Test latest bikes Beta 350 RR 4T and 400 RR 4T 2013: Enduro general public…

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Beta RR 400
Beta RR 400

Test latest bikes Beta 350 RR 4T and 400 RR 4T 2013: Enduro general public according to Beta

After the all news 250 RR and 300 RR 2-times, one couples on the test of the range Beta Enduro 4-time 2013. One nicely assembles in temperature with Beta 350 RR and Beta 400 RR: motor bikes which do not change this year radically but which receives their batch of evolution with in particular hunting for the frightening weight!

After Beta 350 RR 4T and Beta 400 RR 2T, return to Enduro with valves of the range Beta 2013 with cubic capacity which have the wheel in motion these last years. One wants to obviously speak about the “intermediaries” with Beta 350 RR – appeared in 2011, before even as KTM does not put this cubic capacity at the mode – and the Beta 400 RR, with the catalogue Beta since always.

For information, Beta 350 RR quickly became the best to saddle mark on our territory, pursued closely by the 400. Does the argument of the good compromise make snuffs? It is what we will see immediately…

Identical twin sisters

One will make here no distinction between the 350 and the 400, their design and aesthetic line being in all identical points. It is noted quickly that the color 2013 marks like a flashback. After a model 2012 very related to the red, it is not that one does not like this deco white, but it makes all the same much think of that of the models 2010.

In spite of that, new hearing of radiators seems to refine the motor bike.

The racing spirit quickly takes again however the top with rims, casings and will arm oscillating blacks. The t-pieces of fork cut in the mass also make their small effect. The practical side therefore is not forsaken with a dismountable saddle and an accessible air filter without tool.

The driving aluminum shoe will undoubtedly please the majority of the enduro, but it will not make them forget the absence of protect-hands.

The Beta 350 and the Beta 400 are also strictly identical with regard to ergonomics. The position is rather good, the motor bike is placed well between the legs and only the cockpit remains atypical. It is all the more true as one more quickly finds his marks on the RR 2T than on the RR 4T, the being shown cylinder with holes more accessible than their fellow-members with valves.

But you reassure: all that remains perfectly tamable.

Motor bikes players, but then this fork…

In dynamics, on the other hand, the differences are felt rather quickly. Beta 350 RR seems a sharp motor bike and player: she behaves rather well in the sequences of turns in wood and one will easily take angle in the beautiful ruts. The 400 does not return large thing to him the more so as in term of weight, the two motor bikes are very close.

Beta 400 RR is quite as handy as the 350, but it shows despite everything a hair less fun that it’s junior. She wants less to play, one will say, and she pushes a tiny bit more at the time as of breakings. Tiny differences, but when one passes from the one to the other, one feels it well. The 350 will forgive more the approximations of braking.

On the side of the suspensions, the advantage goes to the 400, which tractor draws better, but it is with the engine that one owes that and not with the shock absorber.

There remains the fork and there, the two RR make plays equal, but not in the good sense of the term. The report will be the same one as last year: the first centimeters of race are not accessible, the fork has difficulty reading the ground and, in the successions of holes, that thrashes severe.

It is nevertheless less awkward than on 2-times, the weight and the inertia of 4-time helping to more easily pass this beginning of uncomfortable race and the fork plunging suitably when his breakings are supported.

350 nervous against 400 full with trunk

It is thus in all logic from driving a behavior point of view that the two RR are decided between. One starts with the 350 RR, a motor bike explosive and full with vitamins, which only requires taking the turns. As of the first meters of special, small Beta RR 4-time claim the high modes and one let’s oneself take with the play.

Beta RR 400

Good, of agreement, one should not any to us much… The engine being sharp while remaining accessible, one attacks with all goes.

The 350 has also trunk, but to roll up it will be necessary all the same to remain on the positive ratio. In short, one bursts oneself with the handlebar of the 350, but one also wears to type in all the supports of dust like a savage. It is not an obligation, certainly, but the operation of the 350 is as follows: it should be used the whip on.

One passes to the Beta 400 RR and there, it is always the love at first sight… In 2010, we had fallen under the charm from this Beta and the history of love continues year in year! OK, it is a little less pushes with the crime that 350, but that is played of little. One will be able to allow oneself here to engage the higher report from time to time to enjoy the couple of the motor bike.

And best in all that, it is that she does not balk to take the turns either. Here is thus a toy which offers a little less fun that it’s junior, but the effectiveness is with go in all circumstances. One will reproach him inertia more marked a little than his junior, but it is well because one haggles.

Assessment: Two motor bikes, a good compromise!

As often when one goes up on intermediate cubic capacities, the expression of the “good compromise” returns and it is not an effect of mode. That it is the 350 RR or the 400 RR, these two Beta are accessible motor bikes of Enduro in terms of piloting. One does not feel not exceed by the power of the mills, but there is all the same what it is necessary where it is necessary to attack any difficulty.

One will give the advantage of the handiness to the Beta 350 RR, a genuine toy which forgives the errors rather well. It is necessary all the same to be conscious that this Beta 350 RR is controlled a little like 250 4-times with a supplement of engine power. The amateurs of blow of clutch will be delighted some!

As for the Beta 400 RR, she plays a little more on the table, one feels that one goes up already on a larger motor bike with more marked inertia but having however an excellent handiness. One can allow oneself to roll on the couple permanently, the force and the roundness of the engine facilitates the things, but it is not either interdict to attack with its handlebar.

In short, according to your style and your waiting’s, you have the choice at Beta. In fact besides the price is likely to help you to choose, the two motor bikes posting itself with the same tariff of 8790 €. The increase of 150 € (as last year) is regrettable besides.

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