Kawasaki ZZR 250 How To Make & Do Everything!

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Kawasaki ZZR 250

Kawasaki ZZR 250

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HondaH100A: My one was a burgundy 1994 model (reg L946WOR). I wonder if it still out there. I bought it in January 2000 to replace my Kawasaki AR125.

I sold it in December 2001 and down graded to a Yamaha T80 Townmate in order to save money. Initially I missed the performance and desirability of the ZZR, but the frugality of the T80 more than made up for this. I do prefer the metalic blue ZZR oposed to the burgundy ones.

I am tempted to buy another, but won’t. I am content with my economical CG125.

TheDandylion74: @67PontiaccGTO yep me 2 still do ona daily basis 🙂

Gordon Merrilees: Is your choke cable connected? Also, the knocking is ‘standard’ clutch buffer noise – they all do it. Pull in the clutch lever and it will reduce.

ssir9: yeh, the ZZR isnt a ninja its based on the sports-tourer models, i got one here in Australia. But we also have the ninja 250’s but they’re sold as GPX250’s. And we also have the ZX2R baby ninja.

MANSTIR: @chubbbr there was type of rubber. they tempted together with clutch housing

carsnwomen91: i tried to do a midwinter start (-15 degrees C) and it would not go. had to warm the garage for it to start. then i put fuel stabilizer, let it run through, drained carbs and took out the battery, now its just sitting there begging to be ridden lol

amoonavidtanha: the sound reminds me my grandfather tractor. LOL.

xuaxace: jebus, you must have drained almost the whole battery there.

cbrnate: go to the website and you’ll see they actually are ninja 250’s i dont understand how people dont understand this, just cause it’s a smaller motor doesnt mean its not a ninja. i mean crap they make v6 mustangs and camaros

skyline44512: umm, not a kawasaki ninja at all you iddiot wtf what are all these ZZR’s they’re not Ninjas

dgotoole: The knocking noise in the clutch is a plastic buffer which wears from day one of the bikes life. It causes backlash when theres no load. But that noise is nothing to worry about. One thing that seems to fix it is cleaning out the cam chain tensioner.

Anyway its not a problem.

Boba Fett: your freaken retarded

67PontiaccGTO: @MANSTIR haha fair enough. iv had mine up to 170km/h. Our speed limit 100km/h, ooppps lol

1100HondaCB: I had a ZZR250 nearly eleven years ago and sold it begining of 2001. It is still registered. They seem pretty durable. I was thinking of getting another.

skyline44512: its not the engine size its the ZZR it doesnt say on the website ZZR 250 and nowhere on the Ninja 250 does it saw ZZR. I own one

Amanda Lau: i have this problem even on hot days when it’s like 30 deg out, with choke.

Matthew Smith: umm 30 degrees isn’t hot, it’s cold

zood3000: just needs a warm up

metalmulishamaster: theres a choke u know on the left side

rdority: sexy, sexy bike! thanks, man

steplusplus: Mine makes the same noise when cold. Do yourself a favour. use the choke. Your started motor will last a lot longer, and the engine won’t rattle the clutch to bits!

1100HondaCB: I never had any of these problems with my one. The only problem I had was with a carburettor because some idiot messed around with the jets. That was soon repaired. Good bikes.

jimmy bobkin: rebuilding one at the moment. Every nut, bolt and screw are siezed and rusted. Will be a long job, and took me ages to find an exhaust.

Simon Skafar: Not everything right with the engine. I have a 2-stroke and it’s starts first time even on winter. You should get the commpresion measoured.

And by the way this bike sounds very much like my ATV.

fontheking: my freid had a kawasaki it always refused to start

skyline44512: YEAH i think the ZZR is what they sell it as in other countries (not the US)

kholio11: I FEEL SO DAMN SORRY FOR UR BIKE. i love mine its the same model. its helluva ride. but why dont u use the Choke. dont give fuel on the first start keep it till it warms up a lil bit. i raced 3 Yamaha’s ‘400’ and beated theire asses with my baby. now am doing a remake and a paint job. Black body with white rims. oooo mama. P

MANSTIR: @warmage247 they got rubber inside the clucth housing and it broken. need to change all inside because they stick together. they’re no two items here.

67PontiaccGTO: i got a 94 zzr-250 and it makes same knocking noise. have u had it at top speed yet?

zjenson: u need to adjust the valve clearance.

fontheking5: Recalls that from a former freind that had a Kawasaki as well. it was almost impossible to start sometimes

rednut18: i just had a major service done got a new cam chain and everything was adjusted the knocking noise was only minimized dont worry about it its part of the bikes charm

rustyhair1: you do realise that theres a joke on the zzr right? you’d have no problems starting it if you use it.

functionzrx: dude you could have used the choke. and a remote starter on a motorcycle. bike looks nice though. =D

Kawasaki ZZR 250
Kawasaki ZZR 250

ghost2ber: I pull back the choke all the way on a cold day and it starts no problem. I’ve had it for 5 years, never had a problem starting it.

machin042: put the choke on you soft twat hahaha

85Duckstar: My ’96 zzr 250 makes the same noise, but I don’t have a problem cold starting with the choke.

ShanePoynter: I have a ZZR 600 E7 and on my registration form it sais ZX600E7 Ninja, the ZZRs ARE Ninjas

carsnwomen91: yes i have 1, very pleased. a zzr250 2007.

HondaH100A: My one never had this problem.

carsnwomen91: use the choke dumbass

AminPL: Couldn’t get this machine to start eh? ;), Nice bird singing around, ur kawasaki works pretty loud?

cbrnate: oh i thought you were saying that the 250 ninja was not a ninja its all good

MANSTIR: @67PontiaccGTO on highway i can reach easily 160KM/h, but then release the throttle. our speed limit here is 110km/h. heheheehe

sirjolly81: if they dont start with choke all way out, have ignition on then when trying to start it slowly pull out choke at the same time. works when engine is flooded or really cold,

Ian John: that not clutch housing. there is small, tube type clucth bushing. just change new and you engine will be ok..

alldayshow: compared to other 250 road bikes, what would be the most comfortable riding long distance. Does anyone have one they recommend??

skinnwork: i live in canada and i don’t have trouble starting my zzr 250 with

90, 000 km. i put it in storage this winter with only some fuel stabilizer and it started with the first button press with the choke on last month.

kez2009ful: well what can i say nice bike but it has noo oil in it lol

TheDandylion74: Sounds exactly like my old zzr250 mines a 2001 goes like as quick as one of those new volvos done about the same killiometers as the viewers 44,124kms or you tubers haha ironic but thats kawasaki for ya geeza ya gota give em plenty a welly get em going ona damp day always dry ya leads clean ya sparks 1st ya wind over ya starter motor geez choke dont get a get good kwaka explosion in ya bores

Holiday: We dont make alot, but our group do get to travel frequently. Just this year we went to Bangkok to get pictures and their holiday schedules. We are still in a growing phrase so best we can aim for is break even. I think everyone have to overcome the same type of challenge when starting something new.

Dont give up!


Kawasaki ZZR 250 3.5 out of 5

Kawasaki ZZR 250
Kawasaki ZZR 250
Kawasaki ZZR 250
Kawasaki ZZR 250
Kawasaki ZZR 250
Kawasaki ZZR 250
Kawasaki ZZR 250
Kawasaki ZZR 250

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