9 Insanely Awesome Motorcycles

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JRL Radial Engine

9 Insanely Awesome Motorcycles

April 12, 2011 By Esteban

For every category of person, there is a corresponding mode of preferred transportation. Take business men and women in nice suits: for them, it’s an expensive sedan. For suburban moms, meanwhile, the only acceptable vehicles are SUVs. Then you have your typical big-city hipster, who will only be seen peddling his or her fixed speed road bike. And, of course, for the bad-ass leather-wearing dudes and gals, motorcycles have long been the preferred method of transportation.

What’s best about this last category of vehicle is that, since their owners are often bad-ass, the bikes can be pretty insane. Yeah, sure, some people pimp out their Honda Civics, too. But that stuff is just plain silly compared to the things people do to their motorcycles.

So here’s a look at 9 of the craziest choppers out there today—awesome rides that combine incredible design with cutting-edge technology.

9. Insane Green Mouse-Cycle

You have to admit, if you saw this thing coming toward you in your rearview mirror of your cute little Prius, it just might scare the crap out of you. Bulging eyes, yellow fangs, veins popping, and tongue flapping in the wind? I’m not sure who designed this beast, but it’s pretty impressive in a psychotic kind of way.

8. Skeleton Motorcycle

Here at #8 we have another bike that turns up the intimidation factor. Once again, imagine this coming at you in your rearview. You’d think Satan himself were out for a ride.

I doubt it handles very well, but something tells me that wasn’t the goal when they designed this one.

7. Harzer Bike Schmiede

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this is the world heaviest motorcycle. And it sure looks it. Created by Tilo and Wilfried Nieber of Zilly, Germany, this sucker has the engine of Russian tank (literally) and weighs in at a cool 4.5 tons (10,470 lbs). Like #8, the handling: probably not so great.

But the fact that it moves at all is pretty amazing.

6. Leonhardt Gunbus 410

Here we have not the heaviest, but the world’s largest proper motorcycle (i.e. one not made out of a Russian tank). The 2 cylinder V-type Gunbus 410 is 11.5 ft long, with a volume of 410 cubic centimeters. That’s huge.

Just look at the picture to get a sense of the scale. And unlike the previous ride, the designers of this chopper actually did give some consideration to performance.

5. Night Shadow

This concept bike was built by Moscow Concept Motorcycles. No, it’s not a cougar. It’s a panther. They built it from a Buell S3 de 1200 cc V-twin.

Not sure where they got their inspiration for this one, but it certainly is a sleek machine.

4. JRL Cycles 7 Cylinder Radial Engine Motorcycle

Do you know what a 7 cylinder radial engine is? It’s basically an airplane engine. These guys decided it would be a great idea to put this airplane engine in a motorcycle.

The resulting product has 2800cc’s and 110 horsepower. If that’s not kick-ass, I don’t know what is.

3. Dodge Tomahawk

JRL Radial Engine

The Dodge Tomahawk was debuted as a concept bike by Chrysler at the 2003 North American International Auto Show. It’s is the fastest motorcycle in the world. That’s because it has the 500 hp 8.3 L V10 engine of a Dodge Viper.

The Tomahawk’s top speed? Oh, only 300 mph. Want one?

Well, you better start packing your lunch and skipping those trips to Starbucks for the $6 coffees, because this machine will set you back a half million bucks.

2. Hubless Monster

This marvel comes to us from Amen Motorcycles. They took the concept of hubless wheels, invented by Franco Sbarro and further improved by Dominique Mottas, and used it to create this stunning ride. However, don’t expect to see this technology come to a bike shop near you anytime soon.

While the magical design has certain advantages (like being significantly lighter), there are also serious kinks (like the fact that important mechanisms are exposed to the elements) that will have to be worked out before this kind of bike becomes affordable for the average joe.

1. McLean’s Monocycle

This piece of awesomeness was built by American inventor Kerry McClean in 2001. It’s called the Rocket Roadster, and sports a V-8 Buick engine. Like the Hubless Monster above, it is powered by pure magic. Unfortunately, as you can see from the end of this video clip, the Monocycle isn’t exactly easy to control.

Steering, the most important action involved in not crashing and dying, is quite difficult with this vehicle, usually involving a combination of yanking handle bars with all one’s might and leaning one way or another. But maybe, if we’re lucky, they’ll work out the kinks one day, and we’ll all be riding around in our futuristic monocycles wondering how we ever got by without them.





JRL Radial Engine
JRL Radial Engine

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