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YAMAHA C3 / C-kubu (XF50) – vlasnik RECENZIJE

2007 YAMAHA C3

Miljarina: 1000 – 5000 milja

Likes: Kilometraža, Storage space

Dislikes: Fuel pump issues

Pregled: „Volim ovaj mali skuter (ja u prosjeku 115 mpg!), ali to neće nastaviti prikazivati ​​u temps više 90. To je trenutno sjedi u McDonald parkiralištu, a ja nisam sretna što sam morao da se vrati na posao u temps iznad 90.

Ja ću kontaktirati Yamaha, ali je rekao u ljeto 2011 da nisu radili ništa kako bi riješili ovaj problem; to će pasti na vlasnika popraviti. Ja ću ažurirati ovaj nakon toga sve se igra.”

2008 YAMAHA C3

Miljarina: 1000 – 5000 milja

Likes: Sve o ovom skuteru. Mainly, it has some beefy tires, which makes a guy not look prissy when scooting around town.

Dislikes: Na 4500 milja, I started to get the NO START syndrome after riding it wide open for 15+ minuta. Otherwise, no repairs and has run great up to now.

Pregled: “ Like other comments given, I love this scooter. The mileage, no repairs (to date), storage, performancethere is nothing negative about this scooter. I hope it lasts forever. I have a 40+MPG Chevrolet Sonic turbo, a 20+MPG Ford Ranger, a 100+MPG Yamaha C3, a Trek bicycle, and my two legs.

It’s great to have choicesexample; need a package of screws or Scotts 5000turf builder from Home Depot 3 kilometrima daleko – I usually pick the C3.

My first summer (2009) I drove it to work from Northville MI to Detroit. The Oil Man can pick someone else’s pocket! I added a windshield so I’m only getting

105MPG. One last thinghere in Michigan, this is a Motorcycle. Two-pronged law herescooters/mopeds cannot exceed 49cc AND exceed 2.5hp. (C3 has


2008 YAMAHA C3

Miljarina: 1000 – 5000 milja

Likes: Quiet, Great ride, Kilometraža, Pouzdanost, Different looks

Dislikes: None (daleko)

Pregled: “Just purchased two C3’s as training tools for my wife. She has been wondering whether she would enjoy riding. she’s hooked! We selected the C3 BECAUSE of the different styling and the Yamaha rep.

2008 YAMAHA C3

Miljarina: 1000 – 5000 milja

Likes: Durability and heft

Dislikes: That they stopped making them

Pregled: “ I have all good things to say-bought when gas spiked in ’08 and have loved it ever since. Regional errands, to work and just for fun. Great storage, smooth ride and very economical.

I will probably get another one to put in storage and use later this decade.

2009 YAMAHA C3

Miljarina: 1000 – 5000 milja

Likes: Good milage, Good looks: retro to Cushman box scooter of the 50’s

Dislikes: Nothing

Pregled: “Fun scooter to ride. Saved me lots of money. I bought to ride back and forth to work. I am in my late 60’stoo old for an m/c but not too old for the C3.

2009 2011 YAMAHA C3

Pregled: “I have 2 Vino’s. 2 Ruckus. 1 Metropolitan and 2 C3’s. My wife and I both like the C3’s the best. If there was something to complain about on them, it’s that unlike the Vino, there is no little compartment to put things like drinks or a camera.

That’s my wife’s little concern, not mine. Mileage is just what they say (a little over a 100 mpg).”

Yamaha C3+
Yamaha C3+
Yamaha C3+
Yamaha C3+

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