Comparative motor bikes Suzuki GSR 750 vs Kawasaki Z 750, match 1: Water…

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Kawasaki Z 750 ABS

Comparative motor bikes Suzuki GSR 750 vs Kawasaki Z 750, match 1: Water in gas…

Is the French Kawasaki Z 750 and motorcyclists, it already long and beautiful story of love… which perhaps lives its last agitations? Fresher, alive and also treasurer, the news Suzuki GSR 750 has what to charm the star to him! Here why in this first comparative GSR 750/Z 750, followed very quickly of a confrontation with Hornet 2011… always from of excluded on!

Suzuki GSR 750 vs Kawasaki Z 750: The comparative one

The success of Kawasaki Z 750 is simpler to analyze. Introduced in 2004, in the wake of first Z 1000, his price ratio/rolled/pleasure immediately functioned to full, only 750 in a then flooded market of 600 Cm3 posted at the same price… In all logic, Kawasaki thus settled at the top of the sales of the motor bikes of more than 125 Cm3 by 2005 without conceding anything with competition since. In the figures, it is relentless with an astronomical point of registrations to 7,397 units / at the end of 2008 only for France!

Since, the years passed to the kingdom roadsters midrange, claiming them with the throne multiplied… and all have the long teeth. Often European, like BMW F 800 R, Triumph Street Triples 675, Ducati Monster 696 and 796, Aprilia Shiver 750… these more than 600 Cm3 have all, on their level, chipped the success of Kawasaki, stealing some market shares to him. In 2010, Yamaha retorted in a directly frontal way with its FZ8, by advancing a quality of manufacturing and higher performances.

And here is finally that Suzuki, in 2011 – better late than never! – in its turn the creel with this Suzuki GSR 750 attacks which has just revealed us a pretty potential at the time of its first presentation presses dynamic. It is now time to confront the queen of the market and its dauphine: of not to doubt, this comparative Kawasaki Z 750/Suzuki GSR 750 is most important of this year 2011! offers some to you, once again, the early product…

A mouth which makes date for Kawasaki Z 750

When one compares Kawasaki Z 750 with all his competitors, one always has the same reflection: its style made date, and obviously always inspires competition. Whether it is appreciated or not, its general line is always also worked: form rebounded of the tank, head of fork and back hull far from being obsolete… With her design cut with the bill hook, Miss Z does not make her age. So much so that the Suzuki GSR 750, which takes again all the visual codes of the kind, misses for the blow of originality.

As for perceived quality, Kawasaki remains always in front. If Suzuki GSR 750 improved since its first appearance with the living room of Cologne 2010, it preserves details which annoy, like “badly combed” hoses or not sheathed electric wires. Let us climb on board to measure the variation and to note the difference in ergonomics in this match Z 750/GSR 750.

From the start Suzuki seems much more compact, with a narrower tank and footrests less spaced (one draws aside less the feet) than on the Kawasaki, whose motor casings overflow of everywhere. Work on the framework of the GSR bore fruit: it makes large 600 Cm3 whereas Kawasaki Z 750 remains a “large motor bike”, with its generous curves which make draw aside the thighs and the ankles.

For accessibility, count at least 1.65 m to feel you at ease with the stop on the two motor bikes. One forms all the same much a more unit with Suzuki GSR 750 and that feels quickly while rolling. Suzuki seems less heavy downtown, which is the case with the weighing also. It is shown ready to surf in the stoppers, even if it does not direct better than Kawasaki.

The gear boxes are correct, without more, with low modes, but the equal flexibility of the blocks, which begin again with 1200 tr/min in good 4-cylinders, makes it possible to save frequent change of reports. It is all the same of good urban motor bikes, the duel Kawasaki Z 750/Suzuki GSR 750 is not yet really clear-cut at this time match…

A GSR born under X

As soon as the rhythm is raised, the GSR reveals its character “born under X”. Embarrassments GSX-R are not so far and it offers answering each request of the accelerator. Moreover, Suzuki measures Kawasaki Z 750 in recoveries, with authority, even while changing pilot and on a beach of mode test as broad as the avenue of the Fields-Ely sees!

However, Kawasaki Z750 let predict better performances, with its rumbling of exhaust to low modes, the whirr of its box with air, the feeling to draw on the arms… Suzuki GSR 750 shows itself linear in bottom, but also much sharper to take its turns, the needle of the climbing speedometer as quickly as his/her cousin of the rev counter, proof is of its excellent driving filling.

