ODAAT: one day at a time… April 2004

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PGO Roadshow 50
PGO Roadshow 50

Pix Of The Day: How To Find Father In A Blizzard

CREDIT: Joshua F. Madison/JoshMadison.com

WHERE: Central Park, New York, NY, USA. WHAT: cross country skiing.

Thumbnail click pops-up source page with a larger image.

The man in the picture is Josh Madison’s father. During a blizzard in December 2000 the pair had problems locating one the other while Madison senior was cross country skiing. That all this all took place in Central Park, New York, NY, USA, was the ironic twist that delighted us when we read the story .

Josh has another gallery showing the birds in Central Park, when the weather was more clement. Lovers of Celtic culture tradition may enjoy the New York St. Patrick ‘s day parade pictures.

Do they really serve green beer in NYC on that day?

We had originally visited Josh er er well we have forgotten now, but we found lots to enjoy, and finished our visit with a tour of the tall ships picture gallery.

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Thursday, 29 April 2004

Pix Of The Day: Don’t Smile, Just Shine Roar!

CREDIT: Jerry Shelton/DigitalPhotoWorks.com

WHERE: Richmond, Virginia, USA. WHAT: special vehicle photographs service.

MAP: Richmond. Thumbnail clicks [1 ][2 ][3 ][4 ][5 ] pop-up larger images.

Jerry Shelton at DigitalPhotoWorks.com in Richmond, Virginia, specializes in taking pictures of special vehicles. If you attend events in central Virginia you may even see the company’s mobile unit, because action shots of racing vehicles, both automotive and motocross, is one of the services offered. Jerry promises some show images very soon, so we will call back to see if there is something for another feature.

Pix Of The Day: April Is The Cruellest Month

CREDIT: Ian Scott-Parker/PishTush.com

WHERE: Hurricane, Utah. WHAT: personal loss in the Springtime.

MAP: Hurricane. Utah, USA. Thumbnail clicks [1 ][2 ][3 ] pop-up larger images.

APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding

Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing

Memory and desire, stirring

Dull roots with spring rain.

Winter kept us warm, covering

Earth in forgetful snow, feeding

A little life with dried tubers. The opening to T.S. Eliot’s poem ‘ The Wasteland ‘ has always seemed perverse: surely, is April not a wonderful month, filled with blossom, Spring flowers, and new life as the earth warms again after winter? The description holds true for the Northern Hemisphere, at least.

This year, on Monday of the last full week of the month, we lost our dear companion Oreo ; and on Sunday the tree surgeon arrived to fell the poplars at the side of the house. To lose both dog and trees in the same week does indeed make April seem the cruelest month, though it worries us that there is still plenty of scope for worse in the eight months of the year that remain.

Perhaps the bleakness of Winter makes life’s vicissitudes harder to bear, and with warm weather and blue skies things will not seem so bad. Oreo’s ashes came home on Friday, and will be sprinkled in her favorite sleeping spot, just beside the new flower bed. The neighbor across the street was glad of the logs, which he will split and dry for burning in his wood stove next Winter.

The next door neighbor will rest easy on windy nights, knowing there are no branches to come crashing down on his car.

Life goes on: perhaps Eliot’s closing line is more hopeful. Shantih shantih shantih

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Tuesday, April 27 2004

Pix Of The Day: The Harley Is Only The Vehicle

CREDIT: Peter Turner/PeterTurnley.com

WHERE: cultural USA ( elsewhere). WHAT: various Harley motorcycle rallies.

Thumbnail clicks [1 ][2 ][3 ][4 ][5 ] pop-up source pages with larger images.

Somewhere on the web you will probably be able to find a learned treatise about Harley-Davidson riding as an expression of tribal cohesion, reactionary cultural diversity, and social anthropology. You might even formulate your own hypothesis to explain the phenomenon, then run it past the next group of Harley riders that you chance upon, though that is more likely to lead you into a study of linguistics.

We decided to skip all that, and just let you enjoy some rich iconography on view at various Harley-Davidson rallies around the USA during the company’s 2003 centennial year. The photographer was Peter Turnley, whose PeterTurnley.com web site offers an insight into a large body of work spanning 30 years and 85 countries.

Peter’s web site is one of those that is so rich, even though thankfully well organized, that we are uncertain where best to point you for your first visit. From a visual standpoint the portfolios and the fine art prints are good places to start; and for a more literate approach Peter’s journal or biography are good alternatives. The writing gives an interesting insight into the creation of images that have become part of a very different iconography, one created from world news events.

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Monday, 26 April 2004

Pix Of The Day: Western Experience Interpreters

WHERE: the Old West. WHAT: newspapermen, reporters, artists.

