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Honda CB1100R Concept

Events List

S41 Winding GP (1. Alutitude1000 – 2. 5Loops – 3. Battle Line 16 – 4. Alutitude1000 – 5. Battle Line 16 – 6. 5Loops)

S42 Small Class Winding GP (1. Alutitude1000 – 2. Battle Line 16 – 3. 5Loops – 4. Battle Line 16 – 5. Alutitude1000 – 6. 5Loops)

S43 Scooter Class Winding GP (1. Battle Line 16 – 2. Alutitude1000 – 3. 5Loops – 4. Battle Line 16 – 5. Alutitude1000 – 6. 5Loops)

Getting Started

The first time you start this sim, you’ll need to choose a gender, name, helmet, and suit.

You’re then presented with the RSII main menu. Go to Options Game Settings and set Falls to OFF. Check the other options and change as desired.

Exit Options mode to go back to the main menu. At this stage, you may be tempted to just jump right into Riding Spirits mode. If so, you can use the initial 900,000 credits to buy your first bike from either a List or from the Dealers.

However, I’d recommend starting with Battle 100 mode instead. Any credits earned in Battle 100 will be added to the kitty, giving you a wider choice when it comes to choosing your first bike. Also, if you stay in Battle 100 long enough, you’ll eventually win a Yamaha TMax which should be good enough for most of the races in Class E plus any scooter events (even in Class S if fully upgraded).

For the rest, it’s pretty much up to you. You can either stay in Battle 100 mode to earn more credits and win more bikes, or you can work your way through the events in Riding Spirits mode. You can, of course, switch between the two modes whenever you want.

Basic Tuning

You can enter Settings mode from either a Race menu (4th icon) or from the Garage menu. In Settings mode, there are 4 pages: 1. Front Suspension, 2. Rear Suspension, 3. Gear Ratio, and 4. Auto Settings.

To be able to set the Front and Rear Suspension, you’ll need the Front Fork and Rear Suspension upgrades. Once you have these installed, you can go to the Auto Settings page and set the Handling slider to focus on either Handling or Cornering. If you know enough about suspension (which I don’t), you can fine-tune the settings on the Front Suspension and Rear Suspension pages.

To be able to set the Gear Ratios, you’ll need at least the Sprocket / Install upgrade; this will allow you to set the Final Transmission setting. Moving the slider left (decreasing the value) will yield a higher top speed, while moving it to the right (increasing the value) will yield better acceleration. I usually change this value by multiples of 100 (e.g. -100, -200, +100, +200) since small changes won’t be noticeable.

Once you’ve found a Final Transmission setting that’s as close to optimal as possible, you can do some fine-tuning if necessary.

To be able to fine-tune the Gear Ratios, you’ll need both the Transmission / Close Gear Ratio Kit and the Transmission / Install Kit upgrades. Once you have these installed, you’ll be able to change the values for the individual gears. I usually change these values by multiples of 10 (e.g. -10, -20, +10, +20) and I usually go from the inside out. For example: to improve acceleration, I’d set 2nd gear to +10 and 1st gear to +20.

As another example: for a higher top speed, I might set 5th gear to -20 and 6th gear to -40. Note that in both cases, there is a greater change in the outer gears (1st and 6th) than in the inner gears (2nd and 5th). In general, I usually set the outer gears to 2-3 times whatever I set the inner gears to.

Recommended Bikes

Suzuki GSX-R1100, Honda VFR750R (RC30)

Miscellaneous Notes

In Battle 100 mode, you’ll sometimes see ‘New Challenger’ or ‘Revenge’. Unlike the normal challenges, you won’t get the opportunity to practice for these. Winning or losing one of these events doesn’t affect your ranking, but does affect the statistics shown on the Status page.

Completing the final challenge in Battle 100 mode will unlock Extreme Battle. At that stage, you’ll have the choice of either doing Battle 100 (Normal Battle) over again or doing Extreme Battle. Unless you have a strong desire to earn more credits and/or win duplicate bikes, choose Extreme Battle; this will give you an additional 30 challenges where you can win 16 other bikes.

Honda CB1100R Concept

Special Stage (D3) and Special Stage 2 (C?) appear randomly (i.e. they’re not unlocked in the usual way) and will disappear when a new bike is acquired outside of the Special Stage (either by winning it or by buying it from the Shop). When a Special Stage appears (i.e. becomes available), it’s probably a good idea to hold off on doing anything else for a while.

The Special Stages include some good ‘money makers’ and you can earn a lot of credits just by finishing a race (you don’t even have to win). Also, it appears that the Special Stages stay hidden after a certain point, so it’s best to take advantage of them while they’re available.

For Special Stage (D3), you’ll need 2 bikes. For the Motard events, you’ll need a Husaberg FS650e or something that’s just as competitive. For the other events, you’ll need something competitive enough to take on the Honda RC211V and the 2003 version of the Honda Daijiro Special 1000cc.

Since the Special Stages appear and disappear at random, it’s probably a good idea to have the bikes ready.

Keep an eye out for any messages at the top of the main menu screen in Riding Spirits mode. The message will tell you if a Special Stage is available, or if the Trade-In Center is offering premium prices for any duplicate bikes / accessories you may want to get rid of. An example of a premium price: a Moriwaki MD211VF (which normally has a trade-in value of 24M) will get you 28M.

Unlike the Bore Up and Port Reworking upgrades in RS1, the Cylinder Kit in RS2 is uninstallable so it’s safe to buy this upgrade for any/all bikes. The Cylinder Kit can be very useful in some cases. For example: you could install it to use your favorite

1000cc bike in a 1001cc

event. Or, you could upgrade a 350cc bike to something closer to 400cc. Any 1001cc

bike is also a good candidate.

The maximum amount of credits that can be in the kitty is 999,999,999. Since the kitty won’t hold any more than that, it’s probably a good idea to spend some of it before it reaches that point.

If you ride round Super Speedway, you will notice by looking over walls, changing camera views, looking behind, etc. that it is actually the ‘Twin Ring’ of Twin Ring Motegi, and you can see the other circuit below.

To unlock the tracks for Riding Spirits Garage Test Run and Arcade Record Trial, you have to complete the starter set of Arcade Time Trial tracks. This unlocks the rest of the road tracks (except Suzuka East, West and 2003). Complete these to unlock Slide Link 1 and 2. Complete these and unlock reverse (road) tracks (except Suzuka East, West, 2003 and Motegi).

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