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Kawasaki GPX 750 R

Kawasaki Teryx4 750 4×4

Kawasaki Teryx4 LE

Teryx4 800

LE model offers more comfort and style than

The new more powerful Kawasaki LE is the pinnacle of Side x Side and styling. Packing all of the latest upgrades like a larger and more powerful 800 class and all-new Fox Podium shocks help it set new standards in performance, and durability, the LE model adds style and comfort with touches that give tough Side x Side a presence that’s unmatched! LE model upgrades include:

Intensity LED headlights

Lightweight Aluminum Wheels

Handy Cab Top

Premium Candy-colored Lime or Burnt Orange Bodywork Automotive Quality Paint

Springs and Suspension Arms are Matched to the Bodywork

3-tone Bucket Seat Covers

The Teryx4 sets new benchmarks in power and handling, with key and suspension upgrades that Teryx4 drivers to explore terrain quicker, easier and conveniently than ever!

A displacement boost means the V-twin engine now generates 10% torque and 8% more power for steep hills, negotiating mud and scampering over rocks, all delivering better fuel for even more driving between fuel stops! Fox Podium shocks at all four give the Teryx4 more comfort than ever and its cutting-edge Electric Power (EPS) system is proven that provides light, steering for navigating through the adverse conditions with It may be almost too pretty to get dirty, but nice to know the Teryx4 LE even more GO than

The Teryx4 LE is designed and built the strength to handle the rigors of off-roading. Its new larger 783cc engine delivers serious in the low- to mid-range, just you need it in a four-seat Side x and with improved fuel it’s also more The 90-degree V-twin design is for its stump-pulling power, distinctive and easy-to-harness flexibility, making it the powerplant for a machine like the

It’s also super with perfect primary that helps keep comfortable for the driver and the passengers for the drive. It delivers instantaneous and low- and mid-range response with eye-opening hauling In fact, Kawasaki’s engineers gave the big V-twin optimum profiles and revised exhaust to deliver exciting power ridden solo or with a passenger, but also provide of torque for carrying more or heavier loads.

A Continuously Transmission, centrifugal clutch and a electronic Hi/Low-Range 4WD system can be selected by rotating a dash-mounted to deliver optimum gearing and The Teryx4 side x side on technical terrain, thanks to its chassis and tight 16.7-foot radius, which makes in tight quarters a cinch.

all that impressive and usable to the ground is a Continuously Variable (CVT), centrifugal clutch and an electrically selectable 4WD system features instant-switch access to 4WD and 4WD+Front Differential Lock The CVT is well known for its quick and direct engine “feel” in riding situations, where power is used to help the chassis while turning and in conditions.

The key to the Teryx4’s tractability is its effective centrifugal clutch, offers an extra degree of and smoothness for slow-speed maneuvering, is ideal for tricky terrain precise throttle inputs are The oil-bathed clutch design contributes to extended CVT belt by lessening shock and belt

The electronic 4WD system allows to easily select between different drive modes to most situations: 2WD (light great handling) for maximum performance, 4WD delivers enhanced while keeping steering light, and 4WD+Differential Lock for maximum traction. A dash-mounted makes it easy to shift these modes, and changes almost instantaneously, so the driver can on the fun, without worrying the drivetrain. So whether it’s a slippery and rocky uphill negotiating a wet stream bed, supplies for fixing fences on the or just plain hauling a wide-open two-track, the Teryx4 has an drivetrain mode to handle it.

It offers the easiest, lowest-effort and precise steering characteristics in all of thanks to Kawasaki’s Electric Steering (EPS) system. EPS additional damping on straights, on rougher surfaces, as well as steering kickback and bump-steer. The key to the LE’s light-steering performance from a Showa-built system eliminates the traditional power-steering so steering inputs won’t put a on engine power.

The system works when the engine is so there’s also no battery Input from vehicle and torque sensors determine the of steering assistance – more slow-speed use, and less as increase, just like a sports car.

The tough of the Teryx4 LE is the epitome of Side x strength. Its rigid, square-tube frame was designed by Kawasaki using detailed computer and loads of off-road testing to its super-strong double-X frame which features two X-shaped members that bridge the box structures from corner-to-corner for strength and optimum durability. sturdy frame is significantly by its certified Roll-Over Protective (ROPS) which extends all the way out to the of the bodywork to maximize cockpit and help shield the chassis and from damage.

