Kawasaki ER-6f Road Test How To Make & Do Everything!

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Kawasaki ER-6f

Kawasaki ER-6f Road Test

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Matthew Macdonald: Awesome first bike in my opinion, as long as you think through your decisions (like every bike). It will still get you into trouble, and it will still get you killed. But its predictable, unlike the bigger bikes.

I have a 2013 – Looking at upgrading soon to a zx6, but Ive riden a few other bikes and needed to ride this for my licence. Never had a single issue with her, 7500km so far. п»ї

M13: I have the older version. This new one has much nicer styling, nicer lights, a cool dash. and vibration is a problem on the older ones. I’d like to upgrade, but that’s a lot of money to get a bike that’s effectively the same. just cooler looking.

Thanasis Papapostolou: it’s the f version man you re talking about the n version.

mrcooltj: en tausender mehr und man hat ne z750!

Balkanboy333: i dont know but its all a lil to short tests

kirigasaisai: Are you a beginer? at first you buy er6f enjoy it 1 season .next you ,ll decide choice 2010,2009,2008 ,s cbr600! or still er6f.with makeing money. but on me? i .ll take R6. YAMAHA!!

rimfire72: hi, I stand 5-foot. will you suggest this bike for me. I am experience with smaller bikes @ around 100cc and want to try my hand at bigger bikes for country side cruising

sotkata: nice vid!

jerseyy: @F0ckUtoob hey dude, you seem to have some bikes knowledge. i have no motorcycle experience and i want to make a licence and buy this one. how fast is it. it has 70 hp. how much is it for such a bike. how much does it take to reach 100 km/h for a bike with 70 hp??

mshl8188: I didnt like the colour of this bike, I like that typical Kawasaki green colour, its colour is same as the green tree snake. I like that more. And for 5000GBP, Its really is a bargain.

salbepol: This man should be 1.50m tall.

rumbo75: If he isnВґt counter steering then how is he turning?

geonlansis: i own an 2009 er6n without the fairing and its very difficult to ride without the fairing. is it possible to fix an er6f fairing onto my er6n? Thanks everyone.

theoriginaldimi: @thatthething With his height he should be the most suited guy to review Chinese Dax copies

harmonicgrunt: thanks☺☺

Whitehorze: @tellemfans I believe the name Erik Buell should come to mind. He did build an EX/ER class bike. It was a 500cc single cyl called the Blast.

Nobody bought them in enough numbers to make any money.

Dusty McFarland: @F0ckUtoob No entry level bikes? NT700. Touring? Goldwing, ST1300, and the Interceptor. Dual sport? CRF230L and the XR650L. Not sure where you’re getting your info.

Hexadecimal110: F0ck you are an idiot and probably an inexperienced rider that chooses to suggest a bike that you yourself could not handle on someone that is well capable. Bboy if you have any questions ask me, I have been riding for years and will be able to suggest something that will make you happy.

F0ckUtoob: Maybe, that professional rider, is cutting the pex a little so that he can give the best feedback and results he can, to the viewers (aka he salary payers). You know, riders that ride a sport bike, like a sport bike. Not sport bike riders that doddle along like they’re on a cruiser. BTW, pex would be short for Apex.

Can’t ( shouldn’t) give a accurate review, if you never work the envelope. And I think he’s qualified to do it. He doesn’t sit around and comment on YouTube everyday.

loafy1: ВЈ5000..the kawasaki website is saying ВЈ5999 otr, have prices really gone up that much in 2 years?!

Lewis Hiley: I prefer the older model with black paintwork and the red frame. This is still a nice bike though, just needs to get a new exhaust 😀

F0ckUtoob: @ArthurDentandVogons I’m in the US. So no, we really don’t have anything broad to choose from. Just the things at the top of a demographic/statistical sales study list. It’s big money to sell 16 year-olds 150hp racebikes now. We don’t get bikes that make sense b/c we don’t ride out of necessity but rather out of luxury.

We also don’t need anything smaller than 250 b/c of all the highways we have.

theninj1: 2.26 90mph on the motorway? Don’t you mean 70mph? hint hint

phoenix1925: is it good for first bike?

Ming Wei Liu: i think it is good for beginner, not that bulky compare with others

geoffart: want this bike, but i have really anoying prob with my leg: only in the riding on a motorbike situation, I begin, after around 2-3hrs of ridng, to get this awful pain (stabing) in my left knee joint! Anyone else get that? my instuctor was none too sympathetic back during training, but he would have been if he knew what it feels like! Then as soon as i dismount, the pain is gone!

If the pegs on this bike are high, requiring more bending of knees, i guess im going to pass on this one.

