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Kawasaki ER-6f

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#xAE; Ninja 650R ER-6f ER-6f ABS Motorcycle Assembly Preparation Manual.

Stranica 2

Kawasaki and their Kawasaki Dealers. This Assembly and Preparation Manual ex- plains step by step procedures of the following items for the Kawasaki Ninja 650R, ER-6f and ER-6f ABS. 1. Uncrating 2. Skupština 3.

Stranica 3: Sadržaj

Motorno ulje (4-udar). Idle Speed Adjustment. Throttle Grip and Cable. Rear Brake Light Switch. Headlight Aim. Digital Meter. Fastener Check. Standard Torque Table. Test Ride the Motorcycle. AP Check List.

Stranica 5: Uncrating, Opening Crate

Remove the handlebar and the parts box. CAUTION When removing the crate bracket from the motorcycle, be careful not to drop any parts or the bracket onto the fuel tank and other components, and not to scratch the fuel tank or other compo- nents with the crate bracket.

Stranica 6: Parts Check

4 UNCRATING Parts Check #x2022; Open the parts box, and check the parts against the illustrations. There may be minor differences between these illustrations and the actual vehicle parts. In the following charts under Remarks, D = diameter in millimeters, and L = length in millimeters.

Handlebar with Grips, Weights and Clutch Lever Assy Clamp, Handlebar Socket Bolt, Clamp, Handlebar.

Stranica 7: Skupština, Handlebar, Throttle Grip And Right Switch Housing

Assembly Handlebar Handlebar Installation #x2022; Set the handlebar so that its punched mark is aligned with the upper rear edge of the lower handlebar clamp and install the upper handle- bar clamp and bolts (D = 8, L = 30). #x2022;.

Stranica 8: Front Brake Master Cylinder

6 ASSEMBLY A. Right Switch Housing B. Screw (D = 5, L = 25) C. Screw (D = 5, L = 40) Front Brake Master Cylinder #x2022; Connect the right switch housing lead con- nectors to the front brake light switch termi- nals on the front brake master cylinder.

Stranica 9: Cables, Harness And Hoses Routing

Cables, Harness and Hoses Routing #x2022; Check that the cables, wiring leads and hoses are routed correctly. Right Side View Left Side View A. Right Switch Housing Harness B. Throttle Cable (Accelerator) C. Throttle Cable (Decelerator) D. Front Brake Hose E.

Stranica 10: Left Switch Housing, Clutch Cable, Lower Fairing

8 ASSEMBLY Left Switch Housing #x2022; Connect the left switch housing connector to the starter lock-out switch on the clutch lever assembly. A. Clutch Lever Assy B. Starter Lock-out Switch C. Connector #x2022; Fit the two halves of the left switch housing together so that the small projection on the front half fits into the hole in the handlebar.

Stranica 11: Vjetrobran

#x2022; Install the left bracket on the lower left side of the engine with the flanged bolts (D = 6, L = 14) (2) with non-permanent locking agent, and tighten the bolts to the specified torque. moment: 12 N#xB7;m (1.2 kgf#xB7;m, 106 in#xB7;lb) A.

Stranica 12: Brake Disc Cleaning, Preparation, Battery Service

Preparation Battery Service Battery Removal The battery used in this motorcycle is a sealed type and never needs to be refilled. Follow the procedure for activating a new battery to ensure the best possible battery performance.

Stranica 13

A. Seat B. Seat Lock C. Ignition Key D. Insert #x2022; Turn the key clockwise while pulling the rear end of the seat. #x2022; Remove the seat backward. #x2022; Run the suitable band into the positive termi- nal (+). #x2022; Pull the battery out of the battery case with both hands.

Stranica 14

Standard Charge: 1.2 A #xD7; 5 a 10 hours #x2022; If using a recommended battery charger, fol- low the charger#x2019;s instructions for newly acti- vated sealed battery. Kawasaki-recommended chargers: Optimate III Yuasa 1.5 Amp Automatic Charger Battery Mate 150-9 #x2022;.

Stranica 15: Front Brake Fluid

CAUTION Once the strip of the caps [A] is installed onto the battery, never remove the caps, nor add water or electrolyte to the bat- tery. NOTE To ensure maximum battery life and customer satisfaction, it is recommended the battery be load tested at three times its amp-hour rating for 15 sekundi.

Stranica 16: Rear Brake Fluid

14 PREPARATION WARNING Never reuse old brake fluid. Do not use fluid from a container that has been left unsealed or that has been open for a long time. Do not mix two types of fluid for use in the brakes.

This lowers the brake fluid boiling point and could reduce brake ef- fectiveness.

