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Suzuki Grass Tracker

Project TS250 – Little, and not too often!

Early model TS400 Tank and ’76 RM 125 forks partially fitted

I found a set of forks from a 1976 RM125 on “that” auction site. They’ve still got 36mm diameter Stanchions and still drum for brakes but benefit from having air assistance as standard, with better internals (I’ll post a side by side comparison next time I get the chance) and the Yokes (triple tree’s if you are Stateside) are all alloy. menm pi bon, it was an easy fit.

I’ve just had to press on the lower bearing cup, and it all went on a treat – If funds allow, the bearings will be replaced with roller bearings, but the originals are in A1 condition it’s not a must have at this stage. All though overall the RM forks are a bit longer, the front steel 21″ wheel rim is being replaced with an alloy 19″ rim (another auction find, originally fitted to a CL350 I think, also found a replacement alloy rim for the rear from an old Husky). Also the spindle is an offset mount rather than at the bottom, which will give a bit less trail. From the photo you will see that ideally I’ll need some bar risers if I stick to my Flat Bar plan (thats just some correct diameter Stainless tube I found, the wall’s a bit to thin otherwise I’d use it!)

The tank is an earlier – ’76 again I think – TS250/400 Tank. Sits on the frame perfectly, but ideally I’ll have to cut and weld the rear most mounting point on the frame to secure it (I could get away with a strap of some kind)

By using the RM Yokes, I’ll lose the clock mounting lugs, which is fine, as I only want a speedo. I’ve already drilled and tapped some holes in the lower yoke for the number board. I cant find a decent looking off the shelf bracket to attach the board yet though.

I can mount the 100mm headlamp the same way, but the dominator style lamp I’ve picked up is, with hindsight, a bit too long. If I cant find another, I can feel the disc cutter coming out again. I’ll probably not drill a hole for the steering lock and just grind the lug of the frame.

They’re crap at best, and wont stop it being stolen.

Yet another ebay find, an unused, but tatty, Expansion Chamber. What it was originally for I’;ve no idea, but took a punt on it anyway. A bit of cutting and welding and it can be made to fit, either over the cylinder as per the original, or hanging under the frame road bike style.

I like the idea of both.

I’ve been pondering the seat? I want a “Brat style” cut down low profile seat, but I dont think it will work using the original seat pan. Do I make a glass fibre base, or an alloy base, or do I find another and “adapt” it.

Suzuki Grass Tracker
Suzuki Grass Tracker
Suzuki Grass Tracker
Suzuki Grass Tracker

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