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Boss Hoss Trike
Boss Hoss Trike

Boss Hoss Review

I am not riding a 5.7-litre V-8 motorcycle, producing 355hp, and weighing 400kg, it’s just a standard big bore cruiser. This is what I continually told myself as I rode the Boss Hoss, otherwise I was likely to break out in a cold sweat. It’s just like a scooter to ride, I was assured by Brian Ford, New Zealand importer of the massive American cruiser, before the ride began.

Well maybe it is to him, but to me those figures alone are intimidating. When the ride began, the approach to every corner was a challenge of unknown proportions.

Ford led the way on the bike he made here in New Zealand. He has a long association with the Boss Hoss factory. He said while he was building it he was given a lot of encouragement by the factory, and the end result was a personally hand built machine.

After trips to the US his relationship with the company resulted in him importing the factory made Boss Hoss machines.

The first time I hit the starter button frightened the life out of me. Behind me there was a controlled explosion, followed by a roar, and then a wall of sound. As I wasn’t wearing a helmet, it seemed like the loudest motorcycle I had ever heard.

I know this not to be true, but eight cylinders have a special sound, and what a great sound it is.

We rode into the Lyttleton Tunnel, and even with a helmet on, the sound of two V-eights reverberating off the walls is fantastic. Next came the winding roads over the hills to Sumner. How does a bike of these dimensions handle on mountain roads? Surprisingly well. Ford said I would probably scrape things on this road, but I didn’t.

Come to think of it, with the roar of the engine and sheer weight of the bike, how would I know if I had? I did leave a bit of rubber on the road a couple of times, and I saw the smoke coming from Ford’s rear tyre. As I said previously, I think the secret is to forget the awe inspiring dimensions and treat the Boss Hoss like any other big cruiser. That, of course, is not as easy as it sounds, but it can be done.

There is, however, a reminder every time the throttle is opened that this is simply not an ordinary big cruiser. The acceleration from standing still, or at any moving speed, is extraordinary, and I’m sure addictive. At the slightest throttle opening, the big bike surges forward like an aircraft on take-off.

That day the wind swept across Canterbury, knocking things over and generally causing havoc in the community. I could feel the healthy gusts on the coast road, but the Boss Hoss was unmoved. I would not like to have been caught on a lighter bike in those gusts.

The bike has only two gears and no clutch. A gearbox is deemed unnecessary with so much torque on hand. Pull in the front brake lever; snick the gear lever down into first, release the brake, and select the throttle opening, and the fun begins. One down again and second gear is all that’s needed for most roads and speeds.

I found the bars a bit wide and high, which made the steering quick, and gave the impression of falling into corners. But as Ford explained, every bike is built to the owners specifications and most components can be fitted to suit the rider.

I must say that I have ridden a lot of motorcycles, some of them exotic, and many eye catching, but nothing has matched the Boss Hoss for sheer astonishment on the faces of people on the side of the road. I saw children and elderly men and women wave, road workers stare in amazement, and motorists give way in reverence. This is most definitely the Boss.

It was great to have Ford on the ride, because he was able to explain some of the more unusual characteristics of the bike. I found only one manoeuvre difficult. Doing a U-turn on a fairly narrow road. My usual method is paddle forward or back with my feet on the ground until I get the bike lined up in the direction I want to travel.

So try this with 400kg, even with a reverse gear, which the bike has. Ford’s solution was perfectly logical; don’t put your feet on the ground. Use the throttle and rear brake, and steer the bike keeping your feet on the pegs, rather like on a trail bike.

I think I need some practice, so maybe next time. Ford has been riding these big beauties for a decade, and I was impressed watching him do it.

The build quality is brilliant. Every component looks beautifully engineered, and the manufacturer has a no compromise attitude towards everything that goes onto the machine. The engine started life in a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro, a car built as an answer to the Ford Mustang. The 5.7-litre V-8 Chevy pushrod small block has a reputation for robustness. I can’t imagine the engine would ever be challenged or stretched in a Boss Hoss.

At only 2300rpm the bike is loping along at 112kph. Ford’s bike does a 172kph at 4000rpm. There is a small tacho on the instrument cluster, but I’m sure it can only be there to show the rider just how little the big engine has to work. Red line is not in the vocabulary of the big American cruiser.

Boss Hoss Trike
Boss Hoss Trike

There’s no teardrop tank on this bike, this is built for serious cruising. 480kms is the range of a tank of gas, at a steady 112kph. That equates to 10.6 litres per kilometre. Fuel delivery is from 4-barrel carburettors.

Ford tells me they put fuel injection on them in California to satisfy emission laws. The bike has an excellent side stand, and it needs it. The stand locks into position, making it almost impossible to drop the bike once the stand is extended. The Boss Hoss factory is in Dyersburg, Tennessee, where they have been building custom bikes since 1990.

They produce around 500 bikes a year. It stands to reason that a bike with so much power will attract the attention of dragsters, and some of the recorded times are astounding. Ford says the fastest standing quarter mile he knows is 8.86 seconds, with a terminal speed of 249.92kph. A popular pursuit of American dragsters is Dyno Drags, which of course eliminates aero drag and wind resistance.

On the dyno a Boss Hoss producing 473.73hp with 18-degree Nascar heads, did the standing quarter in 6.407seconds, with a terminal speed of 337.28kph. Now if you fancy this sort of performance but think the sheer weight of the Boss Hoss may be a problem, they make a Boss Hoss trike. This has a 502 big block Chevy motor, and the best time for a modified trike is 7.93 seconds for the standing quarter, with a terminal speed of 323.2kph.

The Boss Hoss catalogue has an array of goodies to enhance the rider; a Boss Hoss huggie, which is American for stubbie holder, t-shirts, jackets, and luggage. For the bike, custom mirrors, valve covers, windshields, sissy bars, and luggage racks. In the great American cruiser tradition, the factory provides the bike for the rider, and the rider personalises it to a point where it becomes a reflection of the rider.

No two Boss Hosses are ever likely to be the same.

Some day I’d like to approach Ford and take a ride on some of those long deserted South Island roads, where I’m sure the Boss Hoss would be stunning to ride. Whenever I ride a bike I usually imagine what the alternatives to the model are. For example, what would I buy if I didn’t buy this?

With the Boss Hoss, forget it, there is no alternative. To own one of these machines will cost a fair amount of cash, it demands a will to own a bike that is truly rare and exotic, and a willingness to adjust to new riding challenges. There can be only one Boss Hoss.

Thanks to Brian Ford for a memorable motorcycling experience. He tells me that because of the weakness of the American dollar, the going price ($65,000 turn key, and $58,000 in kit form) will come down by a considerable amount. Just how much he was unable to calculate, but since our conversation ,the US dollar has dropped another couple of cents, so it might be a good time to buy.

He’s at Brian Ford Engineering, 03 384 2828, website Po Box 19-811 Christchurch.

Boss Hoss Trike
Boss Hoss Trike
Boss Hoss Trike
Boss Hoss Trike
Boss Hoss Trike
Boss Hoss Trike

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