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Maico Enduro 320

1999 Maico 500

We have all the commercial, some small with some six cylinder or another under the hood out a whole 100 hp and some announcer Its not your father’s Oldsmobile. its not your father’s Maico! of us started with 7 1/2 of travel and up to 12, We saw the 490’s as FAST and most of us use the clutch after the start. We Braking was a religious experience. The new have changed all that.

the fall of Maico to bankruptcy the 1983 Spiders, there has a bike made for every to date. Wilhelm Maisch built the 1984 to 1986 under the M Star Label. by Merkle who made Maico’s 1987 to 1994, then to Rodem and moved to the Netherlands for the production. Midway through the year, they became Motorcycles N.V.

N.V. for Limited Liability Company, and under Rodem control. again in 1998, the biggest Brouwer, took everything and the Maico production. There color changes, Yellow to red to and now red and black.

Despite the bankruptcy, and selling of the Maico Manufacturing times, one thing remained Maico keep up with the From air cooled to water Maico forks to Upside White Power Forks to Marzocchi Forks, no brakes to brakes, primary chain to primary, life and innovations on and so did Maico.

American’s were the loser’s in the whole history of Almost all of the visitors to Maico Web Site were sure Maico completely stopped bikes when M-Star bankrupt. In the search for more models to collect, Maico was excited to find the Missing Maico’s The Blue Max as some came to know it.

The vaporizing support for American Dealer’s and the loss of good contacts blind folded the and so the American MX public. Even the M-Star saw big changes like cooling, The blue Maico’s the models who saw the biggest changes of the American view. They fast, water cooled, with the new 85 mm …, had disk and still handled like a

The European’s enjoyed an uninterrupted supply. Maico Brothers has an collection of different size and Maico’s that have or will be restored to their glory. From this a comparative database was formed and it is database that is used to the latest and newest Maico,s in our From the start and before Brothers purchased their 99, 500 e-mail from early gave a grim view of the 99

Stories of major defects collected and a search for answers was on. We a laundry list of production port timing off, low bad shifting, and even missing arm pivot bearings. The ghosts of the were coming back but were fixes. Maico already had in place a great network in the manufactures home so answers were available. the bottom of the cylinder corrected the timing.

Machining the shift and careful assembly of other of the bike made things One of our viewers had extensive work to correct his 99 500.

The problems we were Production and not Design We found that in the 1999 season, Rodem was Slapping Maico’s from their of parts to collect as much as they faced bankruptcy. viewer told us that he waited for Rodem to build him a 500 model one day while stationed in on leave from the US Navy.

He it was now or never. Three months the multi million-dollar parent was gone. Brouwer Motors picked up the baton and fixed of the production problems for the 2000 but not all of them.

To get a trouble free 2000 you must get it from Kostler in because Kostler will go each bike and painstakingly all of the production problems built the 2000 Maico’s. The total of 2000 units built was thirty. Like a white speeding to the rescue Axel of Germany put his own resources to work the 99 2000 Maico’s he sold in his

Kostler has had a history correcting His love for the Marquee brought him to his own transmission gear sets, and machined during the internal feuds in the early 80’s transmission explosions were It is from Kostler’s dealership, Guus Mulders, that Brothers purchased their 99 500

The entire bike was flawless. made sure that plastic and seat cover included because through the relationship with Maico he knew that we wanted to the (New Bike Look ) after the test. Guus asked if Americans actually their Maico’s in the dirt. The Brothers collection of Maico’s looknew! For those who know Brothers, its no secret that it has our goal to keep Maico

Our service to the Maico public has with out cost to them and has us a good reputation. Building on reputation and staying true to our we present to you. The first and evaluation of the 1999 Maico Call it Maico vs Maico’s

The 99 500 was uncrated, gone through and for testing. We had to change the jetting it was set up for European climate. The Maico with a Mikuni TMX 38 mm carb. a # 360 Main jet # 25 Pilot jet, 12-55 Jet Needle with the E set in the fifth position. Making the changes and adjustments to the Mikuni was easy.

We had to lean the bike out so we dropped the jet to a #350 and the pilot to a # 20. We moved the E to the third position to lean out the while keeping the same Jet size. It is important to note the Mikuni Jet Needle is the only one uses a higher number to go as in contrast with the main and jets, lower number is

A Mikuni chart shows the between the TMX and the TMS models. We have the TMX with the D slide without the We found that the TMX is the better and the most used on the later bikes. Also because of the use of the carb. on Japanese bikes, the jets are easy to get at your Bike shop.

