2014 Indian Chief Vintage Comparison — Motorcycle USA

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Indian Chief Vintage

2014 Indian Chief Comparison

We hitch a ride on traditional styled cruiser and about how it stacks up to its Harley in our 2014 Indian Chief Comparison video.

Speculation ran as to what direction Polaris take the Indian Motorcycle Would Polaris carry on or take it in an entirely different altogether? Would a Scout be in the offerings, or maybe they’d us with something new that homage to its racing roots a 750cc flat tracker. The were duly answered Polaris pulled back the on the 2014 Indian Chieftain.

Vintage and Chief Classic at While a hard-bagged, hard-faired in the form of the Chieftain was the biggest from the norm, the one bike held truest to Indian was the 2014 Vintage. It is imbued styling cues that the Indian marque famous, the deeply valanced fenders to leather seats and tassled

On the front fender sits a “Chief” in his light-up “War the signature trait as recognizable as the on the tank and the red of the paint. Laced, wheels and a thickly striped add to its “Vintage” designation.

As classic as the looks, fortunately its performance is century. Ignition is keyless, the key replaced by an electronic fob that has to be proximity of the motorcycle for it to start. The drums to life courtesy of an starter, roll on the throttle and a system controls the closed fuel injection system and it is with anti-lock brakes.

its engine sports multi-directional fins, a left-side intake and exhaust similar to Indian engines from the 1940s, its camshaft and parallel pushrod delivers power numbers before achieved by a stock engine. With the 2014 Chief Vintage, Polaris has an admirable job of combining the classic and

“When I first saw the Indian, of it, I really actually wasn’t It didn’t look that in photos. But once you get up close to it, a beautiful bike. There’s no around it. They really attention to every little on this bike.

Every thing the logos, all the castings and the and the body work and the awesome seats and bags that’re old and looking, all of it is spot-on for an American You can tell that they cared about this when they built said fellow test Motorcycle USA Editor Justin

Climb into its 26-inch saddle and the Indian Chief feels long and low. a total stretch of 103.7 it is a big bike. Its riding position is by long floorboards that are out a bit and up more than those on the Softail Classic so a rider’s are higher.

Its bars are more set lower and much wider. The leather seat is a work of art but is at steep angle, so it pushes back in the seat. Dawes like that as a result of scoop, it locks riders place and for him, put numbing on his tailbone.

On the up side, Indian is aware of this and the production Vintage motorcycles will a slightly different seat.

get on the Indian, and it’s got these beach bars, it’s long feeling, it’s low feeling, and it definitely feels maneuvering at slow speeds. you’re first pulling out of the lot, you’re like this thing’s quite a bit feeling than the Harley.’ on the road, that heaviness away a little bit but it does more effort to get it around and muscle it around,” said

This is due in part to the bars of the Vintage carrying more Its chrome headlight housing fantastic, a ribbed spine down along its top, but its mass adds heft to the So do the great looking running big steel fender and removable

The wide bars also a limited range of motion physically coming to a stop, the Harley an edge when U-turns and slow-speed maneuvers. The Chief Vintage doesn’t or transition as easily either, up 90 pounds to its competitor, much of it

The disparity in low-speed handling attacking corners at speed Contrarily, the big bike stays to its line in turns, its Dunlop Elite tires tacky and Because its floorboards are higher, can confidently carry more into turns than the and achieve greater lean On the winding SoCal stretch as Ortega Highway, the Indian Vintage hustles fluidly, letting the Harley out of its sight.

the throttle upon corner and its power advantage quickly any gaps.

Because the Indian has the Harley covered in the engine The difference is notable from the crack of the throttle as the Chief surges off the line with power, the 1811cc mill out peak numbers of 100.87 @ 2700 rpm and 73.33 hp @ 4500 As low as 2100 rpm, 94.94 of torque is already accessible.

hitting its 2700 rpm peak, wave of 100 lb-ft midrange quickly follows when it 3100 rpm. It beats the in roll-on power and by the time you the Indian into sixth the powerful mill is maintaining speed with little We noticed a difference at redline,

As the Heritage Softail Classic the parameters of its powerband and signs off the Thunder Stroke 111 has a little so it continues to deliver power at redline.

“The motor on thing is very impressive to me. It has a more gruntier feel the Heritage Softail did. It seems, when you gas it, it kinda on your arms, pulls on shoulders and it pulls out.

got a rumble and a lope that you gas it, you feel it in your chest,” said.

