2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R 636 Super Streetbike

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Kawasaki ZX 7 R

2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R 636 | Supremacy


You’ve the road tests and heard motojournos reel off why the 2013 ZX-6R 636 is an exceptional streetbike. But write-ups have forgotten to one important category: stunting. bike was not designed for a racetrack though it’ll rip it up there.

It is at on the street. But it does have a history of helping riders win competitions that involve wheelies, smoking drifts, stoppies and all-out on-bike

Spend any time around the scene and the chances of seeing a caged and hard-ridden 2003–2004 636 are than Dr. Dre at his Detox album party. Its solid frame, weight and extra cc’s it torquey and agile—the perfect for lifting the rubber off the road. Not to that today’s used for a first gen 636 is dirt-cheap making it a available option for aspiring artists.

With the release of the 636, we had to find out if it too would go in history as a Hall of Fame platform.

Currently, few regular can cough up the coin for an $11,699 ride. So we reached out to a factory-sponsored who has already begun conducting lot RD on a new and modified 636. His name is Britton, one of the most recognizable within the wheelie world. it’s all said and done, is the 636 all it’s cracked up to be on this end of the sportbike spectrum?

We think so, but let the man with the seat time do of the talking as to why.

“From into 2012, I was riding the That bike is pretty So getting onto the 2013 I immediately noticed that the are sort of in the exact same which is a good thing, and extra power punch complained about the past not having. Even in stock with stock gearing I clutch it up, do circle wheelies, and clutch out because it has so much grunt.

The past ZX-6R doesn’t quite that power. You have to finesse its clutch to out of things, and you have to slip the to keep the bike from out in some instances,” said

Steeping the rake angle by sounds like a small from the 2012 made a big on the pro stunt side of things. steeper rake from the model makes the bike a bit quicker for the flatland stuff the hops and the shuffles, which is a benefit,” said Britton. really good for stoppies as It comes right up to balance quickly and it’s easy to it once you are in that zone.”

The evolution we’re seeing today’s bikes is evident in the list of the latest 636. And on the surface, seems more a hindrance than help talking stunt. Stoppie-killing ABS and modes are worthless for this of riding, but Britton thinks may be some benefit to the traction (TC) in a stunt situation. “On my I completely dove into the and disabled TC for RD purposes, so less is floating around to deal

One thing I have to work out is a bracket that has a location for the TC. I can go from there and start that. Maybe for rainy or for cases where it might be like if clutching up a highchair in the rain.

But I don’t know Britton said.

While the may perform well stock, be hard pressed to find specials being circled in a lot. Soon after the 2013 middleweight, Britton to work modifying it. “I’ve Marchesini 7-spoke forged wheels, Brembo brakes, a Convertibars, I did a custom subframe on it and rearsets so I can pretty much put exactly where I want to be at this point. From the to the rear seat is a long

So when you’re going to do like no-handed circles, kind of tough since you are so far you can barely reach the bars as you are go. So with HT Moto I put like a bump on the passenger seat to it forward and better lock you in. The seat also utilizes foam so you can use the bump as a step or if you a stoppie it’s better to get hit by thicker foam than the bar on the tail,” said Britton.

from the front of the bike, you find a complete Brembo of rotors, calipers and master for added feedback and feel. me there is nothing better this Brembo setup in of feel and predictability when really up high on stoppies or the brakes. And with the Dunlop the feel between the lever, the and the ground is incredible,” said

Next you’ll notice the HT grip pads outlining the to help steer 50-50 or wheelies. Adding further stability is a GPR stabilizer.

The days of tanks are gone. Britton his own No Limit Motorsports tank on the 636’s steel design and welded a new lid onto it with a gas cap for smooth style and an ideal bed for tricks. Farther to the rear is a No tail saving package.

aluminum plating reinforces the and a tail scrape bar rotates or over for increased wear

A bike designed to be ridden gets hot quick. So dual 350cfm fans were to keep the bike cool a long session in the lot. the investment is a Freestyle Ingenuity cage. “It’s very and is not all in your business, which is why I it,” said Britton. with the subcage, they add a lot of stability and crash protection.”

any professional, Britton makes his look easy and it’s Aiding his extreme slow-speed is a Vortex 60-tooth rear tied up by an RK chain. Not just for and a mild power upgrade, a new Link slip-on exhaust the side.

This slip-on is designed to be “linked” to a full when the rider has the cash for and a connecting pipe. There is a why Britton didn’t go all out with the setup. “Doing bunny compresses the suspension and can smash the piping into the ground. titanium headers would be in jeopardy of being dented.

