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Cafe Racer TV Show Episode by Episode

Season 4

Episode One:   Classified out of Richmond, VA makes no apologies for the perceptions that others of their backyard business.  Ryland, a laid off ad man knows the ins and of marketing his startup company and his after machines. Actress Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica and found John’s story and commissioned Classified for a canyon café racer.

  Jay Leno in on Katee’s off-road Honda

With a Weimaraner dog as CEO and a backyard only big enough for one bike, Dog Moto’s appearance doesn’t its impressive products. Bay Area Patrick Bell has dabbled in photography, and music, but motorcycles are his love. When Bell a cold call from and eager finance manager Hoff to transform an ugly Guzzi 850 T-3, complete running boards for foot into a lean and light machine, he called Café TV.

Bell keeps his anxious in the dark throughout the build and hands the bike over to Ben and Bostrom for a top-secret, fast and runway test ride would make Maverick and the jealous.

Episode Two: riding scene is strong and Motorcycles helps fuel it classically inspired bike – they’re also not afraid to Their build features of two different brands from generations of design and function: a Honda chassis stuffed a 90s Kawasaki air-cooled engine, in hand-formed bodywork. Their

  Increase the horsepower by 50% and put a smile on the of the Bostrom during an aggressive test.

Ry Seidler is out to prove wrong.  The American motorcycle sold its interest in the Italian Aermacchi in 1978 to turn its to the home favorite V-Twin.  But tell a guy from Detroit simple tools and solid that he can’t turn an brand into something cool.

  Ypsilanti Michigan’s core, local watering and vintage hot spot, Café Ypsi will decide who was Ry or Harley-Davidson.

Episode Three: national road racing Roland Sands is a bike superstar with clients Mickey Rourke and Brad For Café Racer Roland has commissioned to resurrect a salvage Harley for professional skateboarder

Adams Hawkins Pastrana.  is accompanied by husband and action legend, Travis Pastrana, who a hammer, a screwdriver and a Sawzall to a 1200cc Sportster. The end result is a street tracker suitable for the ovals of the Grand National

The Pastranas are on hand for a reveal and that puts Travis in a compromising position.

Analog Tony Prust marches to the of a different drum.  The percussion for alt-metal band Chevelle leans to the alternative side of In season IV Prust has accepted the to build a Bimota DB3 into a Café Racer for Chevelle Sam Loeffler.

  The musician had his say throughout the but the Bostoms will get the encore at Hawk Farms, a 1.95 private circuit racetrack Chicago.

Episode Four :  New Jersey’s Cycle Icons and operator Leon Stanley bikes have a soul, and he to provide a final afterlife for a Indian brand.  The 500cc Enfield Bullet has had previous as a road racer and a flat but Stanly wants one more at immortality. He plans to repurpose and on the speed challenged brand for a speed record at the East Timing Association’s speed

  Stanley, looking to “Do the Ton” on a more comfortable doing the limit, has recruited former of Man winner Chris Hook to the Bullet and get to the elusive 100 mph mark.

on episode two, Austrian KTM debuts on Café Racer an out of the box build.  Mace Livingston and Ashleigh, are new to the café scene.  The couple builds side by and tools around together in Florida, always looking to one step ahead of current

  What they lack in they make up for with The KTM Dual Sport, known as a pedestrian off-roader – when – will light up the blogs opinions of love and hate.  National Enduro Champion Lafferty and off-road legend Penton will test dangerously designed machine.


Ever heard of a called a Rokon?  No worry, Rick Doughty of L.A.’s Iron and a few on the lunatic fringe of are familiar with the American that’s more popular on the racing circuits.  Rest old school charms have not way to modern technology with the It’s still a loud and two-… that features a pull starter.

  We’ll see how creative Vintage Iron can be this eccentric build and it up to test rider Blake for a final yea or nay to the project.

Doing the ton is fun and all but one over a few pints, we got into a over which café motorcycle really is the fastest. of burning up public road and up speeding tickets we hired two drag racers, rented a drag strip and corralled a of production – straight from the – motorcycles to analyze every of speed we could.

