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Zero XU

A lean, green, urban

Photos by Tom Roderick Video by Nardi

There’s something light motorcycles with profiles, flat handlebars, wheels and fairly long-travel that brings out the inner in us. For me it harkens back to my days BMX bicycles as a kid. Suddenly curb no longer becomes a but a doable obstacle. That now makes perfect sense as an lane.

That flight of Sure, let’s try it!

These irresponsible stunts aren’t you’d dare try in the light of day a conventional motorcycle and internal engine. But when the anonymity and of an electric motor is your new source, suddenly these don’t seem so outlandish

Speaking of motors, the entire lineup for 2011 now utilizes motors (as opposed to Agni, and Perm motors previously) the exception of the smaller, lighter XU still uses the Perm as its smaller dimensions best the tighter packaging and light-weight Zero was going for.

output is rated at 2kWh, if you’ve read our review of the Zero S. is roughly half the of its bigger sibling. As such, the itself is half the size of the S and half the time to completely (about two hours). Zero an average of about 25 miles a complete recharge is necessary, or 30 if savvy and always ride in ECO instead of Sport and thereby some juice.

It also helps to have a tailwind.

One benefit of the XU that the S doesn’t have is the ability to batteries, which potentially the ride time indefinitely. The of the XU is borrowed from the company’s models that feature an battery design instead of the models, whose frames a structural beam that part of the battery. Swapping a unit on the XU is as simple as removing a screw, disconnecting two leads and out the unit.

Clearly the versatility of replacement makes the XU ideal for which need to be constantly but for the average consumer having an battery around – weighs approximately 40 lbs and costs – isn’t very or cost efficient. As with any electric motorcycle, being of electrical outlets near stopping points is the most method to maintain sufficient

Like cell phones, can be plugged in anytime and don’t to be completely drained first. also safe to keep plugged in even after is complete.

If money is no object, then a option is available for an extra The quick-charge is a stand-alone version of the already integrated into the plugging both chargers to the will cut charge time in In the case of the XU, that means one Or if you happen to have a spare using the stand-alone charger the quick-charge kit can power up that while you’re out riding.

And a normal 110-volt wall is all that’s needed.

Move from the heart of the machine and find the XU features an inverted with aluminum stanchions to weight. Front suspenders are for both compression and rebound, the single shock has preload and adjustment – pretty for a city dweller. Front travel is 5.3 inches, with 5.5 of travel in the rear.

Standard height is a modest 31.8 but it drops to 29.8 inches if you opt for the low option ($299.99).

Bringing 218-pound flyweight to a stop is a 220mm disc on both The front is gripped by a two-piston with a single-piston unit in the Steel-braided brake lines both ends, a pleasant Contact to the road is via a 90/90-19 tire and 110/90-16 rear.

Yes, rubber choices are limited, but it’s not like have to deal with horsepower and should last for a while.

Street Impressions

everything you know about motorcycles because the XU is more a glorified Schwinn – small, compact and light. a leg over the motocross-style seat, but be not to swing too hard otherwise fall off the other side. For my inseam I found the standard height on our test unit not the bit intimidating.

Bear in mind the squish of the (rather soft) once mounted and the reach to the becomes a non-issue once in the

Turn the key to the “On” position and the dash does its light and various diagnostic checks. the old dash featured an analog and speedometer, the new unit ditches the speed gauge and is much compact. Now the only information relayed is total ride (meaning, total amount of the key is in the On position per trip), speed, two and an odometer. One carryover from the is the battery level display to the speedometer.

Zero XU
Zero XU

Oddly enough, being an electric vehicle, a icon is still used to how much juice is left in the We think by now Zero might’ve that to a lightning bolt or icon.

Then again, one of the advantages of a light and nimble machine the XU is being able to dart tight spaces and take of its agility. The flat bars plenty of leverage to put the bike its rider desires, and the suspension a plush ride that is for absorbing the bumps that Los Angeles roads.

Are E-bikes The Way Of The

All told, the XU is a fun toy, but its usefulness is limited. Zero recognizes and isn’t trying to lure motorcycle riders with the XU. The XU is meant for an individual looking for a way to get on two wheels.

This could be a new interested in the sport but is intimidated by the of a conventional motorcycle, or the older who has been forced to give up due to health reasons like that prevents them operating a clutch lever. For the XU could be the answer to sticking on two and the XU’s limited range likely to bother them.

But there’s a catch. Zero’s of 25 to 30 miles per charge will greatly depending on the rider and the These mileage figures perfect conditions of a constant and a lack of hills.

The XU is meant for the where conditions are notoriously for mileage figures. City feature constant stop and go, and meaning throttle application is but constant. In order to stay of the pack of cars behind you at a the throttle is pegged once the turns green – conducive to optimal mileage.

our testing, we were only to manage a best of 18 miles power dropped off and we had to limp home for a recharge.

Then the price. Starting at $7995, a lot of coin to drop for what’s a grocery getter or coffee scoot. Add in $595 for the optional charger or $249 for the accessory and you must really be set on electronic to still be considering one.

But in mind the availability of federal and tax credits for electric motorcycles can dramatically bring down the net In an eco-friendly state like the XU could cost as little as after all applicable rebates and

However, the XU (and street-legal X and MX) automatically qualify for the 10% Federal tax offered for Zero’s S and DS models, as its doesn’t meet the 2.5kWh for the rebate. For the XU to be eligible, you’d to purchase a second battery which includes the auxiliary bringing its cost without any credits to nearly $11,000.

The battery in the XU can also limit tax in some states. In California, the XU qualify for a $900 state like the S and DS models do. Thus, the S model ($9995) can be had in Cali for a net of $8095 after state and Fed not a lot more than the net price of the XU.

Zero XU
Zero XU
Zero XU
Zero XU
Zero XU
Zero XU
Zero XU
Zero XU
Zero XU


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