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Despite flaws, the Husqvarna TE610 and are fantastic bikes if you want a for all types of riding. In a nutshell, the TE610 is an awesome dual trail bike — it is bullet-proof and low maintenance, a great for dirt and road, and quite for adventure riding with mods. It is arguably the best if you want to do everything with one — tight gnarly commuting, easy fire highway and adventure rides.

It be perfect at any of these, but is surprisingly at all of them (with some

The Husqvarna 610SM is a great motard bike — it not have the outright power or weight for serious racing this TE610 v WR450F ) but is awesome fun on the road, with the to handle longer distances ease (if you get a better seat).

said that, the Husqvarna and 610SM do have their so here is a general intro to the bad and ugly, plus a list of dual purpose bikes the DR650. KLR650, KTM 690R LC4 and DRZ400 to consider.

good about the TE610 610SM

to the people — if you like your engine then Huskies aren’t for you — the rev kicks in at a low 8250rpm. But both the and 610SM put out heaps of mid-range and there’s no need to go anywhere the rev limiter, as either bike be flying along riding 4000 and 6500rpm. A pipe and will usually see around 50 at the rear wheel.

Given that these are really only 570cc the of power is very impressive, a lot more reliability than performance bikes.

Service — a decent oil capacity oil changes are only required 4000km / 2500 miles. the TE610 and 610SM engine is low maintenance, although as mentioned a number of owners find the cam chain wears quickly to be pre-2007 models?). A lot of riders at the Husqvarnas are hoping they get the same reliability and low maintenance as a DR650 or Kawasak KLR650; is probably a bit too much to expect a 570cc bike that is halfway to being a high bike.

Handling, gearing and — it’s all good in these areas with suspension and Brembo brakes. The and 610SM both weigh in at a dry weight of 139kg / 309 pounds, than the high performance but a lot lighter than old 650 thumpers, so it is all about compromise. The Brembo are superb on the 610SM with 320mm floating front

The six-speed gearbox has one of the widest of ratios out, so there’s compromise in gearing to cope all types of riding.

Versatility as mentioned this is where bikes shine. The TE610 not be all that good as a dedicated bike, dirt bike or bike. But if you want to do all three it would have to be one of the best all out there.

The same goes with the It does not shine as a motard or a highway bike, but for versatile fun as a weekend … toy and occasional trip it is a great compromise.

fuel range and economy both the TE610 and 610SM are economical, and get a decent range the 3.3 gallon / 12.5 litre Everyone reports different but easy riding should see 180km or 120 miles before the light comes on.

Remapping the fuel-injected TE610 and 610SM can be remapped by removing the O2 sensor puts the bike into a map if you want to gain some top end power at the expense at lower A lot of riders don’t bother this, just research the for more info. The TE610 and definitely come out of the factory very lean, and most just get an aftermarket exhaust and ask the dealer to remap the fuel models at the first service.

/ dirt options — the is quite easy to convert to a or the 610SM back to dirt You can get a set of 610SM wheels and the front adapter, although these be very expensive as factory It’s also not hard to put a set of wheels on the 610SM; just the front caliper adapter and use the TE610 260mm front instead of the 320mm motard

If you can access Honda cast then there is info on adapting these as TE610 wheels with a cush


Don’t be by list, it’s compiled several years of forum and any bike would have a number of problems, if not more!The majority of TE610 and 610SM love their bikes and say the power, reliability and handling of bikes more than up for the known issues, and quite a few of are just from trying to the poor Huskie do everything

Cam chain? — Some model TE610 and 610SM have reported the original cam chain wearing out at only while others find 25000km the norm. Do your own but it looks like Husqvarna put cam chains on pre-2007 models? It like a hit and miss issue, early model riders there were no problems. is how to check it.

As mentioned, search the and see what you think.

Seat the TE610/610SM seat is a typical seat — hard and — and only good for an hour’s comfortable riding. also very high for riders, but there are aftermarket available, or get some vinyl, foam and staple gun to make own (see here for an example).

Weak rear subframe for luggage — if you want to use a luggage rack or pannier you may find the alloy subframe eventually break. A good mod for is shown here. This is a problem with many bikes of course, not just a issue.

Exhaust pipe Unlike KTMs and other models, the exhaust pipe on the and 610SM is quite restrictive and not all that quiet. The Leo Vince is a very popular pipe a claimed increase of around 10% with rejetting/remapping from It’s actually quieter the stock one at lower revs but is louder when opened up my mod here to quieten down the Leo

Another option is to get a motorbike specialist to open up the standard then remap/rejet the bike to This will usually around the same as an aftermarket

Airbox screws — design! It usually doesn’t long before these start spinning in the plastic and you get them out. Plus it seal well, and the intakes are low (although the internal intake is high).

Ridiculous oversights not fixed in later models.

cable — some and 610SM owners report the cable wearing out quickly the gearbox end. Make it is properly in place and not doing a bend. Maybe take a on long trips.

It’s a clutch too, I’ve to clutchless changes a lot nowadays.

No bash plate — a oversight by Husqvarna to put no bashplate, a cheapo plastic one, on the But good aftermarket bashplates are available.

Speedo failures the TE610 and 610SM electronic often failed, at least on the models. Not a huge issue as the Trailtechs make a much speedo anyway.

Not a huge of aftermarket stuff — TE610 and 610SM riders agree that sales of bikes are surprisingly low given how they are for dual purpose so there simply isn’t the range of aftermarket gear you find for bikes like the or KTM range. Two things that to mind are the very narrow of motard wheels and larger tanks (for the fuel-injected

Footpegs — Some owners say their footpegs fail because the bolt mating surfaces have bits that cause They report pulling apart and sanding these will be worth doing. other riders report the of the footpeg that fits with the frame is sometimes not in which case you may want to it smooth and repaint.

Others see this as an opportunity to get some pegs.

ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS DR650, KLR650, KTM 690 625 and Lc4

There are alternatives if you are after a bike to try and do all of riding. At the cheap end of the market, the DR650SE is heavier and less but usually $5000 less off the floor, incredibly reliable, and the not bad on dirt with some mods. The Kawasaki KLR650 is cheap too, but leans adventure riding as it isn’t tackling anything gnarlier dirt roads.

If you are buying secondhand, the older KTM 640 bikes are a very similar in terms of reliability and tackling all of riding quite well, older models are known for of vibration. The KTM 625EXC is the more version and been around for a few years now.

If you have to burn, you could also the newer KTM 690R Enduro. and if you be spending too much time on the you could always look at to the Suzuki DRZ400. a cheap ultra-bulletproof bike. There are of bikes out there, but these are a few that you might consider as an to the TE610.

TE610 610SM

Husqvarna SM 610
Husqvarna SM 610
Husqvarna SM 610

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