Season 3 (Available now on DVD)

Episode 1 – Italia; Desmo Pro’s Lambrechts and Vicki Smith an exclusive search through premier motorcycle race in preparation to build a Ducati racer. In Southern Calif. Bostrom has been so inspired by the he’s ridden on “Café that he has decided to build his own and his brother Ben.

CRTV the American Pin-Up and its relevance to

Episode 2 – Reverend Jim’s of the Ape Hangers tries to pray a relic’s rust as they on a 40 year old Honda CB 750 motor 140 HP that the Rev. had long about. Eric Bostrom a little (read: a lot) of from some friends Long Beach as he burns the at both ends to get his café ready for brother Ben and the track at Springs. Walt “Hot and the Psycho Devilles return to Racer” to debut their new hit Up” and help us give a preview of to come in the rest of season

Episode 3 – Hugh Mackie and Matsueda of Sixth Street return to “Café Racer”, time with a Norton mess delivered by Café Magazine’s Mike Seate. The Reverend Jim plays bad when it to rushing an out of the box project. The Bostrom deal with Desmo dangerously fast Ducati at an racetrack.

Episode 4 – The show back to Italy where Classic Farm Motorcycles Royal Enfields from with Italian flair. Street specials plays it when trying to sort out a Norton, and Rickey Gadson, one of AMA Pro drag racing’s elite tests a motorcycle that been started for over 30

Episode 5 – Kenny Cummings of heads to England to find his edge on his project, a Sealy Italy’s McDeeb Classic Motorcycles continues their of turning a modern Enfield a café classic. “Café TV puts its reputation with the on the line by heading Los Angeles to out with a bunch of (gasp!) 6th Street’s Hugh Mackie a new life to another British

Episode 6 – “Café Racer” its first ever trip to where we discover that Rambow of Colorado Norton run a shop as clean as a surgical NYC/Norton goes a long way Jersey to run up front with the guys. CRTV heads to the hangout of the Cretins, America’s café racer motorcycle

And Italy’s McDeeb finishes Indian Enfield for an Italian ride.

Episode 7 – Getting Old engineering to do the Ton; in this part series, Mike and Blake Kelly embark on a of northeastern bike builders in quest of making a Royal reach 100 mph. Colorado Works specializes only in only Commandos and only the years of 1968 and 1974. For Racer” they’ve narrowed it even more with a edition run of 13 custom café

NYC/Norton finds out why the saying racing” holds true at America.

Episode 8 – Would you that Dolores, CO (pop. has two bike builders? CRTV back to southwest Colorado Vincent Works takes on a six figure motorcycle build.

of the Country’s best builders up to make a Royal Enfield powerful, better handling and looking but not before Mike and run into some unexpected Colorado Norton Works’ Rambow holds his breath the Bostroms test ride his Norton Commando on the Million Highway in southwest Colorado.

9 – The Colorado tour continues as Sam of Vincent Works, a Vincent ace, makes historians by messing with a rare Big Sid Biberman returns to the show as he his last stand on the Bonneville Flats with his own Vincent Will the bike hold up enough and get its two runs in on time? Sid hold up in the searing desert

It’s judgment day for one well-traveled Enfield as Blake Kelly his life for the cameras, and the speedometer, as he the search for 100 mph to a close.

Episode 10 – Old and rivals reunite in Ohio as and engine guru Stan and former professional road turned parts manager Dudley attempt to take a commuter bike and make it a vintage racer. Sam Manganaro of Works heads to the exclusive Lodge where he finds reasons why an Egli-framed Vincent be kept off the road. It’s the chance at Bonneville for Sid Biberman and his son to set a land speed record on Vincent. “Café Racer” rogue as it rides with Los street artist Thank You X for the in a three part series.

11 – JB Moto Co. returns to “Café where the PA-based shop ingenuity and natural resources to a Suzuki two … they given by knocking $80 off a customer’s Stan Lipert goes to on his motor, shaving four from the crank and nearly the horsepower on a mundane Honda CB 350 to get it ready for Jerry Dudley. artist Thank You X rides his and Thruxton in an effort to change the L.A one building at a time.

