7 Apr 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on ROKON TRAIL BREAKER 2X2 MOTORCYCLE (1970) DIY Reviews!
Rokon Trail-Breaker

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Junkyard Junkeez: cool how you got him to start it and then he showed what it can do. another great vid!

Cancelled FOR GOOD: Fair play to him. he gave you a good demo on it. and its not for sale.

dirtbike5100: @dirtbike5100 Nevermind, just got my answer!

805ROADKING: @vidman008 You should have bought it Buddy. You and Gandhi would have had alotta fun cruisin’ around the great state of TX eh!!☺

krazy45cat: I remember those in popular mechanics magazine. very cool .

805ROADKING: @SpiritsoftheWolf Yeah that thing would be sick in the snow!!☺

805ROADKING: @damagebrain1 Yeah it was an Antique engine and Tractor show in Pennsylvania!!☺

805ROADKING: @BrittanyNicole1990 Yeah i could have some fun with that eh!!☺

2024JayZ: That is cool I only saw the one on Pawn Stars as well Looks like there are a lot of them by all the videos popping up on the side

ils360: i have allwas wanted one of those

805ROADKING: @ils360 yeah it would be fun to own one of them!!☺

GreggFLA: Now that was cool! What a little power house that thing is. It has one of them kick starts that breaks legs lol.


RamblinAround: I saw that episode with Rick Dale. I think I’d want the enclosed wheels so, it could float and carry extra fuel. I’ve always thought they were pretty cool.

I just wish they could go a little faster though.

805ROADKING: @2024JayZ Yeah this Dude owned 4 of them, plus they still make them. They’re not really as rare as PS made it sound!!☺

creamofcardstv: good for rough dirt track biking

ShovelGuyRy: There where made in my town of gonic

805ROADKING: @cameramonkey2 I bet. that thing is 41years old!!☺

dirtbike5100: It it pull start and kick start?

Darklordkime: My nabor had two of these, they were so slow but no one cared they were so fun to ride. there wasnt a hill or rock that couldnt be conquerd

HealeyCopter: @MrBlueroads while fixing up my 1st’ Rokon(1968) 3 years ago I forgot to put the clip on the rear chain when i re-installed it (whoops). Anyway while taking out for test drive i heard a thump looked back to see the rear chain on the ground 20 feet back. For a second there I began to push it home then – hello. this is 2 wheel drive, so I just started it up drove a quarter mile back to the garage 😉

daddytech: that’s a pretty awesome bike (saw the one on pawn stars last week too) looks like as long as you can stay in the seat it’ll take you anywhere. I think i still preferr 4 wheels though lol

panterask8r14: Damn that was actually in production? Looks like a Hummer in Bike world..

kookiemoose: I just realized that 2X2 meant 2 wheel drive. more coffee

EdzGarage: That’s pretty cool. I did see the one on Pawn Stars. This one needs Rick Dale!

IHcubcadet: man that sooo awesome, would love to have one.

boredmud: awesome trail breaker, i hear a hit and miss 🙂 and that steamer somewhere around there has a nice whistle. awesome video

805ROADKING: @dirtbike5100 Aye yi yi!!☺

MrBlueroads: got 2 chains to break on this one.

MagicCadillac: That’s a cool little bike and it even climbs trees and trailers, that’s even better. It still works pretty good for a 1970 bike, I like, cool little thing 🙂

iexploderacoons: That thing is awesome!!

Rokon Trail-Breaker

SpiritsoftheWolf: now i want one for wintertime, drive it thru the snow without getting stuck XD

805ROADKING: @kookiemoose Don’t feel bad, when I was typing it up I was calling it a 4×4!!☺

805ROADKING: @IHcubcadet That’s alotta fun there Buddy!!☺

805ROADKING: @231flash Yeah that one tops out at about 20 mph!!☺

craig1974: centrifugal clutch like my scooter

vidman008: The trading post where I bought the Speedex had one of those Rokon bikes with the 2 wheel drive. Pretty awesome things.

805ROADKING: @mirodeogrl That was a Case Steam Tractor they use to run a Saw Mill. Search STEAM on my channel, I have video of that from last year plus some other ones from other shows!!☺

Justin Stearns: No suspension, just big low pressure tires, they still build them too, they just have 4 stroke Kohler engines now.

805ROADKING: @pimpinpenz They’re suppose to be good up to 2 ft of water eh!!☺

ils360: @805ROADKING it would be funner to ride one lol

oldchevy4x4: A friend of my dad’s had one of these years back. I’ve wanted one ever since I drove his. They don’t go fast, but with no suspension except for a springer seat 20MPH can be more than the ole’ kidneys want to take lol

SeriousSchitt: Do these babies have suspension or do they just rely on the big tires to provide the shock absorption?

BrittanyNicole1990: nice toy 🙂

805ROADKING: @larrythelookout Yeah Buddy. I didn’t expect him to climb the tree. No it’s not for sale!!☺

daddytech: @805ROADKING oh yeah i think they said that the thing only goes like 8mph tops

sumaran72: is it true you put gas in the wheel rim?

paradoxdesigns: loving the tires. that things a monster. what a climber.

805ROADKING: @edzgarage Lol. Yeah The guy said he was pretty rough with it!!☺

Rokon Trail-Breaker

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