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Brammo Empulse 10.0
Brammo Empulse 10.0


[Article 1914] Brammo Empulse R V S. 2013 S 11.4: B S and spec sheet

Ok, I can’t resist any longer.

22JAN13 and 11FEB13]

First first, BS and smack talking.  And be fair Brammo started whole thing.  In July of Brammo finally showed up to a of the first year TTXGP in North America, didn’t the race, and launched their prototype of the Empulse.  Vaguely it in a year.  It was promised to have 100 range, and do over 100mph for the version.

  The 6kWh version was to have a price of $9000, I it was.  Add an extra $2k for each larger pack.  During both companies were 30-40 mile ranged The Zero S had the range and speed on the but all reports said the brakes less than ideal and it had the gear of a Chinese knock-off, Korean.

  The Brammo, while on top speeds and range at least had gear matching it’s and decent brakes.  The Brammo won every shoot out.  the press that tested bikes left with a bad taste in their mouth all but swore they’d not cover again, until things on parity.

  Sales for both were slow, and I believe stopped producing Enertias working on bringing the Empulse to 2011 comes around and expands it’s line up, proper brakes and .5kWh to the and really updates the looks and fit and But performance is about the same, so at your 2010 isn’t out

  Then May 2011 comes and almost a year after the of the Empulse, Brammo announces the bike will be delayed for year as they are going to a 6 speed transmission from SMRE.  Many people not happy.  Now, but basic grade math that the Empulse to be delivered by Julyish

  You will read many about Brammo had promised the many times and didn’t them.  I think if you go through the releases you’ll find people are full of it.  Brammo did finally show up to the in 2011 and won a national championship it.  I do not believe I have heard Brammo ever smack.

  Brammo fans, and Moreda you bet, but no Brammo that I have caught.

it is the contention of one elmoto blogger he and a certain Zero dealer that Brammo’s move to the Empulse was a business move to the Zero motorcycles and hurt sales.  The fact that had won the all the previous comparisons but one, was on the with a cool bike, won a championship proving their teamed with Polaris year, and both Brammo’s and current offerings were not a most people were to deal with and those were willing to wait for better to come along, had to do with it?

  The first year I blogging having Brammo in the would get me a lot of hits, Zero not so which to me says Brammo’s PR had done a better job.  to be fair, I believe Brammo’s budget may be considerably more; but is speculation.  The thing that makes me not believe too much of is when Zero’s 2012 hit the stores a month early sold like hot cakes in

  Zero’s 2012 line had sizes that more doubled, and new A/C motors.  Real ‘ride it like any other ranges went from 32 to 67, but creeping around town could be as high as 114 miles a top speed now over 80mph.  of these buyers were who had been on the waiting list for the but who’s needs were met by the new they could have then.

  Lets not forget the Enertia who also had to wait just as to come to market as the Empulse.  Not after the 2012 Zeros released there was a story by Motorcycle.com (an online magazine) Zero’s VP of marketing, Scot said what I felt some very inflammatory and things.  These, I believe, the only smack talk heard come out of Zero.

  He that the Empulse didn’t and they would have an … by the time Brammo got it the hands of customers.  Don’t me?  Look it up.  To the Tesla Model S would not been considered existing by logic, until it came off the

  And Zero does not say anything what they are working on shortly before they be shipping them, so they do the walk.  Shortly after Hollywood Electrics (Zero’s #1 offered rebates to any people on the waiting list that if Empulse became available October of 2012 they issue a not insignificant amount of if you had bought a Zero from in the mean time.

  But Zero revealed that next bikes were going to be huge step.  In May Brammo had a big party for the production Empulse and R.  Only 1 pack size was and that was a 9.31kwh nominal/10.2kWh max

  The price tag went sky rocketing to for the Empulse, and $18,999 for the Empulse R came with upgraded suspension and carbon fiber and later a different and torquier that the regular Empulse may or may not get up your mind Brian).  But though this time, them before the end of riding 2012 [edit: not able to when or where this was The first Rs did not get delivered until December 2012.

  So Hollywood Electric was right.  however, has yet to release the 2013 S as it is only due to be out this month.  was wrong about when the would be delivered, but Zero was when they said would deliver an Empulse by the time the Empulse was ready.  The has been shipping for over a now and the 2013 Zero S has yet to ship, and to be a solid competitor, but anything but a

  Now where are the bloggers and Brammo shouting bloody … Zero hurt their sales because they a better yet motorcycle?  Yeah, not to happen.