This package is enhanced with a chassis that contributes to cornering characteristics. The wide helps resist body during cornering and boosts its to cope with rough at speed. The mid-ship engine also helps by centralizing the center of mass to reduce inertia and promote easy changes.

The Teryx4’s independent suspension was tough to beat, but the 2014 now utilizes one of the best names in the suspension business, Fox. engineers collaborated with Fox to fit the with the ultimate high Side x Side shocks, adjustable for spring preload and compression damping, to tailor the to the terrain.

As always, Kawasaki and Fox a dual-mode design ideology so the Fox Podium coil-over shocks everything from cruising with four passengers to sport-style bump absorption driven solo or with a passenger. It’s a difficult to get right, but Fox’s high-grade shocks, which feature reservoirs to help maintain damping, are more than of the task, and the added visual of the LE’s color-matched springs and will definitely draw to its quality suspension.

With all performance and handling potential, stopping power is a must, and the delivers! High-performance hydraulic up front using 200mm gripped by dual-piston calipers exceptional feel and stopping The brakes are recessed within the protecting them from water and debris, while steel-braided lines help pedal feel crisp and

In back is Kawasaki’s unique internal wet brake that internal components that are sealed from mud, dust and debris, the result ultra-reliable braking performance. The of powerful discs up front and the system in back is ideal, and once again to the Teryx4’s overall performance.

Large 26” Bighorn 2.0 tires offer the of ride comfort, control and you’d expect from a Side x Side like the Their construction and tread helps maximize forward while optimizing response for cornering.

The Teryx4’s shorter to other four-seat Side x 85.7” wheelbase affords it a small 16.7’ turning which makes tight an easy affair on trails or in spaces. The unit’s substantial of ground clearance helps it from bottoming when an obstacle or ridge, while approach and departure angles (79 and 65 respectively), reduce the possibility of the front bumper when a steep slope or scraping the when exiting one.

The side x side also at all sorts of workday tasks, crew hauling to towing. Its 18” by 48”, 250-pound-capacity cargo box is deep, with a flat that is big enough for a large several spare fuel or other large objects. tie-down loops help cargo, and the rear wall is in the center, to make it easier to and remove items.

The Teryx4 a standard 2” hitch receiver, and capacity is a substantial 1,300

Convenience features include two DC outlets – one in front, another in – providing up to 120 watts of peak power, while nearly 8 of fuel capacity and improved economy for 2014 offer range, enough for a long day on the job or There’s also a conveniently beverage holder for each of the seats.

Those powerful and good looks start a high-strength steel front and an aggressive looking hood opens for ease of maintenance The headlamp and fender design the Teryx4 a no-nonsense look says “sporty” and “functional” in the breath. Accessing the front coolant reservoir, air filter and equipment is easy, thanks to an front hood, which is of a tough, rugged looking package.

New premium painted is available in Candy Lime or Candy Burnt Orange, color-matched door panels, new suspension components, and stylish new seat covers. These colors enhance the LE’s image, while its highly cab roof/sun top offers added by helping shield the driver and from the sun’s rays or drops. And if your off-road should go on past sundown, the sleek new high-intensity LED headlights improved visibility in dark and bragging rights when buddies ask why your Teryx4 so much better at night the other guy’s Side x

Unlike some competitors, features secure latching that are easy to use, good, and offer a level of mud Scratch-resistant bodywork and textured on the sturdy front guard and cage, help keep the looking sharp for a good time.

Passengers will riding in the Teryx4 during a day, because it’s the comfortable Side x Side in its by far. Its roomy interior the driver and passengers ample to spread-out, with plenty of shoulder and legroom.

The LE’s new 3-tone high-backed bucket covers offer comfort to their custom looks, high-quality cushioning and cold-resistant material provide all-day When the going gets the Teryx4’s three-point seatbelts keep the driver and passengers in The adjustable front seats three positions in one-inch while the rear seats are slightly higher than in front.

Stadium style provides rear seat a better view forward. handholds integrated into the give passengers something to hang-onto, while shock comfort mounts and an anti-cinch on the seatbelts helps prevent when the belts lock sudden deceleration (or when the sensor is activated).

