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Bird of Prey Demonstration in in the Black Forest

Two Black (Milvus migrans), Source: Commons, CC-BY 3.0 Lizenz, by

Birds of prey have used for hunting smaller and animals since the Middle This kind of hunting has been referred to as “Falconry”. In they call it “Beizjagd”.

term derives from the “beißen”, which means, bite”, and which describes the method of the bird of prey. In the falconry was done by Aristocrats,  and the gentlewomen joined the hunting the beautiful and elegant birds of

Even today one can marvel at gorgeous birds flying and The bird of prey demonstration has popular again, especially the 1990′s. Above all, the ones are fascinated by the beauty of birds and the harmonic collaboration falconer and his feathered friend. It is not to join such a bird of show. There are numerous for one to participate,  but, it requires a lot of to become an educated falconer.

A must learn how to treat a of prey correctly. He also has to himself to learning  with all his and soul. He has to feel called to do job.

It will be possible to such a bird of prey on 19 th November 2013 at 3 p.m. . On the in the Black Forest . upside of the Hof” and near the Wichelpfad the Franz Ruchlak will what his gyrfalcons, buzzards and can do. In addition, visitors will interesting information about the of prey and will even be to carry a bird on their hand.

The entrance fee is 5€ for and 3€ for children from the age of 6 . If you need to go to this address:


79868 Feldberg

It promises to be an interesting which will bring back into the past of emperors and kings; and which bring visitors closer to the Forest nature.

Don’t it is only a stone’s throw Feldberg to the wonderful Black city Bonndorf . It is only a 20 car drive.  You should really not the chance to visit this Black Forest city and to some of the delicacies of the Black sausage and ham specialties of Adler .

your plans for this day we wish you all a great time and a lot of memories!

Events in the Black in the End of May 2013

Although this is coming to its end there are many to experience something new and interesting in Here you can get some information the most important and interesting in the Black Forest in May 2013.

– 26.05.2013. Whitsun Games in the Festival Hall of  Visitors can look forward to a range of classical music in its forms.

 No matter one is a fan of opera or of string music, one have the possibility to listen to all classical forms of music.

– 27.10.2013. Big Country 2013: bodenlos – … luft und unter (= bottomless – in the air and under ) . The topic of this exhibition is and floating in the air as well as under It will be presented in the State of Natural History of Karlsruhe 27th October 2013.

can either just enjoy the art of the or even take actively in the happenings of the event in the museum.

– 02.06.2013. HinterzARTen. is the 3rd time that Hinterzarten is to the world in its artistic manner.

The aim of the is to show that Hinterzarten has an artistic disposition.

22.05. 07.07.2013. Exposition in the Bonndorf It is a super event that can be even in bad weather. Bonndorf invites everyone to visit its artworks.

22.05. – MATTA. Fictions in the Frieder Museum. The Frieder Burda of Baden-Baden presents the expressionistic Matta and his works.

22.05. – 02.08.2013. (Tree Tops Stormer!) In – Kaltenbronn parents of and curious kids can enroll children for a tree climbing The event can be attended by children who are 8 and 12 years old. The cost is per head.  The tour will be led by the of the Infozentrum Kaltenbronn.

The duration of the is expected to be 3 hours.

22.05. 16.06.2013. Special Tour in a Bookbinding in the Children’s Workshop for Children aged 10 and above. event, which will place in Alpirsbach, is a very tour for both young and

 Here you will get to know all life in a monastery, about and kidmonks. The highlight of the tour be a bookbinding.

22.05. – Art in the GDR. There will be a and critical exhibition of works of from the GDR in the Museum Villa (Zell am Harmersbach).

22.05. 27.10.2013. Nightwatchman’s Tour in One has the possibility to join in to the traditional and Tour of the nightwatchman of Burkheim Wednesday and Sunday.

 Participation is and begins at 10 p.m. at the city

24.05. – 27.05.2013. Kirschenfest.  Endingen city is its annual Cherry Festival festive ceremonies, a parade, a queen and cherry princesses.