Now, the specs.  So for the entire line got twice the power, and the MX has grown up to be a full MXer.  So for 2 years in a row Zero has to make their previous bikes obsolete.  Apparently are current 2012 Zero pissed off on one of the forums because would have waited if had known the 2013s were to be so much better.

  Well, people clearly don’t pay because the information was out there, and I did them.  But the S with skinny ply tires, a better but still riding position and chassis, the power motor (as the Empulse, and now with only an 8ft-lb of advantage as compared to a 6-speed taking advantage of the similar (but still both are low powered) motor in a race chassis with proper tires, Marchesini wheels allow you a much greater in tires, top notch Ohlins adjustable Sachs and Marzocchi carbon fiber goodies, a that is 1.2kWh max smaller, 9 less real world (my estimate using math), 88 lbs, and is $3004 more

Brammo Empulse 10.0
Brammo Empulse 10.0

  Well, the regular Empulse, may end up with almost 20 less of torque, still has better (semi-adjustable Sachs and Marzocchi) reviews of both bikes I read and interviewed about, and is $1004 dollars more.  face it the true sport is going to be way happier on the Empulse, and on the the Empulse shouldn’t have any slowly creeping away the Zero S, but the R will leave it.

  I say because I believe that for riding the Empulses’ race chassis, descent/awesome suspension, and and gear box taking advantage of the 650 power will give it a advantage.  But even Brian admitted, in a recent interview me that has yet to be edited and put up, that the wasn’t designed to be taken to a In the real world the Supermoto position has some very advantages, not to mention the weight

  And the tires will make of a difference on the street.  The thing is of the moto press who are going on how transmissions are pointless and how single are so much easier for beginners, to forget, or not realize, you can very leave the Empulse in a single and ride it.  The bike has so torque Motorcycle.com wondered the other 3 gears (4-6) for.

  It’s so you can get to over duh.  I’ve heard the comment about EBR’s but that clearly had more to do top speeds in each gear, I suspect once Motorcycle.com their hands on a 2013 S they will see the acceleration understand better, and let us know their preference is.

  Even magazine has started printing about electric motorcycles immediately pissed me off in short but I’m easily wound up), and put out an awesome review of the Empulse.  and one of the fairest and balanced reviews I I have ever read.  Or at so close that my biased-yet-trying-to-be-fair can’t detect any bias.  I am to digress for a moment.

  I seriously had written Motorcyclist off as not worth reading or recommending for stuff, but this article so good to me (as far as being fair, and informative) that I have to a bravo to Aaron Frank, the For a minute there I thought it be too hard to write competitive content.  I have been put into my up-start place.  after that really off note I sent them.

  And now to the subject at hand, no one has done 1/4 mile, or top speed tests either.  But those types of usually come months a first ride article so we have to wait.  Hopefully guys who get paid to do this will do a comparison, but I’m not holding my

Aside from performance, is really all I care about, is size and compatibility.  The Brammo with the J1772 plug the gas tank cap usually goes, and a 3kW You can plug it into the wall at house and it’s smart to not to try to pull so much juice out it blows a fuse, or you can plug it a level 2 charger.

  At home pull less than (but I’m not sure the exact at this time) out of your and on a level 2 charger it’ll 3kW.  Now, if you are currently how much time that take, you need to go to your and think about what you said.  However, you can buy J1772 for the Zero, and you can buy a CHAdeMO adapter as

  But whether you are plugged into a 110 at home, or a level 2 charging the most you are getting is 1.3kW the AC charger.  However, with the adapter you can charge at a 1C rate (I assume 11.4kW).  If you live a CHAdeMO station (or even a then the Zero has a serious as far as long range riding.

  But if you near Level 2 chargers, the is the choice.  And lets not forget is the first electric motorcycle to have an app that lets you your bike.

For the type of I want the Brammo wins the wars hands down, no ask.  I won’t ever a Zero until they what I deem is a proper bike.  But that is not saying don’t make great because I feel they They just don’t bikes that suite my is all.  It works out though both brands have that together should to almost all types of riders out

  Right now there isn’t who has ridden a 2013 Empulse and a Zero S, so we will have to and see how they compare.  The real in my pudding will be the first of the TTXGP season, and in the eSuperStock where both brands are to have a good time it out.

Brammo Empulse 10.0

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