Comparative motorcycles Honda CBR250R vs Kawasaki Ninja 300 vs Suzuki…

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Kawasaki Ninja 250 R

Comparative Motorcycles Honda vs Kawasaki Ninja 300 vs Suzuki 250: Three True for the A2 Licenses

One-cylinder, twin-cylinder, of liter: here technical of the engines of our competitors of the day. news “more or less 250 could meet well success with the arrival of the new license A2.

Recent Honda defies the news Kawasaki 300 and Suzuki GW 250 Inazuma. A fight the aspic for a victory especially heart.

Why the 250 Cm3 did meet a little in France since the Seventies? for trade names often with rates close to of the higher cubic capacities for less performances. And then, one passed the license on one 500 Cm3, one of catagory will not go down for the first purchase.

However, the cubing around the 250 Cm3 could in force. Initially because the economic situation undoubtedly cause to drop the average cart as say the manufacturers in their meetings.

Moreover, one 250 Cm3 could be expensive than an average from its consumption and its maintenance. thus why, today, we to oppose three of them about this new wave: CBR250R vis-a-vis the news Ninja 300 and Suzuki GW 250 Inazuma.

CBR250R: Spirit is you there

CBR250R was launched in 2011, at the moment as the Honda CBR125R and the CBR600F, two sisters by blood. pretty in its dress HRC replica, it the lines of the VFR more 1200 F, at for its optics of headlight, the drawing of its as well as its back well with quite practical handles.

Of the three motorcycles from comparative 250, it is undoubtedly most compact… and lightest with 161.2 kilos all full facts. It is enough to it of the long side crutch maintains it too right to realize it. CBR250R thus weighs 12 less than Kawasaki 300 and all the same 23.2 kilos than Suzuki GW 250 Inazuma on our

The fans of mechanics will whereas Honda takes a cylinder less than the But this architecture engine not always allow a radical in weight. That also the choice of materials or the global

Moreover, it is enough to throw an eye on the of 37 mm of Honda to realize it; one clearly the standard of the 125 Cm3!

Nimblest of the

This gauge has at least the of facilitating the catch in hands. The CBR250R is easiest to lead of the motorcycles of this match Simple position, obvious and orders, proportioning of the accelerator, the the unit is obvious to encircle.

the CBR is almost as shown with its as very urban Suzuki 250

Honda directs well and itself at the millimeter in circulation to go up the The CBR250R presents in the least engine against part: in he claims 3,500 tr/min of mode to take off without against 2000 tr/min for the two twin-cylinders. OK: one never passes the downtown… Thus let us not exaggerate even if it is the Hondas’ mechanics requires more to knit to advance and to form part of flood of circulation.

This engine has a beach of vast than the two other – it again begins less low and less in the turns, hardly 8500 tr/min – whereas the flies away up to 11000 For as much, it does not miss a S and dominates Suzuki with as out of top speed or recoveries, even if it anything against Kawasaki 300, surprising swiftness due, to see our measurement with the

But Honda has other arguments, with its agility and stability any test. The short CBR250R has an frame indeed: it preserves the stability at bottom of it while shown nimblest. In short, one has well with his handlebar on the roads than on board more middle-class and less whereas Kawasaki has moved for a few minutes.

Mono which not miss approval

And it is finally the regret felt on board Very balanced, slowing well, like often regard to Honda, moreover the CBR250R could have 10 horses without harming its qualities. With a kit tracks, it be amusingly sacrament.

It is said it be caught up on the chapter of comfort… but

The saddle of Honda is firmest of the and its suspensions miss is really on the small shocks. To approach a of donkey requires to be tightened on its legs to compensate for the driest of our three motorcycles. With Honda CBR250R plays the of the sportsmanship and the homogeneity with costs.

Sold 3,990 €, it remains accessible and will be economic employment.

Honda CBR250R

Ninja 300: more that tortoise!

Revealed the hour on Asian sites being officially announced, Ninja 300 created the buzz. its first test, it had left us a good impression, thanks to a motorization. But it is not all.

Posed at of both others, she protests and strong for its membership of sporting its typified color Ninja and its of fork which points out the Kawasaki ZX- 6R.

