Cory’s 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 1600

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Kawasaki VN 1600 Nomad

Cory’s 2005 Kawasaki Nomad 1600

Modifications / Market Accessories:

Kuryakyn ISO KN Air Filter Kawasaki Nomad Cover Speedometer Visor Lowers Edmonds Saddlebag Rifle Windshield — size Cobra Luggage Fox Creek Leather Sissy bar Saddle Bag Liners by Seat with driver Day-Long Touring Saddle Russell Cycle Products Tank Bib Custom World Billet Light Bar Headlight and Visors Custom World Inclined Plate Custom International License Plate Cobra True Dual with Billet Tips Commander PCIII USB Caddmann Kit Air Intake Mod Desert Dawg guard covers JM 2003 CB — Intercom and CB Radio Alternatives Red Lenses for Rear Lights Kuryakyn Run/Turn/Brake for Kawasaki Cruiser (4615) Driver and Pillion seat Alaska Leather Sheepskins Built Removable Center — Made using plans from Gadget’s Page Scootworks Trunk Harley Davidson Tour Pak Davidson CB Antenna — Pak Mount Harley Davison Fairing (in progress) Show Accessories Chrome Radiator Radiator Grille M/C Enterprises Fender Trim Kawasaki Steel Saddlebag Side

Kuryakyn ISO Grips

The grips are a very easy install. I was not with saving the old ones, so just cut the old grips off the bike. I off the bars to get rid of any old glue, and test the new ones.

I had to cut a spacer for the left to trim it out based on the stock of the switch housing. Once I had the fitting the way I wanted and had marked the I wanted the pads on the new grips to be, I the grips and applied some adhesive to the inner edge of the I figured that as I was sliding the on, it would push glue the entire length of the bar and secure the to the bar.

It worked like a

The new grips are a bit larger in circumference the stock grips. This is for people with larger size like me. I really the look and the comfort.

I also a pair of Kuryakyn Throttle to the bike as well. These the ability to release the grip on the for a bit while riding and still your speed. I added the to balance out the look on the bike.

I added a color trim between the ISO grip and the Throttle on each side for a little look.

Edmonds Lowers

One of the complaints that Nomad have is helmet buffeting. The seems to be air coming under the and over the top of the tank from I have read. There are a few that make replacement for the Nomad, and you can make them if you have the time and equipment.

I ordered mine from Enterprises. Of the companies I looked at I these were the better ones. The other advantage is this company also saddlebag shelves for the Nomad and I to get those as well, so save on and get both at the same time.

is simple, remove the two bolts the existing lowers and replace with the new ones. You cannot an easier install.

The effect was noticeable. At speed there was less turbulence behind the and holding my had just at the front of the while driving there was less air allowed over the Highly recommended upgrade.

Windshield — custom

Helmet buffeting is a common on the Nomad and many other There are couple causes I have read about, the is the lower deflectors on the front the second for taller riders is the

I searched for a replacement windshield, that would be a bit higher the stock shield. I finally a cost effective solution in the Kawasaki Replacement Windshields. You can these in several different as well as custom sizes. The note I have on the ordering is that the ‘stock’ size on the web is not for the 2005+ Nomads. Starting in the stock windshield is larger the ‘stock’ size they lists.

I believe they stock size as 18.5 the top of the headlight cutout. Rather order the stock +, I opted for size to insure I got the size I I measured my windshield then that in the order, ordering a stock height +3.

The windshield well packed in great the only problem was the post not bothering to tell me it was here, and to wait an extra week to 10 therefore missing a trip I was hoping to use it on, until they sent me a final notice to it up. At least I got it I guess.

Installation is a bit The shield itself is a bit wider stock, the bottom is shaped and with the size I ordered, it at the lowest position for adjustment the Lowers no longer fit. are a bit too tall for the new shield.

The hardest is getting the front and back pieces to line up with the new Make sure the shield is on a non-scratch surface while this or you may just damage the new Once this is done it right up to the bike.