Episode 12 – JB Co. builds slick Japanese smack in the middle of Harley and their latest project, a Suzuki two … is smoking up the Street artist Thank You X to the desert to unveil the artwork been developing for “Café TV. New York-based Musician Julia shows us the art of busking, by way of a Triumph that she learned to tune by out with Hugh Mackie of 6th Specials.

And Stan Liepert has building a vintage racer for his now racing rival, Jerry Will Stan be fast to overcome the horsepower of his latest

Episode 13 – JB Moto struggle the inner workings of a two … as an Isle of Man champion tests his Julia Haltigan returns to a café racer-related song and Follow the money from Bernard of Santiago Choppers as he his builds to battle at the front of curing kid’s ….

And we show you why, in less ten years, the Barber Vintage has become one of the biggest vintage and swap meet fests in the

Season 2 Details: (Available now on

Episode 1 — Starting 2 with something a little join us as Hot Rod builder Brian chops a 1960’s era Honda to a one off café custom inspired by hot rod roots. We’ll also across the big pond and visit café king Dave for an in depth interview chocked some traditional British and some of Dave’s secrets catapulted him to the head of the pack in the days of cafe racers. because we know you just wait get things kick-started- a of the rest of the 2011 series!

2 — After a high-side at Buttonwood took it’s on comedian and Last Comic winner Alonzo Bodden’s 1098. he opted to rebuild the in the spirit of a cafe fighter. We a closer look at this creation built by Nick and have a few laughs while at it! We also hit the highway and head to Atlanta, Georgia where Fullers Hot Rod Honda continues to shape from it’s hot rod

Taking a closer look at the of where cafe racers from we explore some of the of England’s transport cafes The Ace.

Episode 3 — The of Britain’s 59 Club ; one of the first and influential cafe racer in history is still thriving with more than members around the globe. what they did, why did it and what made them Brian Fullers 1960s rebuild is finished and we put it through paces at Barber Motorsports

Does this heavy hot rod builder have what it to build a delicate track cafe racer? We find out and so you!

Episode 4 — Union Motorcycle Classics an 1965 BSA A65 Lightning streetbike an interesting story behind Stay tuned as they this old gem and turn it into a racer the original ton-up would be proud of! Join us as we through time and space to the Pompadour haircut’s and it’s

Gel not required for viewers at home. We head back across the to visit to London’s Ace Classics shop, purveyors of all things that have to deal two wheels! Be on the lookout for vintage among many others in segment!

Episode 5 — Can a shop based in the land of produce a classic cafe We take another look at the of Union Motorcycle Classics A65 BSA and let you be the judge! And as a special treat for who love collections; Billy opens his café collection to the

Come with us as we take a look at all the gorgeous machines preserving for future generations to

Episode 6 – Pursuing cafe as art, Tim Harney, a New York builds a cafe racer for his a grand. Stay tuned to see is his art makes the grade! Motocross Bob Hannah tests Union’s BSA tune in to see if this motorcycle legend gives this BSA the

Episode 7 – A TOP SECRET and high-tech firm switches from to motorbikes! Come with us and our as we get clearence to see who they are and what working on! We take some away from the workshop and some of the best kept for finding cool cafe and donors and a Michigan team a 1960s Honda cafe

Aermacchi 350 TV
Aermacchi 350 TV

Episode 8 – We stop back in and on our defense contractors as they to tackle their cafe project. We take a look at 50 of two-wheeled speed and explore the of “screwing it on” and going “knuckles Tim Harney faces the gods of with his 2-… under a Café withas the Bostrom at The Talladega Super Speedway. his machine cross the finish

Episode 9 — Santiago makes history with Norley a Harley Davidson cafe racer. If you thought happened in season one was amazing you stay tuned to this you won’t believe what this year! Tim Harney, our New artist chasing the ton and his undergrad with a 2-… and Speedway Champion Billy Hamil a Joker to the test!

