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   … by Duff, Senior Editor

— Suitcase Nuke

week, the last piece into place.  The National Council, part of the National of Science, heavy on politics and on science, announced that was no longer able to track threatening our shores. 

Their titled Nuclear Forensics: A at Risk , released last outlines the details of a secret requested by the Departments of Homeland Defense and Energy, specifically the Nuclear Security Administration.  

The of the story is easy, if a nuke off in America, dirty nuke in Square, one in a container at a port, America won’t be able to who made it.  Not a word of the is true.

It is wild speculation and written in broad language no hard science, written for a

A powerful group within the States, one with influence the press and the ability to derail an as was done with 9/11, has “tasked” with laying the for a … … on America, one nuclear material.

This unneeded, and highly inaccurate was in the New York Times to provide It isn’t just this the pieces are falling together the world.  The Wiki-Leaks story. pre Pakistan’s ISI as a … organization, a built out of almost no information but out with massive speculation by “operatives” in the is part of the process.

The Defense Act of 2006 allows, “in case of a …” for the president to declare law, disband congress and by executive decree. 

With the of habeas corpus by the Military act, also in 2006, as we know it officially comes to an end the a weapon of mass destruction in Only then will learn who has been pulling the all along, who is scripting Wolf and Glen Beck.

British Minister David Cameron’s on Pakistan, made from New last week, seen by as a serious political blunder, are of the narrative.  We will get to more on a younger David Cameron

FBI Raid at Solyndra — for a Mini-nuke

Another piece of the involved a federal task Defense, Energy, FBI, on a warehouse in Greenfield, Indiana the guise of a “records search.”

“Waco style” assault on a storing furniture for college rooms was much more it seemed.  No case, criminal or provided any underlying reason for the

Further, the bizarre tale of missing nukes, illegally on a B-52 from Minot AFB to AFB in Louisiana, a major Defense scandal, is meant to create, not fear and doubt, but “plausible if a weapon is exploded inside the US.

however, are not, by far, the missing nuclear weapons has to fear as we will get into

Two recent attacks, the “Times Fizzler” and the Detroit “Crotch were both amateurish except for a couple of things.

perpetrators had strong ties to organizations, one actually employed by an financial firm, the other the son of primary partner in their industry complex in Nigeria.  of this was reported or investigated discovered.  It was shoved under the rug

When cursory investigations of suspects showed travel only possible with help from an intelligence both stories disappeared the news entirely.  It is as involved vanished from the of the earth like the second arrested in Detroit or the “well Indian” who aided the “Crotch onto the plane in Amsterdam.


interpretations of Jewish law, being used to justify of Palestinians and even total of all non-Jews from greater and adjacent areas have been used to justify such as the … on the USS Liberty, of US facilities in Egypt and, openly, “false flag” attacks attributed to Muslims but by Israeli security forces.  Yitzhak Shapira and Rabbi Elitzur, seen as the ethical behind the Netanyahu government taken the following position as by Jonathan Cook:

“In the 230-page Shapira and his co-author, Rabbi Elitzur (The King’s Israel’s best selling  argue that Jewish law the killing of non-Jews in a


 wide variety of They write that have the right to kill in any situation in which “a non-Jew’s endangers Jewish lives” if the Gentile is “not at all guilty for the that has been created”.  

The sanctions the killing of non-Jewish and babies: “There is justification for babies if it is clear that will grow up to harm us, and in a situation they may be harmed and not only during combat adults.”  

The rabbis suggest harming the children of non-Jewish is justified if it is likely to bring to bear on them to change authors also advocate “cruel deeds to create the balance of terror” and treating all of an “enemy nation” as targets for even if they are not directly in hostile activities.” (false terrorism)

This rationale allows force to be used against if their deaths advance the of Israeli security even if through economic profit.  if an … such as 9/11 to lead to America fighting against enemies of Israel or if, as in Israeli companies were to from weapons or narcotics any deaths of gentiles, no matter how would be justified by Jewish law as in the Torah.

Were an … on the States to bring that to war against Iran, even if … were perpetrated by it would be legal according to law, the same law being upon for justice in the … on the Marmara.

