

The Fusion SE delivered its 31MPG last time we tested it, the claims 29MPG combined but we 28 last time we had one, and I’m you’ve heard about MPG woes. The new Sentra scored the in the group we tested at 36.2MPG and the 1.8L the lowest at 27, you can thank the CVT in the for that number. Speaking of the 2013 Accord EX tester 32.5 on the same commute to Honda’s new cog-less swapper.

I think the last Civic was a mess out on the road, but other weren’t so kind. One has to be mindful of the when comparing, and that’s why I my head.

The Corolla is ancient and like a Tonka truck, yet the sales leader, the Cruze’s is so numb and overboosted its like an RC car. (The Corolla is that car shoppers are lemmings, for our readers of course.) I liken the old to the new Elantra since it straddled the between firm and soft, and not with plenty of “numb” in for good measure. The Focus sporty with firm and a well-tuned chassis, but electric steering makes sure every compact car has a healthy of Novocaine when it comes to feel.

At issue was the Civic’s rep as a fun to subcompact with plenty of sharp dynamics and feel, … that in favor of to be everything to everyone.  To make the “crisper” and satisfy the forum-fan-boys, swapped out every bushing could get their hands on and everything that was tweakable. The certainly give the Civic the collar it lacked last but do little for ultimate grip or feel.

Grip is something you can fix with new rubber, but steering should just be mourned it’s not coming back.

The thing Honda underestimated the competition was how far they would go in of noise isolation. Hop in a Cruze and as quiet as an entry-level luxury the 2012 Civic? Not so much.

Honda Dream Kids Dokitto

To fix the issue Honda jammed as foam as they could in the wheel wells, firewall and under the carpet. They the window glass out for thicker all the way around and spent some time to resolve dashboard The difference is nightand day, the Cruze is still the quietest in the the Civic is on par with the Focus and (well ahead of the Corolla.)

refreshes do little to alter the of the product, so the 2013 Civic is all the impressive. It also begs the if Honda could do this one year later, why didn’t just go here in the first We may never know.

Refinement money, but thankfully Honda to be eating most of the expense as the model is only $160 dear than last Considering the added feature and the more upscale interior and dealers can start saying “ and . a Honda” at the end of the sales pitch of “but, but, it’s a as customers walk next to the Hyundai dealer.

OK, I kid, but the is important, it takes the Civic a purchase you had to justify to your car to one that is solidly competitive and At $18,695, the Civic LX (automatic) is within a few bucks of the $18,650 GLS.  At that point it down to aesthetics and brand

I prefer the way the Civic looks to the new (although I’m told I’m crazy by our peeps), but I am also mindful the Elantra carries a better and a comparably priced Elantra or still offer a few more goodies.

There’s just one elephant in the room. I drove the and the new Accord back to back, that I suspect many a will do. (You know, they are on the same dealer I know it’s a slippery to compare a car with its larger I posit the Civic’s biggest is its big brother, and for good reason. The comparo is even more apt if considering a $20,815 Civic EX our tester) or the $22,265 EX-L.

Jumping up to an Accord LX gets you climate control, an 8-inch screen, backup camera, interior room, more a bigger trunk, and 2-second sprint from 0-60. before you think of the value of an Accord badge on your vs a Civic. What’s the toll for jump?

A cool $1,665 (or $36 a on a four-year loan) and the loss of the EX sunroof. What about you ask? That’s the kicker. to Honda’s new engine and CVT, the averaged 32.5MPG on the same as our Civic, just one MPG less.

If looking for basic transportation, the LX model is finally able to on more than just brand, but if you’re drawn to Civic EX, take a ride in the before you sign on the dotted

The comfortable interior is a serious from 2012.

Honda’s and resale value reputation be discounted.

Both transmissions are shy of competitive.

Power and fuel are behind the competition.

I’ve been a fan of the non-standard gauge

Honda provided the vehicle, and gas for this review

Specifications as

 0-30: 3.47 Seconds

Honda Dream Kids Dokitto


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