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VOR MX 503 Enduro EN

The long awaited 1st Regional has gone amid some about the track. The main areas appeared to be that corners were too tight and the faces and landings of the jumps much to be desired. More should have been to these problem areas prepping especially with the going in the opposite direction.

said that, let me also say the track was well prepared and dust threatened to become a it was quickly sorted out.

The Senior line-up looked a bit this year with not new numbers but also different for some riders. All the heats strongly contested, with riders from PE racing the locals. Dewald v.d Berg after almost a year off ran away with the 1st two heats late in the 3rd still managed to 2nd place after Dean

Jan Ryan had a bad fall which him with a large hole in his Brian Isham also had a fall with possible ribs and much damage to his Terence Monk is trying to to terms with his KTM, a lot of time admiring the ground very close quarters.

I am that the only 4 … can be fitted with an electric is the KTM, bearing that in I saw Matthew King kicking the out of his bike and swearing with kick. Probably the swearing eventually got it started. George come last inthe 2nd of the Veteran Class with the problem after hitting the

He redeemed himself by winning the 1st and 3rd

Craig Minnords rode his excellent race in the 125 High Class as did Noel Stander in the All the pikkies rode well in quite a few tumbles, fortunately no one was

Nice to see Paul Young and Hope riding again. Wakefield also dropped by to say Hi his neck brace.

It looks as if all the are going to be hotly contested, should make for a very season. A few fun days are being on the Apollo MX circuit and with all the jumps they have shuold prove to be most

That’s all for now. See you at the next Go well and take care.

in sport.

Maureen Monk

event was scheduled as a Regional but due to problems, it has been changed to a Fun day at the APOLLO MX TRACK .

I can say for certain the rain dance doesn’t Maybe it was my dancing that the rain away. On the Friday, race day and after two days of with a water truck, the Man said that rain is a

That was when I started my dance (just to make By 14:00 it began to rain but as soon as I packed my bakkie to go it stopped. In short, race day was dusty and the South Eater help at all.

The conditions the fact that Apollo is one of the tracks around.

What I most was the reaction of the 4×4 who also had an event just door to the Apollo track, riders like Dewald van der Alex Combrink and Jan Ryan over the big table tops. stayed in the air long enough to do an oil

Hopefully the next time we a fun day at Apollo, CSMX Club have it better organized proper catering and toilet


Eddie Ryan

The of rain today made for racing on a well prepared — not a sign of dust. It was so hot mostly everyone were jerseys and jackets halfway the morning. There were of tumbles bruised egos but one unfortunate casualty.

Dewald van der was a runaway winner in all three of the Open Seniors. A major up in the 2nd heat between Dean and Terence Monk saw these two being lapped — but no serious injuries and the were again doing battle in the heat. Also in the last Alec Combrink decided to the VOR 503 and was eating up the track when the started to bulch smoke and he was off before any major damage was — to the bike, that

Noel Stander won all three in the 80 cc class. Morgan and Jared also rode exceptionally All these kids do their best and is always such a to watch.

George Mad Dog Liebchen his usual on the edge race in the Class. Nice to see Attie riding again, although he having a happy day out there amazing how a short lay off buggers up riding. Chris Endean ever fails to get the holeshots probably thinks he’s his bit for the day and fades away.

An added was the inclusion of the quad bikes. I wonder how these guys to ride these machines, appear to be very difficult to the riders. however, seem to going around burms and table tops on two wheels maybe the othet two are just

Thank you to Brian and Derek who always do such an excellent job in the tower but ensist on putting Hoffman in the Veteran Class!!

sure we are all aware what when the scoring is messed up so, a BIG thank you to Michelle Londt and for getting it right everytime.

On of the WP and CSMX Clubs I would to take this oppportunity of the Minords family, who are emigrating to Godspeed and Voorspoed in their new — we all hope you are going to be happy there.

Good too,to all our riders going up to the National, whatever your of travel, take care and home safely.

God bless next time.

Yours in

Maureen Monk.

The race had to be due to lack of snorkel equipment.

