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Sherco 50 CC Enduro
Sherco 50 CC Enduro


Posted 21 January 2004 – 07:32 PM

The new Sherco Mailnews came today. Thought I’d share the info. Pics did not cut paste and I’m too lazy to transfer them on dial-up.

Hands-on the new Sherco Enduro 4.5i [ Go! ]

Mike Valade Wins the 2004 French Supermotard Championship on an FRD Prepared Sherco Supermotard 50cc Motorcycle [ Go! ]

Sherco Ignition Timing Supplement 03/04 [ Go! ]

Hands-on the new Sherco Enduro 4.5i

Following a phenomenal response from the Milan and Paris Motorcycle Shows at its first public presentation, Sherco is officially announcing the Launch of the 4.5 enduro

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Continuing with its policy to expand into new and different market segments, Sherco is entering into the Enduro market with a model that has been completely designed by the Sherco Team. Both the engine and all of the chassis components have been designed in-house incorporating the most advanced features in the industry.

In early 2000, Sherco commissioned Franco-Spanish engineer Jacques Coll to develop a new engine for use in an enduro bikefollowing the premise of Simple, Compact and Light. Coll had already shown his technical ability by developing the full line of Sherco Trials engines (80 to 280cc). This new challenge in the 4 Stroke engine world would enable him to prove the depth of his mechanical knowledge.

The goal of the Sherco team was to expand on the success that has been achieved in the trials market. Sherco in a few short years has become an exemplary marquee. This new venture is a concerted effort to develop a truly functional competitive motorcycle.

Perciò, the new bike had to be suitable for a broad customer base. The main features; lightness, size, appearance and reliability had to be equally appealing to both week-end riders and seasoned professionals.

In order to provide the facility for this new venture Sherco created a new 3200 m2 manufacturing center in Nimes (France) that is exclusively devoted to this new market segment. The new center was successfully launched with the introduction of the Sherco 50cc models, which have been widely accepted and have achieved competitive success since their release in mid 2002.

Regarding the design of both the engine and the complete bike, the Sherco team started to work with its sights set on a wide market segment. Trying to avoid excessive idealism, they carried out a serious market survey in order to determine the things that were most valued by the customer. With this in mind they set out to develop a new bike that emphasized the positive aspects and eliminated the negative ones. This is one of the reasons behind the decision to create a proprietary engine design.

There is no dependency on a third party product and the developing process becomes much more efficient since the engine is specifically designed for the application. inoltre, any future development will be much faster and positive.

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A top of the line bike for everyone

Sherco has not tried to create a limited edition or a handcrafted bike. Using the most advanced ideas in the enduro field as a starting point, the Sherco Enduro 4.5 components have been designed to be mass produced. This is the logic behind two important features of the bike: High Reliability and Easy Maintenance.

In sync with the competitive mentality of Sherco, the new Enduro 4.5 as been designed following the premises of lightness, easy handling and efficiency. These qualities will be appreciated by both professional and amateur riderswho expect a bike that has good handling characteristics and is easy to maintain. Unlike other bikes, which demand experienced riders and expertise in handling, this bike will provide amateur users with high performance from the begining.

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Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe

Aluminum Muffler

Electric Starter with a Kick-start Back-up

The chassis of the Sherco Enduro 4.5 has the following features:

Chrome Moly Dual Cradle Frame with

Aluminum Detachable Rear Sub-frame

Paioli-Kayaba Inverted Fork – 46mm Diameter Legs / Forward Axle

Heavy Duty Aluminum Swingarm

Paioli Rear ShockGas Charged / Aluminum Body / Fully Adjustable

Disc Brakes Front and Rear – 270mm 4-Piston Caliper on the Front and a 240mm 2-Piston on the Rear

Sherco 50 CC Enduro
Sherco 50 CC Enduro

Excel Aluminum Rims / Steel Spokes

When compared to the competition the new Sherco surpasses them all in terms of modern features, such as, electronic fuel injection, progressive rear suspension, and a very smooth. powerful, responsive engine.

Stefano Passeri and Maurizio Micheluz, official Sherco rider’s for 2004

Sherco has put the competitive development of the new 4.5 Enduro into the very capable hands of Stefano Passeri who has had a brilliant international career which includes several World Enduro Team Championships. With his oversight and riding skills Sherco will be officially taking part in the forthcoming Italian and World Championship, the goal is to accelerate the development of the new bike during the first year of its introduction. With almost complete certainty, Passeri will be joined by upcoming young talent Maurizio Micheluz, one of the most promising rider’s of the never ending Italian school.

Stefano Passeri the official Sherco Factory test rider for the new Sherco 4.5 talks about the new bike

The outstanding work that has been done by the Sherco design team on their new 4.5 Enduro bike is really amazing. Although this bike represents their debut into the Enduro market, it is obvious that the people behind the design of both the new 4 – stroke engine and the rest of the bike are experienced and qualified engineers.

The external look of the bike can’t be described as extremely innovative; however it includes the most advanced features available in the modern Enduro market.

In my opinion, one of the key elements behind its extraordinary performance is the adaptation of the fuel injection, making the bike completely different from rival models. All'inizio, the bike seems to be less powerful, but what really happens is that the engine power reaches the bike without any kind of sudden jerk. It is not as abrupt as other engines, it has a much lower vibration level and, ovviamente, it is less annoying.

The horsepower flows constantly from a low engine speed on up to max RPM. You only realize the enormous speed that this bike achieves when you have to suddenly hit the brakes and try to stop.

The most striking feature of the chassis is its easy-handling quality and its reliable performance. The bike always follows your orders, without showing any kind of weird tendency. I am sure that, after tuning the suspension to their taste, many people will be surprised with the handling qualities of the first Sherco Enduro model.

Following the experience gained in the trials market, Sherco is in the process of reaching several agreements with importers and distribution companies with the intention of ensuring the presence of the trademark in the National Championships of the most important countries.

Supermotard and Motocross versions of this bike are expected to be released soon, the Supermotard will be released first and the Motocross model will follow a little later. An engine for a future 250cc model is being designed in Sherco Nimes.

Limited production will be starting in February of 2004, look for the 4.5 at selected dealerships late 1st quarter of 2004.

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Enjoy this videoclip

of the Sherco Enduro 04 launch

Sherco 50 CC Enduro
Sherco 50 CC Enduro
Sherco 50 CC Enduro
Sherco 50 CC Enduro
Sherco 50 CC Enduro
Sherco 50 CC Enduro
Sherco 50 CC Enduro

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