More often attacks on Israel itself are to have been staged, not to instill the population with and rage but to continue the “holocaust” of Jewish victimhood as a justification for that have led to 62 vetoes in the Nations by the US, vetoes against imposed against Israel for of international law.

We expect attacks on Israel, quickly to Hezbollah and Iran, attacks will either involve no or the deaths of either foreign or Russian emigres.  This has been used repeatedly, as the March 18 “…” killing a Thai ”guest” worker time to with the visit of the European high commissioner for security, Ashton, a critic of Israel’s policy in Gaza.

On a side 400 children of “guest workers” are expelled from Israel week.  Eventually all will be guilty of destroying “the character” through lack of purity.”

When the US and Israel Sharam Amiri, alleged nuclear scientist, we learned one There is an inventory of Muslims, arrested, perhaps kidnapped, lured into custody, imprisonment or “cold storage,” you want to call it.  one has an elaborate “legend” built them, describing them as a gunman” or “… mastermind.”  is the group that will the names and photographs we will see the next terror ….

As Madsen described to us this this was the process the CIA and Mossad to create Osama bin Laden nothing.  The organization we know of as Al is, in itself, a false creation, an initially to serve as … we needed them and as enemies we needed them too:

gathered by the CIA and discovered in the National stored CIA files point to an keenly interested in any leaks the highly-classified CIA-Mossad program to Osama Bin Laden and the most elements of the Afghan Mujahidin as the leaders of the anti-Soviet rebels in the

WMR [ Wayne Madsen Report ] has through the CIA files and a emerges of America’s and Israel’s top agencies, in cahoots with Arabia, establishing financial and carve out intelligence programs to manpower and financial support to Bin and his allies in Afghanistan. It was these elements that later the so-called “Al Qaeda,” which the British Foreign Secretary Cook described as nothing than a “database” of CIA front financial supporters, and field However, one component omitted by in the Al Qaeda construct is the Israeli

A pattern of evidence is emerging “cold storage” dupes and nurtured organizations may have had a in, not only the Mumbai attacks but the and Madrid bombings as well.  trails are leading to attacks on troops inside Iraq and and against security forces Pakistan, particularly against ISI, primary target of stories on the recent Wiki-Leak.


VELA Detect signatures of nuclear

There are two reasons to … “forensic capabilities” when it to nuclear weapons.  A leak the chose not to cover, one bringing under scrutiny for egregious of international treaties on Nuclear treaties Israel has never were brought to the surface Back on September 22 1979, and South Africa tested a device, an 18.2 kiloton

  This test in a remote of the Indian Ocean was detected by VELA  satellite system and by acoustic sensors.  A forensic of this weapon was developed, not through optics but through emissions.  When an identical was detonated by North Korea on May 25, a question was raised.

  How did a nuclear built by Armscor, an Israel operating in South Africa, end up in Korea?

This is the story of the nukes,” nuclear weapons by Margaret Thatcher in 1991 from Africa under a secret describing the weapons as “cylinders.”  involved in putting this into special containers, them to Durban and then off to a storage facility in Oman which they disappeared are now volumes.  When the weapons which had laid unguarded for a container yard in Oman were to the United States for dis-assembly in with treaty requirements, concrete blocks were The disappearance has been directly to two arms traders who ran illegal for Israel and South Africa the Iran-Iraq War.

The accused were business the “Ollie North era” hijinks known as Iran The “thieves” were connected to the levels of, not only Israeli but the CIA as well.

Israel says stole the weapons.

As late as Tony Blair used “tale” to back what Prime Minister Nick calls “the illegal of Iraq.”  Blair had financial to back the invasion, several of them, as secret letters to the press but never printed shown.


Back in 1990, a very David Cameron, later to Prime Minister David was offered a free trip to Africa, paid for by Israeli Armscor, a nuclear weapons Cameron was supposedly working Dr. David Kelly investigating of mass destruction in South

Sachs Dirty Devil 50

  In fact something much was going on.  On January Tim Shipman, Defense Editor of the Express released the following one never reported in US papers.  Dr.

