Why is there no spark on a ct 110 Honda

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this site has some options down the page http://postiebikes1.tripod.com/bikespecs.htm


down s to hold on angle. the replacemnet part is only about $10 avalable from Pro Honda in Brisbane

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Fuel to air mixture for a Honda ct 110?

Try 1.5 turns out on the mixture screw for an initial setting.

Spark plug gap for a Honda atc 110?


Is iridium spark plug compatible to Honda cb 110?


Is it good to use spark plug CPR 8ea-9 NGK to Honda cb 110?

yes it is i recomend it

Where are the spark plug wires on a cts?

There are no spark plugs wires on cts [03 for sure] the coils set direct on top of plugs. Intake manifold has to be removed to get to them.Also thermostat is in that area. Reply::On a 2003 Cadillac CTS, there is NO spark plug wires. There is no need in removing the intake manifold, the coilpacks set on top of the spark plugs, the only thing you have to remove on the driver side is the power steering pump reservoir to gain access to the coil packs.

There is only two bolts that hold the coilpack in place. Use extreme caution when removing colipacks due to them having springs attached to each coil. On the passenger side you have to remove a couple of brackets that hold the wiring harness in place, repeat on the driver side as well.

There is DEFINETELY NO need to remove the intake manifold! I hope this is helpful and saves you alot more time and money. Regards: A 2003 Cadillac CTS Owner.

How fast does a Honda 110 crf go?

The crf110f goes about 50-60 mph depending on the riders weight

How fast is a Honda 110 three wheeler?

They go about 35-45 mph

What is the top speed for a Honda atc 110?

35 to 40 mph, depending on a persons weight, condition of engine, ect..

How do you make a Honda Elite 110 Faster?

Honda CT 110

I just put a Bridgestone ML16 on the rear in a 4.00×10 size. Was $46 through motorcycle-superstore. Got me an additional 5mph over my stock worn out tire. Keep an eye on the drive belt since as it wears, it will lose top speed as well.

Also, I’m looking into DR. Pulley sliders to replace the oem rollers. Going to have to do some research since very few people seem to modify these things, but from what I can tell or I have found, changing the CDI is not an option, and I don’t want to bother with the exhaust as that is pricey as well, and would make it louder, and I like the serenity of it.

I did however just order up a KN air filter for it off Amazon for $38. Part # HA-1010. Won’t increase the top speed, but will help it reach top speed easier since my new tiire change and fresh drive belt, I’m hitting 56-57mph top speed.

Best of luck!

What is top speed of Honda CB 110?

With standard sprocket and wheels not over 95 km/h.

Do you need registration for a Honda ruckus in CT?

no its 49cc you just need a drivers lic

Honda ct 70 timing advanced?

Hi! Could you clarify this a bit? I’m not sure exactly what you are asking. There are timing marks on the flywheel, they are ‘before’ the TDC marks as you turn the flywheel counterclockwise, the normal direction of rotation.

An ohmmeter on the points (as I recall) will tell you when the points open, which is the point that the engine is ‘timed’ at. It has been a hunert years since I timed one, I seem to remember that you change the timing by changing the point gap. Think you can check the timing with an automotive timing light. Over time, as the rubbing block on the points wears, the gap will close up and the timing will be retarded more. There is no advance mechanism on the CT 70.

Wish they did have one. If your question is about how to GET an advance on the timing, maybe look at the modern Chinese renditions of the 70. They use electronic ignition, a 12v system, and they *may* have incorporated a timing curve in the electronic ignition module. Many motorcycles do.

To go this route would mean a new flywheel (IF it will fit the old crank) and all the stock parts from a new machine, ie the regulator/rectifier, the ignition module, a 12v battery, new 12v bulbs in the lights everywhere. Sounds like a big deal, but you can get a Chinese engine with all of this stuff really pretty cheap compared to Honda prices. If your engine is tired, at least look at this route before spending the big bucks on Honda parts.

But Honda parts I would say are higher quality, plus it will maintain the resale value of your ride. GeoB

Honda CT 110
Honda CT 110
Honda CT 110

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