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Ducati 125 T

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Feature Article from Hemmings Motor News

The oft-referenced Joe Sixpack can generally identify about four Italian products when given the chance: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Versace and Ducati. In a country where a titan like BMW struggles for attention (BMW makes motorcycles?), it’s incredible that an Italian company could build such a recognizable brand in the United States. This was not always the case.

What Ducati started producing was fuel-efficient, easy to operate, generic transportation modules. The Cucciolo engine (Italian for little puppy) was its first product, introduced during World War II and designed to be affixed to a bicycle. In 1950, Ducati began producing its own 98-pound motorized bicycle under the same name. Within four years, Ducati was producing racing motorcycles under the direction of its newly hired, brilliant engineer Fabio Taglioni.

The initial success was the 98cc overhead cam Grand Sport, which took the first six places in the first road race in which it competed, and went on to set speed records at nearly 100 MPH.

The Gran Sport’s 98cc engine would provide the blueprint for all of Ducati’s singles in the coming years: an air-cooled single cylinder, canted forward 10 degrees from vertical, with a gear-driven primary drive, wet sump lubrication, a battery ignition and the iconic camshaft drive, spun by means of a vertical shaft running up the side of the engine, with a bevel gear at the top. In an era when many larger, more expensive motorcycles still had their engines and transmissions in separate units, the Ducati engine was full-unit construction, and was a stressed member of the motorcycle’s chassis, attached to Ducati’s simple, efficient single downtube frame.

Ducati’s overhead-cam singles would be divided into narrow case and wide case variants. This descriptor is an informal marker that describes the width of the forward and rear engine mounts. Narrow case bikes have front and rear engine mounts of the same width.

Later engines are of different widths. The family launched with the 175 Sport, also known as the Silverstone in the U.K. tržište. The 175 Sport was initially shown in 1956 at the Milan Motorcycle Show, and was quickly backed up with a large array of engines, u 100, 125, 175 i 200cc, all branches in the same family tree.

Ducati 125 T

The 125 Sport was offered in both standard and factory race form. In standard form, this tiny, jewel-like motorcycle could achieve 75 mph. With the factory race kit, 95 mph was not out of the question.

Ducati singles proved to be among the most versatile ever produced by an Italian manufacturer. In the home market, boy racers would stick a number plate and fly screen over the headlamp and go racing. In the American market, importers avoided the low handlebars in favor of buckhorn bars with full windshields, setting the bikes up for long-distance touring.

Ducati 125 Sport is never going to set records in terms of value. With just 125cc, it doesn’t have the big V-twin bang that Ducati’s later products did, and even among Ducati singles, it’s not the most valuable, s 175 and 200cc machines, and the near-race-ready Mach 1 bringing the biggest bids. Štoviše, it’s like having an Australopithecus in a natural history collection: the missing link in a long chain that begins with a powered bicycle, and ends with Grand Prix champions.

This example is owned by Californian John Goldman. The bike won third place in its class.

This article originally appeared in the February, 2009 issue of Hemmings Motor News.

Ducati 125 T
Ducati 125 T
Ducati 125 T
Ducati 125 T

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