Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: For The Girl Whose Style Icon Is Aeon Flux…

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Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: For The Girl Whose Style Icon Is Aeon Flux

We all dream of kickin’ ass and takin’ names — whether it’s as Catwoman. Lara Croft. Aeon Flux. La Femme Nikita or Fox (Angelina Jolie ‘s character in the band-of-assassins flick, Wanted ). And, of course, part of these fantasies infiltrate our fashion and beauty sensibilities, as we gravitate towards all-back wardrobes, tons of sleek leather, thick chains, smokey eyes, and studded cuffs, belts, and bags.

If you’re shopping for a family member or friend with a dark, slightly goth, rocker-influenced, daring, and aggressive yet luxurious sense of style, take a look at some gift ideas that would top her very own “most wanted” list.

DANNIJO Tali Cuff, $345. Available at

When it comes to jewelry, an Aeon Flux type of gal will opt for something strong but slightly sinister — such as this tall, oxidized, silver-plated cuff from Dannijo (one of my absolute favorite jewelry lines), which is covered in Swarovski crystals in black, clear, rose and purple hues.

Dolce Vita Flash Bootie, $189.95. Visit

When stylish females get ready to rumble, they have to put on the proper footwear — which, apparently, involves black leather boots, preferably with platforms, spiked heels, or chain embellishments (think of the fight scenes in the film version of Charlie’s Angels ). These Dolce Vita booties feature thick, gold chains for an old-school hip-hop flavor that adds yet another bit of toughness to the design.

Anna Sheffield Edith Rope Link Ring, $736. Available at

Bad girls (or crime-fighting good girls) always stock up on knuckle rings, chains, and ropes — just in case any skirmishes arise. This Anna Sheffield ring has the movement of a real-life rope being twisted, turned, and made to move like a venomous snake ready to attack its prey.

Qi Cashmere Give Back Sweater, $370. Available at

No girl can wear black all the time (hey, even Angelina throws in some color from time to time). Add some whimsy to the wardrobe of the urban warrior in your life with this comfy cashmere and wool graphic sweater. It kind of reminds me of Jenny Humphrey ‘s style on Gossip Girl — edgy and downtown chic.

Zoya Matte Velvet Loredana Polish, $7. Visit

The Mrs. Smith in your life isn’t particularly keen on technicolor nails. When this gal gets a manicure, she keeps her nails short and opts for a dark, sobering polish, such as this steely gray, which has an impeccable matte finish.

Ali Ro Sequin Boyfriend Blazer, $325. Available at Big Drop stores. Visit for info.

Remember Alicia Keys’ assassin character in Smokin’ Aces . Georgia Sykes. Well, if there’s one fashion lesson we’ve learned from female assassins and action stars, it’s this: both your work clothes and your off-duty clothes, need to be edgy, figure-hugging, and glam. Pair Ali Ro ‘s sequin blazer with some liquid black leggings, tailored trousers or ruched black pants, and come-hither pumps, and you’ve got yourself a red carpet ready Angelina Jolie or Victoria Beckham look — and, in case you haven’t noticed, both ladies have a “killer” sense of style.

OTTE Fingerless Chain Gloves, $125. Visit

This lady approaches fashion like a Mission Impossible assignment could arise at any moment — and, in order to properly execute it, she’ll need to keep those fingers free. Fingerless gloves, then, are the way to go — besides, ever since the Michael Jackson “Bad” video (RIP to the King of Pop), they’ve been synonymous with coolness.

Suzi Roher Style #5465 Belt, $505. Available at

The “Bad” video comes to mind yet again as I regard this wide belt from Suzi Roher, which features: a strand of square, pyramid shaped, metal studs; a second strand of opaque stones and domed, pearl-like metal shapes;  a third strand of dog tag-shaped metallic plates with flowers etched on them; an a final strand of domed, pearly metal studs. How can you be hard-edged without the proper hardware?

Paige Novick Neptune Cuff, $460. Available at Zoe in Brooklyn, NY and For more information, visit .

If you saw someone wearing this cuff, with its elaborate, interlocking chain strands, would you want to aggravate them? Enough said! Perfect jewelry choice for an in-your-face look.

DSquared2 DQ0031-01A Sunglasses, $395. Available at select Saks Fifth Avenue locations.

To create the perfect air of mystery, an Aeon Flux -influenced lady needs some vamp-y dark shades. These DSquared2 sunglasses, with their black acrylic frames and golden arms and bridge, strike the perfect balance between sinister and chic.

Hayden-Harnett Farrow Wide Cuff in Grape, $144. Visit

This cuff’s purple hue is a nice change from all the black, and its cool, gray-ish undertones help to bring out the metallic vertical strips, which have a nice rigged edge thanks to the miniature screw details along the corners.

