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Pre-Launch Of MOMOTO MM1 DIY Reviews!

5 Jan 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on Pre-Launch Of MOMOTO MM1 DIY Reviews!
Petronas FP1

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zulhery fahmy: Meter yg mahal tuhhh. like2..п»ї

rushdrift: wish this bike can be ridden on the road T.T. I would buy this instead of a yamaha R1 a duccatti or any bike for sure, the sentimental value especially for a Malaysian is way more priceless than any other bike on the market

FSA al-qassam: Im here

VerheulLeathers: Hello, where is this company who sells them. Prefer FP1 Petronas colors!

Nicola Albano: EX PETRONAS?

kelisapadi: Petronas FP1. nicer to retain the old livery.

malaysianridersTV: kami akan cuba dapatkan informasi tersebut apabila pihak kami lakukan sesi uji tunggang dalam masa akan datang..

arinz77: this technology have been made 10 years ago but why ducati are using this tech to produce their present bike.

whale36: buruk nyer logo malaysian riders mcm logo mara lama pon ada. adjust la sikit. jangan mara aaahh. )

Shaft Feq: The legendary Petronas FP1 Gene is in that bike.

mohammad saie: tu mmg fp1 lah..just dia org ubah nama je..

mutanic82: good bike with a slightly high on it’s price tag. I’d love to see this bike fighting against another fighter in MMS or even MotoGP once again soon!

Bang Jeks: Why change the brand??

ijal todoxx: aku rase baik ko wat design yg baru arr. tu stail lama bro..tapi klau dulu ok aar..bukan nak kondem tapi tu la kenyataannye. terima la. nanti wat malu je.

irfanu aqillu: tell me more about this bike and is this company is from malaysia?

asran abdullah: parts macam mana? mahal tak? moto reliable?

billyquicksp1: Maybe something comparable to the latest gen MV (for power, weight, TC etc) or Duke. I’d like to thank any company willing to give this bike (or one that looks suspiciously similar) a shot as it’s too interesting a concept to be resigned to the history books.

usernamelame: dry clutch! Ducati now have a new noisy friend. Beautiful and nice sound too.

ampz37: perhaps a little updates on the dash, undertail and the head lamp. still a beautiful bike though

malaysianridersTV: Thank you for watching yeah. We will bring you more info in the near future. D

smoceskreen: Op lupa nak tanya. yg MOMOTO beli balik ni batch yg mana? Yg pasang UK ke Msia? Aku penah baca ada 60 bijik tersadai dulu kat UK, batch yg tu ke MOMOTO beli? Ke dia beli semua?

Sori banyak tanya n terima kasih!

VerheulLeathers: Oke where is it? info AT

Mohd Hafis: Peh. Pakai dry clucth tuu..

Wan matune: Boleh thn gak moto nih kat mana leh beli?

mizta bee: FP1?

Awan Biru: Its sounds very tasty. like a ferrari v12 engine. Why Petronas, did not want sell this bike on the road.

billyquicksp1: Fantastic news. I’ve a Honda SP2 (which I’ll never sell) but always dreamed of an FP1 since I saw it at Brands Hatch in 2002. It’s a crime a bike this good looking was never officially released, produced in large numbers or evolved from the original (perhaps flawed) concept.

If it had been then perhaps todays version would be more relevant next to the competition.

malaysianridersTV: please email us directly to get more details. D

kakisport: when will it be in the market and what price?

malaysianridersTV: Hi, the company is here in Malaysia. for ur preference. I think it is possible to discuss with them directly

malaysianridersTV: 🙂 what do u think?

VerheulLeathers: info A T you can mail me directly.

jayz carls: Why not just keep the color trademark of Petronas itself.People will easy to recognize them.The whole world will know this superbike from where it comes.Look as Ducati that uses only red color for their superbike.I hope this is just an example..and hope you keep the old color petronas..make it more beautiful with a bit stylish sticker or whatever that look nice..n look expensive.Just my opinian 🙂

malaysianridersTV: cun. tapi still not on the road..

puggman: the technolgy is ahead of it time 10 years ago..petronas have no faith in it

smoceskreen: Aku bangga tgk superbike ni, Malaysian! Tapi kenapa MOMOTO kena rebrand? Habis classic value dia.

Aku mintak maap banyak2 kalau bunyi kasar tpi, tak guna MOMOTO rebrand cam ni semata nak compete ngan superbikes lain zaman skrg, sbb moto ni dah 10 thn dah pon, tua. So, baik biar standard je (ori Petronas color, ori name). Serious, kalau depa biar ori, orang still akan beli walau harga RM100k+ sekalipon!

Aku bangga motor2 ni dah balik Msia (sblm ni tersadai kat UK) tapi. sayang le bikin cam ni.

billyquicksp1: . My questions would be 1. Are the components (electronics, breaks) going to be brought up to date? It is, after all, a 10yr-ish old design and the world has moved on. 2. Is it just a re-brand of the existing stock? 3. Is there any plan to update the engine? You can never have too much Hp (although I’d rather have a tractable engine than one that’s all top-end).

Again, the world has moved on. Good luck guys. I’ll be watching and saving.

KARL9muar: peh cun.tak buat main motogp ke.setting up ckit cc.

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