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Buell Lightning CityX XB9SX

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godina: 2006 napraviti: Buell Model: Lightning price: $8,895 Motor: Air/oil/fan cooled, 4 udar, 45 degree V-Twin Transmission: Five-speed, konstanta mreže, Helical gears Horsepower @ RPM: 92 HP @ 7400 RPM Energy: 45 mm downdraft DDFI II fuel injection Displacement: 984 cc L Top Speed: 160 mph

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The original factory streetfighter returns with its minimalist styling, premium components and broad, torquey powerband. Ready to tear from the pack? Choose your weapon.

2006 Lightning® CityX XB9SX Overview

The Lightning CityX XB9SX is an urban brawler, designed to rule the city streets with muscle and attitude. Armed with handlebar deflectors and a headlight grille, the CityX rider grips wide, supermotard-style handlebars while the Skyline seat offers an elevated view of traffic ahead. The Thunderstorm 984 V-Twin delivers quick-revving acceleration for the cut-and-thrust of urban traffic. Pirelli Scorpion Sync tires have an aggressive tread pattern for all-conditions performance.

New high-impact composite frame pucks protect the frame from minor cosmetic damage. The soft-rubber Buell X Guard helps protect the airbox from tankbag scuffing. The see-through Translucid airbox cover and flyscreen put mechanical details on display, while Villain Black wheels and Midnight Black lower body panels and front fender hide the grime of the city.

Available for 2006 in Hero Blue Translucid and new Kick Ash Translucid.

To handle the urban elements, the Lightning CityX is equipped with handlebar deflectors and a headlight grille. A new Skyline seat and a wide Villain Black handlebar with a Supermotard-style crossbar promote a comfortable, upright riding style perfect for viewing the traffic ahead. The softrubber Buell® X Guard helps protect the airbox cover when the rider’s tank bag is mounted on the motorcycle.

The engine is mounted in a Buell Lightning chassis that’s especially wellsuited to the cut-and-thrust action of urban riding. An ultra-short 52-inch wheelbase, 21-degree fork angle and 85mm of trail gives the Lightning CityX razor-sharp reflexes.

The 3.7-gallon fuel reservoir is located in the massive aluminum frame, and the muffler is located below the engine  design elements that significantly lower the center of gravity and reduce the moment of inertia, which helps enhance the motorcycle’s response to rider input. The swingarm doubles as the engine oil reservoir and is supported by a fully adjustable Showa shock absorber. The front wheel features the powerful Buell Zero Torsional LoadÂbrake system, with a 375mm inside-out rotor and a six-piston caliper, suspended by a fully adjustable 43mm Showa inverted fork.

All three 2006 Lightning models have a lighter, stiffer swingarm design, a new, smoother-shifting transmission, and other technical updates for 2006. In addition to the new Lightning Long XB12Ss, the 2006 Lightning line-up includes the Lightning CityX XB9SX and the Lightning XB12S. Each combines an athletic riding position, bold naked styling and the stirring performance of an American V-Twin engine.

Inspired by the minimalist profile of a flat-track racer, the Lightning models feature wide handlebars, dual headlights mounted below a short flyscreen, and a clipped, screened-aluminium tail section over a beefy 180mm rear tyre.

Lightning Technical Upgrades

A new transmission features a “dog ringdesign for even quicker shifts with less effort. Helical-designed gears reduce transmission noise, and the oil-change interval is extended to 16090 km from 8045 km. Clutch lever effort has also been reduced, po 15 percent on the XB9SX and by 22 percent on the XB12S.

A durable new Goodyear Hibrex final drive belt with Flexten Plus technology requires no scheduled service.

A redesigned swingarm (all models except XB12Ss) is stiffer and 0.25 kg lighter than the previous design. The swingarm continues to also function as the oil reservoir, and the oil cap has been relocated and redesigned to be easier to access and open. The inner fender and upper and lower belt guards have been restyled.

The engine air intake has been integrated directly on the air-box cover with an aluminum hex screen that wraps around the fuel cap cowling, replacing the air duct that formerly passed through the frame. Fuel-in-theframe capacity is increased to 14.5 litres for the Lightning CityX XB9SX and Lightning XB12S, and to 16.7 litres for the Lightning Long XB12Ss. Aggressive Street Performance

Each Lightning model is powered by the Buell Thunderstorm, a 45-degree air/oil/fan-cooled V-Twin engine tuned to deliver the broad powerband and tyretwisting torque that’s perfect for real-world street performance. Both the 83-hp Thunderstorm 984 and 100-hp Thunderstorm 1203 cc feature electronic fuel injection for precise throttle control.

The Thunderstorm 1203 cc engine also features Buell InterActive Exhaust, which utilises a valve in the dual-chamber muffler that is controlled by the ECM and adjusts exhaust flow according to riding conditions to smooth torque delivery and optimise engine power. The Buell Trilogy of Technology design principles frame rigidity, mass centralisation and low unsprung weight contribute to the performance of each Lightning model.