See who gets the laugh in this segment.

10 — A barn yard gets a new life and has a second go at the as a cafe racer. Alain of Santiago Choppers exercises his tools of persuasion, broken and the biggest hammer he can find, he the Norley; will the outcome be the blend of American iron and style? An English Rocker at Bonneville and New York artist Tim puts his … on the line and his 2-stoke cafe bike on the personally.

Stay tuned to see who if the stays on the road!

Episode 11 – at British Customs prove there’s more to the west than choppers as they a brand new production Triumph into a modern rendition of a ‘60s café racer. An chopper gets reinvented and a classic cafe racer, New secret Britbike hideaway is and the Philadelphia Phillies play ball with Santiago and their Norley cafe

Episode 12 – A 1940s Norton is in cafe style, the team at Customs unveils their Triumph Bonnevile that has transformed into a ‘60s racer and we get an indepth look as Mods and Rockers revisit from both sides of the

Episode 13 – Familiar faces and Jason from Dime Cycles are joined by Lowside as they share their Honda resurrection with A 1975 CB400F fit and finish all the detail they’re known for and a few surprises as this one is destined for the and not the street. Can these southern turn out a race-ready bike the Brothers would take as ride? Stay tuned and find out!

Yoshi and Jay to complete their Yamaha as a two shop team and we hang in California to test British modern Classic Triumph

Episode 14 – In the quiet hills of a 1970s Norton Commando is with quite the story it. We head back to Florida and Herm and Jason of Dime Cycles as they progress on 400F build, have a Opening event that the Ace Cafe all the way from London and the first Miss Dime USA. We head out to LA to check in on our Jay LaRossa and Yoshi Kosaki to see the they’ve made on their street terror!

This is an you won’t want to miss!

15 — Your favorite Greg Hageman, from country is back with unbelievable transformation of a bike! A shop remakes a Norton we explore some of the best of bike photography around the and Dime City Cycles off with Ben and Eric Bostrom at Talledega. We head back out to where Jay LaRossa and Yoshi able to pull it off and watch as hand over their two-… to two fast brothers!

you guessed it; The Bostroms! is one test you won’t want to folks!Stick around for this you won’t be disappointed with the score!

Episode 16 — Hageman unveils his Virago for the world to see, will it Do The Ton and the part. Two generations of Norton’s are tested head to head the old vs. the new and Vermont’s Classic Bike checks their bike the Hot Rod Hotel!

Season 1 Details: (Available for on DVD)

Episode 1 – In Café Episode One, revisit the of the fast, customized street through eyewitness accounts of the and ton-up boys themselves. Racer visits with Wilsmore of Ace Café, London for historical perspective on the early of the scene, complete with historical footage from the and ‘60s. Veterans of the mods and dust-ups from British tell their tales; Racer gears up for a look the road at the coming trends, events and builders keeping the tradition alive today.

2 – In Café Racer’s second join Largo, Florida’s City Cycles in their for the perfect project bike in a bristling with two-wheeled Brian Richardson, a sheep and country lawyer from the of Bluegrass, Virginia launches his to build the world’s first Norton café racer; does it up big with their Mods and Rockers rally music legend Billy rides with Café and recalls some of his favorite bikes.

Episode 3 – This we’ll meet JB Moto Co. a emporium located in the heart of country; Florida’s Dime Cycles tear into project bike to find good- and bad surprises; After 35 in the red, England’s Norton make a comeback and invites Racer to test the new 961 Commando; farmer Brian Richardson off against some of the big guns in on his barn-built Norton Electra, café racer.

Episode 4 – Racer travels to the cornfields of Iowa where former builder Greg Hageman a project bike in his family’s York, Pennsylvania’s JB Moto Co. to build a café racer of the world’s most famous motorcycle; Café Racer road tester Blake moves from illegal to as he switches careers from rider to roadracer; Dime Cycles complete their bike and hand it over for to a classic roadracer.

