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Acabion GTBO 55

Want To Thoroughly Test An Motorcycle? Hand It Over the

Electric motorcycle manufacturer, Inc.. wants to know how abuse their forward-looking machines can take. So what are doing to find out? for police departments to beat the snot out of them.

In the past, the choice of a motorcycle for American departments was a large, heavy The most popular among options was typically a Harley-Davidson, a big or even, in some cases, big Guzzi bikes.

But now, in to the cost of maintaining and feeding bikes, the Fort Collins, PD motorcycle division have begun a month-long examination of Enertia Plus LE motorcycle.

“As we to maximize fuel efficiency and technology, it made sense to a trial of Brammo’s all-electric said Captain Jim Szakmeister, spokesman.

Greg Lemhouse, Fleet Director for Brammo, Colorado State University police also plan to the Enertia Plus.

“We believe in our and technology,” Lemhouse said. a government agency has the opportunity to use it, see how it will benefit them.”

to Lemhouse, Harvard University and College (along with units in Newark and Kansas also plan trials. At point, Brammo motorcycles are in use by the Hong Kong police.

The Collins Police now operate a fleet of Harley-Davidson Ultra Electra Glides and Kawasaki bikes.

The police versions of the Plus LE models are equipped emergency lights and other which will allow Collins police to use them in a of patrol details.

“There’s a difference and a different feel you’re putting the pedal to the said Matt Johnson of the Collins police. “You get to the traditional gas engine response, and a much different sensation this.”

Johnson said he expects the Brammo bikes in the to be pressed beyond the current range of 100 miles.

“It’s not for them to ride quite a during the day,” Johnson

Enertia Plus Specifications

6.0 kWh Lithium Ion

Avg. Range* miles on a single charge

324 lbs

72-volt DC motor

Top speed – 63 mph

Insurance Is Your Shield a Cold, Hard World

an uninsured vehicle in the United is punishable by – depending on where you – anything from a relatively fine to a nice little in …. In some states, if you prove that you have if you’re pulled over by the you might get your license – immediately – without further

All that is bad news, but riding insurance can cause you some pain above and beyond problems. If you’re the cause of an where someone is injured, and you have an insurance company you, the injured party or insurer may sue you personally for damages.

you pay a fork over to the tune of in hospital bills out of your Well, if you can’t and you find in that unenviable position, the involved might just to make a run at all your assets, say, your house, in an to recover damages. And it’s within their legal to do it…

If you ride a motorcycle, you need Period. If you have it, your will be the target of any lawsuit and not

Every state requires you to that you have at least a amount of motorcycle insurance, and of it this way, it’s for protection as much as for the protection of

What Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance, also liability insurance, acts as a buffer between you and the hard, world if you’re involved in a accident or if your bike is or damaged. Your policy is a between you and your insurance and here’s the gist of the contract: You to pay regular monthly or an annual and the insurance company will pay for any that are covered by that should they occur.

The policy you take out is specific to the for which it was written, and you can’t it to another vehicle or to another Depending on the coverage you select, policy will protect you in types of situations:

If your is stolen or totaled in a wreck, the company will reimburse you for the of the vehicle.

If you motorcycle is damaged in an the cost of repairs will be by your insurance company.

If involved in an accident and injure else, the legal damages liable for (including the victim’s bills if there are any) be taken care of by your insurance provider.


The most common types of coverage are liability, collision and medical, personal injury (PIP), uninsured and underinsured coverage, and “no fault” coverage if you in a state which has this of insurance laws like

Some companies give you a if you insure both your and motorcycle with them, so that in mind when shopping for the best rates.

Influences Insurance Rates

premiums are higher than for male riders under age 25 and under age 21, and it’s pretty to understand why. Statistically, in those age groups are involved in the number of accidents. If you’re past your prime, me, you should be aware that are available for riders over the age of 50. else helps you save

An accident-free driving record reduce your premiums, and you can get a if you insure two or more bikes the same provider.

Antitheft such as alarms or ignition fitted to your motorcycle can reduce your premiums, they’re likely to reduce the of your bike being and insurance companies are all about risk.

What can really you to be a bad risk, and therefore cost you money in premiums? The age of other drivers and riders who live in household can impact your Teenage drivers and riders around the house makes jumpy, and a single conviction for a driving offense such as a DUI or DWI can or triple your premiums – for years down the road.

Whether you ride a sport or an American cruiser, your needs can get complicated.

Tips for your motorcycle insurance,

you need:

Collision to pay for damage to your vehicle in an accident anothervehicle or any stationary object.

to cover such things as hail, wind, vandalism, ananimal, etc.

Towing /

Medical payment or personal protection to cover the medical resulting from an accident.

or underinsured motorist to protect us the other driver is at-fault and not have coverage or assets out of your bills can be paid.

Is Power – It Will Get Increasingly Dangerous to Ride Your So Know the Score

Do the right educate and protect yourself and family from an unfortunate and take the time to enroll in a safety course.