The begins at 10 a.m.

Current Guide Online

The autumn is a season in the Black Forest but has to offer some golden  You do not have to mourn the days since the autumn in the Black Forest can offer you a lot of events. They celebrate countless festivals in the autumn and months:  cattle festivals, and harvest festivals, saint’s of St. Hubertus and St.

Martin, not forgetting the of the 5 th season of year and of course all the Advent celebrations.

The Black region will offer as cultural and sports highlights. all and even more we have to bring together in our current guide. This covers the until the end of the year and is to be found at the address .

At year’s end, fairs become tradition for the in the Black Forest. That is the when gingerbread and spiced are found on supermarket shelves. So, we compiled an overview of the most and remarkable Christmas fairs you will find here .

So, fun by planning your holiday the Black Forest offers different events and festivals can be enjoyed by all who visit.

Closure in

The Höllental Rail Road its 125 th anniversary this summer. A highlight of this occasion place on the evening of the 12 th of August: organized the first ride of the Höllental Carriage together the engine after 50 years of The ride went from to Freiburg and was made possible to the involved work of the IG Höllental Road .

As for the rail traffic, it be quieter on the Höllental Rail the next period of time. the Deutsche Bahn (= German Road Company) will the tracks in a three – approach. The first section runs from Titisee to will be completely closed 25 th August to 11 th September.

All trains be cancelled and the passengers will be to use buses which go every 30

According to plans the restoration between Freiburg and Titisee is to continue from 15 th of September to 5 th of Here as well will be replacement buses which go, however, without intermediate Next it is the 3-Seen-Bahn’s (= 3 Sees Road) turn: From the 8 th to the 17 of October the line between and Sebrugg will be closed and be served with buses.

Altogether there will be 2.800 train trips with nearly 340.000 So, as you can see it is a mammoth project.

The German Road Company is going to 14 km tracks, 20.000 ties and 8 The total costs will to 10 Million Euros.

This is by the fact that the freeway B31 between Kirchzarten and Hinterzarten at will be partly closed in the between 3 rd and 14 th of September and 6 th and 22 nd of October. The is a protective measure against damage  which has been since  in 2010. will be supported with an of a mesh.

 In addition, rock sections are to be saved gunned concrete and nailing

So, anyone who wants to spend holiday in this region in period should travel on or by bike.

Furthermore, during time you can make an excursion to in Bonndorf. In any case it is worth it!

at a look

In the last few days the was really warm. Fortunately in Baden-Wuerttemberg and in Bavaria as well it is the summer holidays.  Some from the northern regions of did not have as much luck as we do and went home.

A great way to your vacation or just to out the current weather in Bonndorf to whether it is worth going is to out the webcam!

There is an online that is pointed at Bonndorf That way, not only an overview of the Bonndorf’s current but also a look at the centerpiece of our City Bonndorf.

Thumbnail of the Bonndorf Castle – in the Black Forest, with the permission of

With the consent of the webcam owner we linked to the transfer of Bonndorf in our Adler Black Forest The webcam is also accessible on the Careful, watching can to a severe longing for the Black If you give in to this longing do not to make a trip to Adler in

Here you can taste the delicious Forest Sausage and Ham Specialties and a piece of the Black Forest to home.

Lastly we have in a technical notation for you:  Bad or technical difficulties could the webcam to malfunction.

There is happening around Hüsli

It is not because of the summer high that it is getting hot in the region Hüsli. The celebration of the 100year of the Local Museum is just the corner. However, anyone who to is able to put him- or herself the right mood for the celebration this weekend.

The anniversary will take place on the 15 th of in Grafenhausen – Rothaus. will be  proper music by the traditional band Rothaus. In the actress Christiane Albiez Freiburg will perform the of the Hüsli Constructor Helene

Furthermore, the program also has carriage rides, free into the Hüsli and an entertaining of the traditional family home band from Lauchringen.

As as Saturday, which will be the 14 th of the traditional band of Rothaus you all for the Forest Celebration into the tent in front of the Hüsli. to its mobile four walls the do not need to worry that the celebration will be ruined by weather.

