The new Horex motorcycle with VR6 engine: A Technical Analysis …

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Horex VR6 Concept

The new Horex motorcycle with VR6 A Technical Analysis

When we of a modern motorcycle with a straight-six engine, we likely BMW’s new K1600. But there is German motorcycle about to that uses a newly-designed, engine, that for intents and is also a straight-six.

Horex is an old motorcycle company that production more than a ago. Few current motorcyclists had heard of Horex when the to the name were purchased four years ago. If all according to plan, motorcyclists everywhere soon know more Horex.

The company’s credentials are Clemens Neese, the CEO and General has both a mechanical engineering (TU Munich) and an MBA (Columbia University, New It was Neese who decided that should be motorcycles using an like the Volkswagen VR6.

He the idea of using that of engine in a single-track vehicle, then the new company and bought the rights to the name.

For intents and purposes, VR6 engine is more a straight six a V-6. A better name be “staggered six”. Volkswagen a six-cylinder engine that fit transversely under the hood of front-wheel-drive cars. They have settled on a common  but they didn’t. The VR6 is and more compact overall a V-6, and exhibits far less than a V-6.

As compared to a true straight-six, the advantage of the VR6 is its shorter length.

engines are exceptional. Every engine type exhibits at one of two distinct sorts of vibration: vibration, i.e. back and in a straight line, and rotational where the crankshaft rocks in an fashion. The straight-six is the only type of engine that not exhibit either of these two types of vibration. It is equivalent to two triples joined end-to-end.

triples are like boxer in that rectilinear piston cancels while rocking remains. When you put two of them the rocking motion cancels.

realized that by using a cylinder bank and by staggering the slightly, the engine would not be longer than an in-line of comparable displacement.  This the question of what determines a narrow-angle V6 (what VW calls the is really a V6 or a straight With either crankshaft, the are all collected into three located 120 degrees apart one another.

In a V6, each cylinder bank is in an in-line triple. The two pistons to one end belong to different cylinder banks but a crankpin. The same goes for the two at the other end, and likewise for the two in the middle.

In a straight six, the at the far ends of the crank (cylinders 1 and 6) the same angular position. The for cylinders 2 and 5 similarly share one of the angular positions, and likewise for 4. In the Volkswagen VR6, there is a angular offset in the crankpins 1 and 6, and ditto for 2 and 5, and ditto for 3 and 4. The offset for the offset in piston phase occurs due to the narrow V.

As the “V” angle more narrow, the bottoms of the eventually get in the way of each other Horex video below this, and other aspects of the quite well). There are two to mitigate this. You can make the rods longer, thereby the cylinders further away the apex of the V. Alternatively, you can the cylinders in each bank apart along the row, thereby more room for the cylinders in the bank.

A three-way trade off thus exists the length, the width, and the height. By the height, you can make the “V” more or you can shorten the engine lengthwise.

is a way to make the engine taller, in without actually making the physically taller. Ordinarily you to find the crankshaft located on the of intersection for the two planes with the cylinder banks. In the VR6, the crankshaft is located inches higher than the of intersection of those two planes. to a given actual height, the of the cylinders are moved further from the cylinders on the other

The benefit is that for a given bore/… ratio, either the “V” angle can be more narrow, or else the can be shortened. Horex ultimately on a quite narrow 15 degree “V”  Again, the video below illustrate the design options.

The new Horex motorcycle is not at all the same of motorcycle as the BMW K1600, and the displacement is not at all the so comparing the two is sort of like apples to oranges. But comparing the is still revealing, keeping in that a 1.22 liter engine is being compared to a liter BMW engine.

Horex VR6 Concept

In most motorcycle engines, the cylinders are meaning that the bore is the …. The cylinders in BMW’s are just slightly oversquare, and is the main reason the engine is as short as it is (“short” in of length side-to-side, as opposed to This bore/stoke ratio engine torque at low rpm, at the of engine torque at high and therefore at the expense of peak

Peak power is quoted as 160 hp, is good but not exceptional for a modern liter motorcycle engine. The flat power curve is well-suited to a motorcycle, however.

At the cylinder the Horex engine is about inches shorter in length the BMW engine. Horex uses a ratio of 68/55 (mm), is still conservative by modern and which ought to lead to a balance between low-rpm and performance. They recently published numbers for the production engine aspirated version, similar to the 161 hp.

The 1hp advantage over the k1600 is not likely a coincidence.

Production have slipped, no surprise, and problems were blamed. Originally, was no mention of a normally aspirated – the bike was to be available only a supercharger. Per the revised production the initial production model forgo the supercharger.

The only change seems to be the switch to final drive, whereas drive was originally planned.

to U.S. dollars, the pricing release this spring in and neighboring countries is expected to be $25,000. The styling is … and retro, but still unique and in appearance than many modern … bikes. If it well in Europe, perhaps see them in the U.S. market in a few

Take a look at the Horex web if you want more details.

I think the new Horex is a very bike, and 161 hp is plenty (no need for a version).  If it ever makes it to the market, I hope the price considerably.  No matter what with the new Horex, maybe type of engine will on with other manufacturers to the Horex patent rights, they may be).

 Given that Volkswagen this engine design two decades ago, and given there was a four-cylinder version of the basic approach even than that, you have to why it has taken this long for to benefit from this saving layout.

Horex VR6 Concept
Horex VR6 Concept
Horex VR6 Concept
Horex VR6 Concept
Horex VR6 Concept


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