Rock Republic Nivalla Shoulder Tote, $305. Available at

A foxy urban warrior is not unlike a Girl Scout in that she needs to be prepared for any situation that may arise — and that means packing her handbag with more than just the bare necessities. A roomy bag, then, is key if she’s gonna survive in the concrete jungle, and this Rock Republic tote will have her more prepared than Dora with her Backpack.

Profound Beauty Arctic Straight Kit, $49. Available at

Most female assassin characters wear their hair pin-straight, with choppy bangs and blunt edges. Nikita? Check. Aeon Flux? Check. This 3-piece kit will help you achieve this look. The Profound Beauty HUSH Time-Out Treatment helps to smooth the hair out and eliminate any existing frizz, while the STYLIST Linear Serum will protect your hair from any hot tools and keep it straight and sleek.

Finally, the ATMOSPHERE Arctic Chill compresses hair fibers, reducing overall volume, for a very controlled look.

Jee Vice Witty Sunglasses in Black with Grey to Rose Fade Lenses, $300. Available at

Perfect for going incognito, the Jee Vice Witty shades create a dramatic look with the black frames and the grayish rose-tinted lenses. Remember: mystery is key to pulling off any Aeon Flux-influenced look!

NYX Cosmetics Smokey Look Kit, $8. Available at

Can you imagine the X-Men’s Storm wearing rosy pastels on her lids? Uhm, no. It’s all about smoky eyes — and this kit makes it a breeze to pull off the look, with various gradations of gray, black, white, and silver.

The kit also comes with two lipgloss hues in a pale pink and a peachy nude, to help you balance out the heavier makeup along the eye area.

ABS One Shoulder Knit Dress dress, $196. Available at

This dress just screams danger — from its curve-hugging fit, to the one-shoulder silhouette that plays up your collarbones and muscular arms, to the liquid look of the black material. It’s like Nikita’s trademark dress but with a much more modern sensibility.

Kimberly Baker Daria Earrings, $165. Visit

From the pebbled silver backdrop to the sightly amorphous golden drops arranged vertically along the teardrop-shape, these two-toned earrings have a medieval vibe to them that makes them all the more intriguing.

LNA Black Zipper Leggings, $99. Available at

Any Aeon Flux-esque female must be able to crawl, creep, climb, pounce, kick, crouch, and run with agility, flexibility and grace. Any pants that might constrict her movements, then, are simply unacceptable. With LNA’s black leggings, she’ll be able to perform any acrobatic feat — and the zipper detailing will keep her sense of style unscathed.

These earrings look like gorgeous meteorite fragments or shattered pieces of mirrored glass protruding out of jagged rocks — they’re just out-of-this-world gorgeous!

Ariel Gordon Stack House Ring, $225. Available at

This woman isn’t one for subtleties — and neither is her jewelry. Even when shopping for a more “sensible” piece, this woman wants it to pack some “pow!” and this Ariel Gordon ring manages to do precisely that, with six stacked bands and a strip along the side decorated with circular onyx stones.

Treesje Jovi Cross Body, $368. Available at

This busy girl needs to always keep her arms free, and a fanny pack is way too frumpy for her. So why not gift her with a cross body bag that fuses together style and substance? With its multiple zippers and stud details, the Treesje Jovi bag is function at its finest.

Sephora Complete Starter Brush Set, $45. Available a

Pulling off those smoky eyes is no easy feat, my friends. To get the look right, you need the appropriate brushes for the job. Fortunately, Sephora’s Complete Starter Brush Set includes everything a gal needs to put her best face forward: Powder Blush, Stippling brush (to diffuse powder and create a more eve finish), Concealer brush, Fan brush (to apply just a touch of bronzer or blush); Eyeshadow brush, Angled Eyeshadow brush (to get right in that crease), Smudge Brush (so you can diffuse eyeliner and create a sultry smokey eye), a Lip Liner, a Pointed Liner (for use with gel or liquid eyeliners), and a Brow Comb/Brush.

Pretty Little Thing Mix Metal Earrings, $78, and Mix Metal Medium Necklace, $185. Visi t

I always joke that I’m the Puerto Rican queen of sauciness, but jewelry designer Lirany Vasquez might have me beat! The woman behind the amazin’-mazin’ (word to Kanye ) line Pretty Little Thing just unveiled a new collection, Urban Safari, that features all the necessary accoutrements for shielding your warrior self in the most exquisite of armor.