As early as this (06 th of July) they will a prize to the winner of the school competition on the subject of “100 of Hüsli” in the house of the guest in The handed in works will be until the 15 th of July in an exhibition. In of last year the pupils of the and the lower secondary schools of the were called on to deal the history and culture of the Black by use of the artwork of the Hüsli.

Beyond that the concert “So klingt’s bei uns – und Musikkapellen aus dem hochschwarzwald singen und beim Hüsli (= That is it is sound at our place – and Bands from the High Forest sing and make at the Hüsli) will start weekend. The event will  Saturday (7 th July) at 3 p.m. by the Orchestra Häusern. Finally on (8 th of July) 32 men and women of the liederkranz will present a potpourri at best.

Käthe Kollwitz and Loth in the Bonndorf Castle

We already hinted at this in our entertainment guide but this of art deserves an extensive valuation: as today the Bonndorf Castle present the exhibition “Ich an Sie: Wilhelm Loth und Kollwitz” (= I believe in you: Loth and Käthe Kollwitz).

the 11 th of November the culture office of the district of Waldshut will in association with the Käthe Museum Köln, the Gallery (Dätzingen Caslte), the Urban Museum Spendhaus Reutlingen, Pütz Art Trade (Müllheim) and Art Trade (Überlingen) approx. 35 of the great and famous German as well as sculptures of her admirer Loth.

Today we can see how much he had her,  he dedicated of his works to her. Besides it can be seen in the exchange of letters them: it is the correspondence of the young who is just on the searching of his own way, and of the year- old woman and artist.

All took place in the period of the regime which ostracized And it was during the bombings of World War 2 the artist repeatedly moved. she always found warm, grandmotherly encouraging words for the Wilhelm Loth. This is illustrated by the passage of Kollowitz’s from July 1942 gave the exhibition its name: could just say the same I already said so many I believe in you.

You have to on; your time will as surely as this war will an end. That can happen many years; that can as well within a night.”

imposing and not yet published exchange of will be presented to the public for the time in the prolifically illustrated to the exhibition. Some of the original can be also seen in Bonndorf

“Ich glaube an Sie: Loth und Käthe Kollowitz” in the Cultural Center Bonndorf 1 st July to 11 th November 2012. hours are from Wednesday to 10 to 12 a.m. and 2 to 5 p.m. You will more information on the page of the Office of the Administrative District .

Event highlights in the Black in June, July and August

the most interesting events for you of the Forest region in June, and August:


7 th June: Corpus Christi procession in .  Every year the night before the procession a crowd of volunteers spread a of flowers of approx. 1km length gorgeous patterns. On the day of celebration the will move together the saint of saints over carpet.

People dressed in dresses and delegations of clubs their flags will about the city followed by the of the choir, traditional band and gun

9 th /10 th June: International Chain Saw Days Oberes Kinzigtal in 40 wood artists will against each other in of imaginative, head-high sculptures.

15 th 17 th June: Maximilian Knights in Horb on the Neckar River. The Horb is the location of one of the biggest spectacles of Europe. Here you get to see landsknechts in their camps who show you the impressing history of you will see as well noble who will contest for the favors of the maidens.

Furthermore, the activities of the and craftsmen, medieval music, artists and magicians will you with their performances in of the historical backdrop of the Old City.

17 th June: Black Forest Bike Marathon  in  . That will be the mountain highlight in Dreisamtal! There be five routes with views. Annually thousands of flock up to here from far and for being part of the biggest Marathon of the Middle Europe. The of participants will amount to people.

It will be a rich and a program of the event (in Hinterzarten, and Todtnau it will even on Friday).

17 th June: “Fantastic Castle Adventure Day all over Mansions, castles and gardens of and of course of the Black Forest, to a special adventure day.

year’s name of the feast day of the and monasteries, castles and historical will be “Fantastic Portals”.