I likely this around 0.5-1 too but it drastically reduced the amount of air my helmet causing the buffeting at It reduced the headaches/fatigue I experienced on rides from this a great deal. I highly the Rifle Kawasaki Replacement

Stock Seat Replacement Mustang Seat — Touring Saddle back to top

The was perfect from the start for around town and a little bit of cruising in the area, but if became clear that the stock on the Nomad had to go. I could ride at 45 minutes before severe made riding very and many times unbearable.

I did research and the Mustang seat to fix the problem for a lot of riders experiencing the problem. I ordered the Mustang from Cruiser Customizing and the problems were over. I was disappointed that my ride only increased to at most an and a half.

Still looking for a solution, I added Airhawk cushions and sheepskins. The ride increased a few minutes and the recovery after getting off shortened, but not what I wanted. The two 1,500+ Km we took this summer great, but the seat on the longer made them less enjoyable.

I am hoping my next will solve the problem. I have my new Day-Long saddle Russell Cycle Products in the next few days. Many that have experienced the things as me with the stock and seats seem to have the problem with this

These seats are custom to you and your passenger’s height, riding position, etc. rave about the product. The is different, but comfort is a must for me on longer trips.

I received my Touring Saddle from Cycle Products on March 7, I could not wait to unpack it and get it I was very hopeful that the new would provide the comfort I for on the Nomad. I installed the seat as as I got home, and climbed on the Nomad, all I can say now is I am very optimistic. The seat to have great support and feels different than any seat.

I spent quite a bit of on this seat, almost 3x the of the Mustang, but if it does what say it does, allows them the to ride all day, it will been worth every

Update March 21, 2009 I rode approximately 130 KM on March 20 th and Shelley and I went for another 270 KM on the bike on March 21 st. The RCP seat a bit of getting used to. When my are down the sides of the seat flare out dig into the back of the a bit. Not a big deal, just some getting used to.

The first 130 KM ride on the 20 th went well. I did the entire distance and had no pain like I had starting the 100 KM mark on the Mustang and stock On the 21 st we went out and did a longer trip to it out. We rode straight with a quick stop to top the off around 170 KM in.

We arrived home no pain issues that had us from the start on the other Shelley did get a sore back, but I that is more related to the of the Tour Pak. I am going to the Tour Pak back 1. The only thing is that it is quite a fit on the back with the backrest

I am going to try and block it so it moves an 1 or so and see if that gives her a bit more

Custom World International Light Bar back to top

When I to add running lights to the Nomad I looking for a light bar that I I had a specific look in mind, based on my buddy’s installation of one on his H-D With his light bar, the are above the signal lights, and I this look.

I almost the Cobra light bar based on the on the Cruiser Customizing web site, but as I was the reviews, the picture is not accurate, the lights actually stick out the on the Nomad version, NOT what I I looked for several weeks for one would give me the look I with no success, then I across the CWI Billet Aluminum Bar.

The CWI Billet Aluminum Bar is actually not truly a light bar in my but it accomplishes the same thing, spotlights to the front of the bike. The kit two lights and two mounts with bolts to replace the stock The bars mount to the same as the upper ‘lower’ wind bolt and the lower windshield bolt. Installation is simple, the two stock bolts and bolt the on.

There is also a plastic included for the forward mount that is used.

Wiring lights in is a bit more involved. I purchases a wiring harness / but was not impressed with the quality and of that unit, so I ended up a Custom World ‘smart to make things ‘easy’. The switch works fine, the instructions for wiring it in mean if you forget to turn off the lights you park the bike, they stay on, killing the battery.

The switch activates the lights by between high and low beam on the (or can be wired to low and high so the lights are on the high beam). This work, but not what I wanted. I to pull the smart switch and a standard automotive relay.

process sounds much complicated than it is when you into it. I used Gadget’s Page for a great source of Below is the basic wiring from his site:

The wiring is basic. The CWI lights I received two wires coming from One is for the light itself, and the other is for the light on top of the light, these two are tied together.

The lights are internally so there is no ground to From there, you follow the above. Post 85 on the relay to a good ground, post 30 to a 12V source, in my case I connected to the positive terminal on the battery, a 10 amp fuse inline between the and the relay.

Post 87 gets run to the lights, this will the lights. Post 86 I ran to the headlight and tied it into the low beam in for the headlight. What you end up with is lights that will on when the headlight does, not the key is turned on, drawing power the bike is not running. I also put a (Single Post Single switch in the line from the so I can override the power to the lights and them off if I wish.