1 2001 — CSMX Status — 4th Round Championship

The day started with a lap of for Alan Selby who died an Enduro at Rawsonville last I always find this a fitting and moving tribute to a who died doing what he best.

The track was a bit different, a large section of the kiddie-x due to major flooding on the main The track, from a non-riders of view, looked really and narrow with not many for passing. Thanks to Terence who spent 2 days pumping the dry, and then what Its bucketing down again on

Wayne and Matthew King and did a magnificent job in giving us a well track, at short notice and did the they could under the The only problem was the first after the start which was very muddy. Many came off here, especially in the Class, but Dean Hoffman in the Seniors is probably feeling the (in certain areas) after his of near disasters.

Dean won the 1st while Terence Monk and van der Berg battled it out for 2nd and 3rd — taking 2nd position here an exciting tussle with in the 2nd heat Dean and Dewald horns with Dewald the upper hand;. Dewald won the 3rd quite comfortably. Another who has shown huge improvement is Proppie Hanekom and this in of a hefty study load.

King, Paul Young and Mad Dog Liechen all rode excellent in the Vets/Mastes Class. Pitty King wasn’t there to his brother. Chris Endean Circle Racing) always his best riding in two classes Seniors Masters).

Sean improves with every and will soon be up with the

Noel Stander won the Mini but also had some very moments; he was followed home by Gove (Red Circle and Jared Rossouw. Lots of in this class and ultimately the mud and in the first turn was the real of the day as bike after bike got down and riders battled the mud to re-mount. Perserverence was the key to success

We had the quads out in force as well and in the class Dylan Mayer 1st place with Breck and Dean Grimmacher in 2nd and 3rd. The Quads was won by Geoff Kelly by Craig Lambert and Gary but what happened to Pietro Too busy running off at the mouth to think of racing ha! ha!

The High Class was closely contested; Jan (Red Circle Racing) won the 1st but had to withdraw for the rest of the day due to the flue. Gale came out tops followed by Dayne Bunderman and Barnes.

David Koch and Wakefield were still about the track — having torn ligaments and a broken leg from previous meetings — both are on the road to recovery and we’ll be them back in the saddle Hulle wil NIE luister nie.

race meeting at Killarney 8th 2001. See you all there — go and take care.

Yours in

Mareen Monk

8 September — WPMC — — 5th Round Regional

The rain and crappy weather let up for a and we enjoyed a beautiful, warm day rain free. Garth and team did an excellent job of diverting the away from most of the and wet problem areas. I just to say this ‘THERE WAS NO DUST’.

In the Senior Class Dean took 1st place overall Dewald van der Berg a very second. Excellent racing by two guys battling it out up front, positions and not giving an inch all the way to the — but they really are good friends. Terence was having an exceptionally bad hair day and rather forget this meeting.

Proppie Hanekom to improve and rode an excellent in spite of getting a puncture in the 2nd Jan Ryan (Red Circle couldn’t quite come to with Chris Endeans and hit the dirt quite a few times.

In the 125 School Class Jan Ryan was on the way to redeeming himself when of horrors, he runs out of petrol no guesses as to who was the most unpopular Guy Theunissen rade an excellent for 2nd place and DJ van Zyl in 3rd.

In the Master/Vets Class notable were the King brothers, Hofmeyer and Terry Brookes. the racing was fast and furious Mark Hope, Paul Sean Holder, Chris (Red Circle Racing) and Mad Dog Liebchen all jockeying for favourable Sean Holder is riding a improved race and one wonders he gets time to practice, between here and Johannesburg other week.

In the Mini Noel Stander won the 1st heat crashed out badly in the 2nd heat and ride again. Jason also rode extremely and was always up front; brothers and Ian de Jongh improves with race and both rode well. The Riley family to have had a field day seizing borrowed ones as well.

The race meeting is the Eshowe and we wish all our riders GOOD and a safe trip home. The regional meeting will be run by at Claybrick on the 13th October.

care everyone and drive

Yours in sport


VOR MX 503 Enduro EN
VOR MX 503 Enduro EN

What a fiasco! Cape and Moto Cross Club is turning into a circus This was supposed to be a regional but it is the second race in a row at this that there was no starting

The previous time one could that the rain and water on the line could not have foreseen but six weeks later, again started with an on the Kiddie X track. What to the White Book (SSR that says all starts take place from the grid, which shall of individual metal starting

Everybody, except maybe the knows that with the of soil that we have at the Clay track, one should the track for five days or to allow the moisture to soak in. The bit of water that was put on the track by truck, a day before, did not do the trick. And it was only the easy-to-reach places were watered.