ANTARAN2: just to clarify, er-6 has the same engine as the versys

Brotha77: If u dunno what bike to buy just design a top 5 when u took the other 30 bikes u looked at off ur list when comparing specs and other factors. U really gotta look at atleast a dozen bikes before u just gonna go off buy one or you could be missing out on something real good. N then just take the top couple of bikes u interested in out for a test drive or rent one for a day rather than wanting a bike to be ready waiting for u when u get ur permit thats just childish stupidity

tellemfans: so far i’ve tried many models..cbr600,yzf-r6 n er6f..for me,if u want to go fast,get a cbr600 or yzf-r6..BUT,if u want a comfortable n yet enjoyable ride,get a er6f. anyway,i still thinking,why don’t america produce their own ER bike?coz it seems to me they are too much critics..damn simple xmple..about cars..made in usa cars need to get a huge c.c engine to get fast BUT japanese cars?they put on turbocharger or some kind of booster..isn’t it look they are much brilliant? aprilia and ducati..

DESTROYERSTUBE: @andy2964 Yeah? I noticed the stocks are pretty narrow for a sportbike, can you easily fit a wider tire like the inline 4’s have?

jinkjack: It’s worth seeing a Doctor, he may be able to help you.

AssaultMechRider675: Replaces old model introduced in 2007. According to MCN’s website the old model was introduced 2005 and made till 2008. C’mon guys. Kids look up to you!!

fuzzyjonas: Mcn are the worst at reviews!

Manticore87: lol trust him alot more than the whinging armchair bikers here

hasrinor: the top speed not high

ToStarInMilionYears WDPCLR: LOL and he also drives and review Ducatis Hondas Suzukis Yamahas supersports so i think HE CAN freakING RIDE. I love the MCN reviews they are REAL not like some effect pleasing washing powder advertising like reviews where nothing’s real!

Kawasaki ER-6f

geoffart: I think the advice across the interenet for that condition is that knee support will keep the joint from doing it. Its not that often i get it, just if ive been riding for a long time. I rode for 7hrs with only a half hr break, and didnt get it, which is strange.

But I do get it from time to time. I think its just those bikes with the very high pegs (bigger bikes).

Andy Shackelford: @DESTROYERSTUBE the widest you can go is 170. The larger the tire doesnt mean the better the grip. Stay with me here. Watch a Motard take corners and do it very quickly with probably a 120-130.

This is due to less time it take to have the bike on the side of the tire instead of having to travel a longer distance with a 180+. Ideally the difference between a 160-180 is not going to affect perforance thats noticable. People start putting 200-300’s w/ swingarm and their bike turns into crap.

gwalia4: Please start posting HD videos so we can really enjoy them.

LiviuCruella: i wish i could buy this monster .

Sbafokkio: cbr is a race bike, and it is uncomfortable for long rides and in the city, they get hot in traffic, but for short commutes are fine Perfect for track days er6f it’s an all around bike: twin=lots of power and torque@low-mid rpms. More upright position=comfortable, gets better mpgs, you can do long trips without feeling too tired, it’s lighter and requires less experience. 4cyl unless you get up to 10-12k rpms they feel lifeless and in the city you don’t get there without breaking the speed limit

addys: Not a bad bike actually. I went on a ride day with 2 mates. we had a yamaha fazer fz6, kwaka gtr1400 and the er6-f. The er-6 was alittle under powered compared to the other bikes. but who cares.

Still fast enough to get you into trouble, comfy and heaps of fun through twisty forest roads.

Rafi Superbike: I owned this bike and I’m just lovi’n it everyday! The upward riding position makes you ride longer and happier as it doesn’t hurt your back and wrist like supersports. The 2-inline engine though not as powerful as 4-inline but the 72hp always deliver the excitement commuting either in high or low rev.

You can view my ER6F top speed in my video gallery.

F0ckUtoob: The CBR is a race bike. Get it if you have little riding experience, want to kill yourself. The er6f is just a great all rounder. Get if if you want to ride in comfort and get better range doing it. CBR is 4cyl. er6f is 2. I don’t need 4 so guess which 1 I want?

Look for CBR vids on here. No way would I want that bike, but that’s just me. honda should have their ass removed for not having entry level bikes. Or dual sports or touring bikes KMA Honda. I’ll take my business somewhere else

Exilelangely: ABS.

desperamika: yes I agree with FockUtoob, er6f is comfortable and have power, yes yes^^ don’t need 100hp to go fast believe me I have ridden this model last week and because it’s a twin, you’ll blow many 600cc in the corners, This thing has an awsome acceleration if you want too and is also easy and calm when you want too. Go and buy it!!^^

Nickiller6969: I’m 6’2 and yes I find this bike too small for me..

David Loiterton: There is a fairing damper kit available on web for the ER6F. Just google it. I can’t remember the actual website. It works well. I had a bike techo install it under warrantee.

So it cost me nothing and no more buzz.

Janosch Fischer: @jerseyy Ok, so i was not far away with my 205 😉 How fast does it reach 100kmh. It only has 8500/min. So does it reach 100 that fast?

mshl8188: Oh comeon, I see that you are from the UK, so 5000 GBP should not be a lot of money for you. Well, I am a poor kid from India. even I need a bike like this as badly as you want it. Aim High, you may reach the sky. -)

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Kawasaki ER-6f road test 4.6 out of 5

Kawasaki ER-6f
Kawasaki ER-6f
Kawasaki ER-6f
Kawasaki ER-6f

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