The end result is the is activated by the headlight, but the lights are powered from the battery, I am not overloading the headlight or other on the bike.

Kawasaki VN 1600 Nomad

Cobra True Exhaust with Billet back to top

A friend of mine a ’05 Vulcan Classic at the time I bought the Nomad. riding with him, his had a bit nicer sound. He then to the dark side and bought a Fatboy, promptly replacing the pipes with Vance Big Shots I believe. The Harley was now loud compared to stock, a bit too for my tastes, but still pretty

Then the shots about how you even hear my bike Bowing to the peer pressure I to upgrade the pipes on the Nomad in the of 2008.

Looking around, are several options for the Nomad, but I on what seemed to be two of the more choices, the Vance Hines Dual Exhaust or the Cobra I seriously considered the VH pipes, but reading some reviews and at several pictures relating to the I did not care for the heat shield on the cylinder.

You can see in the following picture that the shield is basically too short, it wrap around the pipe a bit so the actual header pipe not show. It would be less with the floorboard down and the sitting level, but I would it is there.

Given this (some may call it a flaw, on your opinion I guess), I to go with the Cobra pipes. I the Cobra True Duals Billet Tips. There are options to choose from, but I the billet tip model.

They a bit more expensive than the but I think the look is very

I installed the pipes in about 2 Removing all the stock exhaust can take a bit of time. I was careful to not any of the parts in case I ever put the ones back on. The hardest of the actual install was the lack of a stand on the bike. Blocking the always makes me nervous and the always seem to be in the way, but it

I really need to get a center for the bike though. I had no real installing the pipes. I used new gaskets for the install and all the parts fit well.

The Nomad can definitely be now. The sound is awesome, louder than stock. It has a deep rumble, but not so loud it the neighbors.

I did not make any other to the bike initially, I was still for the Power Commander to arrive. I had no with the stock setup and the on the Nomad, but I did not run that way too long adding the Power Commander.

The issue I had was a persistent rattle in the This rattle started out to be but over the next while it got worse. I could not find the of the rattle.

I re-tightened all the heat checked the connections at the heads, but find nothing. I dropped the off at the dealer for an oil change before a in July 2008, I had them everything over as well. tightened the pipes and were that the problem was solved.

The Km trip we took after proved it was not fixed.

Frustrated I some of the heat shield one was stripped from being tightened, still no luck. by chance I was walking by the bike, on my wife’s bike and bumped the side muffler, and it moved I checked the other side and was no movement.

The problem all along was the clamp on the side that attaches the to the header pipe was back too far on the it was tight, but was not clamping down on the pipe, allowing the movement and the Fixing that clamp fixed the rattle. It was driving me but I am happy it is fixed.

Show Accessories Chrome Radiator Radiator Grille back to top

I first started looking for for my bike, I noticed several had a nice radiator cover on bikes on-line. I saw several models that I like, one had spelled out in the grill, and then I this one, the Show Accessories Chrome Radiator Radiator Grille .

Most I have found this it does not list it as fitting the There are several versions of grille so you want to make the one you are looking at is actually manufacturer number 81-103.

The install of accessory is fairly straight It comes with the grille, chrome screws, four and 6 small rubber pads. the install be removing the stock shroud. This is accomplished be the 4 hex screws that hold it in Once it is removed, I placed the 6 pads around the perimeter of the black grille that on the bike.

These pads are to the chrome grille from against the stock grille. THe say to start at the top and put the top screws in first. is an important step, doing the top gives you just enough at the bottom to get the spacers in.

The only I had was the head of the chrome screws is enough to fit through the holes in the grille when the angles are so be careful not to drop the new grille. I put a bit og locktite on the first two screws and put through the top holes in the grille, the spacer on the back site of the I then held the grille in while I barely started to the top two screws in.

Once they started I repeated the process on the two and then tightened it all up.

The end result is nice. It really changes the of the bike in my opinion.

Kawasaki VN 1600 Nomad
Kawasaki VN 1600 Nomad
Kawasaki VN 1600 Nomad
Kawasaki VN 1600 Nomad


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