Aprilia RS 50 Extrema Rebuild

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Aprilia RS 50

Aprilia RS 50 Extrema Rebuild


Aprilia RS 50 Extrema Rebuild

Hi all,

This here is my Aprilia RS 50 extrema AM3 (made for Swiss market). When I bought it with 39000 km, it was ok on the first look… I neglected (many) dents and scratches on the plastics thinking that I would only need to do painting again. BUT … This bike was almost dead.

A grandma with arthritis could move and accelerate faster.

The bike had three long speeds (That is what AM3 stands for because there were also AM5 and AM6 machines). First test was disappointing. Third gear, full throttle, rpm gauge showing 9000 rpm, bike is screaming (later the cops showed up because of that screaming and they thought the apocalypse is near), and what do I get on the speedometer – 60 kph.

On low rpm (1000 – 4000rpm and 5000 – 7000rpm) clogged like hell, really slowly revving up. Ok, it’s time for a complete disassembly.

Note: keep in mind that if you decide to do a disassembly by yourself (god bless your soul), you will need a lot of time, tools (some of them only found in workshops), and a LOT of patience.

premye . the plastic panels went down, and this is what is left :


Aprilia RS 50 without plastics

Horrible, right?

Some basic stuff (reservoir, chain, gauges, air box, three screws which hold the engine…) came off too. (picture 3.)

My friends helping me with the engine removal. The carburetor and all wires were removed first. The carburetor was very dirty (not cleaned in years), so we cleaned it quickly in “Viscoclean” (petrol is a great cleaner too).

Also, nozzle .65mm was replaced with a lager .72mm nozzle giving the engine a little bit more breathing space (bigger nozzle means more fuel coming in the cylinder).

NOTE: over sizing the nozzle too much from the fabric specification will result in engine clogging – meaning that if too much fuel is let into the cylinder, it will not burn correctly and again, you will have a problem with revving up. Use max + 0.10mm from fabric spec.

finalman . engine was out and ready for ripping apart and cleaning.

You can clearly see the bad shape that this bike was in. It was murdered. (picture 8. 9.)

Aprilia RS 50

Engine is on the table. Now you see what’s the benefit of a small engine .

Next out was the clutch. Sorry for a lack of photos, we didn’t have time to photograph every step. Dirty hands and no money to hire a photographer. The only thing we didn’t touch was the magnet.

Here are some photos.

Koulye a, . it’s time for cleaning every part. Air compressor and “Viscoclean” did what they are made for.

Meanwhile . I bought a new piston 47.5 mm (with ring of course), and new seals for the entire engine.

Malerezman, I forgot to take photos during the finishing stages of rebuilding, but don’t worry, you’ll see the finished engine in the frame later on.

Next up, painting the frame, radiator, forks etc. Sanding is done, and I bought matte black paint.

The frame and the shock were a bit tricky, but we managed it and the results were great. You can’t even imagine what cotton sticks can do with some skill.

Rims … I strongly advise that you don’t attempt to do any sanding on them, it’s a pain in the ass (Oh you’ll feel it) and it’s just not worth it. Plastificate them for ̴ 10€ each, much better thing if you ask me.

While the plastics were at the paint shop, the bike was coming along fine, engine (assembled) was in, all the wires were connected, forks were in, new battery, etc.

nan dènye, the bike was complete (except for the plastic panels). To me it looked beautiful. It ran nicely, no clogging, no screaming. First test after the rebuild, 100kph. Sweet for a 50cc bike.

Aprilia RS 50

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