Les contours are successful and in the eye of Bertrand. The ergonomics of Kawasaki 300 is a typified sport than of Honda, with a higher and half-handlebars which generate more support. A size of m is minimum to feel at ease on its

On the others, the lower gauges still find their

On its side, its declined parallel of Kawasaki Ninja 250, escape a sonority which out range ER-6. The orders are in particular the clutch, but the selection is shown less smooth on the two others.

Let us add to that a less turning radius to exploit and Ninja 300 becomes the least in urban environment.

44 horses to cut the

With first frank one seizes instantaneously that draws a Net favors of its engine. powerful as of the mid–modes, it offers a that the others cannot Of our three motorcycles, only Ninja 300 “draws on the arms”.

Kawasaki Ninja 250 R

In fact, out of engine, Kawasaki 300 eclipses the two others, all the more the placed at our disposal which, delivered 5 horses moreover the officially announced power. flexible than the extremist Suzuki, hardly less with starting than Ninja 300 thus dominates the in recoveries with all the modes.

And behavior, Kawasaki Ninja 300 is very reassuring. She benefits a very good directional of a correct agility, she slows sufficiently. All in all, it is shown nimble than the Honda who circles in the sinuous one and rocks more quickly on the angle, but does not suffer from a of particular behavior.

Better, its and its suspensions make it possible to the long ones stroll back thought, more than on Honda.

“A true” vis-a-vis two grosses 125

With Kawasaki Ninja 300 shows one can make a success of a small-engine car simple solutions technique, but relevant. Driving approval and the get feelings which hit the bull’s contrary to two others, it almost gives the feeling to be under-motorized. Ninja 300, one naturally the way to left of the motorways of the world, and it is a advantage, not quantifiable in our notation.

the green one is shown merrier control. Sold 4,999 € or € with ABS, she requires a consequent investment, but it on cost justified compared to both But from here a few months, Ninja 300 will find on its another Honda differently aggressive: the CBR500R will be A2 and proposed with 5,900 € ABS…

Kawasaki Ninja 300

Suzuki 250: Most urban…

innovation for the year 2013 of our motorcycle 250, small Inazuma arrives in concession in month of December 2012. this GW 250, one changes vis-a-vis the sporting careened CBR and she plays the card of the roadster Whereas its competitors of the day leaned the more ahead, Suzuki 250 proposes a more relaxed with its raised handlebar.

the start, one discovers a motorcycle of a gauge, with the broad and saddle, and in a word, most for the passenger. Unquestionably, Suzuki GW 250 airs large cubes: way Suzuki B-King 1300, doubles left, plastic imitating an aluminum framework… All implements weigh heavy, and does not acknowledge less 184.4 kilos on the balance, some 600 Cm3! On the other Suzuki Inazuma 250 proposes refinements that the others do not a central crutch with of lifting, the most complete panel, a space for the theft device out of U, under the saddle appears more tenant than on the others… of the notable to the daily newspaper.

… And most

And it is noted very quickly Suzuki Inazuma 250 sets all on approval with the daily In addition to its resting general its driving unit/transmission is also smoothest of the band.

No jolt with the recovery, its twin agrees to go down to tr/min on the higher reports sign from reprobation the two others require more mode. The selection speeds is with Suzuki, the very ordering of clutch, and to crown the thick saddle bringing an comfort on the two others.

Admittedly, trails a few kilos moreover, if one it without comparing it directly the others, which does not In short, downtown or to roll the day, one is delighted by this nature, somewhat placid but is made forget.

It misses one engine!

Imperial downtown, one can find the limits of his engine on the With the … of A6, A5 or A13, the remains the same one: the Suzuki GW 250 Inazuma one frankly not dare to venture too long on the way of because the first come will dazzle you headlight Inazuma clearly misses vis-a-vis the two others.

It cannot hold the aspiration of Kawasaki (it is particularly forms some this specimen of press), accelerates too extremely for Suzuki beyond 130 km/h.

Kawasaki Ninja 250 R
Kawasaki Ninja 250 R
Kawasaki Ninja 250 R


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