Test Honda DN01: Two wheels of the future?

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Test Honda DN01: Two of the future?

October 1, 2012 | under: Honda | Posted by: Abaidullah

After several at marketing of automatic motor there is many years, returns to this kind of on its very atypical DN-01. motor bike – semi this hybrid makes the bet this technology in a radically way this time, as well as at the least original total And this DN01 seemed to us tempting…

Honda DN01: The test

When the DN-01 its first appearance with the room of Tokyo 2005, it is in the of a qualified prototype of simple of style. But, since revealed with the Living of Milan 2007 its famous two-wheeled vehicle, with the futuristic and innovating technology, in final version intended for a marketing, the question is remained is the DN01 a motor bike-scooter or a bike?

With is its propellant V-Twin derived from of Honda NT700V Deauville, but a hydraulic automatic transmission, the opposed to the large scooters of the Gilera GP 800 or even T-max Or does she want intoduire more nor less than one new of two wheels?

In spite of its attempts to motor bikes CB 750 Honda and CB 400 Hawk equipped with an transmission at the end of the Seventies, in fact the large scooters imposed their practical advantages on our One can thus only greet the of the first world manufacturer to on this ground with the that is to say at the very least new

Typified position custom

The DN-01 parked out of ear form a with the innovative style attracts the glance from angle. The position of control the legs ahead, the feet rest comfortably on tilted and the right bust thanks to the aluminum handlebar which very, all that evokes more ergonomic comfort… of a bike (yes motor because one takes seat by spanning it) that of a scooter.

And one remains well in the world or Cruiser with this DN-01 which does not the least filing space… It just possible to place documents or a small theft device out of U under the saddle

It is damage besides that did not benefit from bulky available inside the careenage and hull of the tank to release a worthy of this name.

At the generous saddle “culminating” to 690 mm makes it possible all the gauges to pose the feet on the ground. side of the coin, those exceed 1.80 meter have difficulties in being comfortably with the handlebar of DN01 and reading My Array masked by the bubble of the careenage.

installed, the pilot dominates motor bike where comes to disturb the field of not even rear view judiciously placed in the prolongation of the panel. Under the curve of its bubble, the DN-01 shelters a panel of instrumentation Backlit a rev counter multi-segments surmounting a digital placed at the center of the and framed, on the left, by a double adding machine and a clock, one finds right side a of fuel as well as an indication of the of transmission and of committed report. The luminous witnesses of control in more the witnesses of system ABS and brake, without forgetting the point.

Orders to be assimilated

Classical by pressing the starter of the Honda to the right control unit; it is necessary to disengage the handbrake on the right side of the engine would have found logical than it is positioned on the side of the motor bike, would make it possible to free the right hand could then use the handbrake in the event of need). Not to forget to the button of this same unit of the mode “0”, not with the mode “D” for Drive.

A ritual to assimilate on the Honda which replaces the traditional on the clutch lever, which simply disappeared on the left of the handlebar, like the selector it proves to be useless to seek to with the left foot… The on this side does not any order, whereas its counterpart of side is surmounted by generous pedals.

Good, all is comparable, but a location makes it possible to the button being used to rock of the completely automatic to the manual selection of the Honda

Placed in front of the right unit, this order of an easy access for quickly from one mode to the other, a button with the left unit selects, either the of automatic piloting wise “D” for or Sporting “S”, or six reports in mode. Fortunately, by actuating the of the brakes, one profits from system CBS/ABS to find with the stop with the 1st committed speed.

It is then to accelerate and assemble speeds to to its mode of a little sporting or to choose an automatic control or Sport.

