Kawasaki ZZR 1400 How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

25 Feb 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on Kawasaki ZZR 1400 How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!
Kawasaki ZZR 1400
Kawasaki ZZR 1400

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HeavyMetalGuitarFTW: It probably means that the aids transfers quicker from person to person 🙂

f50lvr2: they’re supposed to be limited to 186mph/300kmh, generally they do slightly more

michalthemutand: speed is not evererithing. gsx-r 600 or zx-6r are more amusing IMHO.

falconidaes: Please. 150mph I have done with 105 RWHP SS motorbike. They are testing 175 RWHP ZZR 1400 and they are scared? WTF?

hell4leather0: having ridden both, the ZZ-R 1400 is by far the superior bike. trust me, take out the gentlemans restriction, tie down the suspension, add a set of scorpion exhausts, and a KN air filter, and you have a bike that out performs AND out manouvers the GSX1300R (even when it is fitted with the same extras as mentioned on the ZZ-R) by far. on the track, on the roads (and yes, i mean UK roads) on tour, in a race, or just a gentle joy ride, id far rather put my cash into the ZZ-R.

johnheather1: Two attractive old people having fun with a toy scooter.

Numanoidlogik: FFS stick to cars love, I own a Busa and have done 180+ on a duel carriage way, if you can’t handle a bike stay off it. If you open the throttle yes you go faster you silly cow lol.

davebikes: The said the most powerful. not the fastest.

notanadikt666: Vicky isn’t a chick she’s freaking butch

Muphlon: what’s the red-black pouch on his waist?

Chilli0912: Good idea. Give the bike to 2 people that can’t ride a bike!!

ismaelcadi: algún día serás mia

zilwis777: Buy coffin for only £6795.00 and get a Kawasaki ZZR 1400 for free.

Z3uS2: I think he did that on porpouse ’cause it didnt seem too comfortable.

paltalkdevil: first of all the ducati is 989 cc. secondly it costs £42,000, compared to a kawasaki zzr or hayabusa`s £9000. thirdly they are only making 1500, and lastly it will break down every week. never buy italian crap. and the hayabusa and zzr are limited to 186 mph, unlimited they too would do 200mph +.

Don Bosanceros: They dont know howw to shift correctly..

Stig Rossi: @kittywussy5 too bad its a KawaSUCKY and not a Honda 😛

Robert R: I have owned several Ducatis and NEVER had a problem with them. Whatever your opinion of Ducati is the Desmo RR is still the most powerful and fastest.

Iván Taborda: ZZX 1400. WTF!!

sabyn223: not at all

mince2000: I know that’s miles:) Happy easter

seanexup1000: omg. big girls blouses hahahaha!!

drumocalypse: it doesnt matter which bike is the fastet a bike is only as good as his rider, i just want to say my opinion 😛

alberto1987: those two are a motherfukers.learn to launch a bike idiots

Sam Duncombe: 200bhp at the gearbox, 169 at the back wheel. Most official HP figures go by the gearbox

Sello3: 186 mph top? that’s 300 kmh. the hayabusa is faster isn’t it.

CaptSaveAHo3: I like her in her leathers too. LOL

CHOPERUS23: Erm i do believe if you take 600 away from 1000 you do get 400!

davebikes: Awesome very entertaining. Vicky in leathers ,mmmmmMMMm nice. Tiff dont hit the revs mid corner you tarp !Really Nice to see they get what bikes is all about and enjoying it, there senses getting a good workout ,the excitement. adrenaline good stuff.

Robert R: tested on their track it only did 190. the bike does do over 200.

79052: Best damn clip I ever did see.IF she can ride A 169 hp Bike,I can ride It (Easer said than done).

smuckerooney: I take back all I say about bikers being gay. they are nuts instead. whoa.

Stig Rossi: @zilwis777 are u retarded?

mhks68: At 1:25 thats not the first time shes asked that question with a man behind her.

ocbex: to dirty for me!

zex10r: i replied to ur message but makin n 80mph video. u didnt say anythin bout a 600, how was i spose to no you got a 600, do people still ride 600’s. geez


Falcon1298: Kewl but ih ave to wonder. was that the Euro only ABS version? At the 5:35 mark watch when he gets on the brakes hard. Seems weird if he was doing that himself.

Looks and sounds like it could be a ABS system. 0_0

jerseyrock1969: i have an 06 zzr14 and i am about 17 stone, my bike has no mods at all and my best time i have done is 10.17.

Anti hipster: Its a Zx 1400 here in america. And it would woop a R1 any freaking day

Arsalan Anjum: oppss

airwater9: I’ve got a 1000cc bike but the thought of riding this terrifies me although I’d LOVE to ride it for a day. Definite big girls blouses though these two.

abchaz01: 193 unlimited not more

swales998: love it

tsakula: @zilwis777 learn how to joke. asshole

drcracker91: lol, the women shouldn’t drive this thing. she could barley drive it too lmao!

edward500mp: I see books can’t help you spell or add you jackass. The busa dry weight is 478lbs, meaning 478-78=400, duh! The average 600cc is 360lbs, again, duh! P.S. I don’t chrome, it adds weight crap-for-brains!

Try doing a little research before you make yourself look stupid again, ignorant bastard!

drumocalypse: but not the most powerfull and fastet production bike which almost everyone can pay.

carguymitch: That’s in a car numb nuts

repsol45: orospuular sızı böle motormu olur yaaa

Kawasaki ZZR 1400
Kawasaki ZZR 1400
Kawasaki ZZR 1400
Kawasaki ZZR 1400

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