Let us not be dogs, these two engines are very nice: rather alive for 4-cylinders of cubic capacities average and largely enough powerful to have fun or endanger its license. Simply, to the wire of the kilometers, comparative Z750 vs GSR750 turns to the advantage of the Suzuki whose engine marks large points: also soft and suave during the resumptions with low mode, also stripped of jolts, but much sharper to take its turns and better filled on all the beach of mode.

Besides what confirms our passage of these motor bikes to the bench of power (West Bike in Cosigners, thank you with them!). Lastly, their lengthening-piece is far from being ridiculous, even if these two motor bikes are not rush in the red zone like a Yamaha FZ6 or a Suzuki GSR 600 for example, one cannot all have.

The tires do not do all

We trace on the motorway. Somnolent four-cylinder engines with less than 6000 tr/min to 130 km/h. The fixed position reveals hardness then (known) saddle of Kawasaki.

That quickly becomes painful about it, and then leaves this bitumen ribbon… Fifteen turns later, Suzuki GSR 750 showed all the balance of its part cycles. Slightly rocked on the front one, registered well “in the motor bike”, its pilot benefits from a nose gear more precise, of a setting on the angle natural, without the resistant character of Kawasaki. The setting on the angle of Miss Kawasaki Z 750 is often made in two times, with the impression that the back refuses to follow the front one. Admittedly, our motor bike of test equipped with Michelin Pilot Power 2CT behaved better than a model equipped Dunlop To qualify 2 standards, but even this goes up powerful does not correct the chronic defects of Z.

It is obvious, Kawasaki Z 750 is shown heavier in the changes of support, less precise as starter of curve and its suspensions work less well. A beautiful portion in S offers the photo stop appropriateness to us. By passing by again several times of sharpened on the same small bitumen bleeding between the conk and the paf, the variation of potentials feels any only more in it face to face GSR 750/Z 750.

Suzuki is inserted bleeding without pumping on the way exaggeratedly, then it plunges easily at the entrance of the following curve. Under the same conditions, Kawasaki packs itself more brutally, its shock absorber pumps at the exit and imposes more effort to suitably place the motor bike in the following turn. They are certainly not dangerous, but this phenomenon does not announce of it less the effectiveness below Kawasaki on this point.

These two motor bikes meet about braking. Rather powerful in the absolute, the devices (clamps with double piston, axial master cylinder) assembled here are rather easy to proportion, but not very powerful of constant use. Sometimes one surprises oneself to draw much on the levers to slow down as it is wished. At least, they do not block easily. The ABS of Z 750 is “correct without more”, because it starts too early in the back, as it is often the case with the roadsters.

For the ABS of the GSR, it will be necessary to wait until July to judge its real performances.

Of return at intervals more rolled up, one enjoys different aspects on each motor bike: the round, raucous and sensational engine of Kawasaki and overall homogeneity of the GSR 750, which draws beautiful curves while benefitting from its more spontaneously answering engine. The indicator of reserve of Kawasaki Z 750 flickers whereas there remain still two small bars on the gauge of the Suzuki GSR 750. In any event, the pilot of Z has too badly with the rear-axle unit to carry on his way a long time… that falls well finally.

Assessment match Z 750 vs GSR 750: These are difficult times for Z

Suzuki GSR 750 arrives late on the crenel of the sporting roadsters midsize, but it was born well. She proposes an excellent compromise between daily uses, strolls sporting, performances and consumption… an appetizing cocktail been useful in plastic glass which wastes a little the table. The style “Goldbrick” is typified, of agreement, but certain details would deserve to be re-examined in the future.

That does not obstruct at all the extremely pleasant control of the Suzuki GSR 750 which does better than Kawasaki Z 750 on practically all the points, of the performances to comfort via consumption.

Sold 7,799 € for Suzuki against 7,699 € for Kawasaki in version not ABS, the price of these roadsters general public will not be determining to start the act of purchase. Kawasaki has for it a completion of better invoice, a driving approval still in the blow and a coast of love always to highest, Z of occasions not trailing a long time in the centers of sale. But it is a fact: Miss Coffee must fight with an increasingly keen competition, from Europe and from Japan.

And after are the FZ8, this aggression of the Suzuki GSR 750 without any doubt most dangerous to which it will have to cope… by perhaps leaving its throne there? But our sources are formal: the response of Akashi could not delay; new Z would be already in the pipes…

Suzuki GSR 750

Kawasaki Z 750

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