Yamaha YP 400 Majesty vs Honda SW-T 400

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Yamaha Majesty 400

Yamaha YP 400 Majesty vs Honda SW-T 400

A ... val 2009 version of the Yamaha Majesty 400, Yamaha promised Maxiscooter luxurious, elegant and efficient. Most dynamic city, less brilliant on the road and more expensive Than Competitors its, the Yamaha YP 400 Majesty warrants ET it’s faced in tariff Honda SW-T 400? Duel With The reference segment!

The Yamaha YP 400 Majesty ABS HAS just Passed Into the hands of cosmetic surgeons house. Japanese engineers Took the Opportunity to mate with a new cylinder Transmitting. Beyond the sales pitch, what are it Strengths to compete with the Honda SW-T 400?

Against twin cylinder, sporty GT option gold, 3 front brake discs and ABS coupled ABS / CBS.

Finish: the lesson Honda

The new style of Yamaha Majesty 400 hangs more than gauze of historical rival. The new body opts for white-and tends eclipse the Honda SW-T 400 dark gray. Large, plush and Even ostensibly serious, it goes unnoticed next to Yamaha has made ​​more dynamic by a line Generally associated with a low fluid style despite dimensions particularly generous: a success.

By cons, other, plastic parts have-notch changed. The empty pockets, azonban, practices, pale in comparison to Those of Honda opens with a push. This blend happily painted and textured elements.

The best fit is the current level.

The Majesty accused historical age: the signs adorn that year the tunnel reveals irregular play; the textures are more Than German sedan Logan. In terms of ergonomics the Honda still ahead of the Yamaha. The lower seat of the Honda (Against 740 mm 750 mm) is thinner at the crotch. SW-T is no longer available for shorting riders.

Továbbá, the foot steps of the Yamaha YP 400 missing wide to effectively protect the feet of others. The backrest of the passenger and the driver HAS disappeared obliged to excessively legacy and Moved to the rear. Outside the painted bodywork, the Majesty HAS not changed externally … and time passes.

Yamaha Majesty: he reigns over the city

Best goal of this new vintage is inside. DURING our initial contact, the Yamaha YP 400 Majesty ABS Unveiled great urban skills. His new transmission gives it a vitality missing from its That Was Predecessor.

Displaying about 20 kg less Than the Honda, a Yamaha Majesty 400 is the advantage in the city, starting as a recovery. 0 nak nek 70 km / h, ET is always more reactive, Almost sporty. The cylinder is then clearly the advantage of the twin-T SW.

In comparison, the Honda engine seems to struggle to launch 249 pounds fully fueled. The weight difference also felt in the Greater vividness of Yamaha When It Comes to sneaking into traffic.

Almost we forget its true dimensions Maxi scoot ‘. The Honda makes up for stability and smoothness of it propulsion system to move with fluidity purpose without enthusiasm aroused by. Same partition side brake: sporty Yamaha with power, dick and feeling great year to the sunrise (adjustable), and equilibrium efficiency atmosphere at Honda. Finally, the Yamaha ends to take the lead in historical chest.

The Honda also home to full face helmets two goals the Yamaha Majesty 400 is the difference-through the volume. Only the driver is seated. The rear compartments THUS the optimized shape, and ideal for Almost Cubic impeller equipment, computers and Other Records.

Honda SW-T 400

Motor: 399 cm3, 4-stroke Parallel Twin engine, bore 64 mm x 62 mm stroke, water cooled, ACT 2 and 4 soups. / Cyl. Electronic fuel injection, electric start, belt drive, automatic transmission

Erő: 39 LE. (28.7 kW) nál nél 8000 fordulat / min, torque daNm 3.78 nak nek 6500 r min

Yamaha Majesty 400

Alváz: Tubular steel frame, fork diameter. 41 mm 120 mm Deb, Two rear shock absorbers dab 115 mm, ABS-CBS AV 1 disc diameter. 276 mm / 3-piston caliper – rear disc diameter. 240 mm / 2-piston caliper, front tires 120/80 x 14 – AR 150/70 x 13

Template: Méretek (LxWxH) 2.285 mm x 770 mm x 1430 mm, tengelytávolság 1,600 mm, 105 mm hunt / angle 28 ° 3, ülés magasság 740 mm, 135 mm ground clearance, 16-liter tank, all Kerb weight (manufacturer) 247 kg (250 kg with ABS

Teljesítmény: csúcssebesség 165 km / h (meter), average consummation of the 5.2 km test l. /100

Yamaha YP 400 Majesty

Motor: 395 cm3, 4-ütés, egyhengeres, bore 83 mm x 73 mm stroke, water cooled, ACT 2 and 4 soup. / Cyl. Electronic fuel injection, automatic transmission

Erő 34 LE (25 kW) nál nél 7000 fordulat / min, torque 3.7 daN.m to 6000 fordulat / min

Alváz: Steel, aluminum frame, telescopic fork diameter. 267 mm / 1 piston caliper, front tires 120/80 x 14 – AR 150/70 x 13

Template: 1565 mm wheelbase, hunting NC / NC angle, ülés magasság 750 mm, tartály 14 liter (2 liter reserve) Száraz tömeg (gyár) 207 kg

Teljesítmény: max speed. 150 km / h at 7000 fordulat / min (counter – solo), 165 km / h at 8500 fordulat / min (meter solo descent), 0 nak nek 70 km / h 5 sec (solo) 6 sec (duet, a passenger. 84 m – 70 kg), Consolidated Avg. test l./100 4.6 km

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Yamaha Majesty 400
Yamaha Majesty 400
Yamaha Majesty 400
Yamaha Majesty 400
Yamaha Majesty 400

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