900 Sei

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Benelli 900 Sei

900 sei

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A common fault with 900 sei is the charging .it gets to hot and fails a replacement is bosch and you can get recons /new from company called motobins i believe ,i bought one yrs ago was around 50 quid.

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Hi Vince,

WelcomeI’ve got a 900 in silver which is a bundle of fun, my problem it the starter which often doesn’t.

Your hot exhaust pipe is odd. I assume this pot is running lean. If it was the carburettor (the source of many woes) you would expect the other cylinder that shares that carb to run hot as well. The spark plug would be a good indicator if this is the case. If one plug looks fine and the other lean then it must be a problem specific to that cylinder so perhaps it’s an air leak.

Check the exhaust and inlet for air leaks. Check the plugs are the correct type also. You might also check the timing on that cylinder.

This was just plain wrong so I’ve edited it:

The charging light is one of four things: wiring, alternator, or regulator. Substitution is the easiest method of diagnosis but not so easy if you have no replacements to hand. Look at the voltage on the battery when running the bike and check how this changes as you increase the revs from idle to 3000rpm. It should rise from about 12v to 13.5 to 14.5v and stay there.

Benelli 900 Sei
Benelli 900 Sei

Let us know. Check the resistance of the rotor it should be about 2 nak nek 3 Ohms I think. Check the battery earth lead and earth contact to the engine. Trace the wiring and check the connectors. Use your meter to check everything is connected upbuy a cheap one if you’ve not got one.

Unlike all the other Benellis the 900 has a compact permanent magnet alternator rather than the claw pole car type fitted to other Benellis air head BMW or Guzzi stuff.

For the brakes, firstly check you haven’t got a mechanical fault like a seized pedal pivot or linkage. The rear master cylinder can be repaired with a new seal kit or replaced from the usual dealers: Selwyn MCs or Motomecca. The rear caliper is a problem if it’s a bigger one than on the frontI can’t see mine as I’m at work. The front ones are know as P8 and the bigger ones as P9. You can’t get seal kits for the P9 any more, folk are just replacing them with P8s these days.

The proportioning valve that links front left and rear brakes may be seized I don’t know if you can repair these but many bikes used a straight manifold instead. I fear it is second hand or nothing for this.

Let us know how you get on


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Benelli 900 Sei
Benelli 900 Sei
Benelli 900 Sei

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