ルーブリック: バジャジ | 20 6月 2015 | コメントオフ に バジャジ復讐の220ccのレビュー
Bajaj avenger 220cc review

レポートの内容 バジャジ復讐の220ccのレビュープレゼンテーショントランスクリプト バジャジアベンジャー220ccレビュー 私たちはあなたにアベンジャーの打ち上げの確認ニュースをもたらしました 220 私たちは、詳細な第一印象と一緒に自転車の実際のスナップを再び来る6月15日に、ここで. 実は, 私たちは、バジャジは、この一歩を踏み出した見た前にそれは時間の待つだけでした. アベンジャーはインドで、このセグメントで唯一の製品となっており、現在約気にする任意の単一の競争を持っていません. ヤマハは彼らに期待される結果が得られませんでした125ccクラスのEnticerとのビットを試してみました. そして、あなたは私たちがロイヤルエンフィールドを忘れていると感じた場合, 私たちは本当にいずれかが存在している感じはありません (私たちは、文字通りあらゆる意味します) competition between ...

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バジャジ発見 150 DTS-I: 2010 新しいバイクモデルのプレビュー

ルーブリック: バジャジ | 19 6月 2015 | コメントオフ に バジャジ発見 150 DTS-I: 2010 新しいバイクモデルのプレビュー
Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-i: 2010 New Bike Model Preview

バジャジ発見 150 DTS-i Motorcycle: Hornet’s Nest Stirred Bajaj Discover 150 I’ve been cussing Bajaj Auto for the endless installments of the Pulsar series and I even compared the Pulsars variants to a shampoo brand like Clinic All Clear, which just like Bajaj does with it’s motorcycles, has packs ranging from INR 0.50 to INR 3. Now, Bajaj Auto does it again and this time with the Discover. which now gets a 150cc, 144.8cc to be precise. This is the fifth Discover in the Bajaj family, after the Discover 125, the Discover 112, the Discover 135 and the Discover 100. Out of the four previous/current iterations, 2 bombed and with 2 more, Bajaj Auto laughed all the way to the bank. This ...

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バジャジ・プラチナ 125 バジャジ・プラチナ 125 価格バジャジプラチナ 125 バジャジ・レビュー…

ルーブリック: バジャジ | 19 6月 2015 | コメントオフ に バジャジ・プラチナ 125 バジャジ・プラチナ 125 価格バジャジプラチナ 125 バジャジ・レビュー…
Bajaj Platina 125 Bajaj Platina 125 Price Bajaj Platina 125 Reviews Bajaj…

バジャジ・プラチナ 125 Overview Bajaj Platina 125 マイレージ, Average and Fuel Economy The company has fitted the bike with a new technology that help to choose economy zone which results in more fuel economy. Less weight of the new model helps to get good mileage as well. The bike is expected to deliver around 70 に 80 kmpl of mileage .Bajaj Platina 125 125 is packed with a 4 ストローク, natural air cooled, spark ignition engine with a smart displacement of 124. 5 PS of maximum power at 7,000 rpm and generates 10 Nm of top torque at 4,000 RPM. The system is called Ride Control Switch. バジャジ・プラチナ 125 Pick up Bajaj Platina 125 125 comes loaded with a 124.6 cc refreshed engine. The new mill of the ...

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バジャジ発見 125 T価格表とマイレージ – インドでの価格

ルーブリック: バジャジ | 19 6月 2015 | コメントオフ に バジャジ発見 125 T価格表とマイレージ – インドでの価格
Bajaj Discover 125 T Price List and Mileage – Price In India

バジャジ発見 125 T Price List and Mileage Bajaj might be one of the few automobile manufacturers who take the word ‘Economy’ quite seriously. This was made evident by their recently launched Bajaj Discover 125 T which is a low-cost version of their Bajaj Discover 125 ST . The Bajaj Discover 125 T is now available in markets in two variants, the drum brake variant and the disc brake variant. The Bajaj Discover 125 T Price in India has been announced to be Rs. 55,500 for the disc variant and Rs. 52,500 for the drum variant. バジャジ発見 125 T Price List India Rs. 54,021 バジャジ発見 125 T is fitted with a 125cc DTS-i, 4stroke Natural Air cooled engine which is capable of dishing ...

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新バジャジ発見 125 ccの立ち上げ – 新車 & 2011年にインドのバイク…

ルーブリック: バジャジ | 19 6月 2015 | コメントオフ に 新バジャジ発見 125 ccの立ち上げ – 新車 & 2011年にインドのバイク…
New Bajaj Discover 125 cc launched – New Cars & Bikes in India in 2011…

新バジャジ発見 125 cc launched Bajaj Auto has launched a 125 cc version of the Discover priced at Rs. 45,500 for the drum brake variant and Rs. 48,000 for the disc brake variant. All prices are ex-showroom, Delhi. Bajaj claims the Discover 125 can achieve a top speed of 100 km/hr but its real claim to fame would be the segment-leading 82.4 km/litre mileage! ザ・ 125 cc engine of the Discover 125 produces 11 PS of maximum power and 10.8 Nm of maximum torque. The lower parts of the Discover 125 have all been blacked out to make the bike more appealing. We haven’t yet been able to lay our hands on photos of the new Discover 125 as Bajaj is yet to update its website with details of the new ...