Fuel is carried in the massive aluminium frame, engine oil is carried in the swingarm, and the muffler is located below the engine, all in an effort to centralise mass and lower the center of gravity.The Buell Uniplanar engine mounting system reduces vibration to the rider and increases frame rigidity by utilising the engine as a stressed member of the chassis. The Buell Zero Torsional Load (ZTL) front brake features a single 375mm rotor mounted near the wheel rim, gripped by a six-piston caliper. Because braking forces are transmitted directly from the rim to the rotor, torsional load at the front wheel is virtually eliminated and brake feel and control is enhanced.

Reduced torsional load permits the use of a very lightweight cast aluminium front wheel for a significant reduction in unsprung weight and steering inertia. A lightweight drive belt reduces unsprung weight at the rear. Premium suspension components include a Showa upside-down fork adjustable for pre-load, compression and rebound damping and a fully adjustable Showa coil-over rear shock.

Buell Lightning Long XB12Ss An extended swingarm and increased fork rake give the new Lightning Long a 1360 mm wheelbase, 40 mm longer than the Lightning XB12S. Fork rake is increased from 21 do 22 degrees and trail goes from 84 mm do 119 mm. The result is a streetfighter with more relaxed handling and expanded ergonomics better suited to taller riders. The tail section is longer and the seat is taller and wider, and offers more room for a passenger.

There’s also a larger under-seat storage compartment. Larger frame side panels give the Lightning Long a fuel-inframe capacity of 16.7 litres.Buell InterActive Exhaust, a valve in the dual-chamber muffler controlled by the ECM that adjusts exhaust flow, gives the Thunderstorm 1203 cc V-Twin engine smooth torque delivery and optimised power.

Like all Buell motorcycles, the handling remains quick and responsive. It is offered in Sunset Orange with Sunset Orange wheels, Midnight Black with Translucent Amber wheels, and Thrust Blue with Translucent Amber wheels, all with a Graphite Grey frame.


Buell Thunderstorm 984 cc fuel-injected air/oil/fan-cooled V-Twin engine

83 peak hp, 64 ft. lbs./86 Nm peak torque


Vrsta motora: Air/oil/fan cooled, četverotaktni, 45 Stupanj V-Twin

premještanje: 984 cc

Bore and Stroke: 88.9 x 79.38 mm / 3.5 x 3.125 u

omjer kompresije: 10.0:1

Frame Aluminium: frame with Uniplanar powertrain vibration isolation system

međuosovinski razmak kotača: 1320 mm / 52 u

Grablje: 21 stupanj

Trag: 84 mm / 3.3 u

Prednji ovjes: Showa® inverted fork with adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload

stražnji ovjes: Showa® shock absorber with adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload

Prednji kotač: putovati 120 mm, 4.7 u

Buell Lightning CityX XB9SX
Buell Lightning CityX XB9SX

Stražnji kotač: putovati 129 mm, 5.06 u

Prednja kočnica: ZTL type brake, 375 mm stainless steel floating rotor, 6 klip čeljust

Stražnja kočnica: 240 mm stainless steel rotor, single piston floating caliper

Prednji kotač: 6 spoke cast, 3.5 in x 17 u

Stražnji kotač: 6 spoke cast, 5.5 in x 17 u

Front tyre: Pirelli® Scorpion Sync 120/70 ZR-17

Rear tyre: Pirelli® Scorpion Sync 180/55 ZR-17

Load capacity: 179 kg / 395 lb

Ukupna duljina: 1950 mm / 76.8 u


Tip: Five-speed, konstanta mreže, Helical gears

primarni pogon: Triplex chain 1.68:1 omjer

Kvačilo: Smočiti, multiplate, compensated, reduced lever effort

Završni pogon: Constant path, 14 mm pitch aramid reinforced Goodyear® Hibrex® belt with Flexten® Plus technology**, 2.41:1 omjer

instrumenti: Electronic speedometer; tahometar; mjerač za pređeni put; 2 tripmeter; reserve tripmeter; sat; low fuel light; engine check light; Svjetlo upozorenja za tlak ulja; indicator for high beam, turn signals and neutral


sustav za punjenje: 494 Watts peak, 38-amp permanent magnet 3-phase alternator with solid state-regulator

Baterija: 12 volt, 12 amp-hour

Prednje svjetlo: 55/55 watt, projector beam

Taillight: 5/21 Watts

Turn signals: Manual cancelling

Flyscreen airbox cover: Translucent Kick Ash or Translucent Hero Blue

Buell Lightning CityX XB9SX
Buell Lightning CityX XB9SX
Buell Lightning CityX XB9SX
Buell Lightning CityX XB9SX
Buell Lightning CityX XB9SX
Buell Lightning CityX XB9SX
Buell Lightning CityX XB9SX
Buell Lightning CityX XB9SX

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