2009 Kawasaki Er-6n Review DIY Reviews!

25 Apr 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on 2009 Kawasaki Er-6n Review DIY Reviews!
Kawasaki ER-6n

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MilesPerHr: That’s probably a safe bet. Of course, there are also a couple mods here and there to bring power and throttle response up on the CB, so it won’t be too bad.

unsungwon: Thanks. I think I might just go with the cb500f hear it fits better for ppl my height. Ill just loose the power im used from my previous bikes.

MilesPerHr: I’m 6’0 and I fit fine. It might be a bit cramped for you with your knees up, which would be annoying on longer rides, but I don’t think it would be a major issue. I’d recommend sitting on one at a dealership.

unsungwon: How tall are you im 6′ 3 im interested in getting one

Abraham A: Alright! Thanks bro!

MilesPerHr: I rode this bike in and out of LA for three months in as bad traffic as you can imagine. It works perfectly in those conditions, as it stays pretty narrow with a comfortable ride for 1-2 hour commutes

Abraham A: would this be a good city bike, with moderate traffic? I was planning on getting a 636, but my friend recommended me to get a street fighter instead of a sport bike, with bad traffic at some areas.

chrisabrahamsson: what are the headlight like at night?

MilesPerHr: That’s right. 650R has farings, Er-6N does not.

john spart: Jim Halpert? Is that you?

MilesPerHr: Well, since The Office was canceled.

MilesPerHr: Thanks!

Bryan Asker: beautiful bike bro, i want one soooo bad, this video helped me make my decision

KLRJUNE: I have a 2009 ER6n. Got it as a leftover new (1 mile on it) bike in 2011 for $5,400. I have over 6,000 miles on it now. Had to get a Corbin seat because the stock seat looks great but is no good for anything but a short ride. I also put 3/4 inch bar risers on it for more comfort.

I have had no issues at all with its reliability. By the way, there is a factory windscreen but it is not sold in the USA for some stupid reason. part # 203WSC0012 from Cornwall Kawasaki in England.

MilesPerHr: @kawboyCAFE Yea that was a total misjudgment on my part. It’s got about 2,500 on it now and the tires are just starting to show some wear.

MilesPerHr: @JackJackSoriano That’s probably a better idea, yea. You bet, thanks for watching!

MilesPerHr: @eddiea6987 It came like that, but I didn’t like it so I’ve changed it for a single round headlight. I’ll post a new video in the next two days.

MilesPerHr: @5iL3Nt5NiP3R09 Thanks! and that’s great to hear, welcome to the club! =)

MilesPerHr: Hey, I went with a Sylvania HID 4H lamp that’s a bright white color and I opted for T-Rex frame sliders (though one was stolen right off my bike on the right frame, haha).

choopdewoot: i wonder how far this bad boy will go before the engine is dead for good. this looks like something i would want for a few years lol

TheSnozberrybeats: this bike looks mad nice, im confused though because ive seen the same model with different looking speedometer’s not that it really matters but at first i figured they would all look the same ,or am i mistaken sadly? im thinking of this for my first motorcycle as everyone else around here has ninja’s.

moab123456: @MilesPerHour711 thanks for the reply man. i thought my two bros had a defect because of its backfires, but thanks to you now i know that it is just normal

MilesPerHr: @socalfirekid Oh good! glad I could help man. I promise you’ll enjoy the bike. It was my first bike and I’m soo glad I didn’t go with anything less powerful.

MilesPerHr: @JackJackSoriano I think there are hooks under the seat, yes. Also, I’m sure you could use those grab handles on the back.

MilesPerHr: It really isn’t that bad at those speeds. Between 6 and 7 thousand rpm in 5th gear

MilesPerHr: @12codyf Great to hear! I love the bike too =)

JackJackSoriano: Nice video! Does this bike have attachment points for soft side saddlebags? My Ninja 500r has flip down hooks under the pillion and attached to the frame. Thanks!

MilesPerHr: @moab123456 Haha yes it does. Blue flames. Looks the best at night =)

timothy brown: how much are you paying for insurance per year?

connerpharmd: Did you find an HID lamp you liked? Also which frame sliders did you go with? Thx!

erin51500: I really can’t stand the mirrors on the new models. It looks like a turtle. 2009 is so much better

MilesPerHr: @pilotman322 130

T Coops: Beware of the seat. The more you ride it, the more you will hate it! It is grippy on you ass.

Sure, it keeps you planted in your seat, but it becomes abrasive to the point of rashes/blistering. Many will install an aftermarket seat, I covered mine with smooth vinyl. Shame, apart from that, it is nearly faultless.

XFrazier01X: if you thinking of selling that. send me a message lol. sweet bike

Kawasaki ER-6n

MilesPerHr: @TCoops Good to know, thank you! I wasn’t fond of the seat when I first bought the bike anyway, but now I really have to consider buying a replacement or changing the current one.

chrisabrahamsson: @MilesPerHour711 yeah, well i like the looks of both of them but its which one i can get cheapest and i want a wind screen so if i get the n i will get a windscreen for it i have an er 5 1999 at the moment and on long rides not having a wind screen get tiering

MilesPerHr: @ttchengsdc I’m not too sure. Only taken someone about 45 minute distance. I wouldn’t imagine it’s the best, but it definitely wasn’t bad for my passenger or me

MilesPerHr: I did in my other vid (see the description)

chrisabrahamsson: @MilesPerHour711 yeah its very annoying, but taking wind out of equation, what is it like to ride an what rpm are you at, at 60 and 70 mph?

MilesPerHr: @Jcarroll33 This is MY starter bike and I couldn’t recommend a better one honestly. A 250 is just not going to be fun and the only 500s are just too outdated. This bike is comfortable and has spunk to it if you want.

Best of luck deciding!

mrphotomanTIM: Can you confirm the 2009 ER-6n seat height is 1.4 lower than the 650R? According to the kawasaki specs page it has a 29.7 seat height compared to a 31.1 seat height on the 650R

socalfirekid: does the wind bother you at all when riding at high speeds?

MilesPerHr: 100%. As long as you are a responsible rider, the power delivery is very modest and won’t get you into trouble until you are comfortable tapping into it. That said, 650cc means when you have learned the ropes, you will definitely be able to have fun with more experience. It was my first bike and I’m very glad I chose it.


MilesPerHr: @asmith929 yea dude, that’s why I went with this one. I NEVER see them on the road. Highly recommend!

berriesncreme51: beautiful bike man

Earlosaur: thanks for the review, i’m considering the purchase of this bike 🙂

Girthama: Nice freaking bike. Mine is the same freakin’ thing. Same freakin’ exhaust and freaking color. It’s a freaking great freaker.

Why the freak do you think you’ll need new freakin’ tires at only 1600 freakin’ miles? I’ve got over 5000 freakin’ miles on my bike and the freaking tires are freakin’ fine. So you’re freakin’ good to go man.

Unless you’re doing massive freakin’ burnouts every freakin’ time you ride the freaker. Ride the freak out of that freaking freak. -Francis freaker Ferguson

MilesPerHr: @Earlosaur Awesome, glad I could help.

TheSuperMotoHooligan: great unique looking bike with good performance for a decent price. how can you go wrong?

Ryan Casey: whats the top speed?

Kawasaki ER-6n
Kawasaki ER-6n
Kawasaki ER-6n

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