23 rd International Summer Ski Jumping in Bad It says “Ready, Steady, on the Crosshead Ski-Jump. Here take place the first Summer Ski Jumping in a Three-Party for the Georg-Thoma-Cup.

On Saturday will be the Jumping on the lower ski-jump; on will be the Jumping on the big ski-jump.

24 th Eulogi Ride in Lenzkirch. The Ride is celebrated in compliment to the saint of the goldsmiths, the blacksmiths and the every year on 25 th June or on the before in Lenzkirch. The Eulogi is a regular meeting place for those who love horses and who in the Southern Black Forest.

The area boasts decorations the impressive cavalcade is marching the pilgrimage chapel accompanied by the of the bells. It is a frequent beautiful, peasant’s feast day which you find in this form else than in the Southern Forest. That is why thousands of and other guests are attracted to place annually.


30 th – 8 th July: High Forest’s Jazz Summer: It be an event with traditional and artists and which will nothing to be desired. The jazz will take place in the Hinterzarten, Feldberg, Sankt Schluchsee and Titisee-Neustadt .

14 th /15 th July: Festival “100 years of in Grafenhausen-Rothaus . The “Hüsli” is getting That is reasons enough for the society Rothaus to celebrate anniversary properly. Visitors can a musical and culinary celebration in the tent in front of the local “Hüsli”.

14 th July: Night in at the Titisee. There will be in the white decorated lake Visitors are asked to dress in

15 th July: Old Handwork in the High Forest in Feldberg. Traditional of the Black Forest will be and presented in the hall of Feldberg. The will show techniques, and arts which almost got in the course of times.

21st of “Music and Water“ Festival at the Ski-Jump in Titisee – It will be a spectacle of fire, and music. There will be a symphony at its best, which last 3 hours. The music be accompanied by a beautiful water pyro show.

Let your be taken by the impressive ambience of the Ski – Jump into dream worlds of the symphonic of Wolfgang Roese’s adaptions with shimmering fountains and figures.

28 th /29 th of July: Castle in Bonndorf. This weekend the Bonndorf Castle there be many attractions for young and a musical entertainment program, and by the associations.

Adler M 125


4 th /5 th of August: See the Festival at the Schluchsee with a Boat Cup . The motto of this is “pure adrenalin”. Next to the view of the sea there will be a range of events, music gastronomic delicacies and sporty The highlights of the festival will be the Sail Parade at Saturday and the Boat Race at Sunday.

10 th of August: Traditional Lawrence in Feldberg . In honor of the Saint who was the Patron Saint of the shepherds and the day will begin with a service at 9:30 a.m. in the Chapel near the Todtnaut Afterwards, a Shepherd’s Parish  take place which include a cattle market, events and entertainment programs in the cabins lying around the

12 th of August: Mill Festival in . The festival will start at 11 with a morning pint The music will play all day In addition, there will be and performances of peasant handicrafts.

will be also an all-day for the kids as well as a wide of food and drinks.

12 th of August: 125 th Anniversary Festival of the Höllentahlbahn in Visitors can expect a weekend a wide variety of historical and events around the Dreiseenbahn Seas Railroad). Your day begin very musically a morning pint concert of the band of Gündelwangen.

10 th – 13 th of Hans-Thoma-Day in Bernau . The Hans-Thoma-Day is a festival which will 150 Bernau citizens dressed in clothes, performing traditional and rites. Also there be traditional music and visitors have the chance to see various art The festival will take in honor of the artist Hans who was born in Bernau in the Black

17 th – 19 th of August: FIS Summer Ski in Hinterzarten . The program of the FIS Grand offers next to the international ski jumping also women’s competitions. On Saturday, the 18 th of August the visitors will witness a premiere in the team’s competitions. It be the first time that the will jump in mixed The teams will be composed of two men and two

The highlight of the whole event be as each year the individual of the men at Sunday.

17 th – 19 th of August: Festival in Enzklösterle. Visitors can to enjoy music, excellent wine and great entertainment.

