2007 Brammo Enertia — Electric Motorcycle (09 Jul 2007)

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Brammo Enertia
Brammo Enertia

2007 Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle

Source: Ashland, OR, U.S.A.

Posted: 09 Jul

About This 2007

Brammo Motorsports proudly the first production Electric the Enertia.


Form follow function, they are the Simple, elegant design looks as good sitting as it does silently speeding the next street corner. part of the Enertia was designed the rider in mind.

Not too big, not too the Enertia’s proportions are narrow to both novice and expert feel comfortable and in control. The sits at an inviting and accessible for a wide range of body

The instrument cluster keeps all information front and center the USB port allows the rider to data and tailor the riding to their personal usage.

form is it’s function, as it be.


Many influences combined to create the right with the right people to create the Enertia — a powerful electric motorcycle is easy to use and practical to own.

it’s founding in 2002, Motorsports has focused on finding solutions is every area of the from product design to innovation.

Applying our experience in design to the demands of creating an battery powered vehicle is the basis for Brammo’s approach the Enertia. The same fundamental principles that apply to vehicle design — stiff structure and high efficiency — also to improving performance in alternative vehicles.

From a historical Brammo’s Enertia is right on

Design Influences

The Enertia has shaped as much by current and our cultural history as the pencil of the one it. With global warming and on foreign oil becoming increasing social issues and a response the transportation industry seeming the Enertia was designed as a solution to a

The designers of the Enertia focused on elements that contributed to and instead emphasized the ones exposed the pure joy of motorcycling. The motorcycle has a magical history in the US and changing attitudes and capturing the of the people everytime we needed a efficient, friendlier mode of Celebrating the spirit of these bikes was a design goal for the

A dichotomy of old school purist and new school technology, the Enertia that perfect balance the familiar and the future.

Truly from the inside out, the sculpted form hints at the order within. Major are either exposed, like the or referenced, like the logo which have the same and plan view location as the motor they shield. The details have not been to chance either, with colors and textures reminding you you’re riding a motorcycle of the quality.

Chassis Engineering

in the way it holds the batteries and motor, the chassis also maintains a bridge between the fork and suspension pivot. Achieved rigorous brainstorming, conceptualizing, and when the dust settled, we at it and thought, Wow. it looks so and simple!.

The Enertia chassis is an H shaped beam visible the side of the Enertia as the exposed carbon fiber line the head tube down to the pivot. This H beam the batteries by forming two opposing which hold 3 upward batteries and 3 downward facing The head tube area of the provides incredible tracking through the box section and head internal gusset.

The motor is structurally face in the motor bay, upon the rear suspension pivot is This ingenious design of results in a very compact with excellent stiffness and centralization, making it easy to and maneuver at both slow and speeds.

The Enertia chassis is to a Formula One race car chassis in it is a carbon fiber monocoque The term monocoque refers to a load carrying shell, and fiber construction lends perfectly to this application. The is designed to be extremely light and while at the same time extremely simple.

The chassis in at a scant 16 lbs (7.3 kg), it considerably lighter than structures found on modern motorcycles.

The Enertia chassis is of woven carbon fiber that is pre-impregnated with a resin. The material is cut into shapes on a computer controlled cutting machine. It is then laid into precise CNC molds by our highly skilled and composites team who developed the orientation and layering schedule. The are assembled like a jigsaw to create the negative shape of the

Once this lamination is complete, the assembly goes an autoclave oven to cure at up to 350� F. After the chassis is in the autoclave, the tooling is removed and the is clear coated for UV protection and a finish.


eceptively simple, the represents what’s achievable the beauty of modern technology and pretty smart engineers, than a blue sky promise on technologies that are years off in the The Enertia benefits from an light, ultra stiff fiber monocoque chassis doubles as the motorcycle’s battery and an elegantly simple electric that keeps maintenance at an minimum.


