Procjena proizvoda: S&S Honda VTX1800 Pročistač zraka: Malo CPR za veliki VTX.

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Honda VTX concept

Procjena proizvoda: S-S Honda VTX1800 Air Cleaner A little CPR for the big VTX.

For riders of American V-Twins, S-S is practically a household name. For the past 50 godine, the Wisconsin-based company has been producing engines, parts and special tools for Harley-Davidsons—and, just recently, Victory motorcycles—while also manufacturing its own brand of V-Twin power. No “metric bike” stuff for this all-American outfit.

Until now, to je. S-S has just introduced a high-performance air-cleaner assembly for Honda VTX1800 V-Twins, marking the company’s very first product for a Japanese motorcycle. vizuelno, the air cleaner has the same teardrop shape as those that S-S has been selling forever, but with entirely different internals to suit the Honda’s dual-throttle-body intake.

S-S reps told us that simply replacing the stock air cleaner with theirs would deliver performance gains throughout the entire rpm range.

Installation on an ’08 VTX took us about an hour and a half using the detailed—but limited—instructions. Gaining full access to the stock airbox requires removal of the passenger seat, rider seat and gas tank, but the instructions tell you to refer to the Honda factory service manual for that information. Very few VTX owners have a shop manual, and the need to purchase one for this installation is an unnecessary expense.

zahvaljujući, most people should be able to figure out how to get the tank off without the help of a manual.

But at least the air cleaner does what S-S claims it will do. We dynoed the bike right before the installation and immediately afterward, and the S-S-modded VTX produced more torque and horsepower from just off idle all the way to its 5700-rpm rev-limiter cut-in. Peak power was boosted by 4 konji (91.3 vs. 87.3 na 5200 min), and peak torque was lifted 1.5 foot-pounds (99.8 vs.

Honda VTX concept

98.3 na 3250); at a few places along the line, torque was improved by as much as 4.4 foot-pounds and horsepower by 4.6.

Out on the road, acceleration was quickened enough to be noticeable, and throttle response felt a bit more crisp. Plus, the muted intake roar allowed by the less-restrictive air cleaner helped make the VTX sound a little racier, especially at larger throttle openings and higher rpm.

Part of that throatier intake “honk” is due to the S-S unit not using the vacuum-controlled flapper valve that’s on the stock airbox. This helps explain the label on the outside of the packing box that says, “Not legal for use on emissions-controlled vehicles.” But that’s merely S-S doing its due diligence. In reality, this air cleaner doesn’t step up the noise level enough for the general populace to perceive, and it causes no increase in particulate emissions.

The bottom line is that it works, no other modifications required.

S-S Cycle, Inc.

Honda VTX concept
Honda VTX concept
Honda VTX concept
Honda VTX concept

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