Thumbnail clicks [1 ][2 ][3 ][4 ][5 ][6 ] pop-up source pages.

During the second half of the 19th century, what was then known as the New West (confusingly, now known as the Old West), was opening up to mainly white European settlement. There was an eager audience back in the Old East and in Europe for reportage on this new frontier. In some ways this must have been similar to the audience for the NASA space program of the second half of the 20th century, though the technologies of the 19th century were much simpler.

Newspapers were the cutting edge medium of those days, and there is a whole story to be told about the writers and artists who went west to record events. Some pioneering photographers went too, though the requirement to haul heavy equipment, darkroom tents, glass plates and chemicals, must have made it more a test of strength, endurance, and perseverance than an artistic endeavour.

Western Eastern Treasures is a magazine for owners of those machines that detect buried treasure, the self styled Metal Detectorists . They also offer a vintage picture archive: buried treasure comes in many forms. We selected six photographs that feature Old West newspaper persons, reporters, or artists, gathered together under the title ‘ Interpreters of the Western Experience ‘. Click on the thumbnails to load the host pages with details about the pictures, where you will also find links to load hi-res versions of the images (large monitor recommended).

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Sunday, 25 April 2004

Pix Of The Day: Record Dispute Over Sundial Size

CREDIT: Charles Winpenny/CornwallCAM.co.uk

WHERE: Perranporth, Cornwall, England. WHAT: giant cliff top sundial.

MAP: Perranporth. Thumbnail click pops-up larger image.

As part of the millennium celebrations, the town of Perranporth on the north coast of the English county of Cornwall built this giant sundial. Perranzabuloe parish is home to the sundial, and it is said that St. Piran. one of several patron saints of Cornwall, landed here after a miraculous journey from Ireland. Eileen Carter’s annotated photo gallery provides a detailed record the excavations (now been reburied for protection) of the saint’s oratory .

More details about the construction and history of the Perranporth sundial are available from ChyCor.co.uk web site (‘chy’ is the Cornish language word for ‘house’), and more pictures and information Graham Cullingford at GeeCee.co.uk

Mention of size inevitably leads to the question of which is the world’s largest of whatever class of entity is under discussion. The world’s largest sundial is claimed to be the one at Pajala in Sweden, though when we checked the GWR [Guinness World Records] web site only the smallest sundial was listed. GWR may be silent on the subject of the largest sundial because of counter claims by a long list of places, notably Jaipur. India, Lloydminister. Alberta, Canada, Carefree.

Arizona, USA, and even Florida Disney World making a claim for a remarkable construction.

More than one site claims to have received Guiness authentication, but the saddest tale is the fate that befell the North Little Rock, Arkansas. claimant. For further sundial research there are specialist web sites in both the USA. and the UK

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Saturday, 24 April 2004

Pix Of The Day: Learn To See By Having To Look

CREDIT: Brian P. Lawler/CreativePro.com

WHERE: California Polytechnic State Uni. WHAT: Graphic Communication course.

Thumbnail click pops-up source page article (then scroll down for larger image).

Brian P. Lawler teaches typography as part of the Graphic Communication course at CalPoly [the California Polytechnic State University]. The poster project, ‘ Stalking the Wily Ampersand ‘, was done by the students as part of their course work .

You may read the full project story on the CreativePro.com web site. The Natural Type poster, shown left, was a palpable result of the project, but we suspect that learning to see by having to look was probably a far more valuable achievement. We intend to do the project ourselves, and if we can think of a creative variation on the theme, then results will appear here at some future date.

For a limited period only, the Natural Type poster prints created by Brian Lawler’s CalPoly students are available for $10 plus $3.50 shipping: check the sidebar in the CreativePro.com feature web page for more details on how to order.

One of the downsides to industrial designers dumbing down camera operations is that picture taking has become trivialized. Projects like these can redress the balance: we will look out for others.

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Friday, 23 April 2004

Pix Of The Day: Trash Collecting Elephant Day

CREDIT: Ian Scott-Parker/CAMwrangler.com

PGO Roadshow 50
PGO Roadshow 50

WHERE: Hurricane, Utah, USA. WHAT: local excitement of trash collecting day.

MAP: Hurricane. Utah, USA. Thumbnail click pops-up larger image.

We featured a desert sewer cleaning camel earlier this month. One reader wrote in to say how amused she was by the fake excitement of such a humdrum event, used as a literary conceit to entertain our web site visitors. Lady, that was no conceit, that was the most exciting day we had around here in months!

Earlier today, as is normally the case on a Thursday morning, the giant trash collecting elephant made its way around our neighborhood.

