Mid-engined vehicles

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Zündapp K 80

Mid-engined vehicles

The Lamborghini was a supercar produced by Lamborghini in The first prototype emerged in and production lasted until It did not pioneer but did popularise the wedge-shaped, angled look popular in high performance cars . more on Wikipedia about Countach

The Lamborghini Miura is a car built in Italy by Lamborghini 1966 and 1973. A mid-engined had been used successfully in including by the Ford GT40 and 250 LM at Le Mans. De Tomaso had produced a car with this layout, the but otherwise cars designed for the were almost uniformly rear drive vehicles. The was a trendsetter, the one that made the layout de rigueur among high performance supercars . . on Wikipedia about Lamborghini

The Lancia Stratos was an automobile by Italian car manufacturer Lancia. . on Wikipedia about Lancia

This is a list of Mid-engine, wheel drive cars as in MR layout. . more on Wikipedia List of MR Cars

The Lotus is a two seat open sports renowned for its lightweight design and handling. Conceived in early and introduced in September of 1995, the Elise was named after Lotus Car company Chairman Artioli’s granddaughter, Elisa. The car has a finished fiberglass body atop its innovative aluminium frame that provides a platform for the suspension, while weight and production costs to a . more on Wikipedia about Elise

The Lotus Europa . built by Cars from 1966 to was among the first production cars to feature a mid-engine wheel drive design. It was the affordable, . more on Wikipedia Lotus Europa

Melkus was a of single seat racing and sport cars founded by the driver Heinz Melkus in in East Germany. The company between 1959 and 1986. The used engines from and and much of the other parts from Wartburgs and Trabants. The cars competed in Formula Formula Junior and Formula E. . on Wikipedia about Melkus

The KR-200 . or Kabinenroller, was a three-wheeled designed by the aircraft engineer Fend and produced by the German company Messerschmitt in the 1950s. temporarily not allowed to manufacture had turned its sights toward the of automobiles, much like its company BMW. . more on about Messerschmitt KR200

The i is a Japanese keicar model Mitsubishi Motors. The showcar’s was at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Another concept car based on the i known as Se-ro . was displayed at the Motor Show in the same The i will be available in Japan in 2006. . more on Wikipedia Mitsubishi i

Noble Moy Automotive . more commonly known as Noble . is an English car manufacturer builds sports cars. . on Wikipedia about Noble

Obvio! is a Brazilian automobile The company is specialized in production of They produce the 828 and the 012.

are exported to the USA ** and a dealer and service is being established in the United and Canada. . more on Wikipedia Obvio!

Obvio! 828 is a car made by The car was originally made by Dacon as 828. ** Dacon was originally the representative of Porsche, but when was prohibited in 1976 they a car of their own.

The name was to remind of Porsche 928 and the Darcon 828 rear lights and other parts for their car. The version was only sold 1983 and July 1994, 47 cars was sold. It was then by a 1.6 litre VW boxer engine to a 4 speed gearbox. . more on about Obvio! 828

: Fiero redirects here. For the DC character, see Fiero (comics). For the model, writer, photographer or see Fiero (…). . more on about Pontiac Fiero

The 550 was a sports car automobile produced by during the 1950s. . more on about Porsche 550

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The Porsche 718 was an from Porsche released in and built until 1962. . on Wikipedia about Porsche 718

The 914 was a sports car automobile built and collaboratively by Volkswagen and Porsche 1969 through 1975. . on Wikipedia about Porsche 914

The Boxster is a convertible sports car in late 1996. The Boxster has a engine, two doors, two seats, and a cloth roof. Throughout its it has been Porsche’s smallest and expensive sports car model. The name plays on the words (its horizontally-opposed engine and ‘ roadster’.

Boxster began at the former Porsche 928 at Stuttgart after the 928 was discontinued due to sales. Boxsters are also in Uusikaupunki, Finland by Valmet contract to Porsche. . more on about Porsche Boxster

The Schuppan 962CR was built in by Australian racecar driver Schuppan. The car was built as a tribute to 1983 victory at Le Mans and the All-Japan Sports Prototype title. The 962CR is essentially a street legal version of the Le Porsche 962 racecar. . more on about Schuppan 962CR

The MR2 was a two-seat, mid-engined, rear drive sports car produced by from 1984 to 2005. The version was called the Toyota in Japan, the Toyota MR2 Spyder in the States, and the Toyota MR2 Roadster in . more on Wikipedia about MR2

The American model was officially as the Van . although it was the same as the Spacecruiser available in Japan and Europe, and the model in Australia. . more on about Toyota Van

The Vauxhall is a mid-engined, targa-topped, 2-seater in early 2001. It was built for GM, with the left hand version (the Opel at the Lotus Cars, Hethel, plant in England alongside the Elise S2. It was based on the Elise modified to accept the GM engine in to the K-series Rover engine by the Elise. It carried the internal identification Lotus 116 and the code Lotus Skipton . . more on about Vauxhall VX220

Volvo Cross Country is the base model of a range of vehicles produced by Volvo. . on Wikipedia about Volvo

Volvo Laplander L-3314 is the model of a range of military produced by Volvo. . more on about Volvo L-3314

Janus was the name of a microcar made by Zündapp between and 1958. Originally Zündapp motorcycles, but in 1954 decided to a more weatherproof vehicle. looked at designs from Brütsch, and Fuldamobil before for a design by Dornier.

The coming or design was given the name of the god, Janus, usually having two faces: one looks while the other one looks ( January is also named this god.) The car was powered by a 2-… single cylinder 250 cc scooter engine developing 14 hp, a top speed of 80 km/h. The suspension was of the strut type that to be very comfortable.

Production started in June but only 1731 cars made in the first six months. By 1958, Zündapp abandoned the and sold the factory to Bosch. A of 6902 Zündapp Janus were made. . more on about Zündapp Janus

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Zündapp K 80
Zündapp K 80
Zündapp K 80
Zündapp K 80
Zündapp K 80
Zündapp K 80

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