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バジャジパルサー 200? 何故なの! •BurnYourFuel

ルーブリック: バジャジ | 18 6月 2015 | コメントオフ に バジャジパルサー 200? 何故なの! •BurnYourFuel
Bajaj Pulsar 200? Why Not! • BurnYourFuel

Related Posts One thing you all keep in mind that Bajaj has killed intentionally current face lifted n most salable bike of Bajaj P200 model, to save the life of P150 n P180 by giving mainly looks of P200, with some advanced feature that comes from P200/P220 respectively. May be hope that new model of Pulsar 200 is near in future to be launched before Kawasaki Ninja-250 launch (the September-October launch) or after 2-3 months later of launch of Ninja. However it would take,still min 2-3 months more to come see new news on new P200 model.since P220 has been launched just now on 23rd June 2009. May be Bajaj has planned to launch new Pulsar 200 as per design taken from P300 [available details ...

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バジャジRE 60 – 200CC 4 ウィーラー – グリースのnガソリン

ルーブリック: バジャジ | 18 6月 2015 | コメントオフ に バジャジRE 60 – 200CC 4 ウィーラー – グリースのnガソリン
Bajaj RE 60 – 200cc 4 wheeler – Grease n Gasoline

バジャジRE 60 – 200CC 4 wheeler The Auto Expo is yet to officially begin, but Bajaj has already fired a significant salvo. They have just unveiled the Bajaj RE60, their small, eco friendly vehicle. The Bajaj RE60 certainly looks striking, as small cars go. The front fender looks a little overdone, but when painted in the same colour as the body, it blends in better. At first glance, it is compact, but the interior is surprisingly roomy, much like the Tata Nano . The car is fuel injected and uses twin spark ignition, and it is water cooled. The company claims a real world fuel mileage of 35 kpl, with a carbon emission of 60 grams per kilometre. which also reflects in the name Bajaj RE’60’. ...

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Chetakに関する質問, 人 150, 飛ぶ 150, バディ 125

ルーブリック: バジャジ | 17 6月 2015 | コメントオフ に Chetakに関する質問, 人 150, 飛ぶ 150, バディ 125
Questions about Chetak, People 150, Fly 150, Buddy 125

I really like this scooter, and the price is good – $3200 new out the door for the 2006 モデル. I think the shifting would be fun, but my wife is not so sure. However she does admit that the handle bar shifting looks easy. For beginning riders, do you think the shifting would be too much to deal with? or too much of a distraction to enjoy the ride or to be safe? Also, is it a comfortable ride for a passenger? I know these things are subjective, but I’d still like to hear opinions. I find the stock seat on these to be uncomfortable for long rides, but there are many P series options that will fit. I’m not sure how long of rides you want to go on with a passenger, so it might ...

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バジャジ・アベンジャー 220 マイレージレビュー

ルーブリック: バジャジ | 17 6月 2015 | コメントオフ に バジャジ・アベンジャー 220 マイレージレビュー
Bajaj Avenger 220 Mileage Reviews

Bike and Car Mileage Reviews Bajaj Avenger 220 Bajaj Avenger is one of the few cruiser kind motorcycles available in India. It was inspired by the Kawasaki eliminator and was initially launched with a 180cc engine. This has now been gradually increased to now come with a 220cc engine. The Avenger comes with a 5 speed transmission, A 14 liter fuel tank, A 4 stroke single cylinder engine, 19.03 PS max power, 17.5 max torque and a wheelbase of 58.1 インチ. You can buy an Avenger from Delhi at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 76,835. Bajaj Avenger Mileage Considering that the Bajaj Avenger is not your regular take-to-office kind of a bike, mileage is not the first priority when it comes to features. ...

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バジャジ・アベンジャー 200 DTSI

ルーブリック: バジャジ | 16 6月 2015 | コメントオフ に バジャジ・アベンジャー 200 DTSI
Bajaj Avenger 200 DTSi

The anticipation to ride a motorcycle powered by Bajaj’s 200cc engine has been slowly been chewing up my insides. This, especially after Shumi mini-tested the Pulsar 200 while I was away and came back raving. Then Nandu, within a few days of that, got his hands on the not yet launched motorcycle and couldn’t stop talking about the sweetest Pulsar ever. He then went on to hound me in the following days about what I was missing. So here was my chance then Shumi was away and there was a motorcycle powered by that much talked about 200cc motor up for test. Only this time, it was strapped into Bajaj’s cruiser, the Avenger. Now, I’ve ridden the 180cc version of the Avenger ...

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