26 th 31 st August: “Zuerst war … (= At first there was the goodness) 17 th Sculptor Symposium in St. Blasien. week 15 artists from all the world will have the to show what they

The sculptors will make works to the topic “At there was the goodness”. At the end of the week works will be sold at Do witness the artist’s workings and interpretations of the issue.

The event be accompanied by all-day music and a shopping.

Events in the Cultural “Bonndorf Castle” in 2012

you can read more about the of the Cultural Center “Bonndorf


Until 15 th of June:

Feinstein – Der Biss der (The Bite of the Muse) . The of the artist, who is originally from but who has lived in Berlin since will provide unusual into seemingly familiar

1 st of July to 11 th of November:

Wilhelm and Käthe Kollwitz. Bonndorf presents an exposition of the sculptor Loth (1920 – in association with the Käthe Museum from Cologne and the Schlichtenmaier (Dätzingen Castle). lived and worked for many in Karlsruhe.

In the center of the exposition is the between Loth and Käthe who in turn bore a closely to the administrative district of Waldshut.

7 th of July:

The Klenke Quartet present compositions of Joseph Benjamin Britten and Franz

After its debut, the Klenke gives concerts at the most festivals. The four female travel for concerts through all the countries as well as through and Southern America. In 2003, accompanied the former Federal Johannes Rau with concerts on his visits in Mexico, Chile, and Brazil.

22 nd of September:

The soprano singer True and the piano player Amy present works of Johann Dussek, Wolfgang Amadeus Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Schumann.

6 th of October:

Trio will present compositions of van Beethoven, Franz Schubert and Tschaikowski.

The trio has already won awards as the “Victoires de la Musique” as the chamber music formation of the in France, the Gramophone Critic’s Award, the Choq du Monde de la and the Midem Classical Award.

10 th of

Singer Pur – A Thousand It will be a presentation of secular which has been played the centuries, on the occasion of the 20 year of Singer Pur.

The soprano the three tenor singers, the singer and the bass singer won prizes and awards several By now, they have won the Classic ECHO prize times. The singers, some of are former Domspatzen of Regensburg, can be with good reason as the known German vocal


8 th of July:

Readings of the Scholarship Holders of Baden-Wuertttemberg: Conrad, Manuela Fuelle and Gorelik.

21 st of October:

Iso Camartin Über Grenzen (Over the Lecture and Discussion.

Iso Camartin was in Chur in 1944. He was a literary and a cultural scientist, philosopher, and literary critic. Also, 1985 to 1997 he was a professor of literature and culture in the ETH and in the University of From 2000 to 2003, Iso headed the Cultural Directorate television.

Since then he has a liberal publicist and writer.

event serves as an opening for a of events with the topic of the Randen Commission, which is an incorporation of Canton Schaffhausen, the district of Konstanz, the Black – Baar region and the district Waldshut.

The Black Christmas Fairs

This the Christmas spirit does not to arise in everyone’s heart.  the last year brought us of snow this year seems to be like a usual month. Nevertheless, it should not be a for spoiling us the most beautiful of Christmas time, which is the fair. All those with Christmas shopping should visit a Black Forest fair and get a great present of the Black Forest delicacies .

The of the Christmas fairs is long but we name 3 of the most popular fairs in the Black Forest:

The Christmas fair will be until the 23 rd of December. With its 111 and 2 children’s carousels it is the jewel the Christmas fairs. Here you can get details.

In Pforzheim the 40 th Pforzheim’s Christmas fair be open until the 22 nd of December. 70 traders will present the heart desires. This fair will be in the inner-city, so you not miss the chance to visit it.

The Christmas fair, which is the so “Christkindlmarkt”, will be open the 26 th of December and will contain 100 stalls. The “Christkindlmarkt” is nestled in the of the Black Forest and is one of the most places of the region. The daily programs will delight the sharpest grinch. Get more here.

For those who are hesitating we have a video of What are you still waiting

Handicrafts, delicacies, punch and are waiting for you!

Adler M 125
Adler M 125
Adler M 125
Adler M 125
Adler M 125


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