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2013 Kawasaki Ninja 400R Review – All NEW USA Release Date & 400 R Gallery…

16 May 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 400R Review – All NEW USA Release Date & 400 R Gallery…
Kawasaki Ninja 400R

2013 Kawasaki Ninja 400R Review – All NEW USA Release Date 400 R Gallery

What do you think about this video?

StinkyCheese9999: Also, you seem to have a narrow interpretation, one track mind that only thinks all bikes are track bikes. It would be silly to limit the majority of riders to sub-600CC only because you have some unrealistic idea of what 600cc means. 600cc is nothing, very low displacement, only if you are talking about racing bikes, inexperienced riders, and gears chosen for racing, is that significant. Otherwise, it’s a noob/learner/handicapped idea to choose a sub-600cc bike.

It’s all about gearing.

StinkyCheese9999: All an inline 4 400cc gives you is more top-end @ high RPM, while increasing price complexity over fewer cylinders. There would be a lower increase in price complexity by just increasing displacement with fewer cylinders till you reach the same HP, and with less heat and wear. However I’m not stuck on exactly 600cc, take a Ninja 650 or SV-650, or several standards or cruisers at that or higher CCs.

They’re built for longer life vs redline when racing, so more practical for road use.

calvertsarchives: Why the hell not?

Misiekgren: also got to consider the weight of the 400R vs the 300R. the 400R weighs 210kg where the 300 is only 172kg with ABS 175kg. so you may have the extra 9hp but with the extra weight it does bet a bit lost.

tolikechicken: I never said we should stop making ANY motorcycles. I just said that they should bring back the 400 inline 4’s. I have road both 600 and 750 motorcycles, and I still think they are fun and you really have to be an idiot to mishandle it. If you go out to a dealer to get a 600, you will see the gsx-r, the yzf-r6, the zx-6r, and the cbr600rr.

All of these are designed to be racers with lights. They aren’t factory bikes though. The fz6r is the only 600 i4 that is in the category you described.

Kris Benson: I agree. I like the sound of an inline 4!!

AchieveItAll: At skyline; that’s why this video was made before it was released about rumors you dumbcrap!

Mark1Mach2: Is it already released in USA?

onesuperflywhitedude: the 400 is a heavier bike. that’s about it.

UNKN0VVN: The seat is ugly as hell. I hate Kawasakis with that style.

StinkyCheese9999: You’re being very defensive, sorry if I struck a nerve or maybe it’s just the youtube environment. 600cc is not too much. Realize that unlike boy racers, the rest of us don’t only focus on what the maximum acceleration rate is, nor the max speed.

On a technical trail, of course the high maneuverability of a light bike counts, but on the road, if you feel whipping a bike around is important you seem like an accident waiting to happen, safe driving means not whipping in and out a lot.

Matt R C: CB 400?

Nick Donaldson: No ABS?

skyline44512: BS. The Ninja 300 is NOT called a 300R and there is no Ninja 400R in the US. They got rid of it in Canada too.

EngineTrend: This video is based on the source of information that has been released. Therefore, I don’t see what you see misleading.

tmkogler: Based on the Kawasaki websites for US and Canada this bike is no longer being offered. The actual peak BHP figure is 44 not 43. I’d also like to note that whereas the peak BHP number isn’t significantly higher than the 250 or 300, the bike is tuned for low to med range performance.

In the 1-3,000 RPM range it has compareable power to a ZX6r and up to about 6,000 RPM will have double the torque and BHP of the 250/300.

Eddie Amaya: Dammit i would get this if it wasnt for the banana seat that is ugly

neerajmadan2001: 7.8 sec for 0-60 MPH, not impressed as 250R takes 8 odd secods too. Also 250R can produce (FI version) close to 33BHP, 39BHP for 300 is good but just addition of 4BHP with 400R- not good

ijason279: cool

apmirkin: i’m going to hang on for the 400 in the UK. May got for a 400 rather than the new 300 which has come out in the UK this week.

Nathan Hemstock: those pics are the er6f.

coo apheleon: very nice review – but ride it dude. that would be helpful

hitman21315: its the 300R

Kawasaki Ninja 400R

Josh Currier: actually i have to give him credit and say that is the 400r, as far as i know it is only available in Canada and New Zealand but if you go the the Kawasaki Canada site you can see the 400r and it looks surprisingly like the 650r or the er6f

Kris Benson: My local dealer said Kawasaki WILL NOT sell the 400R in the USA!!

tolikechicken: Now they need to bring back the 400 inline 4’s.

StinkyCheese9999: Doesn’t matter how long they have been doing 4cyl, all along they’ve cost more more complexity, both are undesirable on a low end 400cc beginners bike. 600cc isn’t too much at all for road use, most are geared differently than race bikes. It’s actually VERY desirable to have 600cc or more so you don’t have to shift as often, or engine wear vibration, which is why only low end street bikes are

tolikechicken: Complexity and cost? They have been doing the inline 4’s for a very long time in the 250, 400, and 500 cc range for a large time period. 4 cylinder fuel injection is much better for road use because you don’t look down in first and see you are already doing the speed limit. The 600cc plus bikes have wayyyyyy to much power for practical road use, seeing as how they are high powered race replicas.

It wouldn’t harm your 2 cylinder dreams too, since they produced both in tandem.

DSOXBLADE: ninja 300 0-60 is 6 sec. So why 7 for a bigger faster bike?

Roy Rodriguez: this is a waste of time..

StinkyCheese9999: Can’t agree with that, don’t add the complexity and cost of more cylinders for small gains. Leave it twin cylinder, fuel injected, if you need high RPM grunt that’s what the ZX-6R or higher is for.

KenWelsh77: It’s the exact same bike (the 400R and the 650R). The engine is sleeved.

bench175: This video is very misleading. EngineTrend is not legit.

twiztidninja96: First thing to change is that fugly ass seat

spottedcuscus: One bike is a totally different model than the other one. Notice one has the different exhaust, the upside down front forks, and the ram air duct. While the other one resembles the 650r with the rear offset spring.

Not sure what’s going on here with this video. Plus I just talked to my dealer today, and he knows nothing about it. I think it’s a scam, but I hope I’m wrong.

tolikechicken: The inline 4’s are not a beginner bike, and I never said they are. 600cc’s isn’t too much at all for road use? Maybe if all you do is go in a straight line. The 600’s are no where near the capabilities of the 400’s and 250’s handling, since the latter often have the same light compact frames. The 600 and up bikes have too much power to be used in their roles.

Maybe in the U.S. you think low cc = low end, but just look at the Japanese home market. 600’s liters are still predominately RR’s.

Kawasaki Ninja 400R
Kawasaki Ninja 400R
Kawasaki Ninja 400R
Kawasaki Ninja 400R

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