Yamaha FZS1000 Do (2000-2005) Motocikl pregled MCN

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Yamaha FZS 1000

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FZS1000 nije uvijek dano kredit zaslužuje. Ja kupio moj ’05 modelirati 18 mjeseci star bicikl s tisuću milja na njemu i izgleda kao da je upravo došao iz sanduka. Prethodni vlasnik je bio dovoljno dobar da sam proveo dobrih nekoliko funti na razne predmete iz Yamaha pribora katalogu. Moji stavovi o kvaliteti izrade su probaly nisu relevantni kao neki kao ja ne voziti kroz najgore zime (Ja dont voziti zimi, ali ne i na mokroj cesti.

Bio sam tamo, učinili, ne više trebati LOL) ali kao sada gotovo pet godina star bicikl ostaje čist. Iako sam ne izgledaju nakon mojih bicikle. I have read adverse comments on the suspension but have had no problems with mine and was able to set the bike up for brisk riding with my 13.5 stone frame. I suspect that the suspension on these machines may wear out earlier than on some other machines being budget items.

When that happens I will be quite happy to throw a few quid at refurbishment (As I am currently doing with my 38,000 mile VFR800) and may even upgrade to a decent rear shock and springs as the rest of the bike is well worth it. The engine is a peach. Lots of pull in any gear and smooth. The riding position is neutral and day-long comfortable. I have fitted a double-bubble screen as the original is tiny.

Fuel consumption is reasonable with 180 mile to the tank possible. Maybe I’ll even leave the VFR at home next year and take the Fazer touring. For those looking for the practicalities in life strapping luggage to the bike is easy with pleanty of flat surfaces and anchor points for straps etc. I have a Givi rack and box for mine, which is great kit and does not upset the handling of the machine. I like the bike because it offers good performance and handling in an easy package.

On the road it keeps up with most things. Da budem iskren, if you need to go any faster you should really be on a track as the perfomance envelope exceeds anything useable on the road unless you are they type that takes your brain out before putting your helmet on. With a combination of (modified) early R1 engine, excellent brakes and a good chassis I look at the Fazer as the thinking man’s sportsbike.

And in those terms it really is a very good machine indeed.

Yamaha FZS 1000

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I live in Australia and have had my 03 model since new and have now hit 178,000 Kilometers on every type of road surface and in every tempereture and weather. This is my 64th Bike my 1250 Bandit is my 65th (yes I have passed the 3 score mark) and been riding since I was 9 years old and still average about 1600 Kms per week (I don’t drive)

These two bikes do everything a motorcyclist would want with the Bandit being my tourer with my wife and lots of luggage and my FZ1 with the worlds best (and most expensive) suspension installed, Ivans Jet Kit, modded air box, full Yoshi exhaust system is easily the finest road bike I have ever ridden and has embarrased many a R1 rider on track days.

This bike has had the finest mechanical attention and has just had a $5000 overhaul (every bearing replaced, new camshaft and just about anything that showed any sign of wear) as I intend to go into the ground with this beautiful machine.

Yamaha FZS 1000

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