With a low of inertia and agressive rake this motorcycle handles a dream and has an affinity for changing Couple that with the efficient power delivery the electric drivetrain, and you’ve got a for excitement. With 100% of torque available from 0 the Enertia is certainly no slouch off the

At it’s quickest setting, the will sprint from 0 to 30 mph in 3.8


The Enertia drivetrain and package was carefully engineered to the need for an intermediate transmission and a linkage. The integration of these two is very elegant and simple, efficiency and reliability and minimizing The motor output shaft power to the rear wheel through the chain, minimizing and maximizing efficiency by eliminating of the mechanical losses that inherently with gear

The rear suspension swing which is made from strength steel tubing, actuates the adjustable air shock.

The motor sits as low as possible in line with the riders vertically. The heaviest component the batteries, are cradled in the monocoque down the spine of chassis.

Brammo Enertia
Brammo Enertia

Enertia’s strength is in the details � It just feels right.

the obvious of empowering customers to guilt-free transporation, Brammo to empower customers to set their own limits on the Enertia. If you’re a or would like to achieve range on every ride, you should start at a lower setting than someone either a very short or an ambitious right wrist. Our software will enable you to information about your habits from the Enertia and your bike to the performance that fits you and your best.

Battery Technology

The uses six Lithium Phosphate modules built by Valence Inc. in Austin, Texas. the latest in battery technology, battery chemistry provides an amazing life cycle and safety not found in other batteries. These six individual are in constant communication with other and the Battery Management (BMS), which serves a brother” function making all the battery levels and temperatures are in

The BMS is roughly equivalent to the ECU in an internal engined vehicle. The main being – instead of controlling spark and cam timing, and metering – it’s busy keeping an eye on the being delivered from the to the controller and the state of charge of cell to ensure that of the six modules gets out of balance. The BMS controls the charging cycle to each battery module just the right juice to end up a fully charged and balanced pack.

From the Valence

The safety characteristics inherent to Saphion� battery technology from the incorporation of phosphates as the material. Phosphates are extremely in overcharge or short circuit and have the ability to withstand temperatures without decomposing. abuse does occur, are not prone to thermal runaway and not burn.

As a result, Saphion� technology safety characteristics that are superior to those of Lithium-ion made with other materials.

Valence’s Saphion� does not contain any heavy and does not exhibit the memory of Nickel-Cadmium and Nickel-metal Hydride Saphion� technology demonstrates shelf life, long life and is maintenance free.

The of traditional Lithium-ion coupled the safety features of phosphates, Saphion� technology the Lithium-ion for the future. Valence’s Saphion� technology utilizes natural, material and offers the greatest of performance, safety, cost, and environmental characteristics.

For more on the safety characteristics of these please view Valence’s video on their website at:

Green Facts

Why design an motorcycle when gas motorcycles are so efficient? Right. Not quite! to your run-of-the-mill car, a is about double the efficiency, but to the Enertia, the average motorcycle by a huge margin.

Modern currently produce up to 15 times the per mile as the average new car or light-duty Even the California Air Resources has tightened emissions regulations for manufacturers to bring them in with emissions on other vehicles. The Enertia solves issues with a more drivetrain versus a conventional and far less well to wheel

Well to Wheel studies us to truly compare apples to when it comes to evaluating the efficiency or emissions of a particular Since there is energy to bring fuel to the consumer, be it gas or you must consider the entire of energy rather than the single vehicle’s energy Naturally, an electic vehicle no emissions during operation referred to as a ZEV or Zero Emissions

However, the energy that is in the batteries was generated at some from either a coal, wind, solar, or hydro-electric plant. So. when we compare the to other vehicles, we always sure we take into the full energy equation on sides.

Carbon Emissions

the electricity has to come from right? Right! This is the reason these charts Well to Wheel efficiency, takes into account the energy system required to propulsion to a vehicle.

The data here assumes that a portion of the electricity used in the is generated from powerplants a coal furnace. If the Enertia is efficient now, imagine you’d get if that electricity generated though alternative sources like Solar, or Hydro!

Brammo Enertia
Brammo Enertia
Brammo Enertia
Brammo Enertia
Brammo Enertia
Brammo Enertia
Brammo Enertia
Brammo Enertia

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