The dust was so bad some of the riders at the back had to … to allow the dust to so that they could see they were going. not talking of beginner riders Now come on, if that is not dangerous what is?

The time has passed to be about this. I know when I see … and this is not and cookies! The sport will grow in the Western Cape if we on at this rate!

The irony is that there are venues available and has been to the committee.

One cannot write a report on this event, as it was not a reflection of a race. The premiere (Open Seniors) only had six on the line of which one was a visitor, one was a 125 and one a Master!




The last Regional at Killarney brought to a close the events for this season. The National this coming also wraps up the National for this year. It has been an eventful year with the amount of broken bones and and CSMX still looking for an venue.

The Open Senior was won by Dewald van der Berg who uncharacteristically his bike in heat 2. Dean was always right there his bike freaked out in the 1st heat, he it in the 2nd and actually managed to finish the heat without incident ha! ha! Hanekom is doing amazing with his 125 riding in this and is keeping up very well his Big Brothers. Jan Ryan had such an ride in the 1st heat then hit the a couple of times in the 2nd and did not finish the 3rd much like Dean in

The Minis are always entertaining and to watch as these little go flat out in all 3 heats. The 65cc Class was won by Dale Gray, by Jarryd Finniss and Kim Thorsen. The Calss was won by Morgan Riley and on his wheels was Luke Harty and Garlicki. Chris de Jongh an extremely good race and 1st place in the 80cc Senior followed by Noel Stander and Rossouw.

No matter where all eventually finished they are all

The Intermediate/Enduro Class was won by Nico followed by Mark Hope and du Plooy. Perhaps Mark get his act together and ride Open next year — obviously some work to be on himself ha! ha!

The Masters was won by Dale followed by Chris Endean and du Plessis. We’ll probably see Chris riding his 250 when 90 years okd but with the addition of wheels — a bit unsteady days, you know!

The Vets was won by Mad Dog Liebschen, who rode with his abandon, followed by Sean who has shown tremendous improvement in races; 3rd spot was filled by other than CSMX Matthew King (and his

The 125 High School Class was won by Guy Theunissen followed by DJ van Zyl and Garrick We had 11 quads on the line, a very turnout of these 4 wheelers, and was won by Shaun Gunther with Liebenberg and Glen-Jon Gunthet 2nd and 3rd

Prizegiving will be held at the Club on 24 November. If you have not got tickets yet, Elna has on sale so please phone her for reservations.

On behalf of the Chairmans of clubs and committee members, I like to take this of wihing everyone writing the very best of luck; all good wishes for Christmas and happiness and prosperity in the year lies ahead. God Bless and care especially on the roads (or is it in the

Yours in Sport.


This was a true fun day! It was organised with no serious that I know of. Garth and his helpers deserve a round of Thank you.

The day was well with plenty quads and 28 teams.

Somebody should told the overall winners, Liebschen and Dewald vd Berg this was supposed to be an enduro and not a x event. They rode as if it was a 15 min (Flatbox all the way — the only way know how). Well guys!

Second place to Colin Stoffels, Proppie and Bernard Lecornu. Third to a very consistant Terence and Sean Holder.

To those of John Goosen in the UK — have you done to our man? We you a perfectly good specimen, and now at him! In his defence I should add it was only maar blerrie hot (Ek is seker … Souties het nie clue waarvan ek praat His first lap was very impressive old John that we all know so but after that.

John directly from Cape International to Killarney to ride a new VOR 450EN. It was also the first this year that his leg over a bike. His team, of himself, daddy Chris Colin Cox and Jan Ryan did well by ending 7th overall.

Not bad!

Goosen, Fresh from the UK

VOR MX 503 Enduro EN
VOR MX 503 Enduro EN


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