This ought to provide you with food for thought when it to making clear-headed decisions the risks you face riding motorcycle – or for that matter your car – on the world’s roadways.

be safer out on the road and you’ll the tools to make the best you can when it comes to riding


Whether you ride a bike or an American cruiser, insurance needs can get complicated.

for buying your motorcycle coverage you need:

Collision to pay for caused to your vehicle in an with another vehicle or any object.

Comprehensive to cover things as fire, hail, vandalism, hitting an animal,

Towing / Pickup

Medical or personal injury protection to the medical bills resulting an accident.

Uninsured or underinsured to protect us when the other is at-fault and does not have or assets out of which your can be paid.

Will Michigan Changes the in the Middle of the Game? No Fault Laws Under Fire For

Motorcycle insurance costs are dramatically, and in Michigan, residents pay far than motorists in nearby Michigan riders have had the since 1973 of having medical coverage as a result of the No Insurance Law, but the chickens may be home to roost, as it were, and days might be quickly to the past.

In cases where a injury leaves a motorcyclist a lifelong disability, the unlimited is a blessing, but if Rep. Pete R-Shelby Township, has his way, all will change.

Lund a bill on Sept. 14 of this to change the medical coverage of No Fault Insurance.

The new law would insured motorists with a of $250,000 medical coverage, but if you have coverage? Bikers have an option, but the option be to buy additional medical coverage of $1 million or $5 million.

If you’ve taken a spill on your (or had problems with your which resulted in a hospital of any length, you know how fast the add up. I recently spoke to a friend three-day hospital stay $20,000 – and still counting…

The of this additional coverage is to be determined, but you can bet your saddlebags and contents that it won’t be

As it is, motorcyclists in Michigan already pay an annual premium of $1,035, and according to to the National Association of Commissioners .

How, you ask, that compare with states? Yearly costs of in Ohio; $700 in Indiana, in Illinois and $641 in Wisconsin Michigan residents are paying a premium to live in the Great State.

Representatives of the nonprofit Institute of Michigan say insurers are facing payouts of $74 billion in medical liabilities for accident who’ve suffered a catastrophic and that’s a serious pile of expected that Michigan see rate increases doubling in than 10 years.

Proponents believe limited coverage under Lund’s will help alleviate costs, and they may be right, but does that leave

It likely leaves them out in the

Either way, changing the law be a gamble, and … is illegal in

Whether you ride a sport or an American cruiser, your needs can get complicated.

Tips for your motorcycle insurance, you need:

Collision to pay for damage to your vehicle in an accident another vehicle or any stationary

Comprehensive to cover such as fire, hail, wind, hitting an animal, etc.

/ Pickup

Medical payment or injury protection to cover the bills resulting from an

Uninsured or underinsured motorist to us when the other driver is and does not have coverage or out of which your bills can be

Nevada Cops Sued Helmet Law Enforcement

A dozen have sued Clark Nev. over enforcement of the helmet law, and the group is class action status for case.

In a suit was filed week in U.S. District against the county – and five within Clark County: Las North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City, the plaintiffs say law enforcement efforts violate Fourth Amendment protections illegal search and seizure, to the case cited in the Las Vegas Sun

through their agents, an ongoing pattern and practice of helmet tickets to the class that are not supported by constitutionally probable cause, thereby the civil rights of the class claims the suit, filed by Las attorney Travis Barrick.

efforts to repeal Nevada’s law, which was originally in 1972,  have failed, but ff the certifies the class action of the suit, it could include than 40,000 motorcycle in Clark County and pose a threat to the current helmet law in the

Motorcycle Helmet Law Facts ( A Report Generated by Adam and Hadley Perry )

Motorcycle Rates

Common sense seem to dictate that of did not wear helmets than riders would be …, fatality rates to increase. however, is not exactly true to recent evidence. States no helmet laws actually a fatality rate lower that of states with helmet laws.

There are reasons for this. Firstly, with voluntary helmet as a whole have better education programs and better-prepared This education leads to decisions made by the riders in turn, reduce accidents and

The second reason for this is the increased number of registrations to more bikes on the road. are in fact more fatalities as a but when compared to the number of the fatalities per rider are actually

The following tables from the Industry Council show the states with voluntary laws actually do have fatalities per accident, and fewer per motorcycles registered in 1993.

of 1993 State Motorcycle Statistics

Registrations Reported Fatalities Accidents per 10,000 Fatalities per 100 accidents

Mandatory Use 2,352,293 52,270 1,557 2.98

Voluntary Helmet Use 29,062 844 194.02 2.90

3,850,216 81,332 2,401 2.95

Summary of 1993 Motorcycle Accident Statistics as a

Registrations Reported Accidents

Mandatory Helmet Use 61% 64% 65%

Voluntary Use 39% 36% 35%

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