One mighty sweep of its mechanical trunk to empty the wheelie dumpster, a trumpet blast from the diaphragm of its air brakes, then it roared off to the next stop. As the process was repeated, in the opposite direction up the other side of the street, the reason for the replacement elephant in the last couple of visits could be clearly seen: the front driving side fender had been bashed, and then repaired.

Mildred, it’s a jungle out there, I tell you or a desert, at least.

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Smell Skid-Doo Any Other Way

CREDIT: Kurt Schwehr/Schwehr.org

WHERE: Devon Island, Canada. WHAT: sewage outfall Ski-Doo warning.

MAP: Devon Island. Thumbnail click pops-up larger image.

Another reader, one alert to every tiny mouse of a mistake it seems, spotted that in yesterday’s feature ‘Ski-Doo’ was misspelled. Ski-Doo is a registered trade name, so it is supposed to have one of those spotty ® symbols to soothe the corporate paranoia about identity theft. We checked the web for the correct spelling, and discovered the Ski-Doo company, founded in Valcourt, Quebec, Canada in 1942 by Joseph-Armand Bombardier (1907-1964) called ‘ Father of Snowmobiling . the J. Armand Bombardier Museum has more.

During our web search we came across Kurt Schwehr’s web site. Kurt, it seems, has done work connected with the ‘ Mars Rover ‘ project, and in 1998 was in Devon Island, Nunavut Territory, Canada, between Baffin and Ellesmere Islands, for the Terrain Modeling of an Arctic Impact Crater part of the NASA Haughton-Mars Project . Devon Island, presumably not counting visiting researchers, is the largest uninhabited island in the world. We had misspelled ‘Ski-Doo’ as ‘Skid-doo’, but looking at that picture in Kurt’s gallery, well, we’re not so sure that we were too far adrift!

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Thursday, 22 April 2004

Pix Of The Day: Range Pump Wars Are Long Gone

CREDIT: Steven F. Schluter/CCSinclair.com

WHERE: Cook City, MT, USA. WHAT: local events info at the Sinclair gas station.

MAP: Cook City. Thumbnail clicks pop-up larger images.

It seems that both range wars and pump wars are a thing of the past, at least in Cooke City, Montana. The local Sinclair gas station runs a web site, CCSinclair.com, where you can catch up on local events and the weather. When we checked it looked to be foggy, with swirls of snow in the wind: the daily picture weather page featured pictures by Susan from the local Exxon gas station.

They appear to be real friendly folks in Cooke City, with a true sense of community and getting along with the neighbors.

The Exxon station is for sale (asking $1.5 million, financial information shared with qualified serious purchasers ), apply through MontanaLegacy.com. A mountain lodge, in the heart of it all , will set you back $474,900. All this is probably just the thing for snow sports enthusiasts, who will doubtless appreciate the finer points of the various Ski-Doo pictures on the site.

Walking out to enjoy the late evening sunshine of a pleasant spring day in the southern Utah desert well, we decided we are happy just where we are!

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Wednesday, 21 April 2004

Pix Of The Day: Magic Memories From My Mindscape

CREDIT: Charles Winpenny/CornwallCAM.co.uk

WHERE: the English county of Somerset, England. WHAT:

MAP: Minehead. and Stogumber. Thumbnail clicks pop-up larger images.

Ian Scott-Parker writes . CornwallCAM.co.uk webmaster Charles Winpenny is taking a short break in the nearby county of Somerset. The panorama of the seaside town of Minehead brought on another attack of anecdotage, a recurrent ailment that is beginning to weaken my already tenuous grip on both reality and the present.

More years ago than I care to remember (that is to say well after WWII but before the Sixties), following the success of our first holiday, our second family holiday was a long trip south in our first car, a Standard Vanguard Phase III. Delayed by a problem with the linkage bolts in the column gear shift, we arrived in Minehead late at night, found a piece of open ground, and set up camp.

Early the following morning we were rudely awoken by the sound of heavy earth moving equipment, which had arrived on site that very day to begin construction of the latest Billy Butlin’s holiday camp. seen on the right hand side of the panorama!

The train in the Stogumber Station picture somehow looks incomplete without an appropriately expressive Thomas the Tank Engine face: for this you will have your own memories, or know only the modern multiple media cross marketed version.

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Tuesday, 20 April 2004

Pix Of The Day: Modern Chicago High Rise Skyline

WHERE: Chicago, Illinois, USA. WHAT: skyline of the modern city.

PGO Roadshow 50
PGO Roadshow 50
PGO Roadshow 50
PGO Roadshow 50
PGO Roadshow 50
PGO Roadshow 50
PGO Roadshow 50
PGO Roadshow 50
PGO Roadshow 50

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