Instrumentation is and includes a multi-function electronic that provides a ton of useful speedometer, fuel gauge, and hour meter, clock, trip meters, 2WD/4WD front-differential indicator light, indicator, water-temp and fuel-injection indicators, reverse indicator etc. – everything you need to

Strength. Power. Comfort. Hauling and towing ability. Four seats.

The Teryx line has always been a of off-road fun and function, and the 2014 LE represents the best of the best in Teryx performance, reliability, and styling.

2012 Kawasaki

All the Performance, Style, Function and Fun You from a Teryx 750 4×4 – Room for Four!

Twice as of a good thing is always right? Absolutely. So you knew would eventually double the substantial fun and function factor by two seats – enough for more extra help or the whole

The result is the all-new 2012 ™ 750 4×4 – a top-of-the-line four-seat RUV truly amazing capabilities.

Of Kawasaki didn’t just two extra seats to the Teryx chassis and call it a day. figured out exactly what was to do the four-seat Rec/Utility concept . redesigning the entire machine tip to tail with an all-new and a thoroughly reworked V-twin pumping out extra power for the load the Teryx4 will carry.

The foundation of any top-tier RUV – especially one with four and significant carrying capacity – is its so Kawasaki engineers used computer analysis and loads of testing when developing the all-new square-tube steel Unlike the more conventional found on many lighter-duty RUV models, the Teryx4 features a frame design with two cross members bridging the box from corner to corner.

the frame, the Teryx4’s 749cc four-… engine is also offering 15 percent more than the already stout in the 2-seat Teryx, along all the durability to deal with the of spirited fun in challenging off-road The V-twin design is revered for its power and easy-to-harness flexibility, makes it the perfect powerplant for a like the Teryx4, which on instantaneous and controllable low- and response partnered with hauling ability. In fact, purposely gave the big Vee a bit of a dual there’s exciting, arm-straightening when ridden solo or a single passenger, but plenty of and grunt for carrying more or heavier loads – much of it due to camshaft profiles and equal-length headers.

Liquid cooling – by a large-volume radiator and large-diameter fan – temperatures down and reliability up help from an array of engineering: optimized piston-wall special surface treatments to pins, small and big end bearing idealized crank journal sizes; robust transmission and much more.

Electronic injection – featuring new fine-atomizing injectors – offers easy and perfect throttle response at sea and at the higher elevations you’ll to discover again and again. The FI offers automatic mixture automatic idle adjustment and choke-free starting via a sophisticated of sensors for inlet air pressure, position, crankshaft position, rpm and temperature.

The Teryx4’s 90-degree engine is also super-smooth, its primary balance keeping comfortable for driver and passengers all long. Routing all that and usable power to the wheels – and – is the latest in modern drivetrain a Continuously Variable Transmission a category-first centrifugal clutch and an electrically selectable 4WD system instant-switch access to 2WD, 4WD and Differential Lock system.

The CVT is known for its quick response and engine “feel” in sportier situations, where engine is used to control the chassis turning and in rough conditions. The key to the dual-mode personality is its category-first clutch, which offers an degree of precision slow-speed manipulation and smoothness, which is for tricky terrain (rock etc.) or slow-speed work precise throttle manipulation is The oil-bathed clutch design contributes to improved CVT belt by lessening shock and belt

The electronic 4WD system allows to easily change between different drive modes for situations they find in: 2WD (light steering) for maximum performance, 4WD for enhanced traction keeping steering relatively and 4WD+Differential Lock for maximum situations. A dash-mounted switch switching between these easy, and changes occur so the driver remains in complete at all times. So whether it’s a slippery and rocky uphill negotiating a wet stream bed, lumber for fixing fences on the or hauling … down a two-track, the Teryx4’s got the traction and mode to handle it.

All this handling ability is aided by a of factors, including a wide-track/wide-body design that contributes to cornering characteristics. A wide resists the body roll accompanies cornering forces, and the chassis cope with terrain at speed. The Teryx4’s engine placement also by centralizing the vehicle’s center of and minimizing the inertia that direction changes.

Of course, independent suspension helps, and the got plenty. Again, engineers for a dual-mode design; that is, the works in a comfortable way with passengers aboard, but also like a sporting RUV in a solo or with a single passenger. a difficult combination to get right, but componentry helps out.

Up are high-performance single-chamber gas-charged and shocks complemented by an anti-roll which allows an ideal roll balance and added comfort. In back are fully shocks with piggyback which offer additional oil for cooler temperatures and more damping performance.

With all this speed and potential, excellent brakes are a and the Teryx4 delivers in a big way. hydraulic discs up front 200mm rotors gripped by calipers offer exceptional and stopping power. The brakes are within the wheels, protecting from dirt, water and while durable steel-braided help keep lever crisp and progressive.

In back is unique sealed internal wet similar in design to the highly disc system used on our ATVs and two-seater Teryx Internal components are completely from mud, water, and debris, the result being braking performance in most The combination of powerful discs up and the sealed system in back is and contributes once again to the wide-ranging overall performance.

26-inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 are the largest available in the RUV category, and the type of ride comfort, and traction you’d expect an RUV this capable in so many environments. Their tread and design help maximize traction while at the same optimizing control for aggressive

125.2-inch overall length and wheelbase

The Teryx4’s unique dimensions help in the areas of climbing and working, too. Its short (compared to other RUVs) 85.7-inch wheelbase it a surprisingly small 16.7-foot radius, which makes turns an easy affair on or in tight spaces. The unit’s ground clearance (10.8 helps keep it from when cresting a ridge or an obstacle, while high and departure angles (79 and 65 degrees, thanks to minimal bodywork reduce the possibility of smacking the bumper when approaching a slope or scraping the tail exiting one.

Did someone work? The Teryx4 excels at all of 9-to-5 or leisure-oriented jobs, hauling to transportation to towing, small jobs to really big Its 250-pound-capacity cargo hold is measuring 18 by 48 inches, with an depth.

The flat-bottomed space is big for a large cooler, spare cans or other large and four tie-down loops secure cargo safely. The wall is shorter in the center, makes it easier to load and items. Towing capacity is a 1,300 pounds.

Convenience include DC sockets – one in front, in back – providing a total of 120 of electrical power, while 8 gallons of fuel capacity substantial range, enough for a day of work or trekking. There’s a holder for each of the four while an auto-style parking activates the sealed rear setup, to aid parking even on a Getting at the front suspension, reservoir, air filter and electrical is easy thanks to an easy-open hood, which is part of a package that’s stylish, and rugged-looking.

Those powerful and good looks start up with a stylish hood, steel front guard, and fender design that the Teryx4 a no-nonsense look says “sporty” and “functional” in the breath. Standard doors and rear are easy to use, good, and offer a level of mud Scratch-resistant bodywork and textured on the ROPS framework and front help keep the Teryx4 good for a good long too.

You’ll enjoy in the Teryx4 for a good long too, because it’s the comfortable RUV in its class by far. Its interior gives driver and room to spread out, plenty of hip, shoulder and High-backed bucket seats and seatbelts offer a high of comfortable security, while cushioning and cold-resistant elastic material provide all-day

The adjustable front seats three positions in one-inch while the back seats are slightly higher than in front to give passengers a view forward and an easier getting in and out. Handholds into the frame give extra security, while mounts and an anti-cinch feature on the helps prevent over-tightening the belts lock during deceleration (or when the tilt is activated). Helping ensure wear their seatbelts is a seat-belt use reminder light, remains lit if the driver’s belt buckled.

Instrumentation is top-notch, and a multi-function electronic display provides a ton of useful information: fuel gauge, odometer and meter, clock, dual meters, 2WD/4WD indicator, differential indicator light, brake indicator, water and fuel injection warning reverse indicator light, – everything you need to know.

Comfort. Convenience. Hauling and ability. Reliability. Four And now, four seats. Our model line has always a pinnacle of off-road fun and function.

And for there’s twice as much to about it.

A large selection of Kawasaki Accessories is available Kawasaki dealers for the 2012 750 4×4. As with all off-highway recreation, Kawasaki encourages RUV to drive responsibly and to respect the

2012 Teryx4 Commercial Non


Room for Four Plus the and Control of Electric Power

Kawasaki’s all-new four-seat ™ 750 4×4 Rec/Utility vehicle the easiest, lowest-effort and most steering characteristics in all of four-wheeling to Kawasaki’s Electric Power (EPS) system. EPS offers damping on straights, especially on surfaces, and there’s also steering kickback and bump-steer in going.

Low-speed handling and ease are improved, too, makes tricky situations and work much easier to with. The key to the Teryx4’s light-steering comes from the same system used on Kawasaki’s Mule – a Showa-built system eschews a traditional power-steering so there’s no drain on engine Also, the system only when the engine is running, so no battery drain.

Input from vehicle and torque sensors determine the of steering assistance – more slow-speed use, and less as increase, just like a sports car.

2012 TERYX4 ™ 750 4×4 EPS — Blue

2012 KAWASAKI ™ 750 4×4 EPS CAMO The Industry’s Capable Four-Seat RUV, and a Crew’s Best Friend

little doubt: Kawasaki’s Teryx4 750 4×4 is the best vehicle for transporting a group of – and their gear – to that campsite. Its size, carrying range, durability and amazing make the statement a no-brainer.

But its radically curvy bodywork with a coating of Realtree ® APG ™ HD ® the Teryx4 turns into else entirely: the world’s hunting-oriented RUV.

It’s Kawasaki’s all-new 2012 750 4×4 Realtree APG HD has everything a – and their sportsman friends – want, especially when it to stealth, the unit’s Realtree accurately mimicking the look of a area. The camo treatment this hunting-oriented Teryx4 in like no other RUV in existence, a hunting crew to get where going without attracting

Of course, being built on the EPS platform means the unit includes all the EPS model’s features, the amazing Electric Power system that make slow and fast riding an easy, confident affair.

The Teryx4 is a perfect combination of and ease-of-operation: Its additional seats you can take extra buddies for the hunt (or transport extra out to the work site). And with the EPS light, low-effort steering, the there and back – on fast and in tighter situations – is exceptionally and easy.

2012 KAWASAKI ™ 750 4×4 EPS — Camo


Comfort and Class: The Industry’s Luxurious RUV Has It All, and More

If idea of a truly top-of-the-line vehicle includes luxury and features piled on top of what’s the most capable, fun and functional RUV in the you’d be describing Kawasaki’s Teryx4 ™ 750 4×4 EPS LE.

With the Edition (LE) Teryx4, outfitted the latest and best RUV in the with special features give it a bit more comfort and factor. They include machined, 12-spoke cast wheels that are lighter the steel wheels they and a cab roof/sun top that protects and passengers from weather and maximizing the comfort factor and a bit of aesthetic appeal in the process.

The LE is a perfect mixture of all that’s in Teryx/RUV-land: Top-shelf features, the possible engine and chassis and a high degree of easy Its additional seats mean you can extra friends along for the (or transport them out to the cabin). And the Electric Power Steering system’s light, low-effort the ride there and back – on trails and in tighter situations – is comfortable and easy.

Hop into the Teryx4 750 4×4 EPS LE’s buckle up, hit the starter and mash the As you feel yourself pushed the comfortable high-back bucket you revel in the EPS LE’s ultra-light the sublime control it affords, and the of steering kickback as you tackle a trail with three strapped in nearby, each of grinning like kids.

KAWASAKI TERYX4 ™ 750 4×4 EPS LE Sunrise Yellow

2012 TERYX4 ™ 750 4×4 EPS LE — Red

Features and Benefits

All-new for 2012

Room for four twice the personal payload and the fun. And with the rear mounted higher than in front, rear-seat passengers a better view forward – and an easier time getting in and out

balanced 749cc V-twin with digital fuel offers more power, in the low and mid range, exactly where a RUV needs it

All-new Double-X design offers rigidity and for the Teryx4’s extra weight and carrying capacity

All-new package offers good and extreme durability for the long with scratch-resistant material throughout

Sport-focused suspension and rear offers an ideal between sporty control and ride comfort

Roomy lets driver and passengers out, while ample space means you can take plenty of supplies and gear

wheelbase versus the competition a short 16.7-foot turning (handy in tight situations) and the to climb over obstacles would ground longer and vehicles

Superb off-road including high-grade Maxxis 26-inch tires on 12-inch 10.8 inches of ground a 17-degree break-over angle, and water fording depth

variable transmission (CVT) and centrifugal clutch offer performance and the slow-speed throttle needed in tricky or slow-speed

Electronic three-mode 4WD is controlled by a cockpit switch and allows changes from 2WD to 4WD and 4WD with lock for maximum traction

Dual 200mm front and a sealed multi-plate rear system help provide power

Convenience features standard colored doors, parking brake, roomy area with four loops, full instrumentation, two-tone seats, over for mud protection, opening front for easy maintenance and much

Multi-function instrumentation offers the a host of important information, speed, hour meter, level and much more

Liquid-cooled 749cc V-twin

Teryx4’s perfectly balanced 749cc SOHC, four-valve-per-cylinder 90-degree V-twin engine out substantial power, especially in the and mid-range, precisely where a RUV needs it

Peak power has been raised in addition to the on low- and mid-range grunt

(85 x 66mm) engine dimensions and four-valve cylinder heads to the Teryx’s superb acceleration, and mid-range pulling power and engine flexibility

90-degree configuration offers perfect balance, resulting in low engine and maximum comfort for driver and

Transmission design features a assembly for improved operation and along with a centrifugal wet in place of the previous belted for improved operation

Aluminum are electrofusion-plated for light weight and heat dispersion – all of which add and reliability

Valve timing, and ignition timing have all optimized; along with a exhaust system, the new powerplant out ideal power for a four-person RUV

wall thickness, connecting rod surfaces and crank journal have all been upgraded for durability

Engine can be started in as long as the brake pedal is

Electronically controlled Kawasaki Brake Control helps to the RUV when descending hills

is positioned mid-ship, providing front/rear balance and optimal

A heavy-duty liquid cooling keeps temperatures under in the harshest conditions, and provides dependability

Large-capacity radiator is and placed high in the chassis for against mud and debris, while a cooling fan increases cooling especially during slower

Engine weight is reduced via advanced technologies, including crank webs, rare magnet usage, a small and paring excess material possible

An ignition cut-out the brake system by preventing with the parking brake

Large-diameter cooling-system hoses coolant flow and overall while the coolant reservoir is beneath the flip-up front for easy maintenance

Digital Injection

Upgraded digital injection system enhances response and automatically adjusts for in temperature and elevation for optimum in a wide range of environments

The FI system is controlled by a 32-bit ECU and monitors coolant temperature, air temperature and pressure, throttle vehicle speed and crankshaft to automatically provide the ideal of fuel via two 36mm throttle – now with 12-hole fine-atomizing – for extremely stable power regardless of the conditions

FI system easy engine starting at low and utilizes an Automatic Idle Control and Automatic Fast function to help ensure engine warm up

The high-pressure pump located within the features a unique reservoir at the bottom of the pump to ensure air not leak into the fuel

Specific Teryx-sized throttle optimized ignition timing and new injectors maximize low- and torque as well as offer response at higher rpm

Kawasaki GPX 750 R

Kawasaki Power-drive System CVT

Featuring and low ranges, plus reverse, advanced and continuously variable provides extremely direct feel along with acceleration from the new centrifugal

Transmission utilizes a high-grade, Kevlar-impregnated belt designed to the high output of the engine. The converter shaft is hard for added durability

The CVT Belt System prevents tire improves rocky terrain and reduces belt overloading by Throttle Position Sensor data into the system

belt wear is minimized a system that reduces speed if the engine operates at rpm for more than two seconds the rear wheels are motionless

A intake duct, located to water and debris out, plenty of cooling air to the CVT

Heat on the exhaust pipe below the duct minimizes intake

Electronic Power Steering System

Electrically powered reduces steering effort, at low speeds when turning is greatest

Input from speed and torque sensors the amount of steering assistance from the system’s motor

motor’s inertia reduces steer and kickback to the steering caused by shocks to the wheels, in a more comfortable and controlled

Category First Centrifugal

The category’s first use of a centrifugal is key to the Teryx4’s superior acceleration at slow and very slow

Clutch is located between the and CVT drive pulley, which CVT belt shock and contributes to throttle control and precise metering

Underhood Snorkel Air

New snorkel and duct design under front hood and air box – nearly three times than the standard Teryx’s – feeds the engine plenty of air while reducing intake Easy maintenance design long engine life

A new air filter element offers of surface area and increased resistance

Selectable Four-wheel / Variable Front Differential

Selecting two- or four-wheel is as easy as pressing a switch on the dash; electrically selectable w/differential lock system instantly

Limited-slip front reduces steering effort normal four-wheel drive while Variable Front Control permits the rider to torque equally to left and front wheels for maximum via a hand lever located the seats

Rear gear keeps rear wheels and turning together for maximum thrust

Double-X Frame Design and Chassis

All-new frame a Double-X design that each of the boxed sections cross members that stiffen and strengthen the overall adding durability and reduced

Large-diameter yet thin-walled tubular frame combines high light weight and mid-engine – a perfect combination for performance

Tubular cab framework meets SAE 7.1.1, 7.1.2, 7.4 and 7.5 requirements as a protective structure (ROPS) and driver and passengers from bushes and other overhanging

Steel guards protect the from rocks and other hazards

Sport-focused suspension newly optimized spring and settings is designed for high-performance and a high degree of riding with extra passengers

track offers additional especially at speed, yet turning remains surprisingly short – 5.1 meters, the shortest in its class – to the Teryx4’s short, 86.1-inch

Short wheelbase offers advantages, including a favorable angle, which allows the to climb over obstacles grounding the undercarriage

Chassis 10.8 inches of ground an ideal compromise between low-CG handling and the ability to tough off-road obstacles

design optimizes front and suspension’s lower A-arm for excellent handling performance and geometry change throughout the travel

Chassis and suspension up an ideal balance of bump taut steering and ride with one, two, or four riders aboard

The 18 in. x 48 in. bed is both durable and plenty especially with the extra the Teryx4 can easily carry

front hood assembly aggressive styling and allows access to the radiator and front components for easy maintenance and tuning

Sport-focused Suspension

fully adjustable gas-charged shocks with piggyback up front provide excellent damping performance in the toughest while providing 7.75 of plush, controlled wheel

Independent rear suspension fully adjustable piggyback-reservoir provides 8.3 inches of wheel and the best possible performance and at high speeds

The piggyback on the shocks reduce oil frothing hard conditions by keeping the cooler under strain

A torsion bar helps minimize roll, maximizing chassis

High-performance Brakes

Dual 200mm disc brakes by rigid-mount 27mm twin-piston provide powerful, fade-free and solid feel. To protect damage and debris, the discs are within wheel recesses

A oil-bathed multi-plate rear system provides maximum power in almost any condition with reduced maintenance due to its sealed design

The sealed brake’s compact design to excellent ground clearance

26-inch Tires

26-inch tires developed specifically for the provide outstanding traction in different conditions

Mounted on rims, the largest tires in the RUV category provide outstanding terrain performance and obstacle

Handy Cargo Bed

With a capacity and cargo hooks, the 18 in. x 48 in. bed helps carry quite a bit of making the four-person Teryx4 functional

Comfortable Cockpit and

With its massive passenger the Teryx4 provides plenty of and legroom

Form-fitting two-tone seats (the front are three-way adjustable) and retractable seatbelts (with an anti-cinch help provide a comfortable and ride

Rear seats are higher than those in which helps passengers see ahead and makes getting in and out easier

Hand holds for and rear passengers are standard, it easier to climb in and out of the vehicle

A holder for each seat is and helps keep riders on long rides

Padded wheel is positioned low for comfort and additional driver protection

Digital Display

Standard on all the Multi-function Display includes a speedometer (mph or kph), dual trip meters 2WD/4WD/4WD w/differential lock water temperature and fuel-injection indicators, digital fuel hour meter, parking indicator, CVT belt warning, reverse and low oil pressure warning and much more

Thermoplastic bodywork looks great and a scratch-resistant surface that’ll good for a long time

doors help with in and out and also offer a level of mud

Special over-fenders help flinging mud at bay, as well

all-steel front guard protect the front of the machine

and undercarriage guards provide protection from rocks and

Dual 35W headlights and 8/27W taillights mean you’ll see and be

Range / Transportability

Large (30L) fuel tank and fuel efficiency provide campers, hunters and trail the ability to get far, far away and again

Even with its track and big tires, the Teryx4 is enough to fit in the bed of most full-size trucks

2012 Kawasaki ™ 750 4×4 Specifications*

Kawasaki GPX 750 R
Kawasaki GPX 750 R
Kawasaki GPX 750 R
Kawasaki GPX 750 R
Kawasaki GPX 750 R
Kawasaki GPX 750 R


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