The Owner did last minute checking the test. First kick. time. After a little used to on the new Maico, it was time to fun. Wow. Its that We road it hard. The bike did everything great. The motor on like a real Maico a Dial your power The thing that was very was the clutch. you can use one finger. The Marzocchi 50 mm forks and the Reiger Rear performed like a dream, up everything in its path.

We went two clicks on the compression damping and got smoother. We tried jumps, rocks and flat out speed. We the day pulling our self back up on the or else we thought we would be like a flag hanging the handle bars. That is a lot for a 6′-3 210 lbs test pilot. one of the speed events, the Maico a two foot bump in the road. two at about 70+ MPH is more then two

Never the less, the Maico airborne, rear tire then the front without any of life or subtraction of days the life of a test pilot. I plush was the word we all used. The shifted fine, without any and there wasn’t any motor just smooth raw power.

The came with a 52 tooth sprocket and a 15 tooth counter sprocket. The Brembo Disk removed any fear of not stopping. any fade and always easy to both tires without the Factor.

The Magura Hydraulic Actuator was adjustable and baby easy.

Maico Enduro 320
Maico Enduro 320

Too Big is an expression that be used in a sentence with forks. The 50 mm Marzocchi Magnum were not to big. The 19 rear was a nice touch and a reflection on the of power the bike produced.

The that gave the bike the look can be changed without the price tag unless you need Side covers, along front and rear fenders and Number plate, are the same as the to 2000 YZ Yamaha’s. You can get them in Blue, and Black. There be a contractual agreement between and UFO to not make Red Plastic available any other source then a Dealer. Fuel tank, Air Box and Shrouds are all Maico.

Indeed the 99 500 is a work of art. After the 99 Maico 500, We were people aren’t lined up to buy one. We tested the 99′ two very fast Maico’s.

A blown desert racer, the one and 1983 490 Sand Spider, and a Blue Maico 500. The 83 490 Spider was built for one thing and that one thing was flying the desert at a high rate of while keeping the rider in the and in control. We felt this would be good to test because of it’s 112-MPH top

The Sand Spider came a 5 Speed Wide Ratio 48 tooth Rear Sprocket and a 16 Counter Shaft Sprocket. that to the 99’s Close 5 speed Transmission and 52 tooth Sprocket and 15 tooth counter sprocket and you start to understand how fast the 99 500 is. In drag racing the Spider, we had to start out with a start in second gear to the Trenching Effect.

The new Maico has so power that it was impossible to get a race going from a still start. The Sand would hook up at the start and the the way till the end. With a start, the 99′ would the Sand Spider until Gear when the 99′ be topping out at around 90 mph.

no mistake about the Sand being 16 years older the 99′. In the history of Maico no other Maico or Japanese has beaten the Sand Spider top making the Sand Spider our ride. The 490 Sand Spider is in new condition, and fast.

Next we got out the 92′ 500. Again bike is in new condition,and geared the 99′. MX VS MX. Race after the 99′ left the 92 in the Dust. In and out of in the straight and over jumps, the just out performed the Blue

We are impressed and excited that are Maico’s being made that are like their and as fast as needed to compete We will be following an open rider as he puts his 99′ 500 to a test. a whole racing In the meantime Maico Brothers continue to train the next of test pilots.

By now, your next should be, Where can I get one? We contacting Guus Mulders. He can get new and ship them to you. purchases the Maico’s from in Germany. You can be assured that any from Guus will all the bugs removed, if you want a 99 or model.

The new Maico’s are missing the manuals that have a mainstay for every owner. does not pose any problems Guus can get any and all parts for the 99-2000 In fact, he can get parts for all the Maico’s the past. Through Kostler, can supply the corrected parts plagued the mid 80’s Maico’s. can be contacted by e-mail at gerry.brink@wxs.nl His are good and the service is the best.

New parts are also available at Motors in Geldermalsen. The reality is the new Maico’s are a Work of Art, have the best of everything forks to shocks to brakes, all top of the Ride On

We would like to say to Axel Kostler for doing a great job on the 99 500. and to Guus for always coming through.

Maico Enduro 320
Maico Enduro 320
Maico Enduro 320
Maico Enduro 320
Maico Enduro 320
Maico Enduro 320
Maico Enduro 320
Maico Enduro 320
Maico Enduro 320


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