Stranica 17

A. Rear Brake Fluid Reservoir B. Upper Level Line C. Lower Level Line #x2022; If the fluid level in the reservoir is lower than the lower level line, check for fluid leaks in the brake line, and fill the reservoir. #x2022;.

Stranica 18: Clutch Lever And Cable

16 PREPARATION A. Hold the brake pedal applied. B. Quickly open and close the bleed valve. C. Release the brake pedal. #x2022; When air bleeding is finished, check that the fluid level is between the upper and lower level lines. #x2022;.

Stranica 19: pogon Lanac

Drive Chain Drive Chain Slack and Wheel Alignment Inspection #x2022; Set the motorcycle up on its side stand. #x2022; Make sure that the drive chain has the speci- fied amount of play, and that the left and right notches (marks) on the swingarm points to the same marks on the left and right drive chain adjusters.

Stranica 20

WARNING A chain that breaks or jumps off the sprockets could snag on the engine sprocket or lock the rear wheel, se- verely damaging the motorcycle and causing it to go out of control. Drive Chain Slack Adjustment #x2022; Loosen the left and right chain adjuster lock- orašasto voće.

Stranica 21: Rear Shock Absorber, Tire Air Pressures, Gorivo

A. Cotter Pin B. Turning Clockwise #x2022; Bend the cotter pin over the nut. A. Cotter Pin B. Nut WARNING If the rear axle nut is not securely tight- ened or the cotter pin is not installed, an unsafe riding condition may result. #x2022;.

Stranica 22: rashladne tekućine

Close the fuel tank cap. Check for any leaks. Coolant Coolant Level Inspection #x2022; Situate the motorcycle so that it is perpendic- ular to the ground. #x2022; Check the coolant level through the coolant level gauge on the reserve tank located in- side the right upper fairing.

Stranica 23: Motorno ulje (4-udar)

#x2022; Before starting the engine, check that the en- gine has oil. #x2022; With the motorcycle held level, check that the engine has oil through the oil level sight gauge in the lower right side of the engine. CAUTION If the engine is run without oil, it will be.

Stranica 24: Idle Speed Adjustment

Zaustavite motor, then wait sev- eral minutes until the oil settles. #x2022; With the motorcycle held level, check the en- gine oil level through the oil level sight gauge. The oil level should come up between the up- per and lower level lines next to the gauge.

Stranica 25: Throttle Grip And Cable

Throttle Grip and Cable Throttle Grip Free Play Inspection #x2022; Inspect the throttle grip free play. If the free play is incorrect, adjust the throttle cables. Throttle Grip Free Play: 2 a 3 mm (0.08 a 0.12 u.) #x2022; Check that the throttle grip moves smoothly from full open to close, and the throttle closes quickly and completely in all steering posi- tions by the return spring.

Stranica 26: Rear Brake Light Switch, Headlight Aim

0.4 degrees below horizontal. This is a 50 mm (2 u.) drop at 7.6 m (25 ft) measured from the center of the headlight, with the motorcycle on its wheels and the rider seated. For other than US and Canadian models.

Stranica 27: Digital Meter

CAUTION When handling quartz-halogen bulbs, never touch the glass portion with bare hands. Always use a clean cloth. Oil contamination from hands or dirty rags can reduce bulb life or cause the bulb to explode.

Digital Meter Check the Km/Mile Display in the Digital Meter: Km/Mile Display can alternate between Eng- lish and metric modes (km and mile) in the dig-.

Stranica 28: Fastener Check

26 PREPARATION Fastener Check #x2022; The torque values listed are for assembly and preparation items only, see the appropriate Service Manual for a more comprehensive list. Check tightness of all fasteners that are in the table before retail delivery. Also check to see that each cotter pin or circlip is in place.

Stranica 29

Fastener Steering 1 Handlebar clamp bolt Brake 2 Front master cylinder clamp bolt 3 Front brake bleed valve (Left and Right) 4 Front caliper mounting bolt (Left and Right) 5 Rear master cylinder mounting bolt 6 Rear brake bleed valve 7 Rear caliper mounting bolt Wheel 8 Front axle.

Stranica 30: Standard Torque Table, Test Ride The Motorcycle

7.4 a 10.0 115 a 155 11.5 a 16.0 165 a 225 17.0 a 23.0 125 a 165 225 a 325 23 a 33 Test Ride the Motorcycle #x2022; Complete the test ride checklist. Control Cables: Throttle cables must work without binding in any steering position.

Stranica 32

MODEL APPLICATION Year Model 2009 EX650C9F 2009 EX650D9F Part No. 99931-1507-01 Name Ninja 650R, ER-6f ER-6f ABS.

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