Brammo introduces the Empulse, a new high performance electric motorcycle…

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Brammo Empulse 10.0

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It’s an time to be an electric motorcycle what with multiple bringing bikes to market, and the motorcycle races in North and Europe. Electric motorcycle Brammo last week an exciting new high performance motorcycle, the Empulse. It’s a bike (no fairings) in the street style, offers 100 miles/hr top and a trio of ranges from 60 to 100 miles.

They expect to delivering the bike next in 2011, and have started pre-orders.

Brammo has been in the motorcycle business for a few years and selling the Enertia motorcycle a ago. The Enertia and Empulse are not two of the same bike, but are different in style, construnction, layout, and The Enertia is a smaller motorcycle, an upright seating style, a speed and range suitable for town use.

The Empulse is with a seating style suited for racing, a speed what’s required for freeways, and a long enough to satisfy riding. The Empulse performance is way other commercially made motorcycles, especially at the price, so so that many are saying a game changing motorcycle. other electric motorcycle aren’t far behind.

Some are selling lower bikes, with intention to more powerful ones. claim they will higher performance bikes but are not production, and are at price points way Brammo’s.

In many ways the is the result of the electric motorcycle that began with the TTXGP race on the Isle of At the time of that race was nearing release of the Enertia and one have expected them to a biggified version of the Enertia at the Instead they raced two motorcycles called the Enertia with a racing-style design and a different drive train.

The shares more similarity the TTR than it does to the Enertia.

Brammo is not releasing detailed at this time, claiming the are in too much of a flux. What’s is:-

The 100 mph top speed of all three Brammo models is a 60% improvement over the Enertia and it’s competition

6.0, 6 kwh batttery pack = 60 range for $9,9995

Empulse 8 kwh batttery pack = 80 mile for $11,995

Empulse 10.0, 10 kwh pack = 100 mile range for

Rather than the lithium phosphate (LiFePO4) Valence used in the Enertia, the Empulse have a custom battery and custom battery chemistry for energy density than allows

Liquid cooled AC motor

After tax credits in states the Empulse 10.0 end up costing you $7000

Brammo is it clear one will not achieve a 100 range while riding miles/hr. This is not exactly a (e.g. in gas powered vehicles the accelerator floored means miles/gallon hence a shorter Offering a 100 mile range in a electric motorcycle is quite an

The compactness required for motorcycles lend itself well to battery packs, and range is a matter of stuffing enough onto the vehicle. It can be noted the bike Lightning Motors is in the TTXGP is a production-intent prototype, an 11 kwh battery pack, and its designer the numbers indicate a 100+ range which they’ve tested because they’re too much fun seeing how fast it go.

The 100 mile range allows to claim the Empulse “promises no range anxiety for Brammo Range anxiety in any vehicle is to where you’re going and the of recharging infrastructure. Gasoline drivers have an illusion of range because of ubiquitous stations. Give electric a similar ubiquitous infrastructure and EV would also believe have infinite range.

fall Brammo’s designer, Wisman, did the Shocking Barack traveling from Detroit to DC on his Enertia. The recharging issue was a facet of that ride a scramble to find power every 35 miles. If one repeated ride with the Empulse, one would have to scramble for outlets, just with a distance between scrambles.

If ones motorcycle riding fit into a 100 mile range the Empulse will be fine.

the Empulse is one of the details Brammo has not described. In discussion on an online Brian Wisman (Brammo’s did discuss the numbers for recharging and also indicate the onboard uses a standard 120 volt cable. The Empulse 10.0 has a 10 hour battery pack, and normal 120 volt power the effective charging rate is 1 kilowatt-hour per hour.

Thus the 10.0 would require 10 hours for a complete recharge. He on to drop a hint about a recharging rate on 240 volt implying that Brammo offer other recharging than 120 volts. If they to use the J1772 connector designed for cars then an Empulse would be able to use the recharging being built for electric and get a much faster recharging

A departure from Brammo’s is the purchasing arrangement. In the past sold the Enertia primarily Best Buy stores, and did not sell any regular motorcycle dealership. plans to sell the Empulse not through Best Buy, but through select motorcycle world-wide and through their own web

It’s always been a bit of a scratcher how motorcycle sales fit in a consumer electronics store. vehicles is a different buying than selling refrigerators or systems, even if the vehicle is powered. It’s heartening to see beginning to sell through dealerships, and one hopes they lessons from the history of electric motorcycle companies Vectrix).

The Empulse is clearly the of having gone racing year on the Isle of Man. At the they claimed to have a lot from the race, but the timing was not to roll those lessons the Enertia. In May, during the race at Infineon, a twitter with CEO Craig Bramscher that while Brammo was not at Infineon, they do understand racing amplifies RD efforts, and they would be at races in the season, with a new bike.

It’s not surprising then the Empulse unveilling is timed to with the e-Power race at the Seca track this weekend.

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