This isn’t to say the Indian V-Twin isn’t it nuances. There’s more noise coming from the on the Indian, a constant ticking we may come from the shape of the covers. In congested stop-and-go LA on a warm day, the long-stroking with the almost four-inch puts out noticeable heat on a right calf, too.

the less-than-smooth thoroughfare known as the similar suspension arrangements the two cruisers provide comparable qualities. While both feature traditional forks, the one on the Indian is a little springier less travel at 4.7 inches. cruisers use a Softail-style arrangement on the albeit the Chief Vintage a single rear shock of the Harley’s double shock

And while there’s not much in performance of the rear, Dawes and I that the fork is slightly

“It seems to have too rebound, and so you’re going corners and over bumps and and you get this, it’s not really a but it just comes back the … too fast and has this feel to it. Going down the in a straight line, when you hit and things, the front and the back at a little bit different speed so you get a back-and-forth effect when ends spring back too If it was a little more cush, a more slow reacting, would go away and it’d be a machine,” Dawes said.

Once again, we have to the disclaimer that the Indian Vintage we tested is a pre-production Indian says it is already the issue with the seat, is out the floorboard rubbers and has other details to attend to. Whether one of details is the spring rates on the is unknown at this time.

is known though is that the Chief Vintage definitely has the brakes of the two. There’s better power and feel on the thanks to big, dual rotors teamed to four-piston Action from the Indian’s floating rear rotor is to the power and feel of the Harley and seize with a heavy of the pedal before the ABS takes

That said, the ABS on the Indian is intrusive and the pulse rate is so it doesn’t kick back in the of a rider’s foot as aggressively as the on the Harley.

“Braking power the front brake on the Indian is far to the Harley. It’s got good a nice lever pull, and take too much effort. The brake doesn’t have so feel. The ABS locks and lets you can lock it and slide it, half-second

Up front, it’s really to get it into the anti-lock,” added

On the form and functionality side, USA’s tester Justin already commented on how Indian has an admirable amount of attention to Its chrome, tank-mounted console a large analog speedo a digital window that out gear position, dual and digital tachometer. The console includes a small round for the fuel gauge.

The instruments on the Indian are mounted and slanted more toward the making them easier to see the cluster on the Harley. Cruise is a standard feature the Chief has that the Heritage Softail doesn’t. The system is push-button via switches in the right control the system operable even gloved fingers.

Like the the Chief Vintage also has a windshield, albeit the one on the Indian is a bit It offers first-rate wind but Dawes commented that he was a reflection off the “awesome looking in the windshield.

“You have kind of lines and flares in the all the time, especially noticeable you go from light to dark on roads,” he said.

Being a bit taller than Dawes, my of sight is higher and the reflections he weren’t an issue for me. But both he and Abbott, who tested the Chief for Cycle News and is about the size as Dawes, mentioned it so we it a valid enough point to on. Its saddlebags have the same quality leather workmanship as the and are a tad wider than the ones on the

Metal clasps are a sweet but like the ones on the Heritage Classic, the bags don’t

As noted in our introduction, we thought the two cruiser motorcycles would be copies of one another. But they’re The Harley sports a more rider’s triangle, feels a much smaller bike it is, and enjoys an advantage in low-speed

The Indian on the other hand is low, and feels large and in Riders are sprawled out more, the stretch to the floorboards to the reach to the After spending time on bikes, it is a hard one to judge.

The Heritage Softail Classic is to ride, its suspension is dialed in and its gearbox is just a tad more Bottom line though, the Chief Vintage stops and better. The pop of its Thunder Stroke makes you drunk with

Its binders on the front are much powerful while its ABS is less While the Harley has lighter at low speeds, it also grinds much easier than the and sacrifices lean angle at as a result. The Heritage Softail has the fork, but ride quality on the is almost identical. The differences the gearboxes are minute, and Indian has it is already addressing Dawes’ with the seat.

Overall, we the Harley’s soft front and monotone power delivery are a trade-off than the fast fork and heavier steering of the Having 18.36 lb-ft torque to play with and roll-on also tilts the in favor of the 2014 Chief Indian’s marketing strategy that “Choice is Here” for who want an American cruiser

We say buyers do indeed have a now in high quality American as the flames of a 100-year-old rivalry are again ignited.


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