David Kelly is …, … because of what he and David Cameron is in India reading from a script in Tel Aviv.  This is the 2005 from the Express:

 ” Dr. David the weapons expert who died in circumstances after the Iraq may have been about to alarming details concerning nuclear weapons. Sources with Dr Kelly’s work South Africa’s security say he also knew damaging of how nuclear weapons decommissioned by Africa were lost in the East in 1991……..


Informed experts who have the Sunday Express claim the nuclear weapons found way to Iraq.  The claims raise new about the extent of Dr Kelly’s of British security secrets, some insiders believe may contributed to his ….  Some he may have been silenced to him revealing more secrets to the

  The South African weapons went missing in Oman on way to be decommissioned in the US and may have then smuggled to Iraq.  A source “Dr Kelly knew about the African nukes because he for research facilities there.

the last year intelligence in both Britain and America told journalists they that whatever Doomsday Saddam Hussein had accumulated the second Gulf War was smuggled Syria before the Spring invasion.

Last month the Express revealed that MI5 looking for details of Dr Kelly’s with the South African seized his laptop computers he died. The coroner charged investigating the Government scientist’s has said he will not reopen the

While British and American stormed across Iraq in searching for these missing defense experts now fear had been in Israeli hands all a secret Dr. David Kelly was no willing to keep, one that led to his The missing containers may easily been transferred to the Netherlands, or even the United States, even Indiana or Toledo as is now

  British police have the homes of many involved in the weapons, seizing computers, papers and “frightening the hell out of Some of those terrorized are witnesses for the Iraq War inquiry.


This summer, and Brazil negotiated a deal Iran to remove any nuclear that could be used for development.  It was exactly what had been asking for.  Obama ignored it and pushed for demanded by Israel.  Russia the sale of an S300 air defense to Iran and voted to back against its ally, Iran

  The relationship between Tel Aviv and the oligarchs, seen so clearly the Jonathan Pollard spy scandal, had for public again though no organization picked any of this up.

secret Israeli bases, believed for transit of narcotics from ringing Iran, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and other nations in the and US supplies and munitions in place or delivered through Black Sea only American public is holding up an … on Iran, the fact that Iran’s Ahmadinejad has requested an immediate with President Obama to outstanding issues.”


Even though Iran is even from its Islamic it has a substantial defensive capability.  can quickly destroy all gulf oil production facilities and close off to that region, an act likely to all western economies in days.  however, Iran is unable to itself against the vast superiority of the United States.

  after a decade of wars Iraq remaining, not only but increasingly so, and the United States defeat in Afghanistan, the American are unlikely to want to begin a new especially with an adversary more powerful than Iraq and Afghanistan and Israel as the ally, a country the United has no mutual defense treaty and no ability to sustain conflict its own immediate borders for more 48 hours.

Earlier this year, military historian Dr. Martin Van Israel’s “King Torah” toward the “gentile nations:”

“We hundreds of nuclear warheads and that can reach different in the heart of the European continent, beyond the borders of Rome, the capital…most European capitals become preferred targets for the air force.”

The legal justification for a … is in place, part of law.  The will to do so is there if an … can be pulled off and few doubt ability who have seen the of the Israeli lobby in Washington and spoken of their control of the such as with the recent castration of director Oliver

The tools are in place.  Israel is to possess two Hiroshima sized weapons, weapons that can be freely because the media is to claim them to be “stolen” by if told to do so.  The third was exploded by North Korea the media blackout leaving as the only possible source for weapon.

  No nation has the power to out a leak like that not a leak that exposes as a rogue arms dealer, to apartheid South Africa, Libya and both Iraq and during their war and finally Korea.

The ground is prepared, is now stripped of “forensic” ability to nuclear explosions, so the cover tells us.  Israel threatens the world with the nukes, weapons reason us they control.  Any container in any any truck, any warehouse could these weapons, anywhere in the States.

When it happens, the majority of Americans will the trail left, Pakistanis, all as planned.  They will call for the destruction of the Islamic as is intended by Israel.  The internet be shut down, congress home and anyone mentioning only Israel profits and only Israel could done it will be imprisoned, as

They learned from Too many questions were They won’t make the mistake again.

Sachs Dirty Devil 50


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