Kimberly Baker Bianca Ring, $150. Available at

Though it looks like a double-finger ring, Kimberly Baker ‘s Bianca ring is just one sassy single lady (cue Beyoncé song). It’s amazing how far a single line of pyramid-shaped studs will do, isn’t it?

glo Skincare Metallic gloEYE Pencil Trio, $22. Visit

Any urban warrior loves steel, iron, and any other metals she encounters. So why not add a bit of that sheen to her eyes with the gloEye Pencil Trio? These miniature liners make for a perfect stocking stuffer.

Dannijo Biker Cuff, $275 each. Available at

They might be called “Biker Cuffs”, but these Dannijo bracelets are way too fly for a Sons of Anarchy episode. But they definite work for someone like Charli Baltimore (Geena Davis ‘ character in The Long Kiss Goodnight. not the washed-up female rapper).

Bare Minerals Lustworthy Lips Lashes, $15. Available at

Aeon Urban 125

What man doesn’t like a woman who can dominate him a bit? And if that lady can bat her lashes and pucker her lips seductively, well, she’ll have everyone wrapped around her fierce little finger.

Curations With Stefani Greenfield Studded Tote/Hobo, $115. Visit

Zippers, studs and drawstrings — need I say more? Didn’t think so!

Zina Beverly Hills Dune Bracelet, $135. Available at

The “Dune” name seems appropriate for this bracelet, which has a slightly weathered, armor-like look that makes it worthy of a scene on Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome .

Dannijo Chanterilli Necklace, $675. Visit

Being a true femme fatale means knowing how to navigate through the most tangled of webs and embracing chaos as needed. Celebrate life’s disheveled, rock-n-roll entropy with Dannijo’s Chanterilli necklace.

Sebastian Micky Green Gift Set, $45. Available at

When they’re not going for pin-straight hair, femme fatales go to the other extreme, opting for tons of volume a la Aunty Entity. This limited-edition kit will help you pull off the look thanks to products like the Microweb Fiber, an elastic texturizer that adds movement to the hair, as well as a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and a limited-edition T-shirt designed by pop singer Micky Green .

Larkspur Hawk “Such Is Life” Ring in 22K Gold and Silver with Pink Pavé Diamonds and Lilac Enamel, $4125. Available by special order only. Visi t

Part of this femme’s strength comes from an understanding that life is mysterious and full of surprises. A ring bearing the words “Such Is Life,” then, seems like an appropriate gift for this no-nonsense gal.

Sally XL Scarf in Black 100% Cotton Jersey with Hand Painted White Design, $95. Available at

Hey, even Aeon Flux get a little chilly in the winter time. Give the daring damsel in your life an extra-long black scarf to match her leather jackets, black sweaters and leggings.

Badgley Mischka for HSN American Glamour Beauty Faceted Round Ring, $69. Available at

Black is the color of choice for any night watch woman. Give your vigilante vixen a bold statement ring made entirely of black crystals.

Pixi by Petra Smoky Eye Creator, $30. Available at

This affordable set allows you to create an updated take on the smoky eye, with a double-sided eyeshadow brush, black gel liner, volumizing mascara, and an eyeshadow quad that includes a midnight blue, metallic amethyst hie, an olive brass color, and a dark brown shade.

Christian Siriano for Payless Geneva Front Zip Boots, $49.95. Available at

If the zipper running along the front of this boot isn’t enough of a reason to adore it, then check the coquettish peep toe. Plus, the synthetic leather packs as much shine as Catwoman’s jumpsuit.

Jee Vice Dyslexic Brown Corduroy Sunglasses, $260. Visit

The brown stripes along the frame create an optical illusion that mimics the texture of corduroy, while the oversize, square shape is reminiscent of military eye shields.

Avon Kiss Lock Ruffle Clutch, $9.99. Available at

The ruffles may seem a bit cha-cha for the Aeon Flux-inspired gal, but the faux croc and deep dark color add an enigmatic feel perfect for those evenings when she has to do some mingling in black tie.

Love Rocks NY Crack: Double Gold Ring, $800. Visit

For style Queen Bees, a double finger ring is akin to a championship ring. Without it, you’re just not certified. And, of course, it has to be unique and draw eyes to it.

This golden Love Rocks NY features a squiggly, graph-like line that hits all the right peaks.

Mighty Fine Blondie Rockin Tee, $29. Available at

Like Dylan. Drew Barrymore ‘s character in Charlie’s Angels . the kickass chick in your life will likely enjoy sporting some rock-flavored tees during her down time. And who could be more worthy of a T-shirt than the risk-taking, trendsetting Blondie?

Anna Sheffield Emma Drop Necklace, $195. Available at

Doesn’t that blue drop look like the type of crystal ball that movie characters touch in order to conjure up lightning storms and such? Hence its coolness.

Aeon Urban 125
Aeon Urban 125
Aeon Urban 125
Aeon Urban 125

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