Multimode operation for the DN-01

In mode, it is logically by choosing the “S” Sport that the Honda profits from accelerations and vigorous recoveries but it is in mode of selection that transmission HFT best the feelings of piloting’s of a bike with a facility of use. While playing of the selection, it is not necessary any more to the Honda DN-01 with the as of the approach of a tightened turn or a moving vehicle, because it is to retro grass one or two reports to from the engine brake.

one forgets the control in accelerations and which characterizes the scooters to the feelings of a piloting motor worked thanks to the passage of the to the modes selected by the pilot and by the use of the engine brake. It becomes possible to indulge, to profit frank accelerations and taken to double quickly after fallen a report, to play of the forgiveness of the button, to negotiate the quickly and to swallow the curves exits which one would still more nervous.

But one touches with the power of the DN01 and one starts to dream this kind of transmission on an of more important cubic especially of Cruiser type of couple, like with the six of Gold Wing… But here is a conk-pave and, lost in my the reflex clutch and selector Not engraves, because the brake reveals its effectiveness and the frame its in spite of its important footing.

A little technique explains possibility of piloting typified bike, because transmission HFT of the has a blocking system similar to which exists on the automobile boxes, which allows a direct connection between the and the aft wheel for accelerations plus that on the classical automatic and especially that on the aviators.

system also understands a of downshift associated with the hand grip which the power according to the load. when one approaches a rise the Honda DN01, instead of from a report predetermined to the as on a classical box, or on certain transmissions as multi-, the HFT varies and uninterrupted the ratio of reduction This system thus an increased effectiveness and especially accelerations more sporting those of the systems with

With the stop and driving the transmission returns automatically at the point and the completely disunited aft engine makes it possible to the DN-01 like a classical bike.

The Honda DN01 is to roll up

The relatively long and the tilted fork of the Honda way custom do not forecast promptness or a agility, but we do not deal with

At the time as of fast goings on the small roads, with to fold back itself the Honda DN-01 marks inertia. By disregarding system of to the handlebar, one finds a behavior of Cruiser, even of basic On the small mountainous roads the tightened pins, in manual the Honda DN-01 does not to be abrupt under penalty of slip its back Dunlop acceleration.

One does not appreciate of it the generous push (for the capacity) linear of his engine.

It is then enough to step on the gas and to the reports to the good modes to a maximum effectiveness, without of time to be played of the clutch. it is in the small turns or the large the DN01 is let place on the angle difficulty and one gets caught up to thread the sequences of large at beautiful speed, simply by the ground clearance limited by the which extremely fortunately are gradually.

For really appreciating a use, the ideal remains to the back shock absorber to its load, my DN01 getting a to the effectiveness improved after simple adjustment in preload positions), without comfort not feeling any.

Cruiser… the sporting aptitudes!

Hold, comfort, since the test of the DN-01 proceeded by temperatures of 10 with 14° approximately, in spite of the of right control and without drawn up in front of the pilot, it be noted that the air is sufficiently channeled by the careenage and its bubble so the pressure and the cold on the bust and the are practically unperceivable.

On the other the legs are not also cozily out since the bottom of the frontal seems on the contrary to channel the air on those. Those which travel in Honda DN01 appreciate on the other hand the of the saddle on the long distances, as as the possibility of slightly varying its thanks to its length.

It during tourist use that the attraction of the “D will appear” (Drive), is forgotten at the time of the first of this test to the profit of “S” (Sport) and especially manual playing with the six reports.

In position “D”, if the recoveries, and the behavior are not also any more and tempting to have fun, the DN-01 offers an increased and a softness which invite to to return to its initial formula of Cruiser motor bike” as its originators qualify it.

Thus, the DN-01 does not want to be a scooter, but as a motor bike of the knowing to associate the facility the pleasure of controlling. Without competition, it created a new segment to its design and its technology.

The latter undoubtedly be adapted to more motor bikes if the reception of the returning to the motor bike, of the of large scooters, the recently drivers of two-wheeled vehicle, as as few experienced motorcyclists letting allure by this new concept DN01, appears favorable, in of a rather high price – ransom obliges.

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Honda DN-01 Automatic Sports Cruiser Concept

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