Episode 5 – Racer makes a visit to the Mods VS Rockers rally in the nation’s longest-running café our in Davenport, Iowa builder “Doc’s Chops” Hageman the rebuild of his barn-find Honda CX 500 while we meet Long California’s Jay LaRossa, a former hot rod car whose turned his attention to café bikes from the meanwhile, the crew from JB Moto Co. hand their XS 650 monoshock custom over the pro Eric and Ben Bostrom for a high-speed ride.

Episode 6 – We meet Kosaka of California’s Garage as he sets out to  build a 1965 motorcycle in Los Angeles; across the State, Jay LaRossa tears a Yamaha SR 500 single, making the a thing of speed and beauty; not to be is Greg Hageman who sits to watch as Ton-Up Chicago Larry Fletcher tries to the ton from Greg’s CX 500 Honda. for more unique custom bikes? This week we up “Café A La carte” mini-features on some of England’s best

Episode 7 – The Café Racer packs its bags and travels to Lewis Leathers, the world’s motorcycle gear manufacturer; Bernard of Florida’s Santiago switches from choppers to machines as he sets out to build a Kawasaki custom. At Garage Japanese expat Yoshi team shows us speed and as they reconstruct their special and it’s test and time for Long Beach king Jay LaRossa and his Yamaha SR 500 when it runs head on the Boz Brothers in the California canyons.

Episode 8 – If you dig café bikes are raw, gritty and quick,  New 6th Street Specials is the place to be week as owner Hugh searches for parts to build a BSA twin; Sparks fly and all the rules get as Santiago Choppers wades their Martin-chassis Kawasaki “My Name is Earl” and “Memphis star Jason Lee visits Engineering in Long Beach to out what may be his next custom ride and Garage Company’s Kosaka shares his Rickman with the Bostrom Brothers in his test ride.

Episode 9 – New XPO Streetfighter show the historic between futuristic streetfighters and racers as they start a 919 project bike; In Manhattan’s east Side, 6 th Street Hugh Mackie and tuner start rebuilding a 1958 BSA The best of America’s custom is profiled in the second installment of A La carte and Florida’s Santiago places their Martin-frame 1000 in the hands of rockabilly the Psycho Devilles for a full-speed

Episode 10 – In Chicago, the husband and team of Chad and Bee McDade a Norton Commando project lots of hidden surprises; XPO brings in its best technicians to their 919 Honda … into a Café-Fighter; We point our towards Milwaukee for the annual street festival where the racer is king; New York’s 6 th Specials test their BSA racer on the road with a riders too young to remember motorcycles had kickstsrters.

Episode 11 – Loaded Gun Customs turn gaze from custom hot and drift cars to a Triton bike; Ace Motorcycle and Scooter rebuilding their 1970s Commando in Chicago; Meet Vincent tuner “Big Biberman, America’s foremost on making British V-Twins go Pro roadracers Eric and Ben Bostrom pit skills against XPO Streetfighter’s Honda 919 Café-Fighter. Café Sid Biberman, an 80 year-old motorcycle is interviewed. LA’s Garage has their motorcycle put to the test.

12 – This week on Café Loaded Gun Customs finds building custom Triton bikes may be the hardest job for their hot rod so far; After watching the custom café builders in the creating one of a kind, motorcycles, can two riders do the same for just and in under 12 hours? Join Racer at the AMA’s Vintage Days swap meet to out; Norman Hyde is most famous motorcycle racer and now he’s created the Harrier Jubilee, a customized, Triumph Bonneville with serious performance; Chicago’s Ace and Scooter race to complete Norton Commando project in time for the Café Racer test ride. Now, if Mother Nature would along….

Episode 13 – This on Café Racer: The crew at Loaded Gun Customs hands Triton hybrid bike to pro roadracers Ben and Eric Bostrom to see the combination of Norton handling and power still holds up to the While the clock ticks the remaining hours of their Vintage Motorcycle Days build, Ben Freidman and Mike try and make their custom racers a reality for just $1,000; and we head back to Bay, Long Island to up with café racing Man Billy Joel as he joins us for a

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Aermacchi 350 TV
Aermacchi 350 TV
Aermacchi 350 TV


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