My New Steed — Kawasaki GPZ 305 B — RA

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Kawasaki GPZ 250 Belt Drive

My New Steed — Kawasaki GPZ 305 B

GPZ 305 B, henceforth to be known as Discordia . my financial situation and a pressing for some significant repair on the CB750F2N forced me to bite the and downsize, I spent a while between a little Honda 250 had a lot of joy with their little commuters) and the more fun, but less sensible GPZ500S. I wanted something in the region of a and didn’t really need that was making a serious to be quick, but I wasn’t looking to puttering along major at 55mph again.

Just as I was to lose hope of finding suitable, this scruffy but decent little GPZ 305 came up, my budget and close enough I could go poke it with a before agreeing to buy it. Obviously, not a real Ninja; more of a Z250 with an overbored but the 6th gear gives it a reasonable speed (comfortably 60-70 for at an easy-going 6-6.5K RPM ); fine on the and keeps pace with traffic fine on A and B roads. requires patience above 50mph but is more than for traffic and eventually gets to a speed if you can avoid slowing too much and losing momentum.

A couple more pictures and more various notes on the below the fold; click any of the to embiggen.


Well, a small parallel twin impersonating a sports tourer:

Two brakes on the front (cute calipers) and a rear drum basically does nothing); a ordinary air-cooled parallel engine, half fairing, alloy wheels and a belt drive. “Wat?” I hear you cry – yes belt drive. This is my belt drive bike so I’m forward to discovering what the side is. The belt on there to be in reasonable shape; I’m scouting for a spare belt at the moment I hear sometimes a stone jump in and instantly split the

Overall, this bike is a scruffy:

… but it seems pretty There are a few moderate dents in the tank and most of the plastics are at scuffed, if not cracked. Having that, the frame seems and there’s no pitting low down on the or leaking from the shocks (or else) that I can see.

The rear shock is a slight since these can be pretty and expensive but I’ll cross bridge if and when I come to it.


It’s so light! I the bike down to the Borders and to visit the family and it’s weird dropping from a powerful bike to a light, far powerful one. The little didn’t miss a beat and it felt to me like it had no power at that’s mostly just of the unavoidable comparison to my previous which I remember felt it was subject to cartoon physics I first rode it.

Going a 750cc four-cylinder engine to a twin will unavoidably like a huge drop in – thinking back and comparing to my old this is distinctly quicker and I’m not it’s low on power compared to its own self anyway. I’m missing my a little of course but trading superfluous power for some savings was most of the point in the switch so I’ll just to adapt.

This is much like a 250 than a 500, makes sense (it’s a moped bigger). The extra doesn’t make a drastic compared to my vague recollections of all the I’ve spent on CD250s; I’d to compare side by side the Z250 to really get an idea. All my bikes so far have had 5-speed though, and the extra gear a huge difference.

The little engine likes to rev hard (about 6K it’s enough, with a little power becoming evident 9-10K) and really doesn’t the power to pull the bike in 6th if there’s any incline or even a headwind, but that’s OK, that’s 5th is for. Tucking in behind the screen is comfortable and helps the champ slog on, although it feel a little silly a machine so small with a basically upright ride I have to admit.

Since the and brakes aren’t great, I been throwing it around the with wild abandon but it certainly feels straight and apart from that shakiness I’d almost forgotten in my with the big 750. I’m looking to getting a nice fresh set of on it and sorting the brakes out so I can push it a harder and see how it does.

I’m also quite keen to see how it with a pillion passenger – any fancy a run. D Just the slight slope on the nearside footpeg; it’s nothing, just don’t lean too on it, lol.

Next Steps

I’m in the of repeatedly changing the oil to get the inside of the cleaned up a little. I’ve some cheap part-synthetic oil in just now, still the old filter; I’m planning to run that for a while then replace it more cheap stuff, run for 50-100 miles then put the stuff and the new filter in.

There’s no of a real problem, but the oil that out when I bought the bike like crude so I want to the engine a chance to clean up a little internally before I it to treat its oil well. I’m planning to the oil screen on the oil pump as well, and the pump itself for any possible since lubrication seems to be a point on these engines on their reputations.

This one runs well and mostly good; there’s a noise that I’m trying to out just now (apparently the cam chain on these were crap and make a similar noise, but start by adjusting the tappets and if that helps), and a hilarious but exhaust leak that patched (Irn Bru purchased and so about 10% of the way to a fix on that one,

It’s going to need new shoes on the back, pads on the and a pair of tyres, too.


It’s going to be a of wait and see, mostly; is running well right although in the longer run I’ll to do more than just a Bru can on the exhausts and systems in decent for these are few and far between at this The down pipes on mine are decent still so I’ll try to cobble something together them as a starting point.

As as I start thinking about together exhausts, especially for a as superficially scuffed and dinged as one, my mind turns to of rat/survival bikes; if the engine and on this one are as sound as they to be I think I’ll go that way this one. Basically, black paint, home-brew and some chicken wire for starters, but I think I’ll do this piecemeal and see how it goes.

It would be nice to try to polish it up nice original condition, but for a ratty look is cheaper and a distance to a cool looking I think in this case. If the does well and the bike up staying with me for a while, I consider un-ratting it when I a decent income again, but way off into the future.

Kawasaki GPZ 250 Belt Drive
Kawasaki GPZ 250 Belt Drive
Kawasaki GPZ 250 Belt Drive


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