The header is so durable that hopping doesn’t really it,” said Britton. did however take some on the dyno to smooth out bumps and in the power curve via a Dynojet The result? “Honestly it feels a 1000 down low due to my 60 tooth sprocket,” Britton adds.

this newfound power to the is an all-weather Dunlop D616 tire. “This tire you two to three times the life of a Q2 but a really consistent feel for circles and all of it. The tread pattern it consistent on all kinds of pavements and too,” Britton said.

So is it the new bike price tag? “At 12 or bucks, it’s going to be for a lot of the stunt guys to just go out and But I have noticed about a guys already setting up and riding them, so it’s not that is out of reach by any means,” Britton. This bike was to make life on the street and in turn it has endless stunt lot

But it isn’t the ideal choice for a looking to get into the wheelie “As a stunt rider, this is a you’re going to get once into it and comfortable on the bike. If learning how to do wheelies, you should get on a or a KLX110 and learn the rear Britton said.

If you thought the 636 was good, imagine what a of RD and refinement can do. Today it is a risky to pick one up for stunting unless pockets are lined with bills. But years down the when prices drop, this bike to become a stunt platform just as the cheater bike was.

To sum it up a guy who knows the bike better most: “This bike wear the crown. I’ve all of the other bikes,” said “And I’m not saying that I’m a Kawi guy. A lot of the other bikes haven’t changed a The R6 has been the same since The GSX-Rs haven’t changed either.

The 675 doesn’t have the rev and the tank-to-bar distance is really At the end of the day, all the bikes are tooth and close. But when you seek out the advantages that you can really on, that’s what makes the

Why Not A Literbike?

If having that bit of extra torque and low-end is so beneficial to a stuntbike then why not go all out and buy a 1000? It isn’t just they are heavier and in turn nimble. As Britton explains, a lot of a good thing is not always the way to go.

Kawasaki ZX 7 R

“People don’t realize how it is to stunt a 1000. It’s a all the time. There is no sit back and just ride the bike. [Chris “Teach” McNeil], for is kind of the anomaly and a super rider, which is why he is able to do it on an

I have a new ZX-10R stuntbike, and a lot of work every time I get on it. And been riding for a long I used to ride 1000s in the day, but this new breed of is just so beastly it’s

I ride my 10R 30 percent of the time and my new 636 70 percent of the time,” said

Original Appeal

The 2003–2004 636 is an favorite in the stunt scene for a of new to skilled riders around the It hit the scene with just extra low-to-midrange punch other 600s to make it desirable for many street

A decade after its introduction, prices for the bike and replacement (when you can find them) become so affordable that it is guaranteed you’ll see a hard-ridden at any bike night. Here is Britton had to say about that and second-generation 636 as a stuntbike:

“The is what made the original so Guys wanted a 600 ‘cause the were smaller and a little bit Those extra 37cc’s a huge difference in terms of grunt compared to the competition, as what we’re seeing today’s 636.

That’s really appealing. As stunt and its riders evolved, it’s more common to see a 2009 end, 2005–2006 ZX-6R and even a second gen cylinder on the original 636. They’re everything about the bike for the engine.

“What made the 2005–2006 636 as a stuntbike was the fact that it had a plastic, half steel and undertail exhaust. These, I were big turnoffs to the guys in the world. For subframe strength to have an exhaust running up the tail gave stunters subframe to work with, it a more fragile part. The couldn’t be reshaped as easily or either.

A lot of the guys had issues that,” said Britton.

Kawasaki ZX-6R (636)

End: Dunlop Q2 tire, Genesi wheel, Brembo custom calipers, Groove and 19 RCS master cylinder 19×20, Stunt clutch lever, Throttle Inc. handbrake Convertibars adjustable handlebars, GPR

Rear End: Dunlop tire, Marchesini Genesi Brembo .484 custom 16×18 handbrake master RK chain, Vortex 60 tooth sprocket

Engine: Graves Link exhaust, Dynojet PC5 by Graves, dual SPAL fans

Bodywork: No Limit custom gas tank and subframe scrape plate, powdercoat by Powdercoating

Accessories: Motul 5.1 fluid and v300 5/40 ODI grips and bar ends, Freestyle cage and subcage, Vortex and mirror block-offs, HT Moto and grip on upper fairing and section

Owner/Builder: Jason No Limit Motorsports

Kawasaki ZX 7 R
Kawasaki ZX 7 R


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