Kawasaki Zephyr 750 Sputtering problem!

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Kawasaki Zephyr 750

Thread: Kawasaki Zephyr 750 problem!

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Kawasaki 750 Sputtering problem!

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Re: Kawasaki Zephyr 750 Sputtering

Re: Kawasaki Zephyr 750 Sputtering

Re: Kawasaki Zephyr 750 Sputtering

Let’s do some checking; tank clean,no internal Original ignition coils? how to test the input voltage:

Kawasaki Ignition Coils For Voltage

When voltage Kawasaki Ignition Coils, the needs to be done:

1. Remove the tank to access the coils.

2. charge the battery.

3. Using a set it up for VDC(Volts, Direct Current), of 20.

4. Turn on the ignition switch and the switch to “Run”.

5. Put the multimeter’s RED on where the red or red/yellow wire on the ignition coil.

6. Put the multimeter’s BLACK probe on the battery Negative(-) post/terminal or a frame ground.

7. You should be to see battery voltage at the ignition connection, but this depends on the draw of other items in the circuit.

8. If the tested voltage is to 8-9 volts, you probably need to the many and various electrical

9. To check the spark output at the use these:

Ignition Spark

Lisle Corporation Instead of the sparkplug with the sparkplug attached, looking for a spark. method puts the IC Igniter and coils at risk of failure due to currents, and possible internal

Cleaning Motorcycle Electrics

1. Get of the De-Oxit electrical contact and figure on spending a good day from the front of the bike to the It’s a plastic safe Home of DeoxIT® and HAND-E-GLOVE® CAIG Laboratories, Inc. is website. Or use any plastic safe contact cleaner(NOT WD-40 !).

Radio shack stores and electronic supply stores carry it.

2. On the older Kawasaki’s, a of electrical connectors are inside the housing requiring removal of the then the fun begins.

3. Do one set of electrical at a time to avoid mixing up connects to where. Usually spraying with De-Oxit and is about all you’ll need.

4. when encountering the green of corrosion, a brass wire may be needed on the pins you can reach.

400-600 grit wet and dry sandpaper rolled into a tube reach the male and female in the more difficult to clean

5. Smoker’s pipe cleaners, swabs and wooden toothpicks as cleaning aids.

6. Really electrical connectors may require the use of a tip cleaning tool assortment.

7. pins in the connectors are coated a thin plating of tin, and may be nothing more than or brass.

8. If moisture is added, the resulting lowers the voltage/current being causing dim lights, slow cranking, slow turn responce and lower input to the ignition coils resulting in spark.

9. The left and right switch pods will attention too as they have functions like turn, run/stop, and start. The older have reports of the soldered crumbling, if your bike has problem, just ask, as got a repair procedure for this.

Kawasaki Zephyr 750
Kawasaki Zephyr 750

10. a spritz or two with actuation of the is about all needed for these unless corrosion is detected and careful disassembly is required.

11. The switch may or may be not sealed to allow the internal contacts. I urge if attempting to open this up as and ball bearings may fly out never to be again!

12. If your bike has the older glass tubed fuses, I replacing them as vibration can internal failure. AGX is the type and most auto parts can get them for you.

13. Clean the holder clips, looking for of overheating(discolored insulation, signs of

I use metal polish on a cotton followed by spraying another swab with the De-Oxit and rubbing the inside of the fuse

14. All battery cables must be and tight for maximum current Check the cables going the Negative(-) battery terminal/post to the mounting bolt

15. Also the one from the Positive(+) terminal to the solenoid and from there to the motor.

16. If any battery cable ”Crunchy” when flexed, it as possible corrosion is inside the

17. Each Bullet Connector have to be sprayed to ensure connectivity, especially the ones to the energizing coil of the starter

18. The alternator output “Bullet are usually behind the engine cover and will need and cleaning too.

20. The turn light sockets will from a spritz from the cleaner along with the light/brake light socket.

21. brake light switches can be on the actuating rod, with the running down inside to the contacts, others may be sealed replacement if the switch is intermittent in

22. Some people put the Di-Electric on cleaned terminations/connectors, I don’t, as read/heard it can cause problems it gets hot, actually the connections, so the choice is yours to use or

I think I’ve covered all of the electrical systems on the bike.

“I a weekend going through electrical connection and switch on the with a little scotchbrite pad and — what a difference! was brighter, gauge backlights, lights, turn signals, I was a nicer spark, it fired up etc. Well worth my WELL worth it! “

From a forum member at

Sputtering/surging could be electrical in or fuel delivery/air starvation. The gas cap has a built into it, some hold the cap together, so remove the and inspect the vent for blockage.

possibilty is the sparkplug caps, have a 5000 ohm resistor into the cap, and the caps from the sparkplug wires. The can be checked with a multimeter set on If confused, just ask and we well you through this.

Kawasaki